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I’m on this cruise, out in the middle of the ocean. People seem to be very friendly and just want to have conversations. I am focused on trying to master my telepathy. I concentrate on a nearby basketball. I hold out my hand extending my arm and I concentrate as hard as I can on the ball. All my energy is directed on the ball. People stop talking around me in be wilderness , as to why I am doing what I am doing. I close my eyes, bow my head, and then in the next breath I say, “Ball”. Then to my surprise the ball quickly lifts off the floor and flies right into my hand. I open my eyes to see this and I am amazed. Everyone around me is wondering if I am some sort of magician. The conversations starts up in a low tone. Almost like whispers of disbelief. I drop the ball and allow it to roll away from me to almost the same spot where it was before. I let it come to a complete stop and then I look around at all the people staring at me. I smile and say, “I’m just practicing, my gift”. This time I concentrate much harder and I keep my eyes open. I say, “BALL!” It flies up, then over so much faster through the air than the first time. I grab it with both hands and people are just confused by what they think is a trick that their eyes are playing on them. People begin to clap and whistle. I smile and then blush. “Thank you” I respond. Later during that day, after a full morning of sun tanning, the clouds start to cover the sky, and the ocean begins to rock the ship. I am calm and just start gathering up my things so that I can head back to my room.  06012010

As the storm grew closer to the ship, the waves became wild and thrashing.  It was difficult to maintain proper balance just to simply walk from one end of the cabin to the other.  So I sat on the floor and started to visualize myself out of my body and hovering through out the ship.  I was scamming over every compartment, each and every inch, in order to get a good idea of how everyone else was handling the ships motion.   Suddenly my spirit was pulled quickly out of the area where I was hovering as if I was a metal object that was being pulled by a powerful magnetic force.  Light flashed, stars swirled around each wall I went through until I arrived in a small cabin with two small children.  They were all alone with out the parents or any sort of adult supervision.  The feelings I was sensing from them were scared, terrified, and confused.   This forced my separate self to fly back into my body right were I sit and then as I came out of the trance I still had a strong sense of the feelings that were left with me.  I got up and ran out my cabin door.  I began to walk quickly on deck, going down stairs and through corridors and around corners.  I got to the cabin that the little children were and I knocked on the door. 06022010

The door opened slowly and a very small boy with black curly hair and big blue eyes was standing between the door and me peering out at me.  He said “Hello, can I help you?” When he spoke I noticed that he was soft and trembling.  His face appeared to be red like a rouge makeup blend was applied to his cheeks.  I got myself to speak thinking to myself, think about what you say and be careful as not to sound like a creep.  I extended my hand first before speaking and I said “Hi, I’m Doug, and I was just checking out guests on the cruise to be sure that they were safe and okay during this troubling storm.”  The young boy extended his hand and grasped mine tight and said “Hello, my name is Troy”.  He opened the door a little more and there sat his sister.  She was shivering while sitting in the corner of the room alone.  Troy continued “and this is my twin sister Toni.”  “How do you do?”I asked.  I looked at her and smiled.  My smile must have been comforting and assuring because Toni immediately stopped shivering and smiled and said “Hi back.” Toni had Jet black hair down beyond her shoulders and piercing blue eyes.  Her complexion was soft white and cream like in color.  “Would you mind if I came in for a minute?” I directed the question looking to the both of them.  Replying, “Sure”, Troy…”I don’t see why not” Toni at the exact same time.  I stepped in and shut the door behind me.  “I get the feeling you two knew I was coming. Is that true?”   In a stereo response they both said “Yes”.  “So, then you know why I am here?” 06032010
I kneeled down and swept Toni’s bangs away from covering her face.  “Toni ? Tell me what I can do to help“.  I said. Troy responded, “ We saw what is going to happen so we were hoping that there was something, some how , some way, that you could do to get the ship out of harms way?”   I turned and looked at Troy.  “You know I haven’t taken on a task this big before, let alone being filled with passengers”.  Toni jumped up and said ‘Yeah but I think with the three of us, we all can do this together.” The ships motion was getting stronger and we were having a difficult time keeping our steady balance. “Okay, I said “How do you suggest we begin?”  Toni spoke up, “Let’s first think of location where we can set the ship down and where the water is calm. A place where we would be safe from the storm’s wrath.”  Troy said, “I will concentrate on a place where the water is calm, You Toni can work with Doug to transport the ship safely”.  We all sat down on the floor  forming a circle and held hands.  We bowed our heads & started to concentrate deeply on the task at hand.  Our bodies were swaying back and forth simultaneously.  Heat began to radiate from the center of the circle.   Light swirled up in the form of a tornado.  As it continued up it swirled out to the outside of us, and then out of our room.  In no time the light whirlwinds began to surround the ship, traveling faster and faster.  In a split second the ship disappeared from inside the funnel and appeared in another location of the Ocean, where the water was calm and the weather was perfect. 06042010

“So tell me, what are the two of you doing on this cruise?”  I directed with  parental authority. “Especially with out your Mom and Dad?”  “Awe Uncle Doug, we were worried about YOU” both twins replied.  “Come here and give me a hug”.  “Okay -Okay, so explain…what happened?”  “Mommy and Daddy went to an emergency meeting in Beirut, and they left us home with Uncle Ben”.  “So where is Uncle Ben now and how is it that you two managed to escape his clutches?”.  “Troy and I were playing outside and then in an instant we both had a day vision that you were in some kind of trouble.  That’s when we decided to teleport ourselves aboard the cruise ship.  Said Toni.” I responded,  “I’m happy you were here to save the day, but now I must insist that you both get beck to Uncle Ben right now, before he comes looking for you and he catches you with me. Give me a hug and kiss.”  With in a split second after the twins hugged and kissed me, I closed my eyes, concentrated and said very loudly, “To Uncle Ben!”. With that the two vanished in thin air and I was alone in the cabin. 06072010
I left the cabin and started back up to my own when the Ship’s Captain stopped me.  “How do you do?”  He asked.  “Very well, thank you.”  I responded.  He looked like he was in a daze, or a deep sense of be wilderness.  “Everything all right Sir?”  I asked.  He responded, “Well, No, as a matter of fact we were on a course in a heavy storm headed to our destination and now the ship’s navigator seems to think that we’re on an entirely different course all together.  Completely out of the storm harms way.”  “Hhhhhhmmmm, that sounds unreal if you ask me!” I exclaimed.  “Indeed” he said, and then “Good Day Sir, I hope you enjoy your cruise”.  “Thank you and I hope to see you for dinner as scheduled.”   I said. “Oh yes of course I wouldn’t miss it for the World.” Then I’ll see you then and I headed off back to my room.  I really couldn’t shake the look of the Captain’s face from my memory.  He looked very troubled. You see, I knew what happened. No one else on the ship could possibly know.  So I thought…..06082010

It was late in the afternoon and I was taking a stroll on the ships deck, when out of nowhere from around the corner jumps this little bald man named George.  “Oh, Hi George, you scared me.”  “Hi Doug, I was hoping that you wouldn’t have foreseen me trying to do that.  I saw you walking way back over on the other side of the ship, so I snuck quietly over to this side to try and scare you on purpose”.  He said.  George and I have known one another for about the past 8 years.  He’s been a good friend to me ever since the first day we met.  I was outside my sister’s house trying to take down the Christmas lights for her on January, and I slipped off the later and sprained my ankle.  George was walking by with his little dog and saw the whole thing.  He helped me up and managed to get me to the hospital with out any worries.  I have seen him just about every day ever since.  “George, this is my Vacation, I’m supposed to be relaxed, not scared or stressed!” I barked.  “I know Dougie, I’m sorry I just think it’s funny when you get scared.  You jump so high, you scare easily.”  He responded.  “Besides, I miss you.”   Even though we see one another every day, I still seem to need my little Georgie fix.  “Awe, thanks, okay so what’s up?”  I asked.  “Nothing much.  I was checking things out on the internet and I discovered that there has been a few cruise high jackings  by pirates and I was wondering what you think that the chances are we might be their next victims?”  “George, you worry way too much, besides, I would simply teleport them to a dry hot deserted Island somewhere.”  We both laughed and continued our afternoon walk. 06092010
I needed to get back to my room so I could prepare for dinner with the Captain.   By the time I get to my cabin, I notice that the door was slightly open.  I never leave a room with out completely shutting the door.  So with extreme caution and deep concentration to react to trouble I step into the room and look around.  I hear some rustling around in the rest room, so I head towards the door and then turn the knob.  It’s unlocked, so I quickly push the door open and shout “Who’s there!?”  Putting my hands and arms up in order to defend myself.   “It’s just me Ben”, said the tall, tan white haired man, standing in my bathroom going through the medicine cabinet.  “What in the hell are you doing here? You scared the shit out of me!” I yelled.  Ben was wearing cargo shorts, sandals, a Hawaiian shirt, sun glasses and  a NY baseball cap.  “You look like you’re going on vacation.”  “I am, I’m joining you!”  he said.  “Now wait a minute, where is the twins?”  I asked.  “They are with my brother & your sister, you remember them?  Their parents, David & Donna?” “Of course I do you Dork!” and then I pulled Ben close and gave him a good tight hug.  “I’m so glad you’re here.  I hope you have a nice suit to wear for dinner.  The Captain has invited me to dine with him and I’m sure there’s enough room for one more.”  Ben snaps his fingers and his clothes change from tourist attire to a very classy beige dinner suit. “Nice” I tell him but let me get ready. 06102010
After I change into my suit for dinner. Ben asks me is there is something that we needed to take care of together before we went to meet the Captain for dinner? “Oh, are you talking about the ship and the storm?” I ask.  “Yes, don’t you think we should put it back on course now that the storm has subsided? Especially before we go to dinner and find ourselves in very awkward conversations during dinner.” “I suppose, but lets get this done because you know how I hate being late! I exclaimed.”  We sat down on the end of the bed, we closed our eyes and then concentrated .  High amounts of energy and heat began to circle us and then our room, and continuing outside the room, and eventually surrounding the whole ship.  In a matter of seconds the ship disappeared from where it was to reappear just about the exact spot where it was when it was teleported out of harms way.  “Okay“, Ben said, “ That’s better”.  “Do you think anyone noticed ?” I asked and then laughed.  We both laughed together as we left my cabin and headed down the hallway towards the Banquet Room. 06112010

When we arrived to the Banquet Room, there were a few waiters and a host ready to greet us and then seat us.  I said “party of two for Parker, please”.  “Right this way Sirs”  the host graciously set us up at the Captain’s Table.  This was a fairly large table which seats about 20.  More then ¾ of the seats had been occupied.  To the Right of me there were an older couple, whom appeared to be a husband and wife, in their mid 60’s.  I nodded and smiled as I was being seated.  Ben sat to my immediate Left.  “How do you do?” the husband greeted us.  I said “Very well thank you”.  In no time the whole table was filled even the Captain was set in his seat at the head of the table.  He stood up from his seat, and said “I would like to make a toast, if I may”, everyone stood to join in.  He continued, “I’m not sure what happened during the storm, it had appeared to mess with all our gauges and  GPS navigating equipment, but we appear to be back on track, and we apologize for any inconvenience the storm may have cause you.  You know, the good Lord likes to remind us Sailors who’s boss from time to time.  Please enjoy the rest of your cruise, and thank you so much for coming!  Cheers”.  06142010

Just before I finished the last bite of my dessert, George comes up to the table and then taps me on the shoulder.  “Oh Hi George, what’s going on?” I ask.  He whispers in my ear, so I stand up, excuse myself  from the table and follow him outside of the Banquet Room.  “So, how do you know if it’s true?” I ask.  George says, “I saw her, she was out on the open deck with a parasol looking out across the ocean.  I return into the Banquet Room and whisper into Ben’s ear, He says “Would you please excuse us?” and we both leave dinner.  George seems frantic and nervous, fidgety even, to the point that it’s becoming annoying to both Ben and I.  “George!  Stop that, there’s nothing we can do about it right this second” I command.  All three of us walk out to the open deck of the ship.  Ben freezes dead in his tracks, I don’t notice right away as I am walking out into the open deck and scamming the area.  Then in plain view I see her.  She is standing there at the railing.  Long Blond hair, slender bodied lady in a long draped evening gown, blue low back with angular pleating. Ruffled bouquet detail, holding a matching parasol…looking more stunning than ever under the starlit night and crescent moon.  I stop, and just stare.  Unable to move.  I glance back to see what George and Ben are doing they seem to be in the same sort of trance state that I was under.  I clear my throat and call out, “ Jocelyn?”.  The beauty slowly turns around and then carefully looks over the three of us standing there looking dumbfounded.  “Hello Boys” She replies.   06152010

I Cautiously walked up to Jocelyn and lightly hugged her.  As I backed away I asked her “Why are you here?”  She began telling me about what happened back home.  Her story was both , intriguing and surreal.  As she was telling me George and Ben moved closer to listen.  I could tell that Jocelyn was really upset about what she was telling me and so I gently placed my hand upon her back in a comforting way.  After she finished she slowly pulled out a handkerchief from her hand bag and wiped away her tears. I asked her if there was anything that I could do to help?  She said, “I would like to hold a meeting with everyone and then see if there is something that we all could do”.  Ben interrupted “You do know that we’re on our vacation right?”  “Yes I know, and I’m so sorry.  I would never have come or have asked you for help if I didn’t think it was absolutely necessary”.  “Do you need an answer right away?” I asked.  “NO, not at all.”  “Well then how about you stay with George for the duration of the trip and  we’ll make a plan of what our next move is?” “Would that be okay George?” He nodded quickly, with out saying anything.  She agreed and we all walked off deck and back to my cabin. 06162010
Back in my cabin I ask everyone if they would like a drink.  George hops up and starts to help with the orders.  Ben says he would like a dark beer. Jocelyn asks if we have any champagne.  George frantically searches the kitchenette.  I pick up the phone and order room service to deliver a few bottles of their finest champagne.  I make myself a Gin Martini with three blue cheese olives. My suite is a bit bigger then the average cabin on board.  It comes with a king bed.  A small kitchenette. Dining area with a table and four seats.  Full bathroom with double sinks.  Not the sort of cabin you would expect on a cruise ship but I paid extra for the amnesties.  As we all four sit down at the table I notice George forgot about himself.  I get up and make him a rum and coke over ice and then there is a knock on the door.  “Room Service!”  I open the door and welcome striking man inside.  He smiles at everyone and says “Hello”.  We greet him, thank him and as I show him to the door I slip him a large folded bill.  He looks at it and smile greatly and says “Oh thank you Sir!”  I say, “You are welcome, Please call me Doug from now on.  “Yes Sir, Doug“ …he chuckles out to the hallway.  I continue to pour Jocelyn her flute of champagne and as I hand it to her I say, “Okay, please tell us what happened?”  06292010
She begins to tell her story…“Well, I was back home visiting my Grandmother and Grandfather  who live in Kanyakumari.  My Grandfather was sick with an unexplained illness and he was living there to under go treatment for the illness from one of the local herbal medicine men.  The weather was getting progressively worse as the day went on.  My Grandfather was beginning to feel weak so he wanted to go to bed in the after noon and get some rest.  Grandmother and I made some food for him and us to eat for supper.  The storm was turning into a very aggressive electrical storm.  Thunder and lightening, high bursts or winds and heavy rain.  I was trying to storm proof the house with candles and extra water both hot and cold for tea or what ever.  Gram was heading back to check on Grandfather.  At the precise moment that she opened up the ajar door, this huge lightening bolt came out of nowhere and hit him right where he lay.  Gram screamed and fell to the ground.  I ran back and saw the smoke and burned body , that once was my loving Grandfather.  We held a service for him later the following day.  Now that I don’t have my Grandfather to look after the first thing I thought of was to come back to all of you.  06292010

I felt really bad for Jocelyn’s loss.  We all did.  She has been a huge part of our lives as far back as we all can remember.  Being like family, her family was our family.  We all spend the remainder of the evening grieving together and sharing fantastic stories about Jocelyn’s Father.  Sometime around 3 am, Jocelyn made it clear she was tired and in need of rest. So, she and George bid Ben and I good night and then left for George’s cabin.  Ben was tired as well, so was I.  We got into our pajamas and climbed into my king size bed.  It didn’t take me long to fall fast asleep.  With in what seemed seconds I was dreaming in full color and surround sound.  The dream I was having was really packed with action.  I was flying around helping everyone and anyone who I sensed was having some sort of trouble.  Physical trouble or psychological trouble.  In my dream, I also had the ability to heal anyone with the simple touch of my hand.   07012010

Multiple short dreams came and went.  I was constantly traveling from place to place helping as many people who were in distress as possible.  Although I was in a deep dream state I could also sense that my uneasiness and moving around in bed was disturbing Ben while he sleep.  With in moments I felt Ben's arm rest upon my back.  This forced me to relax even more and fall deeper into a more sounds sleep.   The dreams were still there but my memory of them was not.  After what I would consider a great nights sleep, I woke up and got up to make some morning coffee.  I picked up the phone and spoke a little and then hung up.  This was the final few days left of my vacation.   I was hoping that Ben and I could really get in some 1quality time.  Maybe do some golf when we hit port.  Sight seeing , and some shopping.  Now that there was the four of us, it would be fun to spend the last few days hanging out.  07022010

Ben got up and jumped right into the shower.  I continued to read the morning paper that was left outside the cabin door. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.  “Room Service” he cried, I answered the door, helped push in the tray and then handed the waiter a bill.  “Thank you Doug.  Said the same waiter who delivered the champagne from the night before.  “You’re welcome, have a great day”  I said.  I noticed his name tag said Matthew.  Matthew had curly blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes.  He was a slim but tall young man.   Dimples on both sides of his mouth when he smiled.  Must have been somewhere around 22 years old.  I showed him out. Then I began to set the table for two.  When I called to order breakfast it was eggs Benedict, miniature blue berry muffins and fruit salads.   That’s Ben’s favorite.  I’m more of a fried potato, eggs over easy and sausage man myself.  Seeing how I was on vacation longer then him I decided to get his favorite instead of mine.  07022010

Ben walked out in his robe, “Good Morning, Sunshine” he said while kissing me on my forehead.  I let my hand caress his back in a lovingly way as he passed by.  “Good Morning, did you sleep good I asked?” “Yes, I slept fantastic thank you.  How about you?”  I replied “I slept good only I had weird dreams.  You know me always playing the super hero.”. “Yep, you sure do.”  Thanks for breakfast.  Everything looks delicious.  Good let’s eat.  We sat and chatted about what we might want to do together for the day and how we should incorporate George and Jocelyn into our itinerary.  “We could go see the museum together.”  After you and I hit a few rounds of golf.  You know George and Jocelyn don’t play.   That’s right, how about we plan to do that and then we meet them at the museum at about 3pm, after that we can go to dinner and maybe do a little dancing.  I pick up the phone and ring room #  157.  George picks up.  “Hi George” I say and continue talking about our plans for the day.  07022010

By the end of the day  the four of us were so exhausted.  We had such a busy schedule on land.  Played some golf, went to lunch hit every  museum and tourist hot spot from every brochure that we could find.  Afterwards we went too dinner at a fabulous restaurant and then we went out clubbing.  I danced so much that my calves and legs were feeling a bit like rubber.   I could tell that Jocelyn and George were having a blast.  They had painted on smiles from ear to ear for most of the day.  They are very close friends. As soon as we got back to our cabin I got into my pajamas and headed to bed.  It wasn’t long before I was fast asleep.  Before I knew it I was dreaming again. In my dreams I have the ability to change the outcome of a dream, or the direction that it is taking.  If the dream becomes too stressful or I feel threatened then I have the ability to instantly change everything about the dream to ease my mind if I want.  This is a form of Lucid Dreaming.  I control my dreams in deep sleep they do not control me.  I also have the ability to communicate to anyone who I know in their dreams.  I appear in their dream, then talk to them and then return to my subconscious dreams.  07072010

I started dreaming about Jocelyn and how she has the power of Empathy.  In no time she appeared in my dream, standing right next to me while I watered my beautiful garden that I work on from time to time in my dreams.  “Hi” I said.  She replied “Doug, I really miss Steve, Have you picked up on anything from him?”  I turned to her and said “Yes I did, he contacted me a few weeks ago in a dream and before I could get out of him where he really was he faded out of the dream”.  Steve is Jocelyn’s older brother.  He was born with the ability to fade in and out.  He could be visible or invisible, right where he stands.   “What did he say?  I really need to know! She exclaimed. “He told me that he was ok.  The place where he was at wasn’t any place that any of us should try to go to.  It was dangerous that he was there.  Just before he faded out he said not for me to worry and tell you he loved you.”  “And you didn’t think this was something that I should have known right away?, OH Doug!  “Now Listen Jocelyn, I completely understood everything that you were going through with your parents and I didn’t feel it was necessary to burden you with any more worry.  I had planned to tell you when I felt it was the right time.  Besides, Ben, George and I have a plan….we just weren’t going to put it into action until after the vacation was over.  David and Donna and the twins are in on it too.  So don’t you worry, we’ll get him back”  I hugged Jocelyn and sent her back to her own dream.  I rolled over onto my stomach and continued dreaming about watering my garden.  07072010

As I was standing there in my dream holding my hose in my hand I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I turned around and nobody was there.  All of the sudden I heard Steve’s voice, “Hey, ppsst!”  I turned around again this time turning the hose as well and then the water hit him.  It was Steve.  I could see a small part of him standing in the flow of the water. This made him partially visible.  “Hey Steve, we’re coming to get you. Just tell me were you are”. He quickly responded “No don’t it’s too dangerous”.  I was debating inside if I should tell him about his Dad.  “Your Father passed away last week, we need you home.  Your mother and sister need you right now”  He suddenly became visible and dropped to his knees and wept.  I kneeled down and hugged him as tight as I could.  “I’m so very sorry, he was a great man and we all loved him very much.”  Steve jumped up became invisible and said, “Somebody is coming, I will check in with you later”.  “I love you” faded from his mouth as he began to vanish.  “I love you too” I said in confusion.  Wondering if he even had the opportunity to hear me.  07082010

All of the sudden it dawned on me.  I can follow him.   I turned off the water. Closed my eyes, concentrated and said “Take me to Steve”.  In only moments I was standing in a shallow pool of water. All around me was old brick and stone.  It looked like I was inside a water way the kind you would see under the city of Paris.  The clothes I had been wearing weren’t the same as what I had on  when I was dreaming and watering my garden.  I was wearing the pajamas that I had put on before I went to bed.  I suddenly realized that I was actually awake and somewhere away from my bed on the cruise ship.  I slowly walked forward in the stone tunnel hearing some mumbling that sounded like two men speaking at a distance.  I felt a cold wind pass by me, and suspected this was Steve,  invisible.  I reached towards the wind and felt something so I grabbed hold of it and said quickly  “ Back to ships cabin!”.  In a split second I was back in my cabin room.  Still grasping onto what I thought was a part of  Steven’s body.  It was his arm.  Ben woke up from the disturbance and jumped out of bed.  I pulled Steven towards me and held onto him as tight as I could in my arms.   I could tell he was breaking down and he was weeping on my shoulder.  He became visible to Ben and I and Ben joined in on the hug.  We held one another for a long period of time, until Steven started to stop his whimper and cry and then we all released.  07092010

Knowing this was the last day of my so called Vacation.  I turned to Steve and asked him “What in the hell is going on?”  Steven just wiped away his tears and said “ I got myself into some very big trouble and I was trying to figure out a way of getting out of it”.  “I’m not so sure I want to know what exactly it is so let’s talk about this later.  Right now this is the last day of  my vacation and as long as you are here with Ben and I you are safe, and in good hands.  OH and by the way, your sister is here too.  She joined us a day or so ago, she’s with George”.   Steve got really antsy and wanted to go see her.  I told him her room number so he could call her and meet with her. We all left the cabin after showering, shaving and getting dressed.  The breakfast buffet was were all of us were meeting to dine together.  Steve seemed so much more relaxed after having a nice shower and putting on a change of clothes.  He was the same size as me, we used to exchange clothes as children when we were growing up in the same neighborhood.  He’s a very handsome man.  Blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin.  His high cheek bones and dimples were very popular with the ladies most of his life.  Either with or with out a smile his dimples were present.  We’ve been best friends now for the past 30 years.  07092010

After breakfast and a lot of catching up, we all decided to meet back in one of the open bars that were by the pool to discuss what we all were going to do together as soon as the cruise ended.  Also to work on our tans.  Nothing better then clean crisp ocean air and to lounge around a pool with a great tropical drink in hand.  I telegrammed the twins and their parents to come join us on the last day.  They all arrived with in minutes of the invite dressed and ready.  Ben and Steven played pool valley ball with Troy and Toni.  I laid back and caught up with my sister Donna and Ben’s brother David.  Along with everyone getting up to speed on what happened to Steve and how Jocelyn and her Mom were doing. It was a great day for all.  As the sun was beginning  to set, the ship was preparing to dock in Port of San Francisco, CA.  Once everyone returned and packed to leave we all met back at the ships boarding ramp.  We said our good byes to the crew and thanked the Captain and then heading back to my house in Tiburon, CA. 07122010

I didn’t tell Steven and Jocelyn or even Ben yet, but I had taken it upon myself to set everyone up in my guest house.  It had five rooms and plenty of space for everyone.  Before the cruise ended I made arrangements for Jocelyn and Steve’s Mother June to come live with me.  I had her flown in and taxi’d to the house so she was there when we got home.  June and my Mom were best friends all their lives.  Almost like sisters.  When my Mom wasn’t available June was, and vise a versa.  It was nothing for me to take her and her children in.  They were after all a part of my family.  Good people who would do just about anything for you if you asked them to.  Ben loves them too so it wasn’t an issue for him either. I pulled into the garage, and then lowered the door.  Behind me was Steven , Jocelyn , George, and my sister , her husband and the children in her Van.  Everyone was going to spend the weekend with me.  I needed to go to the store to pick up a few things so after everyone got settled, I surprised them with June and left them to all catch up.  07122010

I asked Ben if he wanted to go with me and  then Troy yelled, “I do!”  so the three of us hopped into the car and headed down the road to the Boardwalk Market.  As soon as we walked in Ben and Troy disappeared.  I grabbed a shopping cart and  started picking things off the shelves as I passed from my shopping list.  Ben came back holding beer, wine and some soda.  Troy had some candy bars and some juice.  They both put their things into the basket.  In no time I was finished with the list and ready to check out.  Brenda was the checker at the register.  We always went through her line.    “Hey boys, how’s it going?” she asked as she scanned .  “We’re doing good, just got back from a really nice cruise”.  “oh sounds perfect!” she responded.  She bagged everything up then asked if we needed help out “Thanks but we got it”  “Have a good day, see you soon”  “You too, bye” I said.  Troy was smitten walking out of the store.  He was a good ten years younger than Brenda, but he didn’t care or see it like that.  We teased him in a loving way on the way home about it.  07122010

Right when I got back into the house after we all packed in the groceries, Jocelyn came up to me and gave me a really big kiss and a hug.  She pulled away and whispered in my ear “Thank you so much”.  I pulled her back in and hugged her a little bit longer and whispered beck in her ear “ Don’t mention it, it’s my pleasure to have you all here with us”.  I  finished with the hug and said, “Okay let’s get cook some food, who here wants to help me?”  Steve jumped up and came into the kitchen from the living room, “How can I help?  What do you want me to do?”  Toni followed and then Ben.  We were all working in a mini production line preparing the food for the  outdoor BBQ, stoves and ovens.   Jocelyn made herself right at home and began to set the outside dining table that was under a large terrace.  When I had the house built I had a full outside living space built in the back yard.  Courtyard style, with stone patios, raised flower and shrub beds, out door gas fire pits surrounding the courtyard. Zen water falls, surround sound entertainment center and temperature control, environmental enclosed 42” flat screen LCD television.  This was a huge hit for anyone who visited, our most used space.  07122010

I was having Donna pour the drinks and David keeping June company.   In only a few moments the door bell rang.  Toni yelled I’ll get it and ran to answer the door.  I could hear her talk after she opened the door.  She seems really excited.  Hhhhhhmmmm who else could that be?  I thought to myself, just about everyone else was already here.  Toni ran in very excited and said “Grandma & Grandpa , Uncle Luis and Uncle Tim are here, Yay!”  She ran outside to tell Troy.  I was very surprised.  Ben grabbed my wrist and pulled it towards me leaned and said quietly, “I invited them”.  Thank you I said then kissed his cheek.  I was very excited to see my Mom and Dad.  I dropped everything and ran over to hug and kiss them.  All of them, my brother Luis, & my youngest brother Tim.  Jocelyn came over and hugged everyone then began to get more place settings for the welcomed guests.  Donna took drink orders and I started to chuckle to myself.  This was turning into a time just like it was when we all used to get together on a regular basis once a week and share how our days went.  07122010

June walked over and hugged my Mom.  Dad was right behind her.  They both cried for a little bit and then began to wipe away the tears.  My Father stepped in and hugged the both of them.  I was hoping that this wasn’t going to be the kind of night we would have were everyone would be crying.  Jocelyn’s father wouldn’t have wanted it that way.  I overheard my Father say, I’m so sorry for your loss, Keith was my closest friend”. June said “ I know, thank you”. and helped guide my family to the back porch.    Toni and Troy were tossing a ball back and forth.  Ben was helping Dave and Donna with drinks.  Steve was assisting me in the kitchen.  All of the sudden it dawned on me, I haven’t seen George in a while.  So I went on a search through out the house to find him.  Passing room after room and corridor until I came to a closed door.  I could hear someone talking but it wasn’t clear through the door.  I knocked and slowly opened.  There was George sitting in a chair of my office desk talking to someone on the phone he was laid back in my chair looking out the window to the yard.  He swung around and said quickly, “I have to go I will call you later”. Then he quickly hung up the phone.  07122010

I walked into the room right up to George sitting in my desk chair and asked “Is everything okay?”  He hopped up out of the chair and scrambled around passing  me saying, “Yes, sorry, I was calling my family.” Before he could get to the door I grabbed his shoulder and rested my open hand on him.  He froze right where he stood then turned towards me with this bewildered look.  I said “No worries, my house is your house, you know that.” Then we both went out to the kitchen.  Jocelyn walked up, kissed George and then handed him a beer.  I went back into the kitchen to check on dinner, which was ready soon.  Ben walked over to me and hugged me from behind.  Steve was busy loading skewers with vegetables and fruits for the BBQ.  Ben looked over at Steve and winked, Steve smiled.  I was making polenta, fish curry and roasted chicken.  The kabobs were just a nice little appetizer.  07122010

Toni came into the kitchen and asked me if we were serving dessert?  I told her I was, and smiled at her.  “It’s your favorite!, now sssshhhhh”. She ran out fast to the backyard, giggling.  I walked out of the kitchen to see how everyone was doing.  June, Agnes and Martin, my parents, were all catching up at the dining table.  Donna, David, George and Jocelyn were all talking at lounge couch area in front of the flat screen, showing old classic movies.  Toni and Troy were swimming in the pool.  Tim and Luis were playing Marco Polo with them.  So I turned around and went back into the kitchen with Ben and Steven.  I asked Ben if the hot tub was heated and ready for guests.  He nodded, and then went to the laundry room to get a few towels for the swimmers.  Steve and I were just finishing up the skewers and then we took them out to the BBQ together.  We placed them on the grill.  I asked him, “How you doing brother? Are you hanging in there?”  He nodded and smiled.  “I was so terrified, before you showed up.” he spoke quietly.  I just looked at him with a very confident look, as if to say, I got your back now and forever.  We never had to say that to one another.  It was the kind of friendship we had.  One always taking care of and looking out for the other.  07122010

The veggies and fruit didn’t take long so we set the skewers on a platter in the center of the table.  I announced that dinner was just about ready to everyone.  Steve jumped into the pool and was splashing all the swimmers.  Mom asked me if there was something she could do to help.  I let her know that she was in charge of preparing dessert after dinner, and she chuckled and said “Oh Okay”.  My Father smiled and then pulled me in for a hug and kiss.  I said, “Hi Pop” and smiled.  The evening seemed so far to go with out a hitch.  I was feeling good about everything.  I met Ben back into the kitchen.  He cornered me and wouldn’t let me avoid him or try to get away from either side of him.  He took his hand, and grabbed the back of my neck, pulling me towards him.  I sort of let out a little laugh, but I wasn’t sure if it was out of excitement or because I was feeling a little bit silly at that moment.  He leaned in, closed his eyes and gave me a firm long lasting kiss on my lips.  As he pulled away he said “I love you!”  I opened my eyes and said “I love you too, now can we eat?”  We both grabbed the food from the kitchen and set everything up on the table outside.  07122010

Toni, Troy, Steve, Luis and Tim were all drying off with the towels that Ben set out for them on the chase lounges.  Jocelyn was refilling drinks and taking drink orders, just like she used to do when we were teenagers and she worked at the local diner.  I was getting the candles lit all around the place settings.  As well as pouring ice water in everyone’s water glasses.  Just like I used to do as a server for wedding parties when I was a teenager.  The table was beginning to fill up with people.  I set my Pop at the head of the table and then Ben at the opposite end.  Mom sat next to Pop.  Then my brothers next to her, then my sister and her family.  Jocelyn, George, and June sat at the other end.  Then Steven sat down next to me.  I waited for everyone to be seated and then I stood up and raised my glass.  I said, “I would like to make a toast.”  Everyone raised a glass and then I continued, “To Keith, a man of integrity, an abundance of patience, love, charm, class, and humility all bundled into one.  He was a dear husband, a loving father, a caring friend and one of the finest role models I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  To you Keith, you are loved deeply and cherished by all.”  As I sipped from my glass, I could hear Pops saying “Here..Here!”.  We all sat back down and began eating.  Conversation from that point on was low and calm.  07122010

George enjoyed Toni and Troy‘s company as did they his.   He’s always wanted kids of his own but so far he hasn’t had the opportunity .  Maybe some day he will with Jocelyn was what I was thinking to myself.  He’s usually Donna and David’s first choice as a babysitter when they need someone to look after the twins.  They begged to sit by him on the same side of the table as June and Jocelyn.  I let them do what ever they want when they are staying with me as long as they are respectful and they mind their manners.  My sister and brother in law would die if they knew half of the things that I let them get away with.  I got up and went around the table, making sure everyone who was seated had everything that they could possibly want or need for a very relaxing and wonderful dinner.  Ben got up and helped me in the kitchen, gathering more drinks, and condiments.  Everyone did look like they were having a nice time.  We returned to the table and continued to make conversation until all the plates were becoming cleared of food.  Steven and Jocelyn jumped up and began clearing plates.  I insisted that they do not do that as they were my guests but they refused to listen to me and continued as if it was their time together there and in the kitchen.  07122010

Mom came into the kitchen and went right to the fridge.  She took out the blueberry pie, whip cream and milk and walked it out to the table.  Ben saw to it that she had a knife to cut the cake.  The dishes were all rinsed and put into the dish washer.  Jocelyn and Steve went back to the table for dessert.  Toni got all excited knowing that we were all having her favorite dessert.  Troy asked where his favorite dessert was so I went to the freezer and pulled out some chocolate éclair dessert.  I got one for him and me it was one of my favorites too.  I got one for my Pop, then asked if anyone else wanted one.  Steve said yes please, so I got his too.  Everyone else had blueberry pie.  I made some coffee, hot tea, and hot cocoa and Jocelyn served that to anyone who wanted some.  The combined efforts of everyone through out the evening really made it a great time for all of us.  One we wont be forgetting anytime soon. 07122010

At the end of the evening, I went to Steve and asked him if he wanted to stay up with me for a night cap.
Ben and I showed Mom and Pop to the door along with my brothers, sister and family.  I gave everyone a big hug and kisses goodbye.  Troy and Toni were begging me to stay.  I asked Donna and David if they could and they said it was up to me.  I said Okay.  They ran into the game room to play some Wii.  My baby brother didn’t want to leave either.  He pulled me aside and asked me if there was room for him.  I told him there’s always  room for him.  Mom and Pop said it was okay with them.  I walked June out the guest house and gave her, Jocelyn and Seven each their own keys.  Then I went back into the house to get Timmy’s bed made and ready for him.  Up the stairs and to off to the right were another set of stairs that led to the attic.  I had it converted into two bedrooms and one bath a few years back, but nobody  really ever needed to use this space.  It’s always nice to see it being utilized.  Especially by my kid brother who I never really get to see.  He was like my walking, talking little clone of me. 07122010

I called Timmy to show him where he was sleeping.  Ben was picking up used towels and then replacing them with new ones.  On our way back down from the spare rooms, Tim went in to play Wii with the twins.  I found Steve and we went into the kitchen together for a night cap.  He loves aged Scotch.  I prefer a Gin martini.  I made Ben a Vodka tonic and set it aside for him.  Steven and I were leaning against the granite counter, and we both clinked our glasses at the same time and said cheers.  I asked him if he wanted some swim trunks for the hot tub?  He said yes, so we took our drinks with us and went into my bedroom to look for a pair of shorts that he would like.  I have so many because I rarely liked to wear the same ones more then twice.  He picked out the blue trunks with the orchids up the sides.  We changed into our trunks and then grabbed our drinks and headed out to the hot tub.  07122010

On the way out I grabbed Ben’s drink.  Steve climbed in first then Ben and then me.  We all were giggling like a bunch of little kids getting into a hot tub for our first time.  I sat down next to Ben and he kissed me and I kissed him back.  Then I handed him his drink.  “I need this so bad”  Steve said as he messed around with the jets, then he laid back and zoned out for a bit.  In only a few minutes he turned invisible, everything but the swim suite that I lent him below the water.  Ben and I relaxed as well.  I laid my head back and closed my eyes.  All of the sudden, I hear the water rustling and I look up and it’s Timmy.  He had helped himself to an extra pair of my trunks and then joined us in the hot tub.  I looked at him and asked him if he was doing okay?  He said yes, and then smiled.  07122010

George walked up to the hot tub and said, that he made sure the twins went to bed.  I asked him where June and Jocelyn were?  He said they went to bed that they were tired.  “Well Georgie, Hop in!”  George felt a little embarrassed and said he didn’t have any swim suits.  I told him to go grab a pair of mine and meet us right back here, we weren’t going anywhere.  He came back in a few moments and then climbed into the hot tub, carrying a beer in one hand and a Sprite in the other.  He went to sit down and I started laughing.  Before he knew it he was sitting right on top of Steven’s lap.  He felt something and jumped up.  Steve became visible and said “Hey, what the hell?”.  George’s face was so red, we all began to just laugh.  I told him to sit down and relax, that it was no big deal.  Even Timmy got a good chuckle out of it.  George handed Tim his Sprite, “Here you go twerp”.  Tim said “Thanks, fresh” and we all laughed some more.  Steven went back into invisible mode and we all began to just relax and breath.  All the cares in the world were vanishing in moments.  07122010

Thirty minutes had passed and all five of us had not moved an inch.  I got everyone’s attention when I stood up and said “Excuse me”.  Then I got out of the tub and grabbed a towel.  Ben was right behind me and I handed him one too.  Shortly following was Tim, and George.  Steven reappeared and then shut off the jets and climbed out.  I handed him a towel.  We all dried ourselves off, then went inside.  Ben walked the perimeter to see if anything was left behind from out night with company.  He picked up a stray empty can of  Sprite or two and then came inside.  All of us went back to my bedroom and got out of the damp swim trunks.  I handed both Steven and Tim an extra pair of my pajamas.  I got into mine and Ben came in and got out of his trunks and into his pajamas.  I went into the kitchen and refreshed everyone’s drinks.Timmy came in and asked me if we were going to watch a movie.  I said “I didn’t know but we could if he wanted to”.  He said yes.  We went into the home theater room and selected a DVD.  I could hear Ben in the kitchen with Steve and George.  Ben was making popcorn while the other two were searching through the candy drawer.  07122010

Tim picked out the movie Timeline.  So we all sat down in our seats and I hit play on the remote and dimmed the lights.  After the movie ended Tim asked if he could stay up and watch another one.  I told him he could do what ever he wanted, I loved him but I was going to bed.  George said he was tired, said his good nights and then went off to his room at the house.  Ben followed me to bed while we left Steve and Tim to watch another movie.  I brushed my teeth and climbed into bed snuggling up to Ben.  He asked me if I was okay, I told him yes.  Then I fell fast asleep.  In what seemed to be no time at all I began to dream.  I was dreaming that I was baiting a hook at the end of my fishing poll and Keith came up next to me with his gear and rig and set down on his portable chair.  “Well Doug?” he asked.  I turned to him and smiled and said “Hi Mister G” That’s what I called him since I was little and I couldn’t pronounce Gustafson.  “Hey Douglas”.  “I’m so sorry I wasn’t there when it happened Mister G”.    “Look don’t you worry. Everything happens for a reason.  I was sick, you were busy, it was destiny”,  he responded.  07122010

I know but if I was there I might have been able to heal you.  My healing powers have been becoming stronger with time.  No, you couldn’t have heeled me.  This needed to happen.  Everything I know, should be transferring to Steven or Jocelyn with in the next few days.  It could enter one or both. When this happens I need you to be there for them to receive it and except it.  Can you and will you do this for me?  Yes, of course you know I will G.  Okay, then I’m going to go now and I will check back in with you a little later on.  “But wait! G!” I said in my sleep and Ben sat up, turned on the light to see if I was okay.  I was very upset that I didn’t get to say what I wanted to Mister G.  I was crying to myself for the personal loss I was suffering and how all I wanted to do was tell Mister G how much he meant to me.  In no time another dream began, this time I was sitting on a train traveling what seemed to be from San Francisco to San Mateo, CA.  In my mind I knew I was on route to New York, by way of Emeryville and then Chicago.

I was sitting in my seat reading the daily paper that I picked up from the train station.  I was also snacking on  Jack Link’s Pepperoni stick and drinking Pepsi from a plastic bottle.   This woman came up to me and asked me if the seat next to me was taken?  I said “No Ma’am, It doesn’t look that way” while my eyes never left sight of the story I was reading from behind the paper.    Normally I wouldn’t every do this I would always stop what I was reading and make eye contact with the person whom I was speaking to and then continue with what I was doing.  This time it was different, because I felt that there was something a miss with her, and I needed to concentrate to figure out what it was.  I closed my eyes and then concentrated.  I could feel her setting herself down next to me.  All of the sudden my head tipped back. My body began to shiver, and my eyes were rolling up back inside my sockets.  This was a rare form for me when I was experiencing a day vision.  This was the first time I had ever experienced a Day vision while I was awake, during a dream.  I began seeing all sorts of  colors shapes and symbols.  The sizes were changing in my inside vision and moving closer and then further away.  In split seconds everything went white, then blank.  I jumped up and put down the paper.  I turned to the stranger and said “Who are you and why are you here?”07122010

Her eyes first were hazel and then they changed to black.  As she was speaking her original voice began to  change form it was dark, and raspy following the change of the color of her eyes.  She started telling me that I was going to find myself in a very dangerous situation. Before I did she was offering me a way out. I told her, she was crazy and she obviously didn’t know who she was talking to, or the group of people that I represent.  I was getting angry.   I could feel all my energy begin to stir and form around us and the train.  All of the sudden my cousin Jennifer appeared, she said “I Gotcha” in no time I was in her dream, shaken up a bit and shouting “what in the hell was that?”.  She told me that she had this thing visit her in her dreams too and that she had been kicking her out of her dreams every chance she got.  “It wasn’t until today Cuz, that I tapped into your dream and saw her there with you.”  “Do you have any idea who she is or what she wants?”  “No, Aunt Agnes and I were looking through all the Bertrand family  documents that we could find in the library, and the only thing we could figure out about her that they call her the dark raven.”  07122010

“Hhhmmm, Did you know that our family last name on Grandpa’s side means the bright raven?  That’s what Bertrand means.  So do you think this thing is an arch enemy and our family opposite, or counter part?”  I honestly don’t know Cuz, just what ever  happens you need to keep your cool and don’t use any of your energy towards her.  Just kick her out of your dreams when you see her there.  “Great, one more thing to worry about.”  I smirked and then said my thank you’s and left her dream and went back to mine. I suddenly woke up and sat up in bed then got up.  I went into my office and turned on the computer.  I send an e-mail to my secretary asking her to look up everything that she can about this woman who appeared in my dreams as the dark raven.  As I was finishing up, Tim walked in to my office and asks me if everything is alright?  “Timmy, why aren’t you in bed yet?”   He said he was that he was sleep walking and he woke up in the doorway of my office.  I walked Timmy back to bed and then I went back to bed myself.  07122010

When I fell back to sleep I went into our family temple.  This was a place that is only in the dream realm.  If you went there, you were able to communicate to any relative who has passed beyond life, by calling on them.  I entered the circle, light the candle and then said “Grandpa Bertrand, I call upon you, please appear to me so that I can tap into your wisdom”.  Tiny stars began to swirl like a miniature whirlwind, traveling from the floor to the ceiling until my Grand dad appeared.  “Hey there sonny boy” . he said.  That’s what he used to call me, or sometimes sunshine.   “ Hi papa, who is the dark raven and what business does she have with our family?   She’s appeared in one of my dreams and threatened me, I really didn’t appreciate it!”  “Well Sunshine, she’s a dark and evil being.  She will do anything to split up family and good friends though magic, or spells or trickery. You have heard that expression misery loves company?   Well in her case misery does love 07122010

It had become morning and I woke up a little fatigued. It was not a well rested night for me with all the stressful dreaming that I had done.  I went into the kitchen and pulled out all the ingredients to make everyone breakfast.  I also started the coffee.   Just minutes after I woke up the twins came into the kitchen and seated themselves up on the stools.  “Hi Uncle Doug, good morning” they said.  “Good morning kids, do you know what you want for breakfast, yet?”  “Yeah we want the works”.  Then they got up and ran to the game room.  Tim showed himself coming around the corner and I laughed and asked him if he was awake or just sleep walking?  He said “very funny, can I help with anything?”  “Sure, peel me some potatoes”. as I handed him a sack with a peeler.  I was making up some batter for biscuits and some country gravy, with sausage.  The works consists of Bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, biscuits and country gravy with sausage, fried potatoes, and orange juice.  I got busy and Ben came in to lend a hand. 07122010

Ben came in from down the hallway.  He grabbed a coffee mug from the cupboard and then pour in some coffee from the pot.  He turned and asked Tim and I if we wanted some.  We both said yeah.  Ben walked up behind me and set my mug right in front of me.  Then he leaned around and gave me a kiss.  Afterwards I pulled away, “Good morning”,  Good morning he said and smacked his open hand on my butt.  Tim looked over and just laughed.  Ben gave him his coffee and then Tim said “No kiss for me thanks, but feel free to smack my butt.”  Ben smiled and then smacked Tim’s butt hard and firm.  We all laughed.  Right then Jocelyn walked in with a lost expression, “What’d I miss?”  I answered “Oh nothing I said. “Coffee?”  “Sure, I’ll get it, Mom probably wants some too.”  It looked like everyone was up.  George and Steve were already sitting outside watching the flat screen in the outdoor living space.  Jocelyn walked out there with her coffee’s and then came in to get two more cups.  07132010

After everyone was finished with breakfast and the kitchen was cleaned up, I sat down outside to relax a while.  Steven came over and sat in the chase lounge next to me. “Did you sleep good last night?” He asked.  “As a matter of fact I didn’t”.  I began to explain to him my dreams and what happened.  He just sat and listened.  I also told him that Pop came to talk to me.  That made him feel a little bit sad, since he wasn’t there to say goodbye.  I explained to him what he said and that he wouldn’t have wanted him to feel bad at all.  It made Steven and the brotherly bond we shared even stronger.  “So what do you want to do today? I’m taking the day off, and I freed up my schedule to spend time with you.  Ben is taking the twins to the amusement park with Jocelyn, George and Tim.  That leaves just you and me”.  Steven looked at me and smiled.  I kind of knew where he was going right when he smiled like that.  It was a mischievous smile that I saw so many times before in the past.  07132010

I went to my room and packed two back packs with some extra towels, swim trunks, shirts, socks, underwear,  water proof sun screen and then went I went into the kitchen and made a couple sandwiches, grabbed some cool drinks and snacks and then hunted down Steve.  He was in the guest house courtyard sitting and talking with June.  “Hey Doug” June said with a smile.  “Hi June, do you have everything you need?”  “Yes, thank you.  You two go have some fun and don’t worry about me.  I’m going to call Aggie over to hang out at the pool with me today.” she winked.   “Oh nice, that sounds great.  So we’ll see you when we get back.”  Steven got up kissed his Mom on the cheek and then grabbed one of backpacks and followed closely behind me as we walked out to the garage and hopped into my Jeep.  Right when the garage door opened someone smacked the window and it scared the shit out of me.  It was Troy, so I rolled down the window.  “Wassup punk?”  He was very fidgety, “Uncle Doug can I borrow some money?”  I reached into my pants pocket and I pulled out a 20 “Here’s twenty bucks, you can have it”.  He kissed my cheek and ran off thanking me.  Ben walked over and said his goodbye’s too.  They were all loading up into our Mercedes. 07132010

I hopped on the 101 and headed South towards San Rafael.  We exited the Lucas Valley exit and drove out a few miles to a small town called Rancho Nicasio.  Just parked the jeep and then hiked up a dirt trail.  This was Steven and my favorite hiking place where we always went as teenagers, right after we got our cars and drivers licenses.  In about 45 minutes we made it to a little swimming hole.   We dropped our backpacks and then began to strip down to nothing.  As fast as I got my clothes off, I ran quickly into the water.  It was so refreshing.  Steve ran in behind me and then turned invisible.  I could here him laughing.  “Ha ha ha, very funny transparent boy”.  I could see waves from where he went under water.  All of the sudden I felt a hand grab a hold of my leg and pull it up out from under me.  I took a fast breath as I fell down and then below the water.  I jumped up out of the water and swept the hair from my forehead then gasped for a breath while laughing.  I grabbed Stevens arm and swung him around in front of me so that I could give him a half nelson, locking his elbows behind mine.  “Now I got you!”  He struggled and laughed then became visible, so I turned him lose.  “I miss hanging out with you’ he said.  “Yeah me too.”
This was our time to really talk seriously in private with out any distractions or interruptions.  Steven and I spent countless hours here in this lake, just working out anything and everything. 07132010

“Okay, now I’m going to ask you, what was going on when I found you in that brick tunnel?”  I was out on the town on a Friday night and I met this really foxy lady.  I asked her if I could buy her a drink and she said, I could do more then that.  I could take her to her place.  So I did, but when I got there I was hit over the head and then tied up and transported to about three other places.  They shoved a potato sack over my head and all I could do is hear and smell where I thought I might have been.  I know at one point in time I was on a plane.  The flight seemed like it took for ever but judging my the noises of the city and the smells of the foods I figured out that I was in Paris.  At the warehouse where a couple of goons kept me some evil black eyed woman showed up threatening me and my family if I didn’t agree to help her”. “What did she want you to do?”  I could tell by the look in his eyes, he didn’t want to tell me.  “It’s okay, you can tell me.”  “No I can’t” he snapped.  “Alright then, I will find out on my own sooner or later, You know I will.”  Yeah, you figure it out and that way I don’t have to worry myself or worry about Mom and Jocelyn”.  “Look, our families are tight.  We are not ever going to let anything bad happen to one another.  Do you understand that?”  I grabbed Steven and hugged him tight, as if never to let him go.  He hugged me back.  Once we were dried off we laid out a blanket and enjoyed a picnic lunch on the wild grass.  07132010

After the picnic and the nice swim and an afternoon of male bonding, between best friends. we got dressed in our dry clothes and loaded up the car.  Steven made a suggestion that we make a stop off at the grocery store before we got home to pick something up for dinner.  We stopped at the store but we didn’t get dinner.  We bought everything to make martinis.  I decided to just order pizza so we wouldn’t have to cook.  We stopped at the video store too and picked out a few new release previously previewed movies to buy.  Then off to the house we went.   The garage door was already open and the Mercedes was parked on one side.  As we pulled into the garage Troy ran up to the Jeep and was jumping up and down in excitement to tell us all about their day.  Toni asked if we were having dinner together, I nodded and smiled.  Ben walked out and asked “Well how did it go?” “It was great, we had a really nice time.”  said.  I walked into the house and placed the bags on the counter.  I was heading to the bedroom to put away all the things we needed for the picnic.  On the way back Mom was walking out of my bathroom.  She said hi and gave me a big kiss and hug.  “Hi Mom, are you staying for dinner?’ I asked.  She nodded and as she touched my cheek affectionately and then walked down the hall.  While I was in the bedroom, Jocelyn tapped the door and then walled in.  “Hey, did Steve say anything about where he was and what happened?”  I replied, “No, he was tight lipped about everything, but I told him I would find out on my own then.  He told me that was fine.”   She seemed irritated and said “Oh he can be so stubborn sometimes!”  I reminded her that he wasn’t much different then anyone else in her family, she agreed.  We went out to the kitchen together.  07192010

In the kitchen I began to make drinks for everyone.  I made root beer floats for the twins.  I picked up the phone and invited Timmy and Dad over for pizza and a movie.  Luis was already here hanging out with George and Jocelyn.  George and Luis worked together in construction.  George had been teaching Luis the ropes of  the business, making him his apprentice.  Together they get a lot of local work in Marin, San Francisco and Sonoma Counties.  As soon as I put the phone down the doorbell rings.  Toni and Troy run ahead of me to open it, “It’s the pizza guy!” they shout.  “Hi pizza guy”, I hand him the cash and take the pizzas. “Keep the change”.  Then I close the door.   I was heading to the kitchen and I see Jocelyn talking to Steve.  All the sudden from out of nowhere my cousin Jennifer pops in….she looks at me and says “Hi Cuz, Bye Cuz” then she grabs Jocelyn and pops out.  Steve turns to me and says “Wow, where’d they go?”  I just laughed and said “With those two, anything’s possible, who knows?”  We got our drinks, cheered and then grabbed the pizza and went into the home theater room.   07192010

Tim and Dad stroll in after the pre movie previews run.  Mom and June come in with them full wine glasses in hand.  Ben snaps his fingers after Timmy sits down and in his hand appears a fresh root beer float with a big bin of popcorn.  He takes a hand full and passes the tub around.  Jocelyn and Jennifer pop back in and pass around all sorts of movie theater candy, Dots, Goobers, Raisinetes, Sweet Tarts, Sugar Babies, Milk Duds, Snow Caps, Good & Plenty, Reese’s, Junior Mints, Hot Tamales, Mike & Ikes, Starbursts, and Whoppers.  The twins grabbed two of each, and split them with Timmy.  The movie starts and everyone quiets down.  I had Ben on the right of me and Steven on the left.  The twins and Timmy behind me and then my parents June, George, Jocelyn and Jennifer in the last row of seats.   On the big screen there’s a white speck in the center of it that gets bigger and bigger and then it come closer into view and it forms a word.  It’s the name of the movie “ Champions Rise”.  After all the actors credits are run then the lights dim and the action begins.  07192010

Champions Rise, is a story about a small group of people who each have a very special talent or gift that they  can use to help other people in trouble or need.  The story takes place in Italy, present time.  The group is stationed there but they travel all around the World where ever they are called on for help.  There’s no task too dangerous and nothing impossible for them.  That’s what I read on the back of the CD cover.  Ironic that I picked it and it sort of sounds like our little group and family here.  As the movie ended we all were pretty excited and jazzed about the ending.   The lights came on and we all were stuffed from all the popcorn, pizza and candy. Mom, Dad and the twins hugs and kisses everyone good bye.  Timmy asked if he could spend the night.  I told him, he never has to ask me it was up to Mom and Dad.  Just before I opened the door to see my family out, the doorbell rang.  I opened the door and there was a beautiful young woman standing in the doorway.  “Hi, she said, is Luis here?”  I said, “Please come in, wait I paused, smiled and then continued you’re not a vampire are you?”  I laughed as she replied with a smile and a “No Sir”, I insisted she call me Doug.  I allowed her to enter and directed her to the Theater room.  Then I went back outside to see my family off.  07212010

I walked back into the Theater room.  June, George, Jocelyn and Jennifer were all going back to the guest cottage.  “Good night.” they said walking out the back French doors. “I take it you got the go ahead to sleep over Tim?”  He said “Ayup” and then he jumped up and ran out to the kitchen and smacked me lightly in the stomach as he passed.  I asked Luis if he was  going to introduce his friend to us. “OH sorry, This is my good friend from school named Anya Sokolov.  She’s visiting her parents for a couple weeks”. She had shoulder length dark brown hair and gray eyes.  Her skin was light and looked silky.  “A beautiful name for a beautiful woman”. Ben said.  “Pleasure to meet you, I am going to go do my own thing so please everyone make yourselves at home” Then I left the room.  I went into the kitchen and Timmy had pulled everything out of the refrigerator to make a banana split.  I stood beside him and put my arm around him.  “Oh to be young again”. I said as I kissed him on the cheek.  In proceeded to make myself a gin martini with three stuffed blue cheese olives.   In minutes Steven walked in, he asked “Whatcha makin?” “A Martini would you like one?” “Sure, that would be great!”  I took down the Vodka knowing Steven doesn’t drink Gin.  He was very sick one night when we were younger on Gin, and never touched it after that.  “Hey do you want my olives or regular ones?” Timmy gave me a strange look and chuckled.  “I want your olives”. Steven said.  I handed Steven his drink and then made one for Ben.  07212010

I walked into the game room and sat down to continue working on a puzzle that I had been working on for the past few weeks.   It was a 1500 piece puzzle called Balloon Glow - by Sunsout.  I grabbed the remote for the Bose radio and turned it on to my favorite radio station which was playing Classic R & B.  This puzzle was a picture of Hot air balloons that were lit up and raising at dawn over a small European country cottage village next to a river.  More difficult because of the details in the background and the balloons.  With in seconds, both Ben and Steven walked in and sat down at the table.  Timmy followed shortly behind them.  He was stuffing his face with his banana split.  Steve and Ben sometimes would sit and watch me work with a puzzle and other times they would help a little.  This time Ben watched while Steven helped.  “What’s Luis and his company doing?”  I asked.  Timmy answered quickly, “they picked out a movie”. “Oh I see.” I said.  “I think it’s The Notebook or something.”  Timmy stated.  “That’s nice”. After an hour of puzzle building I was feeling like that was all the time I could apply to it so I decided to check my e-mail.  I left Steven who was engrossed with the puzzle and Ben watching.  07212010

I sat down in my office chair and turned on the computer.  I was waiting for the program to boot up and the internet. So I walked back to the kitchen to make myself another Martini.  Luis was all excited while he was making him and Anya some nachos and sodas.  “You have everything you need ‘lil brother?”  I asked him.  “ Do you mind if Anya stays the night?”  “ No not at all , just don’t wake anyone up, okay?”  I grabbed my drink and winked at Luis on the way out of the kitchen and back into my office.  By the time I got back to the office the computer was up and running and so was the internet.  I signed into my e-mail and began reading them. I scrolled down the list of the inbox.  I stopped on one that stood out from the rest.  The subject line read “ I will die if you don’t help me”.  I checked with my instincts to see if this was some sort of a joke or just spam with an attached virus or not.  My instincts told me it was the real deal.  I opened up the e-mail and it was written by a young man named Jaime.  He was in some trouble over in Australia.  There was a mention about his mother and father taken hostage by an evil woman who they call the dark raven.  This alarmed me and before I knew it, Steven and Ben were rushing into my office asking me what was wrong.  07212010

I began to read the e-mail out loud for Ben and Steven to hear:

Dear Mr. Parker,

     I am writing you this e-mail in the hopes that  you somehow can help me.  I got your name from a very secret group of amazing people here down under.  They told me that you could help me get my Mum and Pops back and that you had a team of people who could help save my life in the process.  There is a woman they call the dark raven who has kidnapped my parents and is holding them as hostages in order to make me use my inventive education to help build some sort of a machine that drains power from any source.  I have been working on a Hydro Power plant for the past few years and she somehow thinks that I can help her.  I don’t think that I can and now I am scared for my parents safety and well being. 

Please help me.  If you can not, then please by all means forward this e-mail to someone who can.


Jaime Taylor.

I told Ben and Steve The subject line read “ I will die if you don’t help me”.

 Okay we need to hold a meeting.  Get everyone who can help here, meet me in the conference room. 
Ben jumped on the phone.  Steven went to the cottage to get Jocelyn, George and Jennifer.  I sat on the small stage in the corner of the conference room floor and closed my eyes.  I began to concentrate on Jaime and his family.  I went into a deep trance state.  It was a form of self hypnosis where I could make myself have a day vision that relates to the person who I needed more information on.    07212010

I began seeing the same woman who appeared in my dreams a few nights ago.  She was having her men tie up Jaime’s parents and telling Jaime if he didn’t help her with this invention that he would never see them again, that she would kill them.  I began focusing on all the objects surrounding the room.  A news paper with a city name.  I searched for an envelope that was addressed to Jaime or his parents.  They looked like they were being taken from an old farm house basement.  I could see all the shelving all around the room, a metal sink, and some kind of old coal furnace.  The floor looked like cement, but painted a deep burgundy.   On a three ring binder that was opened there on a small wooden table, were scribbled down names and addresses.  I stored those images in my photographic memory file cabinet.  I got a good look at Jaime, his Father and his Mother.  I also came up with the address in Australia where the abduction had taken place.  I eased myself out of the trance and then realized that just about everyone had been seated at the large table in the conference room.  07212010

I addressed everyone at the head of the board room.  Hi you guys.  So sorry to take you away from what you were doing.  I got an e-mail from a young man who is in a little bit of trouble and he is asking us for his help.  I wanted to run it by you first before I responded and let him know if we could help him or not.  I went into detail about the e-mail and my day vision.   We had all the attention of  Steven, Jocelyn, George, Ben, Luis, Jennifer, my sister Donna and brother in law David.  I assumed that Anya was being kept company by Timmy.  Before I finished talking in walked my Mom and Dad.  Hey hi, sorry to keep you away from home.  I asked Ben to fill them in while I went back to my meditation room.  I sat down on the  floor and began going under another trance. This time it was where both Jamie’s parents were currently.  They  were thrown in a dungy cell in a dark brick building.  I decided to astral project myself there right were they were.  I faded insight for the both of them and they looked like they had just seen a ghost.  “Hi I’m sent here by your son.  I don’t have time to explain all I can tell you is that a group of us are going to come rescue you.  Where are you and who is holding you captive”? I asked.  We don’t really know her name, we think we are being held up somewhere near Velencia.  I have traveled the world and I recognized the accents and the smell of the foods and air.  “Okay I will be back but keep calm and don’t move.”  07212010

I called Steven and Jennifer into the meditation room.  I asked Jennifer if she was ready to help me transport Steven to the place where Jamie’s parents were being held.  Jennifer said yes and Steven agreed, providing we promised not to lose sight of his where about while he was invisible.  I wasn’t sure how we were going to be able to do that if he was invisible.  He asked us to concentrate in his spirit while he was invisible.  We ran a test run, so Steven stood in front of Jennifer and I.  We both began to go into a trance. We visualized him in body, and went deeper so that we could see beneath his skin, then muscles, then bones, organs, and finally his spirit appeared.  Just about that time Steven went invisible.  We could still see him but he looked like someone would look like as a ghost in a movie or something.  Jennifer grabbed my hand, and we started out transportation of  Steven.  We placed him where I envisioned just outside the bars of the dungy basement in the same vicinity as Jaime’s parents were being held.  07212010

Steven didn’t speak, he looked over the husband and wife couple carefully and then went up the stairs to see where that led him.  We both were with him every step of the way.  I was holding onto him while I was asking Jennifer to look around and see what ever she can to help Steven out of harms way.  Steven got to the top of the stairs and he saw a long corridor.  He could either go left or right.  He decided to turn left first.  He walked the full length of the hall and could hear people talking behind the door.  I telepathically asked Jennifer to go into the room and look around.  She needed to distract the people in the room so that Steven could get into the room undetected.  She focused on a table with an all glass chess game and then knocked the King and Queen off of it.  They hit the floor with a loud bang.  The three people in the room ran over there. It was two men and one woman.  In the meantime Steve had let himself in the room and quietly closed the door.  Jennifer and I sensed something  was going on with Steven because his heart rate began to beat much faster and his temperature was getting hotter.  I read his mind and then sent him a bit of  confidence.  “You can do this Steven, I know you can just keep your cool brother, I love you!”  I sent to his conscience.  He was trying not to make a sound.  07212010

The two men in the room scuffled to the floor to retrieve the chess pieces.  The woman looked wound suspiciously.  I took a good look at her through Stevens eyes and realized who she was.  I wasn’t intimidated by her in the slightest.  I knew if anything happened that I would assemble the team to get together and go get those two parents out of there safely.  Now it was just a matter of how.  I encouraged Steven to leave that room.  This time Jennifer had a painting drop off the wall.  In a split second Steven opened the door , and attempted to sneak away.  All of the sudden his arm was grasped quickly and firmly and he was pulled back into the room and the woman shut the door behind him.  I pulled all of my energy together along with Jennifer and we transported Steven back to us in the meditation room.  He arrived safely but the woman was still holding onto his arm.  Jennifer screamed, everyone ran in from the conference room.  Steven reappeared, and pried her hand from his arm and threw it down.  Ben thought quickly and made ropes appear that tied her up right where she stood.  I looked her right in the face and told her, “We will stop you, and there’s nothing you can do about it!”  She laughed a good straight from the belly laugh and retorted “That’s what you think, I’m just getting started.” Her laugh continued and then she turned into a cloud of dark smoke and vanished into thin air.  07212010

I sensed that everyone was upset and worried.  Steven was pretty shook up himself.  So was Jennifer.  All were asking me who she was and how did I know her.  I explained to them what I dreamt about.  I also told them how she links to my family in the past.  Steven felt like he hadn’t accomplished anything.  I reassured him that it wasn’t a waste of time.  We knew more then we did before we started.  I knew things were going to get worse before they got better.  I sat down with Mom and Dad and devised a plan.  They had known everything that there was to know about each and everyone of us, our abilities and they also knew a little about this dark raven.  After the plan was put down on the dry eraser board, I went over it again with everyone to make sure we all get on the same page.  Mom and Dad said they needed to go because they left the twins with the housekeeper.  I walked them to the door, they kissed me and asked me to be careful.  I said “Don’t worry, I can handle this, I love you good night”.  07212010

I went right back into the conference room where we all organized our plan of attack.  Before we could do anything we needed to talk to Jaime in person.  As soon as possible.  I decided to contact Jaime through his dreams.  I said my good nights to everyone and went to my bedroom.  We all broke up to go to our own parts of the estate.  Ben met me in our bedroom.  Steven tapped on the door and asked if he could sleep in our room tonight.  He thought he would feel safer there.  Ben snapped his fingers and the bed from the guestroom bumped right up besides ours.  We all said good night and then fell fast asleep.  I went right into dream state.  I knew I needed to get a hold of Jaime.  I entered his dream, where he was dreaming about cooking the food at a local café where he worked in the kitchen.  I introduced myself and explained to him what I know. He just kept making food from the order tags and never looked away from his grill.  He just shook his head.  I told him our plan of attack. I also asked him if he wanted to be with us when we go.  He said “Yes of course”.  So I told him that I needed him to come to my house immediately and then we would initiate our plan in daybreak.  07212010

I telepathically transported Jaime into my guest room on the other bed right next to where Steven was. 
I had to explain to him how it happens and that he wouldn’t feel a thing.  I also let him know about a few of the people who he would meet when he woke up.  He had anticipated my call so he packed a bag.  I telepathically transported that to us as well.  Placing it right next to his bed.  In only a few moments I found myself dreaming about less physical and real things and slept the rest of the evening soundly.  By morning, Ben was up making coffee.  Steven was sleeping in the bed next to my bed.  I rolled over next to him and blew in his ear.  He slapped my cheek and then sat up.  “What, huh?”  I just laughed and got up and headed to the shower.  After getting dressed, I went to the guest room to check up on Jaime.  I peeked in the door and he was still asleep face down with all limbs going in each direction.  So I shut the door and continued to the kitchen.  Right behind me was Steven, buttoning up his shirt and looping his belt through his pants.  I walked into the kitchen kissed Ben good morning and then got two mugs down. 07212010

The kitchen was filling up with everyone who spent the night.  I decided to have food catered, because we needed to get busy.  The doorbell rang and Timmy ran to get it.  I walked up to him and passed off some cash as a tip for the delivery boy.  We carried in the food and set up the dining room table.  Jaime walked around the corner and he was not only leery about his surroundings but he also was feeling a bit shy.   I noticed him first and jumped up to greet him.  I shook his hand and then rested my hand on his shoulder.  Everyone this is Jaime.  I went down the list, June, Jocelyn, George, Jennifer, Timmy, Luis, Anya. Donna and Dave, Ben, Steve, And I’m Doug Parker your gracious host and newly found friend.  “How do you do?” Jaime asked and then I showed him where an empty seat was right next to Timmy.  I mentioned to him that he probably was tired of the food we ordered since he worked in a Café.  He said he never gets tired of it.  Everyone ate up like it was their last breakfast.  There was Tea, Orange Juice, Coffee, Milk, biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns, pancakes and even fresh croissants.   07212010

After breakfast I hit the Bose radio remote control and the song “Family Reunion” -by Saliva began playing.  This was a song we all listened to together before any job or assignment.  We all knew all the words and sang it together as we packed up all the supplies and tools that we needed for the mission.  After all even if some of us weren’t blood related we were family by love and longevity.  The gear was on the bags were equip and the crew was ready.  Everyone knew what their part was. Timmy, June, Luis, and Anya were supposed to man the estate and take cover.  Ben, Donna, David and I were going after the two men and the woman.  Jaime, Steven and Jessica were breaking his parents out, and getting them back to the estate, and George & Jocelyn were going to bomb the mob pin down to the ground.  07212010

The fight begins.  We sent Jaime, Jessica and Steven in first.  The showed up right inside the cell with Jaime’s parent. He cried they cried and hugged one another.  Jaime pulled away and said these are my friends they are here to help us get you out of here.  They are also going to keep us safe after we break you free.  In just about a half of a second after Jaime spoke his last word he felt a sharp pain slice right through his left side of his body and he fall to the floor.  Jessica and Steven reacted quickly and bounced him and his family out of there right back to the estate.  I knew we were in some trouble so I had already anticipated someone getting hurt.  I set up a recovery table with all the organic herbs and healing medicines that I had in my Laboratory.  Steven and Jocelyn rushed Jaime to the table where I met them in a blink of an eye and I placed my hand on his wound and began to heal the cut.  It was long and deep.  I knew Jaime would need constant care and supervision while we went to our second phase.  What I didn’t know was that Anya has a remarkable power to bend reality at will.  Luis ran in and explained it to me, so I asked her if she didn’t mind helping us out.  07222010

She agreed to watch Jaime and see if she could change the outcome of what happened by replaying the situation over and over again.    She found a way to do it and applied it to Jaime.  In moments he was healed and jumped up from the table and then gave his thanks and ran out to find his Mom and Pop.  Ben Donna, David and I went back to the headquarters and confronted the two men and the dark raven.  The dark raven woman closed her eyes extended both her arms and she began to chant.  The room was becoming dark and cloudy.  Ben ran over to her and said “EGO reprobo vos ut caligo locus in universum Myra Depopulo non vel Deus mos take misericordia in vestri animus vel malum res. iam Vado , nunquam ut reverto!”  Ben touched her shoulder and then she lit up light a super nova and vanished.  “Wow, big daddy you never cease to amaze me” I said.  In no time Donna and David grabbed the two thugs and then said, “We’ll take care of these two“ and they disappeared.  Ben and I went back to the Estate, and we sent in George and Jocelyn to finish phase three.  Level the evil headquarters.  07222010

Jaime and his parents were sitting poolside, just a little shook up.  I walked over and introduced myself and the group to them.  They were so grateful.  Ben whipped up some food in the kitchen, and I do mean whipped up in no time.  He could tell that they hadn’t had a proper mean in a while.  Good comfort food, piping hot meatloaf , mashed potatoes smothered in mushroom beef gravy and steaming summer squash vegetables in butter and garlic.  I asked them if I could get them some wine, and then I poured them a nice glass of my finest Cabernet Sauvignon.  Everyone was ready to relax for the day and get to know our guests.  David and Donna came back to the Estate and said mission accomplished.  They left to get the twins and brought them back to join us and go swimming.  We spent the afternoon poolside getting to know Jaime, his Mom and Pop.  07222010

The one question that I had that was eating away at me was who stabbed  Jaime? It wasn’t the dark raven or her two minions.  They were being preoccupied in the other side of the building.  This means that someone else was there and trying to harm Jaime.  I needed to find out if he had any enemies and who they might be.  This was my next assignment. I didn’t share the information with anyone else but Steven and Jennifer, because they were the only ones who were there when it happened.  Neither one of them saw who had done it.  Jessica has said that the person with the sword was in a long black robe and a hood covering up their head and face.  This person appeared to be the size of a midsize man and he was very fast.  He must have been in and out of the cellar in less then 5 minutes.  I did some research and made a few phone calls inquiring about someone who fit that description and I came up with nothing.  07222010

I put work on hold for the time being and accepted an invitation to dinner with Steven.  He wanted to take me out to dinner for saving him from that evil woman.  Ben knows about our relationship and he’s not threatened at all.  He understands that nobody can ever come between him and me.   Just the same as him and I sharing our lives together day in and day out will always remain the same. Steven took me to my favorite Italian place called Servino’s.  I ordered the Salmone Riace which is the Grilled wild king salmon, tomato relish, roasted potatoes, Swiss chard with olive oil and lemon. Steven ordered the Posillipo which is Stew of mussels, clams, calamari, whitefish, rock shrimp in a tomato broth with linguini.  While we were eating Steven ordered a great bottle of Johannesburg Riesling that we shared for dinner.  Neither one of us was driving since we took a cab to dinner. We shared a lot of close and intimate feeling about people and life.  Dinner was delicious, the conversation was delightful.  I could never have asked for a better best friend in my life then Steven.  George did run a pretty close second, but I knew Steven longer and he was more like my brother, than a friend.  07222010

Dinner ended with a very nice slice of hot brownie smothered in hot fudge and topped with fresh whip cream, that Ben whipped together for all of us by the time we got home. Normally the kitchen would be full of people wanting some, but this time it was pleasantly only the three of us.  He also served an Irish decaf coffee.   Ben asked me if I knew who the dark raven really was?  I told him I had no idea what her name was.  He said, her names was Myra Ravana.  She was infamous  in Europe for years because of all the terrible things she had done to folks there.  His family had a run in with her some time ago and ever since then he just waited for the time to finally take care of her once and for all.  Steve, Jaime and all were relieved and grateful that he did, I’m sure.  I was really getting tired so I decided to say good night and head to bed.  “Thanks for dinner Steven, it was a pleasure”. I kissed him on the cheek and then I thanks Ben for dessert and kissed and hugged him too.  Off to bed I went.  07232010

After falling asleep, I started to dream about an open meadow, with a few large oak trees in it.  Surrounded by  rolling hills , wild grass bending slightly to the gentle breeze.   The sun was warm, and bright, shining against my face.  I was walking slowly admiring the wild flowers of many colors.  I heard faint sounds of horse hoofs trotting from a distance. I looked up over and noticed up from over one of the hills that a horse was headed directly to me.  I stopped and waited, anticipating who this might be.  The horse got right beside me and it was my little brother Timmy.  “Hi what are you doing here?”  I asked.  “Hi, Doug I can’t seem to stay asleep, so I wanted to stay with you tonight”.  He said it in such an  innocence way that I took him down from horse and hugged him, “Of course you know you’re always welcome in my home”.  Something was holding onto me tight in my bed and the mystery of it woke me up from the dream.  It was Timmy sound asleep, hugging me in his sleep.  I carefully swept his hair away from his face and fell back to sleep.  07232010

The second dream that I had wasn’t so pleasant.  I was dreaming about the day and how everything transpired.  Who was Anya and where did she come from?  I mean I knew she was a school friend to Luis.  I also knew she was of Russian decent.  What I didn’t know was about her powers and ability to bend reality.  This caused me to raise a few questions of my own.  I supposed in time they would be answered as all  questions are after I pose them.  I focused on the mystery swordsman in the hooded cape.  I was able to narrow in on the markings that were on the sword.  “EGO rectum per mucro vero exsisto notus.” I pulled Ben into my dream to ask him what than meant, he said that it meant “I govern by sword in truth be known”.  This was puzzling to me.  Why would he want to harm Jaime?   Was Jaime forthright in telling everything , truthfully or was he leaving out a very important detail that I should know about.  I figured I would find out sooner or later, so then this dream ended and I fell into a deep sleep.  07232010

I woke up and Timmy was in the middle of me and Ben.  He was spooning Ben now.  I laughed and ruffled his hair up a bit to wake him up.  “Hey Timmy, he’s mine” I whispered.  Timmy woke up and turned to me smiling, “I know he’s just like a big ole teddy bear”.  I smiled and said, “Mom taught us how to share when we were little”.  We both laughed and got up out of bed.  Ben remained sleeping as if nothing was going on.  We both headed to the kitchen.  Steven was already up making coffee. “Good Morning.”  he said.  “Good Morning Sunshine”. I said giving him a short hug.  I didn’t feel like cooking or making a big deal out of breakfast so I pour Timmy and I a bowl of cereal, and sat down at the kitchen table.  “So Timmy, what’s going on at home?” I looked up to him after my first spoon full of cereal.  “What do you mean Bro?”.  he had this look of serious confusion over his face.  “Well, you’ve managed to spend the night here for about the past three nights now is there something going on at home that you’re trying to avoid? Is everything okay between Mom and Dad?”  His face turned bright red.  He spooned in a mouth full of cereal and milk dribbled to the side of his mouth and he wiped it away and sort of coughed. 
Steven sat down beside him with a hot cup of coffee between his hands.  “Okay spill it, what’s up?” Steven demanded.  “Mom and Dad have become overly romantic over the past few weeks and it’s sort of grossing me out”. Timmy confessed.  I laughed and told him about how Donna and I would clear out and head over to Ben and David’s house to play the arcade games that they had in their basement.  07232010

I decided to call Mom and Pop after breakfast.  I mentioned to them that Timmy popped in during the middle of the night and that he was okay.  They seemed to be oblivious to the fact that he wasn’t even home.  I asked them if he could stay with me for the Summer, they said, sure what ever he wants is groovy with them.  I got off the phone and walked out of my office looking for Timmy.  He was in the theater room watching the Transformers.  “Hey bud, I just got off the phone with Mom and Pop.  They said you can stay here with me for the Summer vacation if you want.  How’s that sound?”  Timmy nodded and said “Yeah what ever” but smiled just a little.  I knew he was hoping that would happen.  My parents raised three kids and thought they were finished  having children with Luis when they had Timmy.  They love him just as much as the rest of us, but they do love their together and alone time. 07232010

It was time to take Jaime and his family home so Ben and I waited for them to wake up eat, shower and get ready and then we took them home.  I had Steven stay with Timmy.  We popped into their home and said our good byes.   I told them to call us if anything else happened.  Ben and I returned to California.  We suddenly appeared in the foyer and the door bell rang.  Ben said “I’ll get that.” and he opened up the door.  It was Brenda from Broadway market.  Hi Brenda, “I didn’t know you did deliveries”.  She stepped over the threshold to carry the groceries into the kitchen saying “I don’t but our regular delivery boy is out sick.  He’s been doing that a lot lately.  My dad’s really getting pissed!”  I followed her and got the cash ready to give her from out of my wallet.   She looked around and asked, “is Timmy here?”. I handed her the cash and said, “Yeah he’s in the home theater room” as I pointed in that direction.  Ben began putting the groceries away.  Brenda walked into the theater room an slapped Timmy upside his head.  Timmy jumped and slid sideways in the chair to see who it was.  “Oh hey Brenda.  What’s up?”  She seemed aggravated as she spoke, could you do me a favor and let your best bud  Brighton know that if he doesn’t straighten up my Dad’s going to look for another delivery boy?!” “Yeah sure when I see him”. Timmy said snidely. “Catch yah later twirp”. she said exiting the room.  07232010

I went back to the came room and sat down at my puzzle table.  Jocelyn came in and sat down beside me.
We worked together on the puzzle for about an hour and a half.  It was only about ¼ percent finished.  We talked about  the witch Myra Rayana and Jaime, also about Anya and how her powers might be a great addition to the team.  Although I just got back from a vacation, I was still not feeling well rested.  So many things happened all the time, does it ever seem to end?  Steven came in and sat down across from us and also helped us with the puzzle. I heard the door bell ring so I got up and left the room to answer it.  It was a familiar face that I had seen before.  “Hi may I help you?”  I asked.  It was a young man with blond hair and dimples.  It dawned on me who he was, he was Matthew who was our server on the cruise ship. He started talking about the ad that was posted for a personal assistant.  I called Ben to the door and asked him what he knew about this.  He said “I thought if you had a personal assistant, it could free up some of your time for us to spend more quality time together. I was a little irritated that he hadn’t run this by me first before placing an ad.  Although looking at Matthew standing there in our doorway looking so cute and handsome, I found it hard to resist.  I invited him in and then walked him to my office.  “Please have a seat”.  I said as Ben closed the door to allow us some privacy.  “So, have you been a personal assistant for anyone in the past?”  Matthew reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper, then passed it over to me.  I opened it and looked it over.  “Hhhhmmm, I’m impressed for such a young man having so much extensive experience. I think I would like to think about it though for a day or two, if you don’t mind”  Matthew agreed and then stood up and shook my hand. As I was walking him back down the hall Timmy came out of the Home Theater room and bumped right into me.  “Oh hey” he said.  I said “Timmy this is Matthew, Matthew this is my little brother Timmy”  Both young men smiled shook hands and said hey.  I showed Matthew to the door and thanked him for coming.  07262010

I searched the house looking for Ben.  He was sitting in his Art studio painting an oil painting.  “Hey, do you really think I should hire a personal assistant?”  I asked.  “Sure why not? It’s not like we can’t afford it, plus it will free up a little of your time, Yeah?” “I suppose, since we already know Matthew I’m thinking we should give him the opportunity to take the position first.  What do you think?”  “I think it’s your decision.  I do know that Matthew and Timmy are not that far apart in age and they might become good friends”.  Ben stated.   “Okay then, I’ll wait a few days and then hire him.”  I sat down next to Ben and simply admired the beauty behind his creative, expressive, artistic mind.   We both were getting tired so we went to our bedroom.  I brushed and flossed my teeth and then got into my pajamas and climbed into bed.  Ben was right behind me.  We fell fast asleep in no time.  I began to dream about  swimming in a nice little lake.  I came upon a floating dock and jumped up on top of it to get some sun.  I heard someone cough but didn’t see anyone.  It only moments Steven appeared.  “Oh hey, what are you doing here?” I asked.  He was just sitting there in his swim trunks and sipping on a nice cool adult beverage.  “Would you like a drink, friend?”  “Sure, thanks”.  He handed me a cold beer from a cooler that was sitting beside him.  It wasn’t there when I got up on the dock, but neither was he.  We both just lie there under the full sunshine, getting some color to our skin.  07262010

I woke up and looked around.  It was surprising to see that only Ben and I were in our room this morning.
I got up and walked the house searching all the rooms to see who was and who wasn’t here.  I first went into the guest room.  I saw Steve in one bed and Timmy in the other.  I went up to the attic and peaked into that room, and saw Luis in bed with Anya.  I thought to myself, that’s Timmy’s room.  I will have to talk to Luis about that.  I suppose if he is going to have a guest spend the night he could use the second master suite at the other end of the estate.  I went into the kitchen to make some coffee.  French Toast was the breakfast of choice this morning.  I took out the syrup, butter and cinnamon, along with the eggs and bread.  I lit the stove and got out the flat skillet.  I cracked open the eggs into a small mixing bowl then added a few dashes of cinnamon and a ¼ cup of milk.  Whisking the eggs up, I set the bowl down and placed a slice of bread into the egg.  I set one piece of soaked bread on at a time and was cooking up French toast in a jiffy.  The smell of breakfast seemed to be calling everyone because they were gathering into the kitchen one behind the other.  “Good Morning” I said and set the first batch on the table, and continued to cook.  07262010

Hey everybody, how does a nice horse back ride out on the beach sound for today?  I can have picnic lunches delivered after we get out there.  “Yay, that sounds fun!”  Timmy said.  “Okay well should we invite the twins?”  “Sure I’ll go call them”. Timmy hopped up and ran to the phone.  Ben came up to me and kissed me and then backed away with a smile.  “Good Morning” he said.  “Good Morning” then I winked at him. June, Jocelyn, George came in and I made them some French toast and Ben poured each coffee and orange juice.  Steven said “We’re going horse back riding today out to the beach and then having a picnic out there, would you guys like to come along?”  June said  “Oh no thanks, not me..”  But George and Jocelyn said yes.  Jennifer strolled in “Hi Cuz”  and she gave me a kiss.  “Oh hey, I didn’t realize you were here.”  “Yeah, I was doing some research in the library and I fell sleep in there.” I handed her a plate of French Toast.  “We’re taking the day off and going horse back riding to the beach, want to come?”  “Oh yes, thank you”.  Everyone left the table after breakfast to get ready for the horse back riding adventure.  Ben and I loaded up the Jeep and the Mercedes.  Then everyone got in and we headed out.  07262010

We drove North about an hour and a half to Bodega Bay California.  The rental place was called Wildfire Stables.  Before we pulled into the driveway the song “Wildfire” by Michael Martin Murphy came on the radio.   Everyone was swaying from side to side while we all sang along.  Just as we were pulling up to the office, the owners came out to greet us.  “Hello Mister Parker and guests welcome to Wildfire Stables.  This is Matthew and he will be your guide today”.  Matthew smiled and winked at me.  It was really cute to see him working for the Stables.   We all got on our horses and rode about 45 minutes to the beach.  There was already a catering service there with folding tables and chairs with table cloths and place settings.  Each table had a picnic basket on it.  Matthew sat next to me at the table.  “Hey I wanted to thank you for seeing me about the PA job.”  I turned to him and smiled then said “It’s yours if you want it.  I was going to wait a few days before I called you but since you’re here. How is it that you work here?”  “This is my fathers ranch and gig, I just help him out when we’re short handed. He has lots of connections that’s how he got me the gig on the cruise ship.” he said with a confident smile.  “That’s great, I thought you did a great job as our waiter”. Okay so how about you come to the house tonight and we’ll discuss the arrangements regarding the PA position. Sound good?”  “Yes Sir!” he replied.  “Please call me Doug”.  07262010

Troy and Toni were writing their names and making designs in the sand with a stick.  Timmy sat down with Matthew and they built an elaborate sand castle with a lowering bridge over the mote.  I spread out a towel next to Steven and Ben and tanned a bit.  June and the girls sat next to the water and talked girl talk.  They broke open a chilled bottle of Chardonnay.   A couple hours passed and Matthew stressed that we should get back in time before his Dad closes up shop.  By the time we got back Mathew and his father put the horses away and then saw us off.  I told Matthew I would see him tonight.  “Thanks for a wonderful time”  I said, and his father replied, “Thank you, and please come back”  “Oh I will! No worries”  We waved and drove away.  07262010

Just as fast as we pulled up to the house and everyone got out, every bath tub and shower was being used by someone in the whole estate.  Ben and I took a shower together in our master suite while Steven hopped into our adjacent bath tub.  Jocelyn hopped into the second master suite tub while Jennifer used the adjacent shower.  The twins hopped into the pool with Timmy and that was their version of cleaning off after a day of horse back riding and hanging out at the beach.    There were plenty or bathrooms in the estate for everyone.  George walked in and asked if he could hop in the bath tub with Steve.   Steve said sure after all we‘re pretty much like brothers.  Once we all were washed and clean, and then dressed I told Ben that I thought it would be a good night to go bowling.  He said he would get the lanes turned on and the balls and shoes ready.    I went from room to room asking everyone if they wanted to bowl with us, so far everyone said yes.  I walked to the guest house and asked June.  She was sitting on the sofa crocheting something.  She also said yes.  07262010

So the teams were Troy and Toni, Ben and I against Steven, George, Jocelyn and Jennifer.  Then there was June, Luis, Anya and Timmy bowling against Donna, David, & Mom and Dad.  Toni said do we have shirts for our team?  Ben asked what is our team name?  Troy said how about The Mystics.  Ben snapped his fingers and we all had matching button up baby blue bowling shirts with “The Mystics” on the back.  Jocelyn snapped her fingers and they were all in red bowling jerseys with the name “Bowl Dozers” on their backs.  David clapped his hands and they were all suddenly in purple and black jerseys with the name “Pins Down” on theirs. Anya waved her arm across the team and they were in all black bowling shirts with the name “Strikes” on the back in white letters.  They made us all laugh, and Donna said “ A little over confident are we?” Anya smiled and then winked “Wait and see.”  07262010

Both teams up on four lanes.  The ladies on all teams were signed up to go first.  Toni bowled against Jennifer and Anya bowled against Donna.  Toni walked up, let go of her ball and it coasted slowly down the center of the aisle.  When it hit 9 pins dropped and one was left standing.  She wiggled her butt at the last pin standing and then it fell over.  Strike!  Next was Jennifer.  She spun her ball as she let go of it and it rode the edge of the gutter and then cut into hit the front pin at the last minute.  All fell down.  Anya threw her ball in the air and half way down the alley it hit the floor and smashed all the pins.  Donna throw the ball and blows a little bit of air from her mouth.  The ball hits and knocks down 7 pins.  The wind gets there right behind the ball and knocks down the 3 last pins.  “Okay show offs.”  June says and walks up. Let me show you how it’s done.  Her ball travels so slowly across the lane that you almost think it is going to stop.  It hit’s the front pin with a single tap.  In about 15 seconds all the other pins drop.  Jocelyn starts laughing and she goes up.  Two handed she sets the ball on the floor and then faces everyone.  She blows George a kiss and then pushed the ball with the bottom of her foot.  It quickly rolls down the alley and smacks down all the pins.  Troy and Timmy were next.  Troy gets 5 pins and then knocks town the other 5.  Timmy gets nine pins and then a gutter ball.  From there everyone went and the rest were strikes and spares. 07262010

Toni & Troy ran up to me and hugged me and kissed me goodbye, they thanked me for such a super fun day.  I told them I loved them and would see them again soon.  I saw everyone to the door, Donna, Doug, the twins, and then went to my bedroom to get into some swim trunks.  A nice soak in the Jacuzzi would be nice.  By the time I got out there Steve was in it. I climbed in and sat next to Steven.   Once I got in a fell asleep for a short while.  Ten minutes later I got out and dried off.  I asked Steven is he wanted to go sit in the sauna with me.  I handed him a couple towels and we walked over to the sauna.  The entryway has a few cupboards and two benches where you could remove your clothes and set them into a cupboard.  We removed our clothes and then wrapped the towels around our wastes and then walked inside the sauna.  Just about ten minutes passed and Ben poked his head in and said that Matthew was at the door.  I said “Okay, have him meet me in my office I will be there in just a bit.”  I left Steve in the sauna and went to my room to do a quick rinse and got dressed in casual wear.  As I entered my office Mathew was sitting on the couch against the wall.  He jumped up and shook my hand.  “Hello Doug”.  I said hi and then we spent about the next 45 minutes talking.  I gave him a tour of the estate and I also showed him the extra bed in the attic.  It was across the hall from where Timmy was staying.  I let him know that his salary was separate from his room and board.  I told him I would be taking care of his meals and all amnesties of the estate were at his disposal when he was not busy working for me.  He seemed very impressed and excited.  I saw him to the door and handed him his own key.  He left to pack up and move in.  07272010. 

I went into the kitchen and decided to make a little snack.  I pulled out the pineapple, some red delicious apples, an orange, grapes, blue berries, strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, bananas, and any other fruit that I could peel and slice, making a fruit salad.  Ben walked in and asked if I could use his help.  I turned, and said “Sure thing big daddy!”  He laughed and peeled, pitted and diced up a few apples.  Steven came in wearing only a towel grabbed a nice cold bottled water and said save him some while he went to the back bathroom to rinse off.  Timmy walked in and hopped up on the bar stool.  He asked if he could make a smoothie with some of the fresh fruit we had displayed on the counter.  I said sure.   Two minutes passed and Matthew walked into the kitchen. I said “Matthew, this is my baby brother Timmy, Timmy this is Matthew”. After introducing them, Timmy walked over and shook Matthews hand and said, “It’s Tim”. I laughed and said, “He’s always going to be Timmy to me” as I smacked him on his behind, and then kissing him on his cheek.  “Come on in we’re making fruit salad. Would you care for some?” Ben asked.  Matthew hopped on a stool and said “Sure”.  Steven walked in and introduced himself to Matthew.  They were both sitting at the counter. “We have a house full generally all the time, but everyone seems to get along and enjoy one another’s company. “ I explained.  07282010

I went back into my room to get ready for bed.  Ben was getting ready too.  We both climbed into bed and Ben grabbed me and held me in his big strong arms and kissed me and then told me that he loved me very much.  I kissed him again and said “me too”. In only what seemed to be a few seconds we were sound asleep.  Matthew came back to the kitchen and helped himself to a snack.  Timmy walked in shortly and helped him self to some orange juice.  They both chatted for a bit and then went into the game room to play some Wii.  From that moment on, it seemed as if they were the best of friends.  Almost as if they had known one another their whole lives.  After a few hours they both headed up to their bedrooms and got ready for bed.  The two were the type of guys who showered in the evening before bed so they agreed to shower together to conserve water.  To them being athletic in high school meant showering together wasn’t a big deal.  They said goodnight and went to bed.  I entered one dream after another.  Nothing of any importance up until Steven popped into my dream.    He wanted to spend some time with me, more than what we had spend during the day.  I asked him if everything was okay.  He said he was a little worried about the family.  I understood what that meant, everyone in the estate was family.  I told him that we have a great group of people all working for the common good and nothing really could interfere with our mission, which was fight anything bad or evil that happens to come our way.  We just talked for a long while and then he disappeared from my dream.  08032010

The next dream I had was me back in the family temple.  I was kneeling and praying after I lit a few candles and sipped some tea.  Papa popped in behind me and said “Booh”  I jumped up and screamed, “Papa!”  He just chucked and said “Hi Sunshine, I’ve come to tell you that the whole family on this side has been watching you and the family and we’re so proud of you.”  Thanks I said.  “Now just be careful, the next task you enter will be the toughest that you’ve ever seen”.  I sat down and then concentrated on the future.  My vision gave me a glimpse of  a green pole, fire and then an explosion.  I wanted to ask Papa more about it, but before I could he had vanished. I suddenly woke up and sat up in my bed.  I pulled out a small pencil and note pad from the end table drawer and jotted down some note.  I laid down and fell back to sleep.  The dream phase of my night had ended.  08032010

This morning I was woke up by the twins chasing one another around my bed.  “Hey!” I shouted, “What in the hell are you two doing?”  “Oh sorry Uncle Doug, we were hoping that you would get up and make us blueberry waffles for breakfast”.  “Yes, but please go out and let me get cleaned up and dressed first!” They ran out still playing tag.  Matthew walked in and asked me if there was anything he could do for me?  I told him yes, please get me a cup of coffee, black.  He said he would be right back.  I hopped into the shower and then shampooed my hair.  With my body completely soaped up from head to toe, he returned set the cup on the counter and then walked out.  I rinsed off and then dried myself with a towel Matthew set out for me.  I got dressed with the clothes that were nicely folded and set on the counter.  Grabbing my mug I walked down the hall and to the kitchen.  The twins were still playing tag and running around me.  I was trying to keep from spilling my coffee on myself or the floor.  “Please you two, could you just settle down for a bit?  I did just wake up !”  I said forcefully.  I got out the blue berries and the mix with the waffle Iron.  Matthew was eager to learn my recipe and so he watched and remembered my every move.  Timmy came in, wearing only slippers and a terrycloth robe.  He said good morning everyone and sat at the counter.  In no time at all the whole family was in the kitchen getting something to drink, water, coffee, orange juice, tea…what ever it was they needed.  The twins asked Matthew for milk, so he helped them to it.  08032010

Once I began making the waffles, I started to recall my dreams from the night before.  Seeing Papa made me miss my Dad and Mom.  I telephoned them and asked them to come over for breakfast.  June and Jocelyn, George and Jennifer all popped in too.  Again, we have a full house.  I really don’t mind, because if I need my space I just go on a cruise by my self.  Besides, the idea of having Matthew around to assist me was a fabulous idea. He could help me out with anything.  He was such a nice young man.  Always eager to help.  Too bad Timothy wasn’t more like him.  The thought crossed my mind, hey if they really hit it off and become best friends they will start to act more like one another.  Good for Timmy, not so good for Matthew.  Although, I adore my little brother no matter what.  Sometimes he can be a little too much to handle.  Everyone was fed and we all sat outside to eat.  The sun was up and so Ben put up the Pool volleyball net.  We broke up into two teams.  I said “ Okay, my one and only rule is not tricks, or magic of any kind. We all play fair with out using our gifts!”  Each person agreed and the game commenced.  08032010

A half day filled with water games, laughing, good family fun in the sun really was the best thing for everyone.  I knew eventually I would need to take a break away from socializing and get back to work.  I pulled Matthew aside and asked him if he could get changed and meet me in my office.  I went and changed after a quick rinse off in the shower.  Ben helped entertain the family by planning lunch and other activates to keep them busy.    When I walked into the office, Matthew was sitting on the couch ready to dictate my orders to him.  I told him about the dream I had.  I filled him in on everything each and everyone of us could do, as far as our gifts were concerned.  I also let him know that sometimes things can be a little dangerous and that as long as he stayed close to Bill or I he would be safe.  “Now, I know my little brother Timothy has a gift, but he’s so very new at it that it’s going to take a lot of practice for him to perfect it”.  I continued, “The twins have been practicing much more than him and they’ve mastered everything so far”.  Matthew nodded as if he understood.    I went to a cabinet and I pulled out an old necklace that Papa gave me.  I said “ To the person wearing this charm from this moment on, all evil is blocked to him comes no harm”. The charm lit up in a bright orange and yellow color, and then the Flourite stone set inside the charm went back to green.  Here put this on and never take it off.  It will protect you as well as Increases concentration and helps in decision-making. It will also help you to know when there are outside influences at work.  The stone itself can absorb and neutralizes negative vibrations.  Plus it assists you to move forward in any endeavor , and it makes an excellent learning aid for students of all ages .  I have lots to teach you.  So I hope you put your learning cap on then I winked at him.  08032010

I had him sign onto the lap top at the desk next to mine.  “Okay, what I need to know is, what a green pole, a fire and an explosion has in common?”   I booted up mine and we both searched and documented.  “The printer is right behind you if you need to use it”.  He nodded.  We worked for about two hours.  Collaborating on what we found.  Putting together anything we might think that would be significant to those things.  By the end of the time we really didn’t come up with anything significant.  I said, “Let’s break for lunch.”  Right then Ben walked in with two plates.  He made us Roast beef sandwiches with everything on them and home made potato salad.  “Beer or Pepsi?”  I answered, “Beer for me and milk for Matthew.”  Matthew chuckled and said thank you and yes please.  I’m sorry it’s a bad habit but I promise I will try to keep it at bay.  “Oh no worries, I kind of think it’s really cool that you just read my mind”.  We sat down at the small bistro table in the corner together and enjoyed our lunch with light personal conversation.  “So, is Ben?” before Matthew could finish I responded “My husband? Yes we’ve been married for about three years now.  Matthew said “I sort of thought so when I first met you two on the ship”.  08032010

I poured myself a glass of water that had been sitting for about an hour or two on my desk, untouched.  I picked it up and carried it over to the table, then took a sip and looked into the bottom of the glass.  The bubbles had formed a pattern on the inside of the glass.  I backed it away from my mouth and gazed into it.  Spinning it around until the symbols became clear to me.  On the right side of the glass was the zodiac symbol for the sign Scorpio.  A scorpion sitting on the side.  Then there was a small half moon in the center and on the left the scales for the Libra.  I turned to Matthew and asked, may I ask you a personal question?  He said sure, I said what is your zodiac sign?  He said it’s a Libra. Do you know what your moon sign is?  He said I think it’s a Scorpio.  Oh, Okay.  I carefully placed the glass in front of Matthew.  I turned it so that the symbols were facing right side up.  “Look into the glass and tell me what you see?” He looked and thought to himself and then said, “It looks like a Scorpion, a half moon and then some scales”.  “Exactly, I explained, that’s a reading on you, only inside my water glass.”  Then “Very vary interesting.  I will teach you everything I know about zodiac and the signs and how to chart people eventually”.  We continued to eat our lunches together.  It was a nice afternoon.  08032010

Matthew and I finished with lunch and then I decided to call it a day.  He said thank you and went to his room to unpack his things and get settled in.  I walked out back to see who was still in the pool and here.  The whole gang was here just having so much fun in the sun.  The twins had jumped out of the pool and were drying off next to the outside table where Mom, Dad, June and all were lounging.  In a flash of an instant a huge day vision came across me.  Right at that moment, Jocelyn was heading into a deep trance and her body began to tremble and shake.  Almost like an epileptic seizure. June jumped out of her seat and grabbed Jocelyn’s hand.  She kept telling her to hold on, hold on, just breathe.  The twins went into a day vision only a few moments after me.  Mom and Dad, David and Donna ran over to them and were holding their shoulders.  Ben stepped outside and said “ Doug, are you okay?”  I slowly came out of the vision, then collapsed to the ground.  The twins fell too, one into the set of Mom and Dad’s arms and the other into David and Donna’s arms.  Jocelyn began to rise up into the air and just shake like mad.  In only seconds Stephen ran out, jumped up and grabbed onto Jocelyn then he turned invisible.  I heard him cry out “Doug, Ben please help us!” and then they vanished in a huge explosion of light.  Everyone was shaken up pretty badly.  In no time at all Luis and Anya ran out asking what happened and if there was something that they could do to help. 08032010

Ben said “Water”  then everyone of us had a bottle of water to drink from.  I couldn’t understand the day vision that I had.  It was really scrambled and jumbled up.  There were huge wooden blocks of squares, rectangles and triangles, along with circles all various colors.  They looked like the children’s blocks that I used to play with as a child with the alphabet on them.  I sat the twins down to ask about what they saw and they said their vision was jumbled too, only they were seeing army men a fort, and Cowboys and Indians.  The only thing I could think of was who ever did this to us, and took Steve and Jocelyn had been someone from their childhood.  I called Matthew and June into meeting me in my office.  I asked June if the two had any childhood enemies, or maybe she did who would want to her them?  My energy level was extremely low.  Davis and Donna said they were going home with the twins.  Mom and Dad came in and said their goodbye’s.  They turned to June and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll get them back!”  They hugged and kissed everyone and then Matthew saw them out.  08032010

June said she was going to the prayer temple to pray for the kids.  I assured her Ben and I would tap into Jocelyn and Steven and somehow get them back.  We kissed and hugged.  Matthew walked back in and then said, “Wow, that’s pretty scary”.  I said, “Yes it is, but I’m confident we can locate them and then bring them back.”   “I sure hope so”.  Timmy came downstairs from an afternoon nap.  He was rubbing his eyes and then swept his bangs away from his eyes.  “Bubba, what happened?”  I told him and he said he had a dream about everything and was able to follow Jocelyn and Stephen.  He didn’t know that it was realty and not only a dream.  I could sense how upset he was getting.  I sat him down at the bistro table and asked him, “Can you remember anything about the dream? Anything at all will help me tap into their location”  He began describing to me a large Victorian house in the country, with a huge oak tree in the front yard.  “There’s a tire swing on it, the tree that is.”  Go on… “ I saw an old yellow Ford truck. The house had a wooden deck around it.  Giant front doors with old glass panels”  Anything else?  Asking in a rush.  “There was a song playing on an old record player, it skipped as well as repeated over and over again.  You know that song  by CCR?”

When I was a little bitty baby
My mama would rock me in my cradle
In them old cotton fields back home
It was down in Louisiana
Just about a mile from Texarkana
In them old cotton fields back home

I scratched my head and looked over at Matthew.  He was jotting down everything Timmy said.  He looked up at me and nodded as if to say, “I got it”.  08032010

I went to the meditation room.  I asked Matthew to join me in there.  I told him no matter what happened he wasn’t supposed to try to help me.  Just sit there and record everything he saw and heard.  He agreed, and I sat on the floor.  He sat behind me a little ways back, pen and pad in hand.  I began to meditate and focus on everything I knew, and heard and witnessed.  The room became chilly.  There was a small breeze blowing through and making the curtains sway.  The energy began building, and then circling around me. I started to hover in mid air.  The energy was circling me and turning into a little whirlwind.  In a half a shake I vanished from the room.  Matthew just wrote everything he saw and witnessed and waited for something to happen.  Nothing happened.  The candles had blown out and all wind movement had stopped completely.  08032010

I was just falling and falling inside some dark cave.  There was lots of wind around me and bright sparkling lights.  I was looking all around me as I fell to see if there was anything I could hang onto to break my fall.  I fell for what seemed to be like five hours.  Then I hit the ground.  I was in a field of hay. Where ever I was the land seemed flat and the sky and land seemed to go on forever and ever. I saw a path in the hay so I walked it for about 30 minutes. I came up to the house, truck, and tree with a tire swing that Timmy had described.  I walked up the stairs onto a surrounding deck and then to the front doors.  Started to knock on the doors and then Toni and Troy appeared standing next to me.  I said, “NO NOT THIS TIME! Please go back.”   The twins just ignored me and didn’t speak, they just stood there looking at the house.  The door creaked open just a slight bit and there was this little old man peering out at us.  “What do you want? Go away, you’re not welcome here!”  he said seemingly irritated.  “Hi my name is Doug, and these are my twin nephew and niece, Troy and Toni.  We were just passing through and thought we could bother you for a drink of water before we continue down the road.” Just as I finished talking the twins both smiled at the grumpy old man and said “Hello”.  He opened the door and pointed towards the dining room, where a kitchen was between an entryway.  I stepped in, then the twins behind me.  08032010

The old man hurried to shut and lock the door.  Behind his back he held a rifle that he had set on his shoulder and aimed at us.  “Hey now, you don’t want to do that, we don’t mean you any harm” I stressed. He said “I know why you are here, and how unfortunate for you. Go, keep walking into the kitchen and then though that door” he pointed the tip of the rifle in that direction.  We put our hands up in the air and continued to walk in single file.  I said “Through here?” grabbed the knob and turned it.  It looked like a dark stairway leading to a basement.  Before we got half way down the stairs we could hear people talking.  Toni turned to the old man and said “Hey, you know we could get a lung disease if you lock us up down here.  Something like asthma, lung cancer, or COPD.  How would that make you feel, Mister!?”  Troy hit his sister in the shoulder and said “Ssssshh”.  “I’m just say’in. we could Uncle Doug!”  “I know honey, just hold tight for a bit okay?”  We continued down to the bottom of the steps.   Jocelyn was tied to a chair.  Steven was nowhere in sight.  The old man grabbed some rope and tied all three of up together sitting with our backs together on the floor.  Our hands and feet were tied to one another and then to each of us were tied together.  08032010

The old man left the light on and locked the door behind him.  I said “Steven, you here?”  He said “Yes”.
“Okay do either of you two recognize this guy? I have a feeling he’s someone from your past.”  Jocelyn looked up at me.  She’s been crying.  “Jocelyn? Who is he?”  She could barely speak, then she said “he’s our Uncle Tom.”  I was a little relieved that he was their uncle and not some psycho person.  “Do you have any idea why he’s doing this?”.  I asked Jocelyn and Steve.  The two of them answered, “he’s blaming us for his brothers death.”  I closed my eyes and communicated to the twins in telepathy.  “We need June, Anya, and Ben here right now!”  They agreed so we channeled them to us.  In the blink of an eye all three appeared.  Anya said she would take June upstairs to talk to the old man.  I asked Ben to untie everyone.  He snapped his fingers and the ropes vanished. 08032010

June and Anya went upstairs. There was a big bang and the door turned into wood chips and slivers want everywhere.  Jocelyn said she was staying with her Mother.  Stephen said he wasn’t going anywhere and he remained invisible.  Ben said “Okay lets go upstairs”.  The troops headed up the stair slowly and looked around inside the kitchen.  Nobody was there so we continued into the living room.  Tom was crying in Junes arms.   June was hugging him tight and saying “ssssshhhhh, it’s okay..he’s in a happy place now, please trust in that.”  Uncle Tom was just howling, and whimpering as he spoke “He was my only family.”  Jocelyn walked up to her Uncle Tom and hugged him.  Stephan became visible and hugged in the circle.  He said “Uncle Tom, we’ve always been your family and we love you so much!”  Most of  us  became teary eyed.  The twins didn’t they were fighting about a bet they had on what they thought has happened.   We all sat down after everyone calmed down, and discussed how Kieth died and why.  Tom was at peace and apologized to his family.  June decided to stay with Tom.  He was lonely and they had always been the best of friends.  Jocelyn also decided to stay behind with Uncle Tom.  Stephen came home with us.  08032010

The very next day, the estate seemed so quiet.  George, June, and Jocelyn all moved in with their Uncle Tom.  George had said his goodbyes to me, Ben and Stephen and then he left to meet up with them earlier that morning.  Now that the guest house was vacant I left it up to Stephen or Luis and  Anya to take it.  Stephen  agreed that they should have it, for privacy.  So that was that.  Steven took the guest room downstairs.  The estate was big enough to accommodate everyone but I understood if people wanted to move on and live somewhere else.  We are all such a close knit bunch that it’s pretty impossible for us to let too much time pass with out seeing one another.  Matthew and I filled out an incident report together about everything that happened and entered it into the computers data banks.  What could have turned into a very bad experience for everything turned out to be no big deal.  08032010

The next day, I woke up and the house seemed empty. Not a sound anywhere. I peeked in on Matthew and Timmy. They were sleeping sprawled out on one another’s beds like you would expect a teenager to be. I walked over to Stephan’s room and he was laying on top of his covers wearing only a pair of boxer briefs face down. I walked into the room and sat down on the bed next to him. I placed my hand on his back and he groaned a little and then said, “Huh, what?” “I just came in to check on you and see how you were doing, you okay?” He flipped over and propped a pillow behind his head. “Yeah I’m good thanks.” “Cool, what do you want for breakfast?” He scratched the top of his head and then said “How about your delicious crepes?” Okay crepes it is I agreed and went into the kitchen to cook. 08042010

Ben came in and kissed me good morning and then began to make coffee and got the kettle with water turned on the stove. I sliced up mushrooms, onions, scrambled some eggs, and then made the batter for crepes. I also grated some cheese. I made enough crepes for the whole family. Matthew came in and squeezed us fresh orange juice. Timmy woke up, came down stairs and sat at the counter as usual. I poured him a mug of coffee and said “Good Morning” to everyone. Timmy spoke up asking what were the plans for the say? I told him that we had some work to do in the morning but the afternoon I was free. Ben was completing a few paintings for his upcoming art exhibit. Matthew asked Timmy if he wanted to play a round of golf with his after work. I thought that was a great idea. I also suggested that he call Brighten and Brenda for a foursome. He laughed and said “Nah, just me and Matthew”. We all enjoyed a peaceful and delicious breakfast outside in the patio dining area. 08042010

Luis and Anya hadn’t been seen by anyone since they moved into the guest house. I wasn’t going to bother them, it could be embarrassing for me. I left them some crepes on the plate wrapped in saran wrap, on the counter top. They were just as good micro waved as fresh. I went into the library to do some research. Matthew came in and asked if there was anything that I needed from him for the moment. I said no, and gave him the day off. “Enjoy your tee off.” He hugged me and said thank you excited and ran out to get Timmy ready to go early. I golf so I know how important an AM tee off can be. Besides, those boys are good boys and good for one another. I wanted to encourage the bonding. Jennifer came and she let me know she was going to visit Jocelyn for a few weeks. I hugged her and told her to give them my love. 08042010

The research that I needed to do in the Library was regarding Matthews safety. I knew the amulet would work for some things to protect him but not everything, I couldn’t live with myself if anything bad happened to him because of the work we do here. He was such a caring, kind, considerate and generous young man. A great addition to our family and team. Not only that his family have been good friends of ours for many years. I pulled down the Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft off the shelf for him to read. I wrote him a note:

Dear Matthew,

Please read this book every night before you go to bed. If you have any questions feel free to ask either Bill or myself. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect. You could share what you learn and practice it with Timmy. He does have a little experience in the subject. I have other methods of keeping you safe and out of harms way, which I will discuss with you at another time. Blessed be.


Doug Parker.

I left the book and the note on his nightstand next to his bed. I walked the house looking for Ben. He was in his art studio finishing up some very important paintings in time for his art exhibit. I asked him if he wanted to go out to lunch with me for some delicious Thai food later. He said “I would love too, but can we do Sushi instead?” Oh he knows how much I love Sushi, that he didn’t even have to ask only suggest it. “Ginza Sushi it is!” I said then kissed him and left him to work. Now I couldn’t get my mind off Sushi. We could share the Omasaki course, yummy. 08042010

In my office I sat at my desk and picked up the phone to call my bank. The teller at the other end asked me to sign into my online banking account and verify my username and password by entering it. I completed the request and then I asked her to transfer Ten Thousand dollars into two separate ATM/Visa cards. One in Timothy Parkers name and the other one in Matthew Collins. “Now please send them courier express to the Lincoln Park Golf Club and I will attach and e-mail to you with two separate notes for each, is that understood?” The teller agreed and I hung up the phone and proceeded to type up the notes.

Hey Matthew,

This is your two months salary in advance. Enjoy.



Next note:

Hey Timmy,

This is just a little gift for you so you don’t stress about not having any cash.

Your loving brother Doug.

Once the e-mail was sent out I text Timmy and Matthew to let them know something would be delivered to the Country Club while they were playing and not to worry too much about it. By this time of the day I wasn’t really sure what else I wanted to do. So I went into my Pottery barn and fired up my kiln. Then I began making some bowls, coffee mugs and a few planter pots. This was a great way for me to relax my mind and let my hands and creativity go wind. I looked up at the clock and I realized the time. I had been working on the pottery for about 7 hours. I decided to wrap things up and go sit in the hot tub. I went into the pool house and just showered in there and then grabbed a towel to wrap around myself then head over to the hot tub. At the hot tub I dropped the towel on a near by chair and got in the hot tub. I just sat in the 103 degree water, nearly falling asleep. The jets came on and I looked up and it was Ben. He turned them on and climbed in to sit next to me. “Hey, you’re not wearing any trunks” he said. I replied, “I know I was too tired to go get them on”. With that he snapped his fingers and my trunks were on me. “Thanks” I said. “I wouldn’t want anyone else checking you out”. We laughed and put our arm around each other and I rested my head on his bicep. 08052010

“I think I want to go with Steve to see June, George, Jocelyn and Uncle Tom tomorrow. Do you want to come with?” I asked Ben. He nodded, and laid back against my arm. Before we realized it Matthew and Timmy were climbing into the hot tub too. “Hey boys, did you get my courier?” “Yes, thank you”. Matthew said. Timmy sat close to me and kissed me on my cheek. “Thanks bro” . I put my other arm around him and winked. “So how was tee off today?” “Matthew played a par 72. Not bad for a chump”. Matthew laughed and said “He beat me, playing well, par 59. I wasn’t sure though if he was playing by ungifted standards or not”. Ben and I looked at each other and smiled. “Oh Timmy”. Ben said. “What? I played legit.” I interrupted, “We’re going to see June and Tom tomorrow, would you two like to go?” They both said yes. Ben and I got out, grabbed a towel, and headed to the sauna. 08052010

I walked into the locker room and removed my trunks and hung then in the locker to dry out then wrapped the towel back around my waist. Ben followed right behind me, doing the same. I opened the door to the sauna and saw that it was on, and there was a single towel set on the bench , but nobody was there. We both walked in and I sat down on the closest bench to the door. “Hey, watch it!” I felt someone beneath me. I jumped up and turned around. Ben was laughing and sat on a bench a little bit further away from the one I sat on. “Shit, Stephan you literally scared the hell out of me!” Steve appeared and carefully slid the towel on top of his lap to cover up. “He he he, you scare so easily Doug, it’s the funnest thing to do to you”. What ever I said, and sat between Steve and Ben. We all three were just so laid back and relaxed. The steam was beginning to fill up the room. While dozing off I began to go into a transcendent state. This wasn’t a normal thing for me while I was in the sauna. 08052010

I was dreaming that I was spending the night at a friends house and the window was open. I could hear the neighbors just talking and laughing. I looked at the clock and it was just about 2am. I got out of bed and went outside. I walked over to the young people and said “Hey, could you keep it down please, we’re trying to get some sleep!” They stopped playing kick the can in the street and all ran off into different directions. I walked around to the side of the house and I could hear the people inside the house right next door saying my name. It sounded like a few young men and an extremely old woman with a raspy voice. She was telling the boys “Doug is not someone who you should want to be around. There is something very different about him”. The boys were asking her what it was. I leaned into the wall to hear more. “He is not normal, there’s something very wrong with him.” I was beginning to feel anxious and my heart started pounding faster. “He has this ability, and you should not go near him”. I thought to myself, who is this woman and how in the hell does she know anything about me? I walked back into the house and my friend Natasha was sitting on the couch in the living room. She was sweating and looked scared. I turned to see this old wrinkly skinned woman with waist length gray and white hair. She looked like she was high on something. Her eyes were completely glazed over and gray. She pointed at me and said, “There you are Doug. You are not normal”. I was bewildered, and I began to feel angry. I grabbed her wrist and told her, “I am placing you under citizens arrest for trespassing”. I grabbed some nearby rope and tied her hands together behind her pack, then dialed 911 08052010

I informed 911 of the situation and then decided to walk this woman out of the house and into the front to wait for the cops to arrive. We walked away from the house just about two houses away on a lighted pathway that looked like a courtyard setting, or a park pathway. She kept speaking in this strange language and trying to untie her hands. I was shaking her to get her to stop, while we walked on. In a few seconds this woman turned into a black widow and she ran up my arm. I was afraid of getting bit so I shook my arms and body until I saw her fall in what looked like black crabgrass. I snatched up a small baby food bottle that was in the crabgrass and I trapped her inside of it on the ground. I looked for the lid, and grasped it then leaned down and tried to carefully slide the lid back on top with out lose her. Once I got her in it I quickly screwed on the lid and put it up to my face and said, “Ha, you’re not going to get out of this that easily Black Witch!” 08052010

Just as I said that the jar began to vibrate. It was moving so quickly back and forth that I nearly dropped it a few times. In my mind all I was thinking was how in the hell is she doing that? I had never seen this sort of black magic before. I could still hear her chanting her foreign language and my shoulder, arm, elbow and hand were just shaking out of control. This caused me to panic. I felt like I was losing control of my emotions. I started to just shake uncontrollably until I dropped the jar and the lid fell off and then the black widow transformed into a bat and flew away. I jumped up screaming out loud and both Ben and Stephan sat up then grabbed me. “Hey, you’re having a bad dream”. Ben rested his head on my cheek and wrapped his arms tight around me. I was a little shook up over this dream. Stephan asked me if I was okay. “Yeah, I’ll be okay” I said getting up and heading for the door. 08052010

I went right into my office and sat down at the computer. I logged on and then entered everything that I had seen and experienced in the dream into my dream log. I needed to keep a log anytime I had a dream that seemed alarming just in case I needed to go back to it. What if it wasn’t really a dream but a foreshadow of what was to come? I also knew that I was going to have to go over it with Matthew eventually. I finished typing and then headed to the bedroom to shower and get ready for bed. After putting on my pajamas I walked the house to see who was in the estate and who wasn’t. Matthew and Timmy were running up the stairs flicking & snapping one another with their towels and laughing. Ben came in and showered, then got into his robe and was in the kitchen making some sleepy time tea. Steve was in the guest room. I suddenly realized that I had not seen Luis or Anya for a few days, so I grabbed my cell and text Luis:

Hey Bro, What’s up? Everything Okay over there?

He replied right away:

Yeah, just really enjoying the hell out of one another. See you at breakfast. Good Night.

I replied:

Okay, cool, g’night.


Back in the kitchen I sat down at the table with Ben and had a hot cup of tea. We didn’t really say much but we never really needed to. Our relationship was so intertwined that we knew what one another was thinking and so we could communicate telepathically if we felt like it. He smiled at me and then set his hand on the top of mine. Ben was not only the sweetest man I had ever met but he was also the most powerful, artistic, and romantic. He snapped his fingers and two candles in their holders appeared on the table. He blew on each candle one at a time and that lit them. We sipped our tea, smiling and feeling completely in love with one another. 08052010

Ben finished his tea, then I finished mine. He snapped his fingers and the mugs were cleaned and put away in the cupboards. He waved his arm and the candles blew out and then slowly vanished into thin air. He stood up and took me by my hand. I stood up and he walked me out the back French doors and then picked me up off my feet. He carried me to our private and secluded separate outbuilding that was converted into a dance studio. Right at the door, it carefully opened and then he walked in. There was very slow and romantic music playing. Little red strands of lights decorated the ceilings. He set me down, snapped his fingers and his rode changed into a nice suit. He snapped his fingers again and I was in a bow tie and tux. He placed his hand on my hip, and my other hand he held up about our shoulder length and he led me around the dance floor, pulling me into him closely. I was feeling so light footed and magical. We were both sharing a delightful amount of happiness with each other. It was an amazing moment and I was very happy to share it with the true love of my life. 08052010

We danced for at least an hour, then Ben took me out to the outdoor patio. I felt deep inside of me like every worry or care I had was being swept away. He had decorated the whole area in glistening lights and low music from our built in Bose home surround system. On the table was a chilled bottle of champagne on ice. We sat down poured a glass and then Ben gave us a toast, “To the most unbelievably precious human being I could ever have had the opportunity to fall in love to and share my life with, you Doug”. A tear fell from my eye and down my face. My heart was beating so fast. I was getting all these funny little tingling sensations through out my entire body. Our glasses clinked and I said, “I am thankful you are alive and here with me now, I love you.” Then we sipped. Off to our bedroom we went to make superior love together. 08062010

The alarm went off and so I reached over Ben and turned off. I whispered in his ear, “Hey daddy, wake up.” He rolled over facing me on his side and slowly opened his eyes and then looked at me. He smiled and said “oh hey, when did you get here?” I laughed and gave him a big kiss. “Get up, we’re going to visit June and her clan. I jumped out of bed and stripped down to nothing then ran into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and when ready I jumped in. Ben followed me in and then came in to join me. We washed each others back, and shampooed one another’s hair. Rinsed then repeated. Ben turned off the shower and then we toweled off together. By the time I got to the dresser and slipped on my boxer briefs, someone came knocking on the bedroom door. I walked over and slowly opened it. I peered out and it was Timmy, “hey what time are we leaving?”he asked me. I let him in and he came and sat on the bed. Ben walked by him in only a towel and then messed up Timmy’s hair with his giant palm and hand. They greeted with a smile, and I said “as soon as we can, are you and Matthew ready?” He jumped up and said, “I am but I don’t know about Matthew, let me go see.” He quickly left the room. 08062010

Timmy had run down the hall and then up the stairs to the attic bedrooms. He walked into the joint bathroom and saw Matthew in the shower. He opened the door and said “Hey, are you going to be ready soon? Because we are leaving in a bit.” Matthew was just rinsing off the soap and then he turned off the water, “Hey toss me a towel” he said dripping with water. Timmy got him the towel and then Matthew dried off and continued “I’ll be dressed in no time, count me in”. Timmy smiled and ran down stairs back to my room, and then came in. “Okay we’re ready when you are.” I asked him what he wanted to do about breakfast and Ben said “I have that handled”. We all met in the conference room and then the transportation began. It was Ben, Stephan, Matthew, Timmy, Luis, Anya and I. Ben said everybody hold hands, so we did and the in only seconds we were at the same old farm house with the surrounding deck and old yellow truck. 08062010

Jocelyn was sitting on a porch swing that had hung by chains from the deck cover. “Hi everybody” she said happily with a smile. “Hey Jocelyn“, a few of us responded together. “Come one in, everybody is waiting for you”. So we all walked up the steps and into the front doors. Upon entering, the house was filled with the smell of fresh bacon, sausage, fried potatoes, eggs, pancakes, and coffee. We slowly walked into the living room and Uncle Tom greeted us each with a hand shake and a welcoming smile. He looked completely different from the last time we saw him. Confident, and happy. Both Timmy and Matthew headed to the kitchen in a hurry, one trying to beat the entrance before the other. “How are you doing?” I asked Uncle Tom. “He grabbed my shoulder with his big hand and said “I wanted to apologize to you for how things transpired the last time we met, my intentions weren’t really to cause anybody any anxiety or fear. I suppose I just went a little crazy over my brothers passing and I wanted answers.” I turned and looked at him and said “No harm, no foul”. “Good let’s eat, cuz I’m starved” He walked us all into the dining room, where Timmy, Matthew, and Stephan had already seated themselves. 08072010

“Breakfast was delicious June, thank you so much”. I said. Jocelyn , Anya, George and Luis all got up from the table and collected plates and glasses and headed into the kitchen. “Thank you Doug”. June turned to Matthew and Timmy and asked them if they were interested in riding some dirt bikes out along the property? They both were really excited and said “Yeah”. Uncle Tom and Stephan had them follow them outside to the barn. Ben asked if there was anything he could do to help, and June just told him to sit tight and relax. So relax is what we did. By late afternoon Jocelyn had made everyone lunch, and home made sweet tea and lemonade. We just hung out and talked and enjoyed the sunshine out in the country setting with fresh air and the calming sounds of nature in the distance.08072010

Luis and Anya walked a dirt trial on the property until the came across a water hole. They both stripped down naked and jumped in. Luis started splashing water at Anya and laughing. She splashed back and they both continued until they found themselves arm in arm spinning around and then moving in slowly for a very romantic kiss. Timmy had rode up on the trail and stopped to see them and then he shouted, “Ew, gross, get a room!” They both looked up as Timmy rode off and Matthew showed up continuing on the trail closely behind him. Ben and I decided we were going to check out the animals on the farm. There were goats, chickens, cows, horses, ducks, geese, a turkey, and some sheep. Ben always had a thing for horses. His family were horse ranchers from Montana. He never really talked much about his past but when he did I would just listen so closely I would be like hanging on his every word. We walked into the stables and there were four beautiful horses inside. One Mustang, one Arabian and the other two were Belgium. We pet them and fed them carrots and apples and also brushed them. 08072010

In the evening we all decided to head over to my place for dinner. Ben had planned to BBQ tri tip and pork tenderloin. I of course had invited Mom, Pop, Donna, David and the twins as well. Luis and Anya were all cooped up in the guest house tonight, they were snuggling out on the patio beside the pool talking to Donna and David. Timmy, Matthew, Troy and Toni were all playing Marco polo in the pool together.Jocelyn , and George were trying to out play one another in the game room of foosball. Jennifer and Stephan were playing pool. June, Uncle Tom, Mom and Pop put in an old classic movie in the home theater with a very nice bottle of Chianti. “What a pleasant day, today was.” I said as I walked behind Ben and wrapped my arms around his waist. “Yes, I enjoyed it, although it’s not over yet”. 08072010

The door bell rang so I walked inside and down the foyer then opened the door. Standing there were a couple, Man and Woman. Him, in a very nice western Alamo suit with gray black leather trim, black levis and black boots accompanied with a black lose bow tie and a big buckled belt. Her, a casual western style pant suit, with cowgirl boots. I said “Yes, may I help you?” They replied “We’re here to see our Son”. All of the sudden as I began to realize who this couple was I felt a little intimidated and nervous. “Yes, please come in. Welcome, please follow me.” I walked them out to the patio where Ben was BBQ’ing. Ben was shocked to see them. He dropped what he was doing and ran over to hug and kiss his Mother and then his Father. “Wow, you guys made it” he said. His Mom “Oh Honey, we wouldn’t miss it for the World”. She had a big bag and inside she reached down and pulled out a whole bunch of sirloin steaks. Handing them to Ben “These are from our live stock, I brought enough for everyone”. 08072010

I quickly asked both of Ben’s parents if there was anything I could offer them to drink. His Father asked “Do you have any Whiskey?” “Yes Sir” so I left to get him a drink. I figured we all could use one so I made Ben his, mine, his father’s and then I made his Mother a vodka Martini. Once I got outside his parents were all seated in the patio chairs around the BBQ. Ben said, Doug I’d like to introduce my parents to you, this is my Mom Norma-Jean Preston and my Dad William Preston. “How do you do?” I asked and shook their hands. I handed each one the drinks that I made and then sat down too. “Mom, Dad this is my husband Doug.” Ben said “We’re happy to finally meet you, and we’ve heard so many good things about you. Please call me Norma and my husband Bill”. 08072010

Bill tossed the sirloins on the grill. I went into the kitchen and made some potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, tossed green salad, and another gin Martini. June and Mom came in and hugged and kissed me and then asked me if there was anything that they could do to help. I wondered to myself what we were going to do for dessert. I realized we hadn’t planned for it. Norma walked into the kitchen with her bag in one hand and her Martini in the other. She stopped dead in her tracks and just froze as she stared at June. Mom turned and smiled at Norma, but was a little bewildered by the look on her face as well as wondering who she was. June turned and then screamed, “Norma-Jean Honeycutt, is that you!?” 08072010

June ran over and hugged Norma for a very long time. They were just about to break into tears. My mom was just amazed at June’s reaction to this stranger standing in her Son’s kitchen. June pulled away and grabbed Norma’s hand and shuffled over to Mom. “Norma-Jean Honeycutt, this is my best friend in the whole World Mrs. Martha Parker…Mrs. Martha Parker, this is my long lost cousin Norma-Jean Honeycutt, whom I haven’t seen in over 40 years.” “How do you do” she asked my Mom and then corrected June “It’s Norma-Jean Preston”. Both June and Mom and I realized what that meant. June was Ben’s biological relative. A first cousin once removed. I was being overwhelmed with the realization of what that meant. Stephan, Jocelyn, June were all related by blood and none of us ever knew it. 08072010

Mom said “I could use a drink, June?” June wasn’t listening to Mom, “June could I get you a drink?” “Huh, oh yes please um, more wine, red”. June retorted and then took Norma by the hand and drug her into the Home theater room. Mom walked over to me and asked if I had any idea, I told her no not at all. She grabbed another bottle of Chianti opened it kissed me and then carried it back into the theater. Ben came in to the kitchen for a second to grab some BBQ sauce out of the refrigerator. I turned to him from facing off into space over the counter top and said “Ben, did you know that your mother and June were cousins?” He kissed me on the cheek and said, “I had heard something about my Mom’s cousin named June but we had never met”. I laughed “Well, actually you have”. He said “Yeah, it’s weird isn’t it?” such a very small World. 08072010

Ben went back out to the BBQ to continue cooking and catching up with his Dad. The twins ran in and raced to the bathroom to change out of their swimwear and into some dry clothes. Timmy and Matthew walked by the kitchen said hey and headed upstairs to change. I was still thinking about what we were going to do for dessert. Should I call and have something delivered? Norma walked into the kitchen with only her bag in hand and she said, “Honey I had no idea your mother and my cousin were buff’s, that’s so sweet, isn’t it?” “Yeah, it’s amazing.” she reached into her back and continued to talk, “I brought you these “I baked these myself ” and she pulled out one hot apple pie and another hot cherry pie. “Is that going to be enough?” Wow, I thought to myself. “Um, yes I think it will be thank you so much”. She grabbed my hand placing it in between both of hers and patted the back of it. “Please, it’s my pleasure”. Then she left to go back outside to the BBQ. 08072010

I couldn’t get my head around June and Norma being cousins and Ben and I never knowing it. Anyone who knows us knows how important the close bond of family is to us. June especially since she had known me my whole life. She was my God mother, and Keith was my God father. I decided to sneak away just for a moment and go to my meditation room and try to tap into any insight I might be able to conjure up. I sat down and began to fall into a trance. At first all I was seeing around me was very thick fog. Then a light gust of wind separated some of the fog and a clear path was becoming visible. There was a man stepping into the path. He was wearing brown shoes and a dark blue suit and tie. “Hello” I said. He sat down next to me and then said “Hi Doug”. “Who are you?” I asked him. “My name is Dillon, I am Ben’s grandfather. June’s mother was my sister. We were both separated very young when our parents were killed instantly in an accident. We were sent to foster care, and then adopted out by different parents. We reconnected in our mid twenties but promised to keep it a secret as long as we could. Our reasons at the time were very private and complex. Here please allow me to show you.” He placed his hand on my forehead and then all his knowledge flowed freely into my mind. I knew instantly what the whole story was. That wasn’t the only thing that Dillon transferred to me this day. I would be finding out more about that later on. 08072010

I said my goodbyes to Dillon and thanked him and then came out of the trance.  Ben finished the BBQ, so I called everyone in for dinner.  Ben’s Father asked me if there was anything he could do to help.  I told him maybe help me with setting the table.  He smiled a huge smile and then snapped his fingers and then the table was set.   “Thanks Dad” Ben said and rubbed his back as he passed to set down the BBQ meat.  Everyone had come in in no time and sat down.  I asked if everyone had  been introduced and Ben did the honors.  His parents were astounded by the size of our family.  We were all delighted to welcome the two newest members and Ben and I couldn’t have been more happier.  08072010

“Dinner was fantastic” my father said and held up his glass. I would like to toast to our family, and everyone said “Cheers”. Ben’s mother and father insisted on allowing them to clean up after dinner. I knew that they would be able to do it with the snap of a finger so I didn’t object. What was really funny was that June, Tom, Mom, Dad, Bill and Norma all changed into their swim suits and piled into the hot tub like a bunch of High School teenagers. Giggling and laughing. Bill and I served them hors d'oeuvres, and refilled their drinks, and everyone was having a good time. The youngsters were playing in the game room. The other adults were in the theater watching a movie. June and Mom insisted that we take care of ourselves and to stop pampering them. So we escaped off to the garden and sat on the park bench under the stars, embracing one another. 08072010

With a full house again in the morning.  Ben and I decided to take everyone out to breakfast.  I called the Classic Cable Car Sightseeing Company and chartered them.  In no time after everyone was showered and dressed for the day the cable car arrived in the driveway.   I told the driver about which tour we wanted but first we wanted our first stop to be at the Bayside Café at One Gate 6 Road, Sausalito, CA.  Ben had already called and made us reservations for 18.  After breakfast we toured Ghirardelli Square, Cow Hollow, The Marina District, Palace of Fine Arts ,Fort Point, The Golden Gate Bridge ,Marin County Vista outlook ,The Presidio, Pacific Heights ,North Beach ,Chinatown, Nob Hill, Union Square, Financial District , & Transamerica Tower.  We managed to catch lunch at pier 39, before Ghiradelli Square, and then Dinner at Figaro Ristorante Italiano.  So much to see and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.   080082010

By the time we had returned to the house everyone was pooped. Before we all started to hit the sack I suggested we have a night cap toast. Jocelyn and I took the orders and then served the drinks. The minors got either sleepy time tea or warm milk. Ben’s dad Bill stood up and made the toast this time.

"Dance as if no one were watching
Sing as if no one were listening,
And live every day as if it were your last.

Here…here we cheered and then everyone split off into pairs and went to bed.  08082010

Ben and I got up in the morning and saw his Mom and Dad off. They needed to get back to the Ranch business as usual. They thanked us for a great time, said their good byes to everyone and also wanted to invite us all up to the Ranch sometime. Norma and June hugged and kissed and promised they would keep in touch from now on. June, Tom, Jocelyn and George all said goodbye as well and headed home themselves. I really enjoyed the time we all had together this visit. It was a refreshing change. I needed to get back to work so I had Matthew meet me back in my office that afternoon. I opened up my dream journal and had him go through some of the highlighted items and also asked him what his opinion was on them. 08082010

I asked Matthew if he wanted to go into the city with me to do some research. He said sure, so I said bye to Ben and asked him to take Timmy out for the day. They decided to go to Scandia and then the movies in the North Bay. After do a little antique shopping in Sebastopol, CA. I knew Ben, He loved BBQ ribs and the best place in all of the Bay Area was a little Mom and Pop place out off highway 116 in Sebastopol. Timmy had never been there so he was really in for a treat. Since Matthew and I were technically working, we went right to the San Francisco library 100 Larkin Street. We were there most of the day, so instead of coming home so late we rented a hotel room at the Handlery Union Square Hotel.

I woke up to hearing Matthew in the shower. He came out of the bathroom and then got dressed. “You’re up early” I said. He turned to me and then smiled, “I was hoping to get an early start on work”. “Oh ok, well let me get ready and then let’s go have breakfast first, sound good?” “Yeah of course”, he responded as he sat down at the desk and opened up his laptop to check his e-mail. I hopped into the shower and then got dressed, and we collected our things and went down to the front desk. Upon checking out and getting into the car, I asked Matthew if he had any preferences for breakfast. He said, Café DeLucchi Italian Café in North Beach. So we went there. The waiter greeted us and sat us and in no time he came back to take our order. Matthew ordered buttermilk pancakes with candied pecans and chocolate chips, they were housemade candied pecans and chocolate chips in our beautiful thin cakes. I ordered classic eggs benedict which was poached eggs, canadian bacon and housemade hollandaise sauce served over a toasted english muffin, served with house potatoes. We both asked for coffee, mine was black his with cream and sugar. We enjoyed breakfast together and our conversation was more personal than business. 08082010

We decided to hit the local Wiccan store called the Sword & the Rose located between Clayton St & Cole St. We picked up all the necessary supplies that Matthew had written down from his book that I lent him. I let him know that in our basement was a full supply of materials he might find useful to help him with his practice. The basement is secured with an alarm and security code so I told him what that was. After that we went back home and I escorted Matthew down to the basement. He had no idea that this area even existed. I told him it wasn’t the place we wanted anyone else ever knowing about so he probably should keep it to himself. Not even Timmy or the Twins knew about it. Although the Twins with their ability to see into the future, past and present of time and space probably already knew. I never took any of them down here. Only Ben, Jennifer, and I have been in the basement. If Stephan knew about it that was because he must have followed me down here once while rendered invisible. 08092010

Once disarming the alarm and unlocking the door, I handed Matthew his own key. I went over all the herbs, precious gems, candles, all the charts and graphic materials, of wheels within wheels of time, table of seven planets, the polarities, quarters and elements, element pentagram. All the books of Celtic, Greek, Norse, Roman Deities. Full library of mystic magic, spells and history. Anything and everything a new and upcoming apprentice in magic could ever need was in there. Matthew set his bag of items down on the table and just wondered around the room. “Wow” he said in amazement. “Yes, you can never be too prepared, right? Ben and I have been stocking up these supplies for the past twenty years, so if you can imagine the amount of traveling we did to get this, you understand why we lock it up”. 08092010

I explained to him that my experience in the practices of magic were limited. Ben was the Master of Magic in our house. Matthew and Ben would need to spend at least 2 hours a day minimum training and practicing the craft so that Matthew could become a master of his own. Matthews big blue eyes lit up as I went over our plans for him. His dimples with a very big smile were evidently a sure sign he was excited. I also went over with him what each and everyone else had the capability of doing magically, and otherwise. In order to assist me, he basically needed to know what I know. 08092010

Four hours had passed, and I told Matthew we were finished for the day. He jumped up and hugged me for a very long time and then thanked me. It made me laugh and I was pleased to see how happy and excited he was. I knew in my gut he would make a fantastic new addition to our team. He had spirit, good energy and drive. Having known his family for as many years as I had, also was key to our decision. There are many people all around the World who practice in Magic and spells but not just anyone was offered the chance to Master in them. Ben has had thousands of years of spells passed down from generation to generation to him and really didn’t know who he was going to pass this knowledge on to when the time came. 08092010

I went into the kitchen to make something to eat. Ben was already there making pizza. I said, “I will make a salad” then kissed and hugged him. Matthew and Timmy ran past the kitchen and outside in their swim trunks to jump into the pool. Toni popped into the kitchen and asked if she and Troy could use the pool for the day. I said “Common Troy, looking at Toni “You know you two are welcome to use the pool anytime you want, you don’t have to ask me.” Troy popped in and then they both said “Thank you”. Then ran outside. Ben looked at me and said, “More Pizza?” I laughed and said “More salad too”. 08092010

Being interrupted by the doorbell, I said “I’ll get it”. I opened the door and it was the beer vender. He had delivered one keg of Guinness and the other of Death and Taxes. Both are our favorite beers. Please come in. I showed the truck driver to the game room, where we had the full bar and taps. He changed the old kegs for new ones. “Sign here please”, pointing to his clip board. I thanked him and then showed him out. I ran a few beers through the tap to clear out any air. I poured Ben a Guinness and myself a Death & Taxes. D & T was a beer made by an independent brewery called Moonlight Brewery which was started in rural Santa Rosa in 1992. It’s a very dark yet surprisingly light-bodied lager beer that is crisp and refreshing with out the heaviness. I carried two beers into the kitchen and handed Ben his and then sipped some of mine, “Ah most refreshing”.08092010

“You know what?’ I asked Ben, “What?” he said. “I think we should get into the pool and challenge those kids against a game of Volley Ball.” Ben agreed, but before he could change us into our swim trunks I said, “No wait let me try”. He laughed and then said “Okay” I began to concentrate and then recited my own version of a spell:

We two are here to challenge those punks
So out of these duds we change into our trunks

I clapped my hands together and Ben was wearing mine and I was wearing his. He laughed and snapped his fingers and they switched. “Nice try honey” then he kissed me. “Practice makes perfect” We laughed together then set our beers on the counter and ran outside to put up the Volley Ball net. “It’s all of you against us, no funny stuff!” Ben said. We jumped into our side of the pool hitting the ball over to them. Stephan showed up in his trunks with Luis, so they split up and Luis was on our side and Stephan went to the other. Toni said “Service” and then hit the ball. It went back and forth for a little while before Troy missed it. The score went from one team to another after every service rotation. They won 26 to 24. “Close game.” Stephan, Bill and I got out and they all formed new teams and continued to play. Anya came out and jumped in to play too. 08092010

I asked Stephan if he would like a beer, he said “Guinness please”. I got him one and us a refill. We sat outside in the sun watching the Volley Ball game . As we sat and watched the sun set In thought about how much I was in love with Ben. He was one of the most loving, spiritual, caring, supportive, and family orientated men I have ever met. I knew that no matter what happened in life he would always be there right by my site to hold my hand through it all. Then I thought about Stephan who was my best friend, my brother, my confidant. I felt very lucky to have such wonderful men in my life. Even my brothers Luis and Timmy were the best any brother could ever have. My family was great, and I love them deeply. With out family and friends, life is with out true meaning. We sat watching over the bay as the sun set. 08102010

Ben and I went back to our bedroom to get ready for bed. I climbed in first. Ben climbed in next to me and held me tight until we both fell asleep. I began to dream about being at the beach. We were holding hands and walking down the beach. Somehow we got separated and I walked up to some dunes. There was a hole in the top of a dune with a few water logged pieces of drift wood inside of them. Something compelled me to pull them out and toss them aside. I looked at the hole and it appeared to be big and deep. I looked in and saw something moving up fast towards me. It was a spider like crab. It ran up the hole and then it jumped right on me. I was hitting at it trying to make it get off me. My first thought was, get it off before it can bite me or pinch me! I was swatting and jumping and mo0ving all around trying to shake this crab off of me. I began to panic, and then I screamed. The scream came out of me and I woke myself up. “Aaaaahhh” I said, then shook waking up. Ben pulled me close and tight and then whispered in my ear, “Ssshhhh, it’s only a dream, and I’m right here honey don’t worry, go back to sleep”. he whispered. I fell back to sleep and dreamt about happy things after that. 08102010

I woke up, put on my robe and decided to go down to the basement. The alarm was turned off and I could hear some music playing. I walked down the steps carefully and turned at the bottom of the steps to see Matthew, sitting in a cushioned chair studying. “Oh hey, good morning” he said. “I hope I didn’t wake you.” “Hello Matthew, is everything okay?” “Oh yeah, I was just not sleeping all that great so I thought I would come down here and get some studying in. I didn’t want to keep Timmy awake.” “Is there anything I can get you or do for you?” I’m heading up to the kitchen.” I asked. “Nah, I’m good, I will be finishing up here shortly, so I will meet you up there.” “Okay well, take your time, no rush today. I’m planning to take it easy today.” I put my hand on his shoulder and squeezed it, and then went upstairs to the kitchen. 08102010

I was very tired, and almost dizzy. I ground some beans and then boiled the water. I poured the beans into my French Press coffee maker and then added hot water. I let it steep as I walked through the house and opened up the windows to air out the house. In the game room, I walked around Timmy playing Wii. I opened the window and then kissed him. “Hi baby brother”. He replied, “Good Morning”. “Did you sleep good? Why are you up so early?” “Oh yes thanks, no I did, I just wanted to get in some Wii time alone before anyone else came in to challenge me.” he said. “Ok, I’m going to make some quiches for breakfast so come and eat as soon as you smell it come out of the oven.” I commanded. “I will thanks” he smiled and then continued to play Wii. I went back to the kitchen to take out all the ingredients to make my quiche. I opened my recipe book to the recipe:

Low Carb Quiche Lorraine Recipe Serves 6

1/2 pound of bacon, crisply fried and crumbled
1 cup shreaded natural Swiss cheese
1/3 cup minced red onion
4 eggs
2 cups of whipping cream
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp Splenda
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper

Preheat oven to 425°F. Sprinkle bacon, cheese and onion in the bottom of a 9" pie pan. Beat eggs lightly and beat in remaining ingrediants. Pour cream mixture into pie pan. Bake in oven for 15 minutes. Reduce temperature to 300°F and bake 30 minites or longer or until knife inserted 1" from the edge comes out clean. Let stand 10 minutes before cutting. Serve in wedges. For firmer texture, cook additional 10 minutes. 4.3 carbs per serve.

I whipped together a few batches and put them into the oven. I poured a cup of coffee and sat outside on the patio waiting for the quiche to be done. 08102010

Just as the quiche was done and I set it on the granite counter to cool down a little, Timmy and Matthew came into the kitchen together. I asked them if they wanted to eat breakfast with me while we all watch a movie together. Everyone said yes. I served quiche with hash browns, and bacon plus sausage. Freshly squeezed orange juice, tea and coffee. “Okay what movie do we want to watch? You two pick and I’ll serve the breakfast, be right back”. I got out the serving trays and made up everyone’s breakfasts and drinks on them. 08102010

Ben and Stephan came in and asked me what I was doing? I told them that I was serving the boys breakfast in the Theater room and we were all going to watch a movie together this morning. They thought that was a great idea so they helped me carry in the tv trays. Ben gave Timmy his and Stephan gave him his and so I made mine, then I asked the men if they were interested in joining us. They both agreed. Just as soon as the movie started the doorbell rang. Ben stood up and said “I’ll go get it”. he left and then he returned with the twins. “Hi you two, did you eat?” I asked. Toni said no so I went into the kitchen and made them breakfast trays and carried them in. We all sat down to watch the movie together. This was a very important family time, and ritual for some mornings were we just want to relax and enjoy a break from reality every now and then. The movie that everyone picked was Cloverfield. 08102010

Ben sat on one side of me and Stephan sat on the other. The twins loved to sid right up front. Matthew and Timmy sat beside each other in the next row. The movie ends, and all I can say is “Wow”. Toni and Troy said, “We would have teleported that thing and it’s babies right back where they came from!” Ben and I laughed. Then I said, “I know you would.” Stephan and Matthew helped me clean up the Theater, and the kitchen. Then they both sat down at the counter, and asked me what were my plans for the rest of the day? I really wasn’t sure. Usually my days and time is pretty planned out, but today was an exception and I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. I knew that I wanted to take the day off from working. I dunno, I might go play in my pottery room. I asked them if they wanted to join me and both said yes. 08102010

Ben anticipated my every move. He had already fired up the kiln for us and then he went into this art studio and continued to paint. Stephan and I had done pottery together many times before so he came in and got started right away. “Hey Matthew, so do you have any experience in Pottery?” I asked. He said, I have done some in the past in Elementary school as well as High School.” “Very cool” I said, “Have at it, make what ever you want. I showed him where everything was and then gave him his own spinning wheel. We all three spent the grater part of the day in there. Laughing and goofing around. It was a great time. Stephan had selected the Rock and Roll station on our Bowes stereo system. We rocked out to AC/DC, Kron, Iran Maiden, The Scorpions, Ozzy Osbourne, Joan Jett, and so many others. 08102010

Once we finished up in the pottery room, we all needed to clean up. So we went to the showers and washed up. Stephen and I took a shower together, and Matthew took one upstairs. Upon getting dressed we all realized we were hungry again so we regrouped back into the kitchen to get a bite to eat. “What will you guys have?” Stephan asked ”what do we have?” “Let’s see, we can bbq steak, or we can make sausage, bell pepper and onion on French rolls, or we can make a salad with soup?” I let them decide and I went back to check on Ben. “Hi lover boy” I leaned over and kissed him, “Are you hungry?” He kissed me back and then responded, “yeah, I’m starved”. So I returned to the kitchen and the men decided on the sausage sandwiches. I fired up the grill and then grilled the meat, vegetables and rolls. We all sat out back by the pool with our sandwiches and a cold beer from the tap. 08112010

I let everyone fend for themselves, besides I wasn’t sure who was and who wasn’t on the estate at this time. We always kept a kitchen and cupboards stocked with foods. It was the housekeepers job to clean and then shop for us. Although if we wanted something out of the ordinary that’s when Ben and I needed to take a trip to the local market. Luis and Anya came walking out of the guest house smiling and laughing and holding hands. They had turned into a couple of lover birds. It was sweet to see my younger brother finally settling down and happy with someone. Our family really took to Anya. She was smart, beautiful, funny and last but not least had a powerful gift that was very important to our group.  

Luis said, “Hey” as he passed. “We’re going to go out to lunch, you need us to pick up anything while we’re out?” “Nope, but thanks, have fun” Ben responded. Matthew asked me if I could take him to his Dad’s because he needed to pick up his car. It was a royal blue 2010 Mustang convertible. I said sure, then asked if Ben and Stephan wanted to go too. They said yes. 08112010

After lunch, the four of us piled into Ben’s Jeep and he removed the top. We headed Southbound on the 101 towards Sebastopol, CA taking highway 12 out to the coast. We arrived at the Ranch a little after 3:00 pm. Matthew’s Mom and Dad invited us all in for drinks. Matthew went to the garage to pull out his Mustang. He came back into the house and asked me if I wanted to ride back with him, I told him sure. Ben & Stephan headed back in the Jeep. I texted Ben and asked him if he wanted to stop somewhere for another drink half way home and also maybe pick up dinner. He texted back, “Sure, let’s hit the Washoe House off of Roblar Road in Sebastopol. We walked in and noticed that the ceiling of the bar was covered with single dollars where people had pinned them there. Ben had called in advance to order our dinner to go while we all have a drink. Matthew and Stephen used the bathroom. Once we finished our drinks we were back on the road to home. 08112010

Ben had ordered five dinners of prime rib served with mixed summer vegetables and a baked potato. Right as we pulled up to the house, Timmy was shooting hoops in the drive way. Ben opened the garage doors and then he drove his jeep in to park. I told Matthew that his spot was the empty one next to my Mercedes. I handed him the remote, then he said thank you with a big smile and then clipped it to his sun visor. We got out and went into the house. Timmy put the ball away and shut the garage doors before coming in. Ben snapped his fingers and the outside patio table was set for five. I got all the drinks together and then headed out there myself to eat. I was pretty hungry. The dinner came with butter, sour cream and some horseradish dipping sauce. “What a great meal” Timmy said. Matthew and Stephan thanked Ben and I. We ate slow, and talked together through out dinner. 08112010

The boys decided that they were going to do some studying in the basement. Ben and I wanted to get in some alone time together so we went to the gardens and sat out on the bench. Stephan was feeling a little edgy so he called a cab and went into town. The cabby pulled up and Stephan got in. “Where too?” he asked. Stephan replied “46 Main Street, Tiburon.” The cab pulled up in front of the bar and Stephan handed him some cash then told him to keep the change. He hopped out, and went inside. There were a mixed crowd of folks all standing around with drinks in hand and they were admiring the art hanging on the walls. He walked up to the bar tender and asked for a glass of house red. The bartender grabbed a glass and poured a small amount of wine into the bottom of the wine glass and waited for Stephan to swirl, smell and taste. Stephan nodded so the bar keep poured more into his glass. Stephan handed him his credit card and asked him to open up a tab. 08112010

The Bar tender filled other glasses for the other surrounding patrons and then found his way back to Stephan. “Care for a refill?” he asked. “Keep ‘um coming”, Stephan commanded. It about two hours Stephan was feeling pretty buzzed. He just sat at the bar and stared out at the bay. Before he realized what time it was the bar tender was telling him that they were closing, and did he want him to call him a cab? Stephan just sat there and didn’t acknowledge the bar keeps question. The bar keep went in back to talk to a few other people and then came back out to where Stephan was sitting. “Hey, let me give you a ride home, I’m off the clock now and I really don’t mind”. Stephan just nodded and then the bar tender came around and pulled Stephan’s arm around his shoulders and hiked him up off the bar stool, then walked him out. He set him in the passenger seat of his BMW and then asked him where he lived. Stephan told him the address, and they headed there. 08112010

“My name is Jon by the way”. He reached his hand out and grabbed Stephan’s. Steve replied “Nice to meet you I’m Stephan, thanks for the lift”. “Oh it’s not a problem, I really don’t mind.” said Jon. As they were pulling up to the driveway, Jon asked Stephan if Ben and Doug lived there? He said “yes do you know them?” Jon replied, “Yes, Ben and I went to High School together and he sells some of his art at the bar. I have known them for years. I even attended their wedding”. Stephan wasn’t very surprised since Doug and Ben knew just about everyone in the area. “Well, would you like to come in and say hi?” Jon stopped parked the car and then said, “Sure I would love to.” 08112010

Stephan opened the door and they walked into the foyer. Stephan closed the door behind Jon. They walked down the hallway and passed the Theater room. Inside was Matthew and Timmy watching a movie. They continued to the kitchen and saw Ben and Doug sitting at the counter. “Oh hey guys” jon said. Ben jumped up and gave Jon a firm hand shake followed by a hug. Then Doug got up and said, “Hi Jon, so nice to see you.” he gave him a hug too. “What brings you here this time of the night?” They both asked. “Oh Stephan came to the Art Bar in town and I was working there so I offered him a ride home”. “ Well thanks so much, how about a drink?” I asked. “You know what I like”. he said with a smile. I went to the kitchen and made him a White Russian and handed it to him. Stephan walked to the bar and got himself a bottle of red and three glasses. He poured us all a glass and said “Cheers”. We decided to go sit in the hot tub. Rather than worry about our swim trunks we all agreed to go in naked, but keep all the lights off. The temperature was at a perfect 103 degrees. Ben hit the jets as soon as Jon and Stephen got in, then he got in and sat beside me. We were a little surprised to witness Jon putting his arm around Stephan and then him kissing Jon. Well, to each his own I thought to myself and I laid my head back and stretched out my legs. 08112010

Just about 20 minutes passed and then Ben and I went over to the sauna room and grabbed a towel to sit in there. We left Stephan and Jon to enjoy the privacy for themselves. Ben sat down first then I sat beside him. “Wow” he said, “I am so surprised to see Jon and Stephan together.” I rested my head on Ben’s lap while I laid down across the bench. “I know, we’ve known the both of them for a long time and never ever dreamed that the two would actually like each other.” Ben looked down at me and stroked my hair, “We never know anything about what Stephan wants or what he doesn’t want”. I said, “I know, he’s fickle, one minute he wants to be with woman then the next he hates them.” “Oh well” Ben said, “No matter what he wants he has our love”. “YEP” I agreed. I only hoped quietly to myself that Stephan wasn’t just using Jon for the evening and only out for sex. Jon was too good for that. 08112010

I was beginning to fall asleep in Ben’s lap when the sauna door opened and Matthew and Timmy walked in. They both had large white towels wrapped around them and the came in and sat down beside Ben and I on the lower bench. “Hi boys, how’s it going?” Ben asked. “Good, we just got out of the pool and wanted to dry out in here”. Timmy said. I sat up and leaned over to Timmy and whispered in his ear “I’m thinking about banana splits, are you with me?” “Hell yah!” he exclaimed I laid my head back down on Ben’s lap and we all sat in the sauna for about another ten minutes. The door swung open again and this time it was Stephan and Jon. “Oh hey” Jon said. Stephan sat down first beside Matthew and Jon next to him. I sat up and said, “The last one to the kitchen is a rotten egg”. Then I sprinted out to the kitchen. Timmy and Matthew were right behind me. Ben went to the bedroom and showered off and then got into his pajamas. I got everything out for the banana splits and Ben took over while I went to shower and get into my pajamas. The boys didn’t care that they were still wearing only their large towels, they wanted some banana split. 08112010

I went into the sauna and asked Jon and Stephan if they wanted one, they said yes and told me that they would be in after a couple minutes. Just as I finished making theirs they walked in wearing their towels too. They sat down at the counter and fed one another. Matthew and Timmy finished up, thanked us and ran upstairs to shower and get dressed. I went outside to clean up the patio, of drying swim trunks and used towels. I placed them into the laundry room and then grabbed a spare pair of pajamas for Jon. I walked into the kitchen and said “Here you go, these are freshly washed. Help yourself to a shower and you’re welcome to stay the night. Just as soon as everyone was finished eating and showering and getting into their pajamas, I asked if everyone wanted to play a board game. We took a vote and four of us played poker while the boys played scrabble. 08112010

Ben and I climbed into bed together. Just when we were about to fall asleep there was a knock on the door. I said “Come in”. and it was Stephan. “Hey sorry guys, but do you happen to have a condom?” Ben laughed, I was just beside myself. “Seriously Stephan? You’re killing me!” We shared smiles and Ben handed him a handful and then they exchanged a thank you and you’re welcome and Ben shut the door. He jumped on the bed and rolled under the covers right up against me. “What is this World coming to?” he said while nibbling on my neck. I laughed and kissed him and then we began to make love. Once asleep I began to dream heavily. I was sitting in a field where I usually sit under an enormous oak tree and Stephan came walking up to me naked. He smiled and sat beside me, then rested his hand on my knee. “You know how much I love you right?” he asked. “Yes, I think so”. I said. Well, after tonight I think I might be in love”. I was so surprised to hear this. They just met, and it was only one night. “Take your time friend, don’t let your emotions and the idea of being alone mislead you.” I was not very worried because I knew Stephan and I also knew Jon. They were good men, and they both had a terrible time in past relationships. I understood the desire to be happy, just as Ben and I were so very happy.  08112010

“Okay Stephan, I think what you two have is great, but keep your head clear and just go slow. I love you like a brother and I want you to be happy no matter what! If this is what you want then I support you, but don’t you dare hurt Jon, Ben and I consider him one of our dearest friends just like you.” Stephan said that he had no intentions to hurt anyone. He said that he was ready to settle down and create a life with someone. He grabbed my hand and kissed the back of it and then he thanked me for the advise , stood up and walked away from the tree and then out of my dream. I wasn’t surprised to see Stephan in my dream, because he and I had so many very private and personal talks together in them. 08112010

The next dream I had was I was riding in a fan boat in the swamps of Louisiana. There was an older Cajun man driving it and he was singing while we raced across the Bayou. He pulled over to a river front bar and then allowed me to hop off before he tore off down the river again in the other direction. I walked up the dock into the all wood floating bar, where a live band was playing and people were singing along. I pushed the curtains aside and stepped in. A young woman screamed and ran over to me to hug me. “Oh my gawd Doug, it’s been ages since I seen you last”. I returned the hug and then backed away to get a good look at who this woman was. “Brigitte Boutin?” “Yes, yes mes oui c‘est moi!” I pulled her back into me and hugged her. “How have you been? I really miss you! Cava?” “Oui, Cava!” She said and hugged me again. 08112010

The band was jumping, and the whole bar looked like they were into it. Every now and then we could hear someone hollering out “Et Trios!”. Some men and sometimes women. Brigitte grabbed me by the hand and drug me across the dance floor and to a private little table tucked back in the very back of the bar. “So tell me, how’s the family?” she asked. “Everyone is doing really good, you should come and visit us so we can take you on a tour of our home in California”. “Oh how I would love to!” she responded. Right then this short older woman walked up and asked me what she could get me? I told her absinthe suissesse. Brigitte said, “make that two, it’s on me”. We cheer’s and then I told her I needed to go. She walked me out of the bar and down the deck and told me to take care and come back soon. 08112010

I stood out on the dock, waiting for the fan boat to return. I was really waiting for what I thought was a long time, so I got impatient and went back inside to use the telephone. I walked around the bar and towards where I thought the bathrooms might be and thought to myself, there must be a pay phone there. Just as I got to the rest rooms there was a huge man talking on the phone. I waited for him to finish and then I picked up the phone. I dialed the operator and asked her to connect me to Jasper Deveraux. “One moment please” then the phone began to ring. “Hello?” the man at the other end said. “Jasper is that you? It’s Doug.” I asked “Hey Doug, you in town?” he replied “Yep I’m at the Watering Hole” I said “Okay I’ll be there in just a second” he responded. I hung up and ran back out to the dock.08112010

A suped up airboat pulled up to the dock and Jack was driving. He had a huge smile on his face, and said “It’s so good to see you Doug. Where’s Ben?” I told him that I think I am dreaming and Ben was in bed laying right next to me asleep. He said “Oh cool” then we sped off. We raced across the water for a while until we went up the river to a single house boat with a private dock. He pulled up and then jumped off to tie up the boat. He grabbed my hand and helped me off the boat. We walked into the house boat and then he turned on the lights. I had been there so many times in the past. Nothing really ever changed much. He asked me if I wanted some hooch, I said “sure”. I sat down on his couch and he walked over with a jug labeled XX. “Here, do you want it in a glass?” I grabbed it and shook my head no then swigged from it. It burned my insides all the way down. “Woohoo, I forgot about that shit!” Jack laughed and sat down next to me. He took a swig, shook his head and then asked “So what’s up my Pacific Coast Brutha?” I wasn’t really sure why I was there this time. I shrugged my shoulders and then took another swig. 08/11/2010 *Copy Rights.

We sat and talked for hours. I realized how long it had been since me and my family had been away from the Bayou. This didn’t sit well with me. I heard an alarm go off and I faded out of the dream and back into the present. Ben reached over me and turned off my alarm clock. He just laid there on top of me not moving. His body was heavy and the heat caused me to fade back into my dream. I appeared back in the same spot. I told Jasper, “I miss you and I am going to be visiting again real soon”. he and I hugged and then I faded out of the dream again to Ben laying on top of me. I groaned and slid a little out from under Ben. He rolled over and then rubbed his eyes. I pulled out the pillow from under me and set it against the headboard. I sat up resting against the pillow, and then pulled the covers over my head. Ben crept in under where I was and then came up to my face and gave me a big ole kiss. 08112010

I jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom. I pulled the stopper to the tub and ran some bath water. Ben came in and turned on the shower. We stripped down and he got into the shower and I climbed into the tub. “Hey Honey, what are we planning to do today?” I thought about it for a minute and said “No plans why?” I soaped up my body and then shampooed my hair. He was in the shower scrubbing away. “Well, I was thinking we haven’t been out to the Bayou in a while, so I thought I would take us out there for the day. What do you think?” I responded, “Are you kidding me? I just was dreaming about first about bumping into Brigitte, and later about seeing jasper last night”. Then Ben turned off the water and grabbed his towel. He opened up the shower door and knelt down to scrub my back. “So, I’ll make a phone call and then you get yourself ready, ok?” I nodded and then lowered myself below the water to rinse off. When I popped up, Ben wasn’t there. There was a knock on the door. I said, “Come in”. It was Matthew. “Hey Doug, are we working today?” I told him Ben and my plans and asked him to look after Timmy, plus not to forget to spend at least two hours studying in the basement. He grabbed a towel and wrapped me in it as I stood up and got out of the bath. “Thank you” I said and took it from he. “Okay, no problem, I will check back in with you tomorrow. Have a good day”, he said then left. 08112010

Ben could tell how excited I was about going back to visit my home town in Louisiana. He knew how special my Cajun family was to me back there. I put on my Lacaste Madres Plaid Burma tropical blue/navy blue/ carrot orange and curry yellow 11inch shorts and my best baby blue polo. I also sported my light brown hush puppies, with white ankle high socks. Ben was dressed in his cargo shorts, and t-shirt and a baseball cap and a pair of Oakley sun glasses. We both walked out to the kitchen and Jon, Stephan, Luis and Anya were all there talking. “Hi guys, we’re both heading out for the day, so hold down the fort?” I said looking at Luis, and winking. He smiled and said “Sure thing, big daddy”. Stephan asked, “Where are you guys going?” I turned to him and looked at both him and Jon, “we’re going back to the Bayou for the day.” Ben rested his hand on my shoulder and said “So see you when we get back” and in a split second we were back on an empty dock on the river. 08112010

In no time at all an airboat pulled up with Jasper driving it. I had to realize that just because I saw Jasper in my dream last night that doesn‘t mean that he shared the same dream as me. “Hi Doug & Ben, it’s so nice to see y’all”. He leaned down and gave the both of us a short hug. He whispered in my ear, “I got some Moonshine for you.” and then sped off down the river. We were lucky to have sat down right when we did or someone would have fallen off the boat and into the water. Ben was laughing at the thought of that, I gave him a smirk. We tore through all the brush along side the river, and with in moments stopped at a floating bar. I jumped off the boat first onto the dock and took Ben’s hand. Jasper jumped off and tied the boat to the dock and then gave a little “hee-haw”. We looked at each other and laughed. 08112010

The three of us walked across the docks like we were all the scare crow in the Wizard of Oz walking along side the Tin man, Dorothy and the Lion on the yellow brick road. So flimsy and carefree, we couldn’t get through that entryway fast enough. I sat down first, then Jasper to my left and Ben to my right. The bartender walked up and said, “My my my, if it isn’t the monkey in the middle…howdy Doug, Ben, Jasper. What can I get ya?” Ben ordered three beers. “Coming right up fellas, good to see you Ben and Doug!” “Thanks, you too” we said together. She returned with the beers and then handed me her cell phone. “This is for you”. I was surprised that anyone knew we were here, I took the phone and said “Hello?” a woman responded “Hey, I’m coming right over don’t run off.” Then she hung up. I handed the phone back the bartender and said “Thanks Millie”. Millie winked at me and then walked away. 08112010

Jasper downed his beer in one gulp, slammed down his mug and ordered three more. I thought to myself, good ole Jasper. We followed closely behind him, and downed our beers too. Millie brought over three more. Just as I grabbed the mug handle, someone with very cold hands covered up both of my eyes and said “Guess Who?”. I touched them all over and then said, “Brigitte?”. “Yes! How did you guess?” she asked. “Oh I’m just lucky I guess.” She went around to each one of us and kissed us and said hello. I motioned Millie to come over and I bought Brigitte a glass of house white. We drank and told jokes and shared old stories and then before we knew it we were all ready to go eat something. The four of us ran out to the dock and hopped on the boat. Jasper started it up and we rushed down the river to Mama’s place. He pulled up to the dock and I hopped out and tied off the boat. Ben helped Brigitte, and the four of us ran down the dock to Mama’s place. 08112010

No sooner had we entered the place and Mama screamed, “My Boys!” She ran over and hugged Ben and I so tight and kissed everyone hi. “Hi Mama, we miss you” I said. She wiped the tears from her eyes and begged us to some in and sit down. She had a special table for the four of us. “here, please sit here, your table just like the old days”. We all sat down and then in no time she returned with File Gumbo, Jambalaya, and spiced crawfish. She also set down four mason jars with Long Island Ice Teas, for $3.00 a piece. Mama said the food was on her. She sat down and asked Ben and I a trillion questions. We ate and drank and talked and laughed, and then later danced. All of our old friends began to fill up the place. It was an extremely emotional time for me, I knew I couldn’t possible be in two places at once. 08112010

Brigitte began to tell me that our old river property was up for sale, so Ben and I asked Jasper if he wouldn’t mind taking us to see it. He said, “Sure thing, no problem.” We continued to dance and drink, and at one point I even got up and sang with the band. Jasper and Brigitte laughed. Ben loved it. Ben and I said our good byes to everyone. We went back to Jaspers house and I made a phone call to Matthew. I let him know that we weren’t going to be home tonight and I would call him before we did come home. Jasper had a spare bedroom for us so we went to bed right away to get up early and go look at our old property. 08112010

Jasper woke us up screaming at the fish for not biting his baited hook. “Some things never change huh jasper?” He seemed so frustrated. I sat down next to him and began to hum an old tune my Grand dad taught me. All the sudden he got a bite. He fought with this fish for a good 25 minutes before he reeled it in. It was about 10 pound catfish. I grabbed the net and caught the fish in it and helped Jasper bring it onto the deck. “Woohoo!” That’s my dinner! “Thanks Doug”. He took the fish and placed it in a cooler of ice. “Are you guys ready to head over to your old place Doug?” I said, “Yeah sure let’s hit it”. We all three climbed into the airboat and flew up the river. Ten minutes later we were at my old family cabin. Thousands of memories began to fill my head all at the same time. I jumped off the boat and tied it down. The place seemed so much bigger to me when I was little. It was a little four bedroom, two bathroom cottage with a common room, large kitchen, and huge deck. The front of the house was on about an acre of land that had been used for vegetable gardens and fruit trees. The front porch had a swing hanging from the roof by chains. That was a new addition after my parents sold the place. They had also added a few sky lights in the kitchen, bathrooms and the master bedroom. It needed lots of upgrades. I turned to Ben and said, “I want to buy it!” Ben said ok, and got on the phone to the realtor. In 20 minutes the realtor showed up and pulled out the paperwork. We signed papers, made an offer and the owners accepted it. I got on the phone and had everything switched over to my name. I also called the local contractor and had him come in and I gave him the rundown on what I wanted him to do the place. 08112010

I was having the decks rebuilt, and a boat dock built as well. I wanted to have both bathrooms and a full updated remodel in the kitchen with solid oak cabinets and granite counter tops, along with stainless steel appliances. I wanted a new roof put on, along with a new exterior paint. I needed a two car garage built also a paved driveway. The master bathroom needed a shower, a bath tub and two sinks. The guest bathroom only needed a shower. I had the contractor make room for one bidet in each bathroom and in the master bathroom a built in urinal. I called a local landscaper and told him what I wanted done to the acre of land. He told me he would draw out a diagram and proposal and fax it to me in Marin. This was going to really cost me a pretty penny, but it was worth every cent since I was revamping my family cabin. Everyone in the family would have the opportunity to come and stay here when they needed a vacation. 08112010

I called the electrician and let him know that I needed him to work with the contractor and install pocket lights in each room, at least four. I also called the sound and cable guy and had him install a plasma television and the Bose surround entertainment system. He also installed a new security system, with all new double paned windows, French doors and front door. All the bedrooms and bathrooms were fitted with pocket doors, so we could air our the cabin if needed. Just as soon as all the work was completed, Ben and I went back to the cabin with Timmy, Matthew, Luis, Anya, Stephan, Jon. We set up a few day beds under the windows just incase we were having anymore unexpected company. 08112010

The driveway was all paved and they paved a turn about right in front of the house. The landscaping was all done up in palms, various philodendrons, papyrus, red button ginger, amorphophallus, voodoo lily, Sauromatum venosum, Yucca whipplei, Papyrus, and Large dracena. In between the plants were red and black lava rocks. Along the fence line was cocoa bean mulch. The garage was built and what Ben didn’t tell me was that he had the contractor build a two bedroom luxury apartment above the separate two car garage. I couldn’t wait to see what he had done to the place since the whole cottage remodeling was built to my taste. 08112010

I ran up the stairs and opened the door. Right away there was a good sized living room fully furnished and had a big screen projector tv, and a galley kitchen off to the left. To the right was two bedrooms and a Jack & Jill bathroom fully tiled in between. All the kitchen cabinets were done in cherry maple. The granite was black marble. Stainless steel appliances, built in microwave, a 10” flat screen television was installed between the cabinets. Bose surround sound through out the apartment. Recessed lighting, in every room. Gas fireplace in the living room. Hard wood floors. French doors above the front doors of the garage leading out to a patio. The place was perfect.08112010

I ran down the stair and entered the cabin. The floors were done in solid oak. The walls were retextured and painted. The kitchen was exactly what I pictured in my mind, and the skylight gave it more natural lighting. I went into the living room and it was really cozy. Ben had purchased all the furniture and he had exquisite taste. The guest bathroom floor and walls was all done in glass agate tile. There was a drain in two places, one in the open shower and then another one half way down the length of the floor. There was a sink, built in cabinets above the sink. One toilet and one bidet. The master bathroom had one bath tub, a urinal, a bidet, and a toilet, plus a shower which was partially enclosed by glass blocks that went from the floor to the ceiling. 08112010

The back deck and boat dock were brand new. Another thing that Ben added with out me knowing was an outdoor BBQ-Kitchen setting, and living space. I told him that was going a little too far for the area, but I loved the thought all the same. He also bought us our own brand new airboat so that we could cruise up the river to go into town or shopping. Everyone loved the cabin and the property. This was going to become our home away from home. We would be able to keep relationships with both groups our families and friends. In minutes an airboat rode up to our dock and tied up. I could see two women and a man aboard it. It was Mama, Jasper and Brigitte. Mama brought everyone some food from her kitchen. 08112010

Jennifer, George, Luis, and Anya showed up the next day to check out the property and what Ben and I had done to it.  We all just hung out on the bayou, cooking up catfish and gumbo.  Anya and Luis pulled me aside and asked me if they could move out of the guest house in the Marin estate and live in the guest house here?  I told them they were welcome to either one.  They chose the Bayou guest house, so I gave them the key and the pass code.  I also bought them a little zap car to plug in, that they could use to go to and from on land where the airboat couldn’t.  Before Ben and I headed back to California, we christened the cabin “Bayou Delight” . Jasper made and hung a wooden sign on the property with the name.  He also painted the name professionally on the sides of the zap car and the airboat.  08112010

Back in Marin, I had realized that Stephan and Jon were getting very serious. I asked them if they wanted the guest house to themselves since Luis and Anya moved to our Louisiana, Bayou Delight apartment. They both agreed so I gave each of them keys. Later that day I went to Matthew and asked him if he wanted the guest room where Stephan and Jon had been staying? He said no that he was happy right where he was sharing the attic space with Timmy. 08112010

Ben and I got ready for bed. What was supposed to be a one day visit back home for me turned out to be an eight month back and forth ordeal. I wasn’t able to focus on work and neither was Matthew. Although Matthew was getting much better with his practice, and he was extremely focused and clear on what he was trying to accomplish. I laid in bed thinking about how I was going to work with him tomorrow. I also thought about how our estate went from full house to only four people staying in the main house and two in the guest house. The property would become quiet, relaxing and tranquil again, so I thought. 08112010

I was dreaming and I thought I heard a doorbell. I woke up and waited to see if it was my imagination, maybe I was dreaming, or was someone really at the door? I went to the door and answered it. It was Mom and Pop. They were standing in the doorway each holding one of the twins hands. I looked at all of them and said, “Good morning, please come in.” They stepped in and the kids looked a little disturbed. “Mom…..Dad, what’s going on?” I asked with worry in my tone. “Son, your sister and brother in law have been missing for a few days and these kids popped up at our house. We’re the Grandparents, we’re supposed to spoil them and then send them home to Mommy and Daddy”. Troy and Toni let go of their hands and ran to the game room. I walked my parents into the kitchen. “Would you like some coffee, or tea?” Dad said coffee black, Mom asked for tea. She started to make it herself. “You guys, why wasn’t anyone aware of this before now? I mean Ben and I could have located them after 24 hours.” Mom spoke up, well Donna and David said they were on a mission and they asked us to watch the kids for the day. It turned into two days and now we just can’t keep the kids any longer than that. “You both know that those kids are like our own and we will take them anytime, Right?” Dad said “Yes Doug, we’re worried about Donna & Dave. It’s not like them to not wire us, or send a telepathic message.” I poured Dad and I some coffee and then called a meeting in the conference room. 08112010

There was Ben, Mom, Dad, Stephan, Jon, Timmy, Matthew, Troy, Toni and I. I turned to the twins, “Did you two get anything from your Mom and Dad since they’ve been gone, anything?” “No Uncle Doug” they both said simultaneously. Ben and I looked at each other and we decided to do an aura scan. We excused ourselves from the meeting and walked to the meditation room. We sat down, and I said, you search for David’s aura and I will focus on Donna’s. We envisioned the color that was most prominent in our siblings. We focused on them and then once they became the brightest thing in our minds eye, we began to trace the surrounding areas, then work our way outward. We were both breathing in deep through the nose and out through the mouth. 08112010

Both Ben and I had searched the whole World. We did not locate them anywhere. I came out of my trance first and broke out into a major panic. Ben came out of his and was shaking, and sweating. “Oh my God, Doug, where are they?” I had never been so frightened in all my life. We both held each other and tried to calm one another down before we went back into the conference room to let everyone else know what we had found, or what we had not found. 08112010

I walked in first and then Ben came in behind me. “Well, we didn’t find anything.” Troy and Toni ran out past us saying “ We’ll find them”. Timmy and Matthew ran out after them. Mom and Dad didn’t look so good. Mom pulls me aside and says, can we contact our crossed over relatives and ask them? Don’t you think they would know where they are and what has happened?” I looked at Ben and he nodded. “Okay Mom, Dad, we have one more thing we can try, but I would like you two to go home and carry on with your schedules. We will call you as soon as we hear anything. Besides I think you should be home incase Donna or David calls”. I hugged them both and saw them out. 08112010

Ben and I called the meeting over for now and we went back into the meditation room. “Who was your most gossipy relative who has crossed over now?” He thought about it for a minute and he said it has to be my Uncle Jerry. I laughed and thought about mine for a moment. “It was my Gram, she gossiped about everything under the sun. Okay let’s call them and see what they have to say.” I walked out and asked Timmy to baby sit his nephew and niece while I called in Matthew to sit in on this. I had Matthew draw up two pentagrams on the floor and place the candles at each point. He lit them and then stepped back. We began chanting, Ben in Latin, me in French. Our focus was on our gossiping relatives. The lighting in the room dimmed and the flickering candles was the only light left in the room. Smoke began to appear and swirl around in tiny whirlwinds. They were changing colors, all the colors of the rainbow, red, yellow, green, purple, then suddenly the smoke stayed at one solid color and then formed into the shapes of our lost loved ones. 08112010

“Gram, Is that you?” She looked at me and said “Yes, why are you calling me?” I got a little aggravated with her and said, “Gram, we’ve lost Donna, do you know where she is?” My tone was short and abrupt. Gram looked long and hard at me. She looked over at Ben, then Matthew. She looked over at Ben’s Uncle Jerry, then she looked back at me. Her eyes become more visible in the smoke like they were alive and real. They pierced right through my heart, then she said “ You will find your sister where David is!” and then she vanished. I looked at Ben as if I was defeated by my worse enemy, and he spoke to his Uncle, “Uncle Jerry, where is David?” Uncle Jerry spoke softly and calmly. “He is in the place where it does not rain, under the stone and sand” then he vanished. Matthew had been writing everything that had transpired down on paper in short hand. He got up and said, “I’ll go write this out as a report and then save it on the computer”. 08112010

I asked Ben what he thought his Uncle Jerry meant. He told me the only place he could think of was Egypt. We went to our bedroom and packed for a trip to Cairo. I asked Stephan and Jon if they could watch the twins. I gave them some cash for food and anything else they kids could want and need. I needed to take Matthew with us, so I asked Timmy if he wanted to come along too. He said yes, the two of them went into the basement and packed up any supplies that they thought they might need, and then they went upstairs and backed their bags. “Good Night kids” I said and I kissed the twins good night. They knew they were going to stay in the guest room during their stay here. Ben and I went to bed early to get plenty of rest for our trip. 08112010

Ben was in bed first this time. I climbed in and he hugged me, kissed me and then said “I am confident that we will find them”. I sighed and said, “I hope so”. We kissed and then turned out the lights. I started falling into a deep sleep. I suddenly appeared in the family prayer hut. I was on my knees praying when Papa came to visit me. “Hi Sunshine” he said. “Hi Papa, do you know where David and Donna are?” I asked. “Yes, I do and when you get to Egypt look up my friend named Bes, he will have everything you might need while you are there. I will tell him in his dream tonight that you are coming. Remember, stay cool, and think positive, I love you Sunshine!” He kissed me on top of my head and disappeared. I finished praying and the dream ended. I didn’t dream anything else for the rest of the night. 08112010

The next morning everyone was up and ready fairly early. I asked Ben if we should fly their or if he was going to take us. He said we didn’t have time to fly. So we all got our things ready, and then he focused on our rooms at the Conrad Hotel. He said “Good Bye” to the twins, Stephan and Jon, then we vanished. We appeared inside our hotel room which was the executive room with twin beds. I looked at the boys and said “Is that going to be a problem for you two?” They laughed and said, “Nah, not a problem”. We unpacked our things and I went into the city to look for Bes. I walked to a little through the market place and came up to a tall dark man with black hair and black eyes. I asked him if he knew anyone by the name of Bes. He nodded and then pointed to the booth across the way where a man was selling hand woven blankets. “Hi are you Bes?” He leaned down to me and asked “Hi are you Sunshine?” I chuckled and said, “well yeah I am but please call me Doug”. 08112010

We shook hands and he said, “Please allow me to close up and I will meet you where?” “We are staying at the Conrad Hotel, ring me at the lobby. Doug and Ben Parker” I left the market and headed back to the hotel. By the time I had returned the boys were running around the hotel checking it out from floor to rooftop. Ben was making a few business calls and also calling family. I sat down and put my feet up. “I am exhausted”. Ben walked over and removed my shoes and socks and massaged my feet for me. He suggested I wear sandals or flip flops only in this weather. I agreed, then fell asleep. 08112010

Ben ordered delivery and then when it arrived I woke up. The boys were hungry so they came back just in time for food. After we ate there was a knock on the door so I opened it and it was Bes. “Please come in” I said. “Thank you, he came in and sat down, I understand that you are looking for your brother and sister?” Ben and I said “Yes” at the same time. “I also heard from my sources that they were investigating a secret organization here in Egypt that is trying to uncover some deeply buried treasures in our dessert is that true?” I walked over, “Well we don’t really know exactly why they were here or what they were doing. What we do know is that they left three days ago and they fell off the radar”. Bes stood up and said “I see”, he began to walk towards the door. Here is my card, you call me if there is anything that I can help you with while you enjoy your stay in Cairo”. I took the card and saw him out. 08112010

“Well, he was a huge help”. I said sarcastically. Ben replied, “Hun, we don’t know what we’re up against here and he just might be our only key to getting David and Donna out of harms way.” “I know, I’m just frustrated. Those two piss me off when they think only about themselves and their ambitions but neglect and forget they are parents of two wonderful twins who need them!” Timmy walked over and wrapped his arms around me. “We’re going to find them big brother. I can feel it.” I hugged him back and then sat down to think. “Okay so where should we start?” Matthew said, “I found a burial site just North of here where it is rumored there is massive dig to unearth a lost city where it is believed at one time it held the key to immortality and youth. I think we should start there.” Ben said, “That’s a great idea. Just then the four of us were inside this buried city. “God Damnit Ben, we didn’t pack any supplies.” I snapped. Matthew clapped his hands and everyone had a back pack on the floor in front of them. I was very surprised, “Wow, I’m sorry for being so bitchy”. 08112010

I kissed Ben and whispered, “Please forgive me” he leaned over and whispered back in my ear, “I already have”. We pulled out our flash lights and scoped out the hallways. They were all made of thick stones, and it was very cold inside. We continued to walk very carefully and slowly. I could hear a tink tink tink sound not too far away from where we were. I thought was that my Sister and Brother? I couldn’t be sure so I pulled out my knife. Ben pulled out a gun. Matthew pulled out his club, and Timmy pulled out a bottle opener. “Seriously? You think that’s going to do anything?” He laughed and said, “this has saved my life more than once big brother.” I messed his hair up with the palm of my hand and allowed all of them to go ahead of me. 08122010

All of the sudden there was a huge explosion. The whole tomb shook. Timmy screamed and jumped up into Matthew’s arms. I stopped and looked at Timmy, “What in the hell is the matter with you? You’re acting like a scared little girl, knock it off!” Matthew froze and looked at Timmy deep into his eyes. Ben elbowed me to get my attention while I was scoping out the place. I looked at Ben and he nodded his head towards the boys. I realized right then and there what exactly was going on with those two. It made me recall how Ben and I were at that age. “You two, what hell?” Matthew put Timmy down and then said “Oh, sorry.” I turned to them and said, “Save that for later please…” We continued to walk down the aisle but there was a problem ahead. The explosion must have caused a cave in and the boulders were blocking the way. Matthew said, “Here let me try something” he help up both of his arms and began to concentrate and then he said a made up spell :

Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust,
for goodness sakes
delete this stuff!
Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust,
for goodness sakes
delete this stuff!
Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust,
for goodness sakes
delete this stuff!

The boulders vanished into thin air. “Matthew, Where did you find that spell?” I asked. He laughed and said “online, Tabitha’s Spells, only I modified it just a little.” Ben chuckled and said “What ever works”. 08122010

We continued down the cold corridor and heard voices, they were muffled so we couldn’t identify them. Before I realized it Timmy began too shake, almost like he was going into a convulsion. “Timmy?” He fell to the ground and then turned into smoke. The smoke started to hover about two feet from the ground and then it moved down the hallway and seeped through a crack between the floor and the wall. “Ben, what was that!?” I yelled. Ben, shrugged his shoulders and then rested his hand on the wall right above where the smoke disappeared into the crack. He took a deep breath, counted to three and then punched the wall. There was a big explosion and a whole formed as the cloud of rubble settled. We entered slowly, and I pushed Matthew in between Ben and I. 08122010

I was so irritated, Timmy was my little brother and I would kill if anything bad happened to him. Ben sensed my anger and rage with each step we took, “Calm down Doug, that’s not going to help us here”. I had to breathe and calm myself down. Just then, Timmy jumps up from around the corner and scares the crap out of me. “Timmy what was that back there?” He hugged me tight and said, Matthew and I have been working on my ability to Tran configure. I hugged him back and started to tear up a bit, “You scared the hell out of me, please warn me next time”. “Sorry big brother I will”. 08122010

“Follow me, look what I found” Timmy said with excitement in his voice. We all followed him, Matthew was eager to see what it was. Ben and I stayed behind just a little bit. We walked around the corner and then we came to Donna and David, digging out priceless artifacts and gems. “Okay, now I am really pissed off! What are you two doing here and why didn’t you call Mom and Dad?” They turned to me and apologized. “We were obsessed with this discovery and we wanted to be the first ones to unearth it.” “That’s fine, but if you two don’t want to handle your responsibilities as parents, then I am going to suggest that the twins move in with Ben and I.” Donna stopped digging for a moment, she looked up at me and said, “They are better of with you two for now, and when we’re finished here then we will let them decide”. I was so furious, I grabbed Ben and said, “common, let’s go home, NOW!~” He hugged David and Donna, and then said “David, you better call me to let me know that you’re okay!” 08122010

Matthew pulled out a beacon, that looked like a bobby pin and stuck it to Donna’s purse. He whispered to Timmy, “Now we can track them via GPS”. Timmy hugged his uncle and aunt, then with a snap of the fingers we were all back home. Matthew and Timmy went right to my office to log onto the computer and test out the tracking device. I phoned Mom & Dad to let them know that we found Donna & Dave. I also let them know that the twins would be living with me for a while. I needed to calm down so I went into the sauna and got undressed at the lockers. I wrapped a large towel around me and sat inside there for a while. Matthew came in and sat down next to me. “Hey, are you okay?” he sounded sincere. “Yeah I’m just aggravated with my sister and brother in law. They act like they are teenagers again.” Matthew moved closer to me and put his arm around my shoulder. “Sorry about that, but at least they are okay and nothing bad has happened.” I looked at him and put my arm around his shoulder and said “Yeah, I suppose you’re right. So tell me, what’s going on with you and Timmy?” 08122010

Matthew seemed a little bit nervous after I asked him that question. I pulled him in and hugged him tight. “I saw how you two were looking at each other in the tombs, and I have to say, for a moment I saw Doug and I as teenagers. Is that what is happening between you two? Are you falling in love?” He cleared his throat and then spoke, soft and low, “I think we are, I mean, I never planned for this to happen, it just did.” “Look, I welcome love and happiness. Especially where my baby brother is concerned. Both Ben and I see something in you that is very special and endearing. You’re a great young man and you have such a bright future. If you decide to ask Timmy to share that with you, then you have our blessings.” We both just sat there embraced with each other, until the temperature got to be unbearable and then we went out to the showers, rinsed off and got dressed. 08122010

I went to the basement and searched for a spell that I could cast to connect Donna to me. I wanted to be able to say it and simply appear where ever she was. I was really bothered about those two, and I felt like I needed to keep a close eye on them for a while. Especially since they weren’t handling their parental responsibilities very well. Matthew walked in and asked me if I needed any help. I told him what I was looking for. He said he had come across a binding spell that worked something like that. He said that we might be able to tweak it a little to give me the outcome I wanted. “Here it is.” He handed me the book and I read it quietly to myself. I grabbed a doll that looked like Donna off the shelf. I found one that looked like me. I wrapped them together with string.

I chanted:

This Is How We Shall Be
Let Time Share What We Shall See
Let Us Be Closer All The Time
Until I Decide To Set You Free.

I placed the dolls in a porcelain jar that I made up on the shelf. 08122010

I sat down in the chair, more like plopped, “I’m so tired”. Matthew placed a throw pillow behind my head and then covered me up with a blanket. I fell fast asleep. Ben came in and saw that I had fallen asleep. He asked Matthew if I was okay? Matthew said, “Yeah, he’s just exhausted”. Ben asked Matthew if he wanted to go to the grocery market with him. “Yeah, let me get my things”. We met at the Jeep in the garage. Timmy ran out and asked “Where are you guys going?” Ben answered, “Just to the grocery store, do you want to come along, or do you need anything?” Timmy said, “Nah, I’ll see you when you get back.” Timmy came into the basement and began taking books off the shelves and reading them. 08122010

I wasn’t sure how long I had slept. I knew it had to have been a couple hours. I woke up to see Timmy sitting at a small wooden desk in a matching chair readying. “Hey ‘lil brother” I said. “Hi Doug”.He replied. “Can I talk to you about something?” he asked me. “Of course, I’m all ears”. “Well, I think that something is happening between Matthew and I and I’m not really sure how to handle it or even feel about it. I mean, he’s such a great guy. We have so much in common, and when we are together it just feels like it is what it is supposed to be. I haven’t shared this much of myself with anybody else before in my life. I never dreamed that I would be even attracted to men, let alone be having one take up all my spare time thinking about one”. I interrupted and said “Timmy, little brother, we really do not chose who we fall in love with….our hearts do! The only thing we can do is listen to it, and then allow ourselves to be honest and true to that. Does any of this make sense to you?” He looked at me so seriously and said “It makes perfect sense to me”. Right then and there I realized that my little brother was not a boy, but he had become a man. 08122010  

Before we planned dinner I went into my office and logged onto the computer. I opened up my date book to see if there was anything important that I needed to do or something scheduled by Matthew that he forgot to tell me about. I realized that in only a few days, it was going to be Timmy’s 18th birthday. Only four days after his on my calendar Matthew had marked down his birthday. He was going to be 20. I decided to plan a joint birthday party for the both of them. I wanted it to be a surprise. I telephoned Matthew’s family and asked then if they could come over on the weekend. I also called Luis and Anya and I invited them. I called George, and invited them. All my bases were covered. I talked it over with Ben and he had some great ideas for a theme party celebration. 08122010

Today was Timmy’s birthday. I woke up showered, and then headed upstairs to check in on the boys. I knocked on the door and Matthew said come in. I entered and Matthew was just placing the clothes that he wanted to wear on his bed. I looked at Timmy’s bed and it was already made. I walked to the bathroom and slowly opened the door. “Hey Timmy”. “Oh hey, Hi”. He was in the bath tub. I sat down next to the tub, and said “Happy Birthday little brother”. He smiled and said thanks. I asked him what his plans were? He said he was going to leave the day open for what ever. I winked at him and said “Okay let me and Ben plan your day okay?” He said “Yes, that sounds like fun”. 08152010

As I was walking out, I said to Matthew, meet me in my office in about an hour. I had the whole day planned out. I needed to go over it with him, because today it was only going to be the four of us, until the surprise party in the evening. Matthew knocked on the open door of my office, “May I come in?” he asked, “Yes, Please do” I responded. Okay so what I would like to do first is to take the ferry out of Larkspur, to the city. Then we’ll go to a nice place for lunch. We will need to pack our back packs, because we’re going on a hike just North of the city to this special place where Ben and I hike to there is a natural warm spring, and a mud bath. We will need towels, drinks, snacks, and anything else you think we might need for this little trip. “I’ll get right on that.” Matthew said and rushed out. 08162010

By the time the Limo pulled up everyone was ready to head out. Timmy was so excited to see that we were traveling by Limo. We got our back packs and waked out to the car. Timmy and Matthew climbed in first, then Ben and I. Once we got to Larkspur the driver helped us with our back packs and then left. We got on the Ferry and rode over to the City. We went to a classy little place right on the water. After brunch we were on our way towards our hike. I hailed a cab and then we went out to Marin County to Mount Tamalpais where Ben and I hike often to a mud bath and a natural hot spring. It was a 45 minute hike to the spot and there was never anyone else there when we go. 08172010

We got to the site and dropped everything. I pulled out my towel from my back pack. Everyone else got their towels out too. I set it right next to the mud hole, took off all my clothes and then lowered myself into the mud. I began to pack the mud onto my body all over. Ben came and lowered himself next to me and we began to put the mud on each other. The boys had followed us and they also were helping one another pack the mud onto their skin. It felt so warm, and refreshing. I covered Ben’s chest, back, shoulders, arms, face, and then his lower body. He was doing the same for me. My skin felt like it was wrapped up in a warm blanket. “Timmy & Matthew, how does this feel? Do you like it?” The boys didn’t say a word they smiled and slapped the mud on. Ben and I laughed to ourselves, and then sat down. “Aaaahh. I’ve been thinking about this all week!” I said to Ben, “Me too, it feels so good!” 08172010

The boys snuggled up to one another and then just closed their eyes and relaxed. They both looked so peaceful, and tranquil. Ben wrapped his arm around me and I fell asleep. The time flew by and before we knew it an hour had passed. I woke up and hen said, “Hey guys time to get out and jump into the hot springs.” I got out first and ran over to them. Then Ben and the boys. They were running over so fast I thought there was a fire. They all jumped in and went under the water. When they came up all the mud was washed off. My skin felt like silk. Timmy and Matthew began to have a water fight. Ben swam up and sat next to me, so I kissed him. The boys quit splashing and looked at Ben and I kissing. They quickly sat down next to one another and began kissing. “Happy Birthday Tim”. Mathew said, then continued to kiss him. “Happy Birthday Timmy”. Ben and I said. 08172010

We only spent about 20 minutes in the hot springs. “Let’s head back guys, the days not over yet” I said and got out and grabbed my towel and dried off. I handed everyone else theirs. We all got dressed and back packed back to the road. I had called the Limo driver and had him meat us at the road. Timmy and Matthew jumped in first then Ben and I. We went back to the house. I got out of the Limo and used my key to unlock the door. I allowed the boys to go in first. The house was completely dark and quiet. Timmy noticed and said, “Wow the house is unusually quiet. I flicked on the light switch and everyone screamed “Surprise!” The whole gang was there, the twins, Stephan and Jon, Mom and Pops, Donna and David, Jocelyn and George, June and Thomas, and Jennifer. Also, there was Anya and Luis, Brenda and Brighten. Coming in from the kitchen was Jasper and Brigitte. Norma Jean and Bill were sitting at the recliners, just about everyone was there, even Matthews Mom and Dad. 08172010

Matthew walked over and kissed his Mom and Dad. I greeted everyone as I walked in and thanked them for coming. Timmy seamed a little overwhelmed, then he ran over and hugged and kissed Mom and Dad. Everyone was happy and in a really good mood. Jocelyn and Jennifer had made everyone drinks so all we needed to do was tend to our own drinks. I went to the kitchen and made Ben and I drinks. There was a knock on the door so Matthew opened it and it was the pizza delivery guy. They also were delivering a birthday cake as well. I went to the foyer and paid him and tipped him then thanked him. I had ordered enough pizza for everyone to pretty much eat a large to themselves. I figured by morning, we would all have leftovers for breakfast. The twins quickly changed into their suits and then hit the pool. Most of the couples followed them in and they started a game of Volley Ball. Matthew and Timmy ran upstairs and chanced into their trunks to join them. The older folks reconvened in the Theater room and started a movie. 08172010

Ben and I sat outside beside the pool watching the game. “So do you think he’s having a good birthday so far?” I asked Ben. “Oh, hell yes, he’s having the time of his life. I can see Matthew is really good for him.” I nodded. I pulled out a plastic binder, that was sealed by Velcro. I handed it to Ben. He said “What’s this?” I said “SSSssssshhhhh it’s our gift to Timmy for his birthday, also because Matthew’s birthday is soon, I included him in the gift”. Ben opened it and smiled, Then looked it over. “Wow, Ben said, it’s an all inclusive package to Blancaneaux Lodge, Belize. Which includes, 

Stated nights in a stylish Riverfront Cabaña.
All cooked breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
Full day 4-wheel-drive excursion to Mayan citadel of Caracol and Rio Frio Cave (a combination of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and Caracol tours).
Canoe adventure to Barton Creek Cave, an ancient Maya ceremonial and burial cavern.
Horseback adventure to Big Rock Falls (only on 4 night package).
Roundtrip transfer from Belize International Airport or Municipal Airport to Blancaneaux Lodge.
Round trip airline tickets from SFO San Francisco to Belize International Airport.

Four nights for 1,1811.00. What a great price!”

“I figured that they would never decide to go there on their own and it’s such a great trip at a good price.” I said as I took the binder back from Ben. People ate as they wanted. There was plenty of pizza, sodas and drinks. The party went on for a few more hours and then I decided to call everyone in so that Timmy could blow out his candles and share him opening his presents. We all assemble in the great room, and Timmy begins to get restless. I carry in the cake as we all sing happy birthday. He blows out the candles and then makes a wish. Jocelyn takes the cake out to the kitchen with Jennifer and they slice it and serve it. I hand Timmy my binder and I ask him and Matthew to open it together. They look at one another sitting next to each other on the floor and then they open the binder. They read as their eyes get beg. I say, “That’s for both you and Matthews birthday since Matthew’s is only one week away. You two can leave in the morning”. They both jump up and hug and kiss me, thanking me. Then they embrace Ben and thank him too. Matthew passes the binder around for everyone to see and then Timmy begins to open more gifts. 08172010

The evening ended and I saw everyone out and thanked them. Anya and Luis offered to clean up the place after the party. They were staying with us for a few days to hang out with Ben and I. The boys went to bed right away to get in a good night sleep. Ben and I were right behind them. In the morning the boys got up and ready first thing, before anyone else was awake. We met them at the door. I hand the boys their passports, and hug and kiss them as they run out the door and hop into the Limo. “Bye guys, be safe and call me if you need anything!” They thanked us again and then they went on their way. 08172010

I went to the kitchen and pulled out the left over pizza. That was what everyone was going to have for breakfast, because I didn’t feel like making anything. One by one everyone on the estate had gathered into the kitchen. “That turned out to be a fun party, you guys”. Anya said. “Oh thanks, I hope the boys enjoyed it. I was trying to get them geared up and excited about the trip. That’s why Ben and I took them to the city and then for a hike to our mud bath and hot springs spot”. Luis turned to me and said, “Gee, you never took me there.” I laughed and said, I will teleport you two there alone, anytime you want and then you will know where it is.” I winked at him and he smiled back. “How about today?” I looked at Ben, he nodded. “Okay just say when and then, we will send you on over”. I said looking at Anya, then continued, “Now can you two get home on your own or do you need me to come and get you?” Anya chuckled and said, “we can manage” with a smile. They ate pizza, packed a back pack and then came to us in the kitchen and said, “we’re ready.” I closed my eyes and thought about them and then the mud bath, and then in seconds, they were gone. 08172010  

“Okay, now what are we going to do today because with out Matthew here I’m not in the mood to work?”
Ben smiled and said, “Anything you want!” “Okay I want to go to the Bayou Delight for the day, and then we can come back and hang out with Anya and Luis”. Ben agreed, so we got ready and then popped over to the cabin. I picked up the phone to call Jasper. He came over right away. We sat out on the back deck BBQ’ing and drinking beers. He was telling us all about what had been going on while we were away and also how Luis and Anya were getting along with the country folk. I loved hanging out with Jasper. He had been my childhood friends since as far back as I could remember. We spent most of our time laughing. I knew he would do anything for me, all I had to do was ask. 08172010

Ben, Jasper and I ate dinner together and then we had to say out goodbyes and head back home. I told Jasper that I would be back with Anya and Luis, when they were finished visiting us in Marin. We hugged and then I asked him if he wouldn’t mind house sitting while we were away. He agreed, and then Brigitte and Mama came over to say goodbye. Ben put his arm around me and snapped his fingers and we were back at the Marin Estate. I went into the game room to work on my puzzle. Ben went to the kitchen to make us some tea and then he met me back in there. Anya and Luis showed up and Ben made them tea too. In no time, Stephan and Jon were there also helping me with the puzzle. We all finished the puzzle that night so I glued it together and then matted and framed it. I gave it to Luis and Anya to hang up in their apartment back in the Bayou. 08172010

Ben and I went out to the sauna before we were going to shower and head to bed. By the time we got there Stephan and Jon were in there. “Hi guys” I said. “What have you two been up to?” They looked down and smiled. “We have just been staying close to home” Jon said. “Well, how would you like to go with us to stay at the Bayou Delight for a few days? I was going to do some fishing, and also do some clubbing. So let me know if you want to go”. They nodded. We all baked for about 15 minutes and then everyone went out. Ben and I took a bath together with bubbles and our luffas. Then we went to bed. 08172010

Today was game day. We all got on our Giants gear and met out at the garage. We were taking a cab to the game Ferry then going to A T & T Park. The Giants were playing the A’s. Once on the Ferry, all of us wanted a drink. We grouped together at the bar,and Ben bought our drinks. I wanted to sit outside, while we rode over. The sun was up, there wasn’t any fog, and there seemed to be a pleasant breeze. Towards the back of the Ferry there was a live band playing so that’s where Anya, Luis, Jon and Stephan went. The twins sat beside us with hot cocoa and apple fritters. They always went to the games with Ben and I. We had season seats, so they knew exactly where to go. 08172010

“We had so much fun this time Uncle Ben and Uncle Doug!” The twins said at the same time as we came inside from the driveway. “Oh good, I’m glad, you guys need to get out sometimes and get away from your video games”. They both hugged us and headed to their rooms to put away their souvenirs. “Ben what are we going to do for dinner? It’s kind of late.” “Oh I prepared a soup in the crock pot and there’s a nice garden salad in the refrigerator.” I got dinner and sat outside to eat it. I also let everyone know where it was and that they could help themselves. I ate and then went right to bed. I was too tired to say goodnight to anyone, I just snuck off. 08172010

Soon after falling asleep I began to dream that I was walking along this wooden bridge, that went the full span of the bay. It had wooden slats and in some spaces they were missing. As I got to the missing slats I looked down to the water and I could see circling sharks. I was feeling very scared. This turned into a dream where I was flying. I flew easily over all the missing slats until I got to the other side. All the sudden I felt like I needed to go to the restroom. I looked around and there was one across the parking lot, of the vista point. I walked into the men’s room and there was a troff urinal I unzipped my zipper and reached inside to pull it out. I was standing there alone for a minute. I wasn’t able to go. All of the sudden I heard all these woman speaking. Before I knew it the troff was filled with woman who lowered their pants or hiked up their dresses and squatted over it. They were all still talking and going as if I wasn’t even there. I really couldn’t go now, so I pulled it in and zipped up then left in a hurry. 08172010  

The next dream that I had was where I was flying all over the place trying to find the twins. They somehow wondered off and I lost contact with them. I was flying frantically, asking everyone I knew it they had seen them. This was really scaring me because they never ever went anywhere with out letting me know first. They would tell me in a note or just send me a telepathic signal. While I was flying these giant spiders, tarantulas were chasing me. They even jumped and tried to bite me. I was so scared, that I started sweating and screaming for Ben. I guess I was really crying out in my sleep because I woke out of the dream with Ben patting my back and then asking me if I am okay. I told him what I dreamed about and then I fell asleep again. 08172010

The alarm clock went off and I woke up and turned it off. I just laid there in bed awake. Ben rolled over on top of me and started kissing me. We kissed and hugged and rolled around on the bed for the next hour making love. Afterwards, we showered, dressed and met in the kitchen. I made chocolate croissants, fresh out of the oven, he made coffee. “Man oh man do those ever smell delectable!” Said Jon as he entered the kitchen. “Good Morning Poopsie” I said, and he chuckled. I plated one up for him and Ben poured him a mug of coffee, as he sat down at the counter. In no time the twins ran in, and Toni was asking for butter, for hers. “Here you go” I said as I kissed her good morning. I handed Troy his and then I kissed him too. I walked over to Jon then I kissed him and said, “Don’t want to leave you out.” He smiled and kissed me back. Stephan came in and he looked like he had a really ruff night. He was still practically walking with his eyes closed, so he walked right into the wall.08172010

“Whoa, watch out!” I ordered. In moments Stephan became invisible and hit stools, plates, and pots. “Stephan!” I grabbed where I thought he was and then made contact and pulled him in close to me. I hugged him tight and wouldn’t let him go. I could feel him sink into my arms. I looked at Jon, “What is this all about?” Jon shrugged his shoulders. Stephen whispered in my ear, “I love you”. I turned to his and whispered “I love you too, are you okay?” He suddenly became visible and then stood upright. “I am just exhausted, bad dreams all night I think. Then he pulled up a stool next to Jon. 08172010

I placed a chocolate croissant on a plate and handed it to Stephan. “I had bad dreams too last night. I’m going to record them in my dream journal just in case they turn out to mean something. Do you have a dream journal Stephan?” I asked. “No”, he said and ate, so I went into my office and brought back a leather backed journal and a deluxe pen set. “Here you go”. I handed them to him and suggested he do the same. Luis and Anya came in and kissed everyone good morning and then helped themselves to coffee and croissants. I picked up the phone and asked Jennifer if she could baby sit the twins for two days. She asked them if they wanted her to and they both said yes. I sent them to her at June house, after breakfast. I went into the office and then wrote in my journal. Anya came in and asked if we were ready to go soon? I told her yes then I checked with Jon and Stephan and Ben. We all met in the conference room and that’s when Ben teleported us to the Bayou Delight. 08172010

Jasper was sitting on the back porch casing a line out. I got my rod and loaded it up and then sat next to him. Luis and Anya went to their apartment. Ben started marinating meats to BBQ. Jon and Stephan wanted to run to the store so they took the air boat for a ride. “Hi Dougie” he said to me as I sat down next to him and cast in my reel. “Hi jasper, did you miss me?” He smiled, “I sure did. Hey you know who was here while you were gone?” I looked at him with a blank look, “No who?” “Well do you remember that young woman who used to run around selling home made friendship bracelets? I forgot her name”. I thought for a moment and then said “You don’t mean Monica do you?” “Ya, that’s her! She came to the door asking for you, so I told her you were in California but you still lived here and I was expecting you back soon”. “Did you tell her I was married?” “Nope, she left in a hurry.” 08172010

Brigitte pulled up in Jasper’s air boat and then hopped off and tied it to the dock. She came over and gave me a big hug and kiss. “Hi baby, how are ya?” I asked. She said, “I am good, what sup?” “We’re trying to catch our dinner or we don’t eat” Jasper said sarcastically. She grabbed a rod and reel and said, “well then you two will need my expertise” laughing. I caught the first one, then Brigitte, then Jasper, then me again and Jasper and then Brigitte. “I think that’s plenty enough for the day”. I said putting everything away in the outdoor shed. Brigitte grabbed the fish and took them right into the kitchen so that her and Ben could clean them and dry rub them. 08172010

 Jon and Stephan pulled up in my air boat and tied it to the dock, then cam inside. “We picked up some moonshine for Grandpa Buster”. Stephan said and set three jugs on the counter. “Oh My God, you two!” That’s a little excessive don’t you think?” “Nah, we’re going to have some fun!” He said. Ben laughed and got out some shot glasses. We began toasting to everything under the Bayou sun and by the time we were all finished, there wasn’t a sober person in the house. Brigitte, turned on the Bose stereo system and played Buckwheat Zydeco, Beau Jocque, Clifton Chenier, & Jackie Neal. We all danced around the house. Brigitte and I held hands and did the zydeco two step. Ben and Jon held hands and followed behind us. Stephan and Jasper held hands and went after them. Anya and Luis, followed next. We were having a blast! 08172010

Ben took the last two bottles of moonshine and hid them in our bedroom closet. He came back in and told me in my ear where they were. I said “Good Idea, we don’t need anyone falling into the river and trying to wrestle the crocodiles.” We kissed and then he took me away from Brigitte to dance with me. We had kegs, and a full bar, so we didn’t need all that moonshine in one day. Ben was ready to fire up the grill. Brigitte helped him carry out the meat. Anya had whipped up some red beans and rice, and I threw together some coleslaw. After dinner, we just sat around under the stars and sang and danced and had a hoot. 08172010

I said good bye to Brigitte, she went up to the deluxe apartment with Anya and Luis. Then I showed Stephan and Jon their bedroom. I also set up a cot right next to our bed for Jasper. I wasn’t ready to say good bye to him yet or even let him go home. When my friends drink, they stay! Those are the house rules. Besides my breakfasts are so good they would just want to join us in the morning anyways. This is of course if I want to cook, otherwise it’s out to Mama’s place. “Wow, Jasper, you’re heavy when you’re drinking” I said as I carried him to our bedroom. I took off all his clothes, and slid him under the covers of his bed. I kissed him on the forehead and then said “Good Night Sweet Prince”. Then I took off all my clothes and climbed into bed with Ben. We snuggled together until we fell asleep. 08172010

The morning sun was beaming in on my face through the window. I sat up in bed and looked around the room. Jasper wasn’t in bed. I got up and walked to the bathroom and he was in there talking a leak. “Good Morning” I said standing next to him and peeing too. He smiled, “Morning, thanks for putting me to bed, I think I drank way too much!” “You would do the same for me or Ben”. We finished peeing and then ran outside to the deck and jumped into the river. We swam one lap from side to side and then jumped back onto the deck and through the French doors to my bedroom and got dressed. Ben was still sleeping. Jasper assisted me in the kitchen while I made bacon, eggs, toast, corned beef hash, and biscuits with country gravy. One by one people began to come into the kitchen. 08172010

We liked to sit out on the deck and eat breakfast. So that’s were we served it. Ben still wasn’t awake and it wasn’t like him to sleep in so late. I asked everyone to please help themselves and went back to the bedroom to check up on him. He was still sleeping. I climbed on top of him and laid my ear on his chest.  I listened to his heart beat. He was breathing so heavily. I tapped my finger on his chest, until he came to. “Honey, are you feeling okay?” I asked worried. “Yeah I’m fine dear I just drank way too much of that hooch!” I jumped up, “Well come and eat, breakfast is ready”. He got up and went right into the bathroom to pee. 08172010

Breakfast was great, we cleaned up and then heard that there was a flea market in town. We all got ready and met on the air boats. The two boats were untied and we raced down the river. Me driving mine and Jasper chasing me. Ben, Jon and Stephan were with me and Brigitte, Anya and Luis were with him. We raced right by Mama’s and screamed “Jai t’aime…Jai t’aime” She knew it was me, I always say that when I drive by. Jasper wanted to stop at the store to buy some beef jerkey, so we all stopped. Ben bought Lays BBQ potato chips and some Pepsi. I got a dill pickle and some spicy jerkey. Then when everyone got what they were after we raced across the dock to the air boats, untied them and tore down the river. 08172010

Ten minutes later we were at the docks in town. We tied up the boats and hopped off. I grabbed Bens hand and we walked to the flea market. We checked out every table one after another until I came across a table with tons of home made friendship bracelets. I looked over them all and then looked up at the sales person. It was Monica. “Holy Cow, Monica! How are you. It’s been ages since I saw you.” She walked over and gave me a hug and kiss. “This is my husband Ben, Ben this is one of my childhood friends Monica” Ben grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I jumped in between them and said “I’ll take ten, ” I put one on me and the other one on Ben. I gave one to Jasper, Brigitte, Anya, Luis, Stephan and Jon. The two left over I was saving for the twins. “Hey I better get two more for my baby brother and his boyfriend” She let me pick two more. I said “We’re going back to the cabin after this, why don’t you come by?” “I would love to” she replied. 08172010

Just as soon as we finished the flea market we jumped on our boats and sped back to the cabin. I ordered lunch for everyone from Mama. She delivers for us. She came up on her fishing boat and then dropped off the food. “Hi kids, I got to get back to my place, enjoy!” “Thanks Mama!” We said and then ate lunch out on the back porch. I broke out the croquet and set it up. I challenged everyone to a game. We drank tequila shots as we played. Monica pulled up in her car and parked in front of the garage. I greeted her and then let her take over my game. I made her a drink and then we sat out front together on the porch swing catching up. I opened up some fine Sonoma County wine and shared it with everyone. For dinner we had steak lobster and Caesar salad. Monica stayed for dinner. After dinner we all watched a movie. 08182010

The next day was the day we were scheduled to sail out in the Gulf of Mexico. Everyone got ready and then we rented a small shuttle to take us to the marina. Captain of the ship who we were supposed to meet was Captain Johannes Bjorg. He was a commercial fisherman who chartered sailing adventures when he wasn’t fishing. We all got on the boat and he sailed us our into the bay. The water at first seemed to be a little choppy. Once we were out there though things became rather calm and pleasant. Jasper and I were the only two who wanted to fish. We were hoping for a swordfish. I spend most of the time baiting my line, recasting and never caught anything. Jasper on the other hand he caught a 125 pound swordfish. We all jumped for joy. It was a blast to see Jasper fight for an hour with this fish. So absolutely amazing. We docked back on shore and took the shuttle back to Bayou Delight. I suppose you could guess what we were having for dinner? Asparagus, Swordfish and, baked potatoes. 08182010

“Wow Jasper, that’s the biggest catch you’ve ever had! It’s amazing!” I was so excited to help him load it onto the back porch kitchen counter and cut and clean it up. We were flinging the non eatables to the Alligators and Crocodiles. They were loving it as well. “Now don’t ya’ll get any funny ideas when I’m swimming around here or I’ll have to turn you into boots, belts or handbags” I said laughingly. Ben went into the house to grab a book then he came back out and sat in the lounge chair while Jasper and I prepared the fish for a BBQ, and fish fry. I hadn’t seen Anya and Luis after we got beck. I just figured all the excitement tuckered them our so they went for a nap. Stephan and Jon took an airboat and went off into town. I called Michael and Timmy on their cell to see how they were doing. They said that they were having the time of their lives and they thanked me and Ben again. 08182010

I was completely satisfied with the gift package I sent them. Only a few years ago was a time when Ben and I went on that same vacation destination. We had a perfect time too. It only made us closer, and more secure. I know that Matthew’s family owns a beach horse riding company but Belize is so much different. Besides he might learn a tip or two from them that he could share with his father for the business. I’m always thinking about business and how to better it. Before long Jon had cruised up on the airboat and Stephan was riding up behind him on a jet ski. “Holy Shit Stephan are you crazy? Are those things even legal on the river? I mean what if you smack right into a Alligator or Crocodile? You could kill yourself!” He smiled I rented them up the river so they must be legal. “They’re a blast, and if I hit a gator he’ll just get bruised.” “Okay I said, Please be careful!” he sped off down the river. 08182010

I thought to myself, I better cast little protection spell on his just in case:

If anything should happen to him
where he might get hurt or lose his life,
make him transport here to me
where he can be safe and I can pretend to be his wife.

It was the only thing I could think of in such short notice that rhymed. I had confidence that it would work. So we set up the table and decided to eat inside tonight for a nice dinner. I opened a few bottles of wine, red and white. Anya and Luis helped me set the table and get the candles lit. Stephan came back just in time for dinner. Jasper was so proud of himself and the fish he caught. It was delicious. After dinner and cleaning up we all decided to hop on the air boats and head to the local pub for drinks and some dancing. Maybe some darts and shoot some pool. 08/18/2010 *Copy Rights.

This time we cruise right past Mama’s place and head over to a wild Cajun place called Whiskey River Landing. There’s dancing all night long and then the last song of the night they encourage everyone to dance on the bar. I have been here many times and I have to tell you that the people who work here are as much if not more fun than the people who come here to eat, drink and dance. All of us had such a great time that it was really too bad we were heading home tomorrow. Ben and I were pretty tired. Jasper spent the night again and so did Brigitte. Monica and I had said our goodbyes earlier and I invited her to come and spend a weekend at our estate in Marin anytime. I took off my clothes and climbed into bed and dreamed the night away. 08192010

In the morning we really didn’t have much time for breakfast. We needed to get home pretty quickly. We cleaned up the place, got dressed and then said our goodbyes. Ben asked Jasper if he wanted to stay in our place and save his money on rent. He just had to maintain the property to keep it in its current condition. He agreed, and Luis and Anya were okay with that too. Ben grabbed my hand and we were instantly in Marin. I had the twins meet us there. We went into the kitchen and I made them pancakes. They ate and then went into the pool. I was looking forward to getting back to work after Timmy and Matthew returned from their vacation. Ben and I decided to take the kids for the day to a trip to Alcatraz, Island in the San Francisco Bay by Fairy. The kids loved the ride over and the tour and then the ride back. Now it was time for dinner so we stopped at a local In & Out Burger and then headed home. 08192010

Today was the day that Matthew and Timmy were due home. I was really excited to hear about their trip and also see pictures. I showered, got dressed and began making some gigantic blue berry, banana nut, and chocolate chip, muffins. I baked for years in my early twenties. As they came out of the oven I let them cool on the racks, and just kept making more and more of them. Before I knew it I had made about 3 dozen each. I wrapped them tightly in saran wrap and froze most of them. Others I displayed in a really nice basket on the counter, right next to the fruit basket. Ben got up and made up Raspberry Lattes. He sat at the bistro table outside with me and we thoroughly enjoyed our muffins. 08202010

Ben worked on the local news paper crossword puzzle while I just sipped my latte and watched the sun rise. Jon and Stephan were setting up their little outside table for their breakfast. Jon had made omelets with diced potatoes for them. I could smell the aroma of their breakfast slowly creeping over to our bistro table. Stephan walked out and sat down in his chair. He looked over, smiled and said “Good Morning”. I smiled and waved. Jon asked “Have you two eaten yet?” Ben replied, “Yes, thank you, Doug made fresh giant muffins”. “Wow, sounds delicious.” Stephan said. “Trust me, they are” I responded and winked. “Are the boys coming home today?” Jon asked. “Yeah, they should be here any moment”. I said, “They probably will be really tired and maybe jet lagged. So we’re just going to hang around here for the day , nothing pressing”. “Us to” they both said at the same time. 08202010

I got out my crochet bag and started working on a beanie that I was making for Matthew. It was layered in blue and gray. I was pretty sure he would absolutely love it. I finished Timmy’s which was black and red, and I was waiting to give them to each other at the same time. The sun came up and it was just about 8:30AM. I could hear a car pull up into the driveway. I figured it was the boys. The twins got up and were rummaging through the kitchen looking for food. I set aside what I was doing and I went into the kitchen to let the twins know what I made fresh for them. They both grabbed a muffin like they hadn’t eaten in a month. I poured them some freshly squeezed orange juice and then kissed them both on the cheeks and went back out to the bistro table to finish Matthew’s beanie. 08202010

I grabbed the Bose remote and chose a channel that was old 80’s music channel and one hit wonders. We all sang along and laughed and remembered back to those days. The twins got into their swim suits and jumped into the pool. The car that I heard out front was just the neighbors. The boys hadn’t come home yet I grabbed the phone and called Mom and Dad. They were having a great time out in the bay on a fishing trip with June and Thomas. I asked them when they thought David and Donna were coming home and they said that they didn’t know. I told them that I loved them and missed them and to say hi to June and Thomas and then I hung up. 08202010

I called George and Jennifer and asked them if they wanted to come over. They said yes. I let Ben know and he snapped his fingers and they were here. “Hi Georgie!” I hugged him and then I kissed Jennifer. I miss you guys. “Would you like some fresh muffins?” I went into the kitchen and put the basket up in their faces to chose one. Jennifer chose chocolate chip and George selected the banana nut. “Thanks” they said. “Would you like a Raspberry Latte?” Ben was already up and in the kitchen making them one. “Sure, sounds great!” I went back into the bedroom and changed into my swim trunks and then ran outside and jumped into the pool. I dove under water and grabbed one of the rings at the bottom. I came back up and then tossed it to Troy. He missed it and then dove down to retrieve it. Toni dove down and grabbed the yellow ring. They both came up at the same time gasping for air, and flipping their hair out of their faces. I dove in and swam under water until I got to Toni. I grabbed her by her waist and threw her up into the air right out of the pool. She went straight up and then flipped down and dove into the water. Jennifer and George changed into their swimming suits and then joined in on the pool fun. Ben hooked up the hose to the water slide and turned it on. In no time, Jon and Stephen had jumped in too.
We all had such a blast in the hot sun, and cool pool. 08202010

For lunch Ben had a local Chinese place deliver for us. He ordered sweet and sour pork, combination fried rice and chicken chow mien. He also ordered broccoli beef, and sweet and sour soup. I steamed some rice in the rice cooker and then made some of my Thai pepper fish sauce to pour on it. We sat together, at the lager table and then waited about a half hour before we went back into the pool. By now the boys had come home. I was so thrilled that they were home and excited to hear how it went. They ran upstairs and unpacked, and then changed into their swim trunks. “Wow, you boys are tan! Looking good”, I said and winked. They both laughed and jumped into the pool. They were grabbing the twins and throwing them around lovingly. Ben and I jumped in to join in on the fun. 08202010

We splashed at each other and laughed and Ben dove under the water and grabbed Matthew by his legs and the pulled him under. Timmy splashed Ben, and I was just laughing. The twins were teaming together to splash Ben from both sides. Stephan turned invisible and then jumped in and pulled down Ben. I swam over and grabbed Stephan and then we spun holding on another in our arms spinning under the water, and then he became visible again. We rushed up for air at the same time and laughed. Everyone was so happy to be together and the weather was perfect. Jon came out and said he was preparing the steaks that we were going to have for dinner. We were having artichokes and cheesy pasta as well. 08222010.

Matthew and Timmy jumped out of the pool and ran over to the hot tub then jumped in and turned on the jets. I got out and toweled dry. Ben stayed in and continued to play with Stephan and the twins. I went to my bedroom and took off my clothes and jumped into the shower. As I was soaping up my hair and body I heard the sliding door open. I said “Hey Ben”. A hand had touched my back and the door slid closed. “It’s not Ben, it’s Jon”. “Oh hi Jon what’s up?” I just wanted to rinse off and you here so I thought I would join you. “Oh , Well conserve water and shower with a friend” I said and then I handed him the body wash and luffas. We both soaped up washed one another and then we rinsed off the soap and I got out first and wrapped a towel around my waist. I opened the shower door and handed Jon a towel. “Do you need any help with dinner?” I asked him. He said “Nah, I got it”. We got dressed together and then walked into the kitchen. Matthew and Timmy were running by us to head up to the attic rooms and shower off themselves. 08222010

I made a fruit salad to go with dinner. I also made a sliced cheese platter and crackers to set out for everyone to enjoy before dinner. I made myself a Martini and I asked Jon if he wanted one too. He said gin please, up, dry and three olives. I made him his drink and then I went upstairs to talk to the boys. I slowly came into the room and the boys had finished showering and just sitting on Matthew’s bed together. “Knock Knock, may I come in?” “Oh Hi Doug, sure yeah” Timmy said. I sat down across the bed in a little chair against the wall. “So please tell me, how was your vacation?” Matthew answered, “It was so great, the best ever for me!” He turned and kissed Timmy. Timmy spoke up after a long and romantic kiss. “Look we’re engaged” He held up his shiny gold band on his finger. I stood up and walked over to look at the ring. I grabbed his hand and then my heart just filled up with joy. So I kissed both of them. “We understand that we probably can’t get married for a couple years, so we feel like we will wait. “Okay but please allow Ben and I to pay for the wedding and everything, Okay?” They looked at one another smiled and then rested their heard together. “I’m going downstairs to make you both drinks to celebrate.” I will be right back. They both got up and put on their clothes and came down to the kitchen. 08222010

I came downstairs and opened a bottle of champagne. I got the glasses and then poured a drink for everyone. The whole family now was in the kitchen. I raised my glass and said “I propose a toast , to Matthew and Timothy. May they find true life long love and happiness from now until the end of time. Cheers.” The twins were drinking Sparkling apple cider. “Cheers” everyone replied. Ben came over and hugged Timmy and Matthew both together really tight. I wanted to throw a formal engagement party with all Matthew and Timmy’s friends and family so I had to hire a part time assistant too handle all the footwork for me as Matthew couldn’t do it himself. I called a friend of mine and asked her if she could help me with the plans. She was a wedding planner and coordinator, so she said “Hell Yeah, I’m in!”.08222010

Jon had set up the dining room table in all of our formal wear. He lit candles and laid out all our china and sterling silver wear. We let Timmy sit at the head of the table with Matthew right beside him. Ben took the other end with me on the side of him. The twins sat next to Timmy. Everyone ate, and listened carefully to every word that Timmy and Matthew were saying about their vacation, as well as how they proposed under a waterfall in the forest. “It was so surreal, after I said yes we jumped into the little pool of water under the waterfall. It was really romantic!” Said Timmy. “I’m the luckiest Man in the whole World” Matthew said. 082522010

Once everyone finished dinner, Ben didn’t even get out of his chair. He snapped his fingers and all the dishes that were used were instantly cleaned and put away. He clapped his hands and then plates of hot apple pie and vanilla ice cream appeared in front over each person at the table. “Dessert’s on me, enjoy”. and he picked up his fork and sliced it into the pie. I couldn’t eat mine fast enough. You would have thought that I was a territorial dog who hadn’t had a good meal in weeks. Ben turned and said, “Did you taste that honey?’ Suddenly I realized what I did and I sat back in my chair and we all at the table just laughed and laughed and laughed. I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt. Stephan was actually laughing to the point of tears. It was a great night and a wonderful fun filled day. 08222010

After dinner and desert all I wanted to do was snuggle up with Ben on the couch and watch a movie. So Ben and I got into our pajamas and then we escaped to the back private living room that anyone rarely ever used. Ben turned on the television and then selected a movie for us to rent instantly. I had turned on the fire place, and we just laid down together on the couch under a blanket. Timmy and Matthew wanted to share this time with us so they got into their pajamas too and the did the same thing on the other couch that was next to us. I fell asleep in Bens arms and the boys fell asleep together too. 08222010

Ben woke me up and the boys up and put us all to bed. It was an unusually hot night so I had managed to strip off all my pajamas and everything under the covers sometime in the night. I began to have a dream where I met this really handsome man standing under an apple tree with an arrow and bow. He was practicing his archery by hitting apples off of the fence. “Hi I said, My name is Doug. What’s yours?” He turned and smiled, then winked. He didn’t answer he just continued to shoot the apples off the fence. I picked up the other arrow and bow that was resting on the tree, and I hit off all the remaining apples off of the fence. He put his bow and arrow down and walked over to the fence and placed more apples up and then walked back. He hit one then I hit one and we went down the whole fence line knocking off apples to the ground. When they were all gone, he turned to me extended his hand and then he said “Hi my name is Nathan, and I’m your best friend from the future.” I laughed and said, “I have too many best friends right now, are you sure?” “Oh yes I’m quit sure.” He smiled and then loaded apples on the fence. 08222010

This was a man with a slim build with brown short hair and a five o’clock shadow on his face. This eyes were big and blue. His smile was so amazingly friendly. You could just hear the love in his voice when he spoke. It was almost hypnotizing. He reached over and touched my hand, and his hands felt like they were made of silk. I was a little taken back by him. He said “May I?” and then grabbed the bow and arrows out of my hand. He set them all down against the large apple tree and then sat down on the wild grass. I sat down with his and he whipped out a piece of drift wood and a knife and he began carving out a figure that looked like a wolf. I asked him “Is that a wolf?” “Why yes it is, it’s for you, I’m almost finished”. He finished it up and then handed it to me with a smile. 08222010

We sat there talking about all sorts of things and then I woke up feeling as if I had just made a new friend. I looked at the clock and could see that it was in the middle of the early morning still. I went back to sleep and then tried to reclaim the dream where I left off. This time I was sitting in a boat in the middle of a lake. Just sitting there by myself fishing. It looked like a lake that I had been before. Suddenly Stephan appeared in the boat, which scared the hell out of me. He said laughing, “Why so jumpy Doug?” I didn’t know, I just sat there and continued to fish. “I just wanted to pop into your dream and spend some time with you since both you and I are so busy lately we haven’t shared any of our private, quality time together. In the time that we both sat in the boat I had caught three big mouth bass. I threw one back and wanted to keep two. This dream ended and I woke up. 08222010

I got up and grabbed my robe out of my Armour and then walked out to the kitchen. I went into the kitchen and opened up the refrigerator to get me some juice and there on the top shelf wrapped up in butcher paper was what looked like two large mouth bass. I took them out and set them into the sink and opened them up. They were the same two fish I caught in my dream. I ran back to the bedroom “Ben, Ben ..Ben” I whispered. I had a dream last night that I was in a boat in the middle of the lake and I had caught two large mouth bass, and now they’re in the refrigerator!” he was dressed in his pajamas when he got out of bed so he followed me down the hall and back to the kitchen. “Look right there in the sink”.  He sat down at the counter and said, “Do you remember when papa said in a dream that something has changed with you and soon you would figure out what that was?” I looked a little puzzled, “Yeah I guess” He replied, “Well, this is it!” I needed to sit down. This could be a good thing but this might turn out to be a bad thing. I just sat at the table thinking about all the possibilities of how this good go so very wrong for me. I walked back the bedroom and started the bath water and climbed in and just soaked thinking about it. 08222010

In the meantime, Ben dressed up the fish and then marinated it with his special marinade and then put it back into the refrigerator. He met me back into the bathroom and climbed in with me. I closed my eyes and just delighted that we were together. He held me and kissed me and told me that he loved me. There was a knock on the bathroom door after a little while and so Ben said “Come in”. It was Timmy. “Hi Bro’s. Could we talk?” “Sure” Ben said so Timmy sat down on the floor next to the tub. I was wondering if we could get one king size bed upstairs in our room, and maybe we could redecorate and redesign the whole attic to suit both Matthew and myself?” Ben smiled and loved the idea. He snapped his fingers and the twin beds were gone and there was a brand new king size bed upstairs in the attic. “Done” he said, then he asked Timmy to go get his wallet. Timmy jumped up and retrieved Ben’s wallet and brought it back. Ben pulled out a business card of our interior decorator, and said “Call Vinny, he will be happy to redesign the attic to what ever way you boys wish.” Timmy grabbed the card and then kissed Ben saying “Thank you so much, I love you!” Ben said “I love you too , young buck”. 08222010

Timmy ran to my office and called Vinny right away. Vinny had a cleared afternoon, so he came over with all this interior design materials and went over the plans that he had in mind for the attic for Timmy and Matthew. He wanted to make a living room, bedroom, small kitchenette, and a full master suit bathroom. He also wanted to install a small wood burning stove and a patio addition outside from the new master suit. He called in our contractor and went over the design with him, the boys Ben and I. We agreed to the remodel and the boys were so happy. Ben told them this was their engagement gift. The whole day was spent on redesign and remodel plans. Ben called for pizza to be delivered and so we ate pizza under the starlit night out in the backyard. “See up there? That’s were the balcony is going to look out over the yard and pool.” I pointed, Stephan and Jon were sitting together on the small patch of lawn next to the patio set. “That sounds so nice, I can hardly wait to see it when it’s done”. Stephan said. 08222010

The next day, Ben reminded me that the fish was marinating and we needed to cook it up soon before it spoiled. I suggested we BBQ it for lunch. I would make a light salad. That was lunch but everyone wanted breakfast. I showered, got dressed and snuck out to the garage. I got into the Mercedes and opened the garage. I heard a tap tap tap on the window and it was Matthew. I rolled down the window and looked at him. “Hi, was sup?” he said, “where are you going?” “I am going to get donuts and coffee. Do you want to come with?” “Yes, to do thanks.” he replied. “Ok, hop in”. We went down the driveway and headed into town. I drove to Sweet Things in town and then parked. We got out and went inside. I looked at everything they had displayed and decided that donuts weren’t what I really wanted. I picked up some coffee cake and some raspberry turnovers. We walked next door and ordered everyone in the house coffee. I was really glad that Matthew asked to come along, because I realized that I couldn’t have carried and transported all this stuff home on my own. 08222010

I pulled into the garage and then closed the door. The twins were outside in their pajamas shooting some hoops. The second they saw me with food they were in the kitchen in no time. “Good morning uncle Doug!” Hi kids, do you want some donuts? I picked them up at the coffee shop they’re fresh”. Yeah thanks they said. We all sat outside on the small patch of lawn to enjoy the morning sun. The twins were eating donuts and drinking hot cocoa. Ben came out and sat next to me with a slice of coffee bread and the morning paper. Matthew and Timmy came out and Timmy asked for the comics. Jon and Stephan were sitting at the little bistro table outside of their guest house. Once everyone had eaten Ben suggested that we have Matthew and Timmy move into our bedroom until the construction and remodel was complete in theirs. They both agreed so he snapped his fingers and their brand new king sized bed was in our room next to our bed. “Our contractor said it could be four or five months before the work is complete” I said. Matthew and Timmy said “It’s okay we don’t mind really.” 08232010

The twins challenged Matthew and Timmy to a few games of basketball. Ben and I were thinking about what we should do for the day. Well, beside a BBQ in the afternoon. I told him I needed to get to work so he went to his art studio and started to paint. I went to my office and then to the basement to do some studying, and research. There was a huge spider walking across the book I was reading. It was a tarantula. I jumped up and took a few steps back. I was terrified. I began to concentrate and then just as soon as I began to teleport it to the local forest, the spider turned into a man. It was the man that I had in my dream a few nights ago. He was the archer who told me he was my future best friend. “Hi sorry if I startled you” he said, “I’m a shape shifter, it’s genetic.” “Who are you? I mean what is your name?” I asked. He began to tell me that his grandfather and my grandfather worked together and that they were the best of friends. “My name is Nathan St. Pier the third.” he reached out and shook my hand. I shook his back and he continued to tell me about his father and grandfather and my grandfather. I was trying to figure out why I hadn’t known about him and his family friendship with mine. 08232010

I assumed he was planning on staying for a while with us so I offered the basement bedroom to him. It was right behind a door off in the corner and nobody ever went in there. Well beside the maid to clean it once a week, but other then that it hadn’t been used in years. He was grateful to have a place to stay. I left him to make himself at home and went up to the art studio to inform Ben of my decision and the new house guest. We came back down and I introduced Nathan to Ben. “How do you do?” Nate asked. Ben said “Very good thank you, and welcome to our humble estate. Please make yourself at home and enjoy the enmities.” Nathan was very grateful and I explained to Ben how his Grandfather and mine were best friends back in France. 08232010

I looked up my family tree in a book my Mom put together for me. My grandfather was Gerard Parker. He had an assorted amount of gifts. He had the ability to heal by touch, he had the site or oracle powers. He also had telepathy and he achieved it’s highest ranking. As I read about him, I saw his best friend really was Nathan St. Pier the First. I handed it over to Ben to read, and then to Nate. We all read a few paragraphs and then passed it to the next person. We learned that they were like brothers and they grew up together in the same neighborhood as young kids. They spent all their lives together, every single day. They never got married to any one woman but they fooled around a lot and that’s how both of them ended up with children. “My grandmother named my Father after my grandfather with in the hopes that he would some day marry her, but he always said that the married life wouldn’t be fair to her because of the tasks he was called on, in his life. Her dying wish was for him to marry her so before she passed he called in the priests and they were finally married.” 08232010

I was getting hungry so we went upstairs to start then BBQ. Everyone was in the pool again. Well, except Jon and Stephan, they were in the game room shooting some pool. I went around the estate introducing Nathan to everyone and letting them know he was one of our newest guests. Ben started the BBQ and began cooking the bass. He had marinated it with white wine, white pepper, hoisin sauce & black bean sauce, fresh garlic and fresh shallots. We walked back out to the back yard after everyone was introduced, and I offered Nathan something to dink. He asked me if I happened to have a dark bear on tap. I told him we had two, he asked to try “Death & Taxes” with me. 08232010

Right before I returned with our beers, he had jumped into the pool and shape shifted into a dolphin. He was retrieving the water rings for the twins and also dragging them around the pool. I set the beers down and he shifted back into a man and walked out of the pool. He was in his clothes and dripping wet. Ben snapped his fingers and Nathan was completely dry. “Thank you so much”. he said to Ben for that and me for the beer and sat down at the bistro table with me. Ben said “It’s not a problem really, we all need to get used to working together if we’re going to live together, right?” We both nodded in agreement.  08232010

I sat down and I wrote out a list of the powers that everyone possessed in our circle of friends and family. I went over them with Nathan.

Doug -Telepathy -healer-impath - lucid telepathic dreamer
Ben - Wizard
George - Ninja & spy in training
Timmy - Practicing /Powers in training - lucid dreamer
Matthew - Witch /Warlock
Troy - Telepathy -psychic -lucid dreamer - in training twin powers
Toni - Telepathy -psychic -lucid dreamer- in training twin powers
Jocelyn  - Power of force field, impath, lucid dreamer ,ninja.
Jennifer - Power of healing - telepathy - lucid dreamer -ninja
Nathan - Shape Shifter - master archer, swordsman, gunman.
Jon - Strength of 1,000 men
Stephan - Invisibility - lucid dreamer
June - Psychic & witch -lucid dreamer
Thomas - Wizard - lucid dreamer
Norma Jean - Medium , witch
William - Wizard
Agnes -Telepathy, healer, impath - lucid dreamer
Martin - Wizard/warlock
Anya - Mind bending at will
Luis - Control the weather and earths elements
Brigitte - Master seductress
Mama - Master chef and knife thrower
Jasper - Master mechanic - musician - illusions artist
Donna - Telepathy - impath - lucid dreamer - ninja
David - Wizard, ninja

I explained to him that we were always looking to recruit new members to the crew.


Nathan said he had siblings but they were separated at birth so he has been searching for them for years. He was hoping that with all the psychic abilities that our team had we might be able to help him locate them. He was the youngest child of three. “We sure can do our best to help you”. Ben said. I nodded and squeezed his shoulder for reassurance. I also mentioned to him that we were friends with a scientist named Jaime, who we had done a job for a while back and he was always happy to help us in any way he can. 08232010

The fish was ready and I made a Caesar salad and fresh French bread to go with it. We all sat outside to eat. After lunch I went back to the library to continue on my work. Matthew told Timmy the honeymoon was over and he needed to get back to work with me. He came down to the basement with me. Nathan stayed and got to know Ben, Jon, and Stephan a little better. I asked Matthew to work on a list of research that I had while I went to the meditation room to ask someone in the afterlife if they knew our new found friend and shape shifter. I sat down and fell deep into a trance. The first person I called on was my Grandfather Gerard. He appeared and said “Hey, Sunshine”. “Hi Papa, do you know Nathan St. Pier?”  "I sure do he said, he is my best friend. Why?” “Because, his grandson is in my house and he said you two were best friends and that he has been missing his two siblings since birth. What can you tell me about the family?” Papa began to tell me everything that there was to know about him and Nathan senior shared together from the moment they met in the neighborhood fields in France to coming to America together and fighting in the war. They were like twins and could read one another’s thoughts the same way that Toni and Troy could, also the way Ben and I could. 08232010

He explained that they were so busy they didn’t have time for love, a family and relationships. They did at one time fall in love and have children. My papa did marry my gram but it was pretty late in life. He said that Nathan’s Mom passed away giving birth to his youngest son. When that happened the children went to her sister. He said that they are still in France. There is one sister and one brother. He told me that the both of them really loved the woman that they had children with, but the life they lead was too much for them to dedicate 100% of their attention and time to a relationship and a family. “I can’t understand that papa, when we’re keeping our family together no matter what!” He continued, “Today it is so much easier to keep focused on family and loved ones, unlike how things were when we were alive and young.” In moments Nathan Senior appeared, and he smiled. “Hello Doug, I see you are just as handsome as your Grandfather here.” “Hi, I said it’s nice to meet you”. He looked like an identical twin to Nate. 08232010

When I heard all I could from papa and Nate’s grandfather, I said my good byes and then came to. I was so exhausted. I asked Ben if he could make me, Matthew, and Nate a latte. He said sure. I was just trying to figure out how I could be best friends with Ben, Stephan, George, Jasper, and now Nathan. I told myself that Ben comes first, then everyone else next. I was actually becoming pretty close to Matthew because he and I were spending so much time together for work. The most important thing to me was that none of them ever showed any jealousy towards each other over me. I suppose there is plenty of me to go around. I mean I never have a problem finding time for anyone in my family, so I guess I needed to feel the same about my best friends. They were my adopted family and I would always find time for each and every one of them. 08232010

I called the maid and left a message with her letting her know we were remodeling the attic, and also that we had a new house guest in the basement. She called back and said she was fine with it and said it wouldn’t effect her work load. Timmy had come down stairs to the basement to practice on his potion preparations. I decided to stop working for the day and I asked Matthew to spend the remainder of his work day helping Timmy with his studies. I wanted to sit in the hot tub, so I asked Nathan if he would like to join me. He said sure and then changed into his swim trunks. We got in and while we were there Ben came over and asked us if we wanted these two flutes of champagne that had just poured. 08232010

We all toasted to a new friendship and also to our Grandfathers. I went over everything that I found out about Nathan’s family history and his siblings. He was becoming so excited to know that he was close to finding them and reconnecting. We finished the champagne and then we went into the sauna. “So, how long have you and Ben been together?” Nathan asked. “Well let’s see, we’ve known each other for some time because my good friend and his good friend introduced us when we were younger. I fell in love with him the very first time he spoke to me. I could tell that once we met we would be together for ever. He and I are not exactly alike but we complete one another. 08232010

“Do you have anyone who you are seeing or have you been seeing someone in the past?” I asked. He responded, “Nope I have been too busy trying to solve this family puzzle of mine.” “I’m pretty sure we can crack this case for you. Now once you find your siblings, then what will your plans be?” He turned to me and looked at me for a bit. “I’m not really sure, I suppose I will figure that our when the time comes.”  We got out of the sauna and stripped down to use the showers in the locker room and then we got dressed.  I asked Nathan if he played darts, he said sure. So we went into the game room where Luis, Anya, Jon & Stephan were all shooting pool and listening to the Bose stereo system. We played darts and drank champagne and were becoming a little tipsy. 08232010

I had Matthew order a new car to be delivered for Nathan. He asked “Do you have a specific model in mind?” “Um, let me think, he seems like a sporty kind of guy so how about you order the 2010 Chevy Corvette t-top in Chevy Blue with leather interior, make that dark black. Tinted windows, Bose stereo system, with on star gps, cd, dvd player plus ipod capability.” I said “I’m on it Boss” then Matthew ran up to my office to make the call. I gave Nathan a key to the house, along with his automatic garage opener. “You can park your car in the garage next to my Mercedes. Your car should be here tomorrow.” “Wow thanks” Nathan said and took the things. 08232010

At the end of the evening I got all the linens together for Nathan. I had the mini fridge in the room filled with water, bottled beer, snacks, etc. There was even a private full bathroom attached so he could have privacy. I stocked it with new towels and toilet paper and tissue. I asked him if there was anything else he needed. He said no thank you and I gave him a hug and then said “Good Night, sleep well. Just holler if you need anything.” he said, “Good night and you really have done too much already”. I winked at him on the way out before I shut the door, “really it was my pleasure see you tomorrow.” I went up stairs and made sure the boys had everything they might need in our bedroom and our bathroom. I also set a basket of snacks and fresh fruit out just incase they needed to snack at some point. 08232010

I said my good nights to everyone and then got undressed and then climbed into bed. I fell asleep right away. By morning I hadn’t remembered if I had dreamed or not. I got up, took a shower got dressed and then as I was walking out of the bedroom the doorbell rang. It was Vinny and his crew ready to work on the attic remodel. “Hi there Vin” I said and then I hugged him. “Please come in. hi everyone, please come in.” I opened up the door and let everyone in. Vinny let everyone know I was the owner and then they went upstairs to the attic. They got ready right away tearing walls out and fixtures out and completely gutting the attic in no time to begin the renovations. I spent the day working with Matthew. We worked more on Nathan’s case, and had him get involved with us. The morning came and went and I forgot to eat. The doorbell rang again and Toni ran to the foyer to get the door. She opened it and it was the Chevy Dealer delivering Nathan’s car. “Nate, Door!” she screamed. He went upstairs and greeted the guy. I signed for the car while he took Timmy and Matthew for a test drive around the block. I took this break to make me something to eat. I wanted tuna salad sandwiches so I asked the construction crew if they were interested. They said yes so I made enough sandwiches for everyone in the house. 08232010

Nathan came back and pulled his new car into the garage and then closed it the remote. Timmy ran in so excited about the car. “Hey Uncle Doug, that’s the kind of car I want!” I turned and laughed, “well you better get to work and start saving your money!” I winked and he knew I was joking. I believed that if he worked for me, that was enough, and I would eventually buy him the car of his dreams. Matthew liked the Vette, but he was very satisfied with his Mustang. I feel like everyone should only have one car in their lifetime and if it’s their dream car they will take better care of it and make it last longer. I asked them if they were hungry and passed them tuna salad sandwiches. They all grabbed one thanked me and then grabbed something to drink with it. 08232010

The crew had finished for the day so they left. I asked Vinny if he wanted to join us for dinner and drinks. Matthew said he could give him a ride home. “Sure I would love to”. I made him a Martini exactly like mine and we sat out at the pool to catch up. I had a small paper pad and pen in hand while we talked as I jotted down everything we needed for dinner. I handed the list to Timmy so that he and Matthew could go to the local store for me and pick it up. They left and I finished my drink. I went to the bar and made us two more. Vinny laughed and said “Just like old times, cheers”. I called Jon out and he sat down with us. John and Vinny were old friends. I made Jon a drink and then Stephan came out, so Ben made himself and Stephan one and everyone was sitting outside at our outdoor dining table. 08232010

I left everyone outside when the boys got back from the store and began to prepare dinner. Nathan came in and asked if he could help me. “Of course, I always can use an extra pair of hands in the kitchen when I cook. I pulled out an extra apron from the kitchen drawer and tide it around his waist for him “There you go, now you can keep yourself clean”. He smiled with that big beautiful smile of his and it just made me feel so comfortable about having him help me in the kitchen. Matthew came in and asked me if there was anything he could do for me? I said “Hell yeah, just keep those Martini’s coming”. He laughed and went into the refrigerator to make up some more blue cheese stuffed olives. He knew how I liked three in my Martini. Because we were having Vinny over I wanted to make him something that he loved. We were making him four cheese lasagna, an Italian style salad, with garlic French bread. 08232010

Just about the time we were finished preparing dinner to put it in the oven. Ben came in and asked if we needed anything? I asked him to make the dessert. He said he had already made the dessert and that it was in the refrigerator and it was a surprise. Nathan helped me clean up the kitchen and then I asked him if he was interested in taking a dip in the hot tub. He and I went out and took off all our clothes and climbed in quickly and turned on the jets. Matthew came out with two new drinks. “Here you go Sirs”. I thanked him and told him he didn’t have to serve us anymore. He said, I really don’t mind, I like it. “Okay then keep them coming” I said and winked. We both were catching a pretty good buzz. Telling one another jokes and just laughing. Vinny came over with Jon and Stephan and they took their clothes off and climbed in too. We all sat and talked and laughed. Ben was making snacks and checking to see that everyone had a drink. After the hot tub we toweled off and decided to go bowl a few games. We got dressed and met in the Bowling alley in the game room. Nobody was really interested in competing they were more interested in just having fun. 08232010

An hour and a half passed and Ben came in and let everyone know that dinner was ready. He snapped his fingers and the dining room table was set. He put the food on the table and we all sat down to eat. I switched from drinking Martini’s to drinking red wine with dinner. Everything was delicious, and everyone thanked me and Nathan. Ben came in with his masterpiece of Tiramisu. My mouth simply waters as he put a slice on a plate in front of me. “Oh My God, this is why I love you so much!” He laughed and said “I’m pretty sure that’s not the only reason”. “It really isn’t” I said, and just ate every bite as slowly as I could to savor the moment. Everyone was complimenting Ben on his recipe. Vinny was beside himself and looked like he had died and went to heaven. 08232010

I invited everyone to watch a movie in the theater with me. Ben and Matthew got everyone situated with theater candy and popcorn along with any drinks they wanted. We sat down and watched a movie and when it was over Vinny had thanked us for an absolutely wonderful evening and then Matthew and Timmy drove him home. Ben and I cleaned up and then went to bed. I fell asleep in about twenty minutes. I began to dream about these two strangers. It was a stone path in a park that had an extra long bench in it. They were both sitting on the bench and reading. They looked like they could possibly be related to Nathan. They had brown hair and big blue eyes. He had a five o’clock shadow on his face. I said “hello”. Neither one of them answered me they just looked at me and continued reading. 08232010

I decided this was them and I wasn’t going to give up so easily. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a small pen and a little cross word puzzle book. I began working on one and then if I became stumped I would turn and ask them for help. They seemed a little annoyed with me so I came right out and said it, “Look, I know your brother and I am looking for you because he hasn’t seen either of you since he was born. Could you help me out here?” The brother put his book down and then smiled and said “Sure, we’re in France, Niece. I thanked them and the dream ended. I woke up and put on my robe. I went into the office and then I recorder in my dream book everything that happened. I could hear something going on in the basement so I walked down to see what was going on. It was Matthew, Timmy and Nathan, all working spells and magic from one of the dusty book on the shelf. “Hi what’s going on fellas?” I asked. “Oh sorry did we wake you up Uncle Doug?” Timmy asked. “No actually I woke up after I had a dream about Nathan’s brother and sister” I said then looked at him “That’s right they’re in Niece, France. You and I are going to have to go there tomorrow.” Nathan hugged me and said “Thank You!” I said, “Hey don’t thank me yet”. Matthew spoke up, “Will you be needing me?” I turn to him and said, “NO but stay close to Ben and your cell just incase I do.” “Roger That!” he said. “Okay gentlemen have fun but don’t burn down my house. I hugged everyone and kissed Timmy and went back to bed. 08232010

In the morning the twins were really rambunctious. I wondered what we should do for breakfast. The kids were easy they said bagels with cream cheese, topped with a slice of tomato, an onion slice and alfalfa sprouts. So that’s what I made for everyone. I also made coffee, tea and cocoa. Everyone began to enter the kitchen one person at a time. I went to the bathroom and climbed into the shower with Ben. The boys were sharing a bath, and then they got out, dressed and headed to the kitchen. I had told them what I made for breakfast, so they were in a hurry to get some. Nathan came in last and helped himself to some coffee. Ben and I got dressed and I let Ben know what my plans were for the day. He said “I will keep Matthew close and stay by the phone if anything happens, or if you need anything.” I hugged him and kissed him and then I asked Nathan to meet me in my meditation room. We sat down on the floor and I began the transfer. As usual I concentrated, and then this swirling cloud continued to circle us until we began to become transparent and then vanish. We both appeared in the same park where I had the dream only we were sitting across from the bench on the lawn. 08232010

I looked around and there wasn’t anyone nearby. “Well, should we wait?” Nathan shrugged his shoulders, and then I got up and walked over to the bench. We sat down at the same time. After about an hour, nobody had come by up until now. It was a man and a woman. They were walking very slowly and talking together. They came up to the bench and I could see Nathan was beginning to get nervous. They stopped and looked right at Nathan. The man stepped back and then turned into a black panther. The woman jumped up and in mid air she transformed into a cougar. I saw all this happening right before my eyes in slow motion. Nathan turned to them and realized what was going on and he transformed into a cheetah. I was feeling a little scared and at this point I was frozen and I couldn’t move. All I could do is stare. I trued to cry our to Ben, but nothing came out. The three large cats began to lunge at one anther. My heart rate began to speed up. I was sweating profusely. My whole nervous system was on the blink. I felt like any moment I was going to faint. Then the cats hit the ground and they began playing with one another. I was terrified, and just sitting on the bench shaking. Tears began to welt in my eyes. As soon as I realized what just happened I jumped up and screamed “You Mother Fucking Assholes! You nearly gave me a heart attack!” They all transformed back into human form sprawled over one another and just laughing. They were rolling and laughing so hard I didn’t think they were ever going to stop to even breathe. 08232010

The three of them jumped up and had a very long group hug. “Doug, I would like to introduce you to my brother Richard, and my sister Neomi. “How do you do?” I asked and shook his hand and kissed the back of hers. “We are so sorry if we scared you.” Neomi said. “I’m fine really.” The three of them sat down on the bench and caught up. I left Nathan there and let him know when he was ready to come home, to just call me. I swirled off in a whirl wind and vanished. I returned to my meditation room but I needed to sit there for an hour or two so that I could calm myself down, refocus and meditate. Ben came in and asked me how things went and where was Nathan? I told him what happened and he kneeled down and just hugged me on the mat. We hugged for a very long time and then I was ready to get up and take care of business. Ben helped me up and I went to my office to document everything in my Journal that happened. 08232010

Matthew came in and asked me how things went. I told him and he said that would have scared him too. I told him, with his studies in magic he should be ready to figure out a way to get himself out of a situation like that if he needed to. “Well, you could have just used your telepathy on the other big cats to transport them somewhere else if you wanted to, right?” I said, “Not at that moment, I was frozen with fear. Nothing like that has ever happened to me, and it all happened so quickly but I saw it in slow motion, while I was frozen stiff. I’ve had nightmares that have had that effect on me and I cried out to Ben for help only nothing was coming out of my mouth in the dream. He would hear me screaming in my sleep and comfort me. That’s when I usually would wake up out of the dream. 08232010

“I’m really sorry that you had to experience that alone. Maybe next time I should go with you…after all I am your Personal Assistant and it is my job to be there for you no matter what!” I looked at Matthew, and smiled, “You’re so sweet, okay next time insist that you come along, even if I try to dissuade you”. He walked over and shook my hand “Deal!” then hugged and kissed me. I hugged him back. “Now how about we head into the kitchen and make us a banana split?” He nodded and we both jetted to the kitchen. We were taking things out of refrigerator and cabinets so fast it was making a commotion. The twins came in right away from the gaming room. Toni asked “What are you guys making?” I said, Banana Slits, do you guys want one?” “Hell yeah Uncle!” Troy said and smacked me on my butt. “Hey watch that young man!” I said firmly and in a deep voice. I winked at his sister and she laughed. We piled on the whip cream, and topped it with a cherry and we all climbed onto the top of the counter somewhere and just sat and ate the banana splits. 08232010

Vinny came down and said things were moving along right on schedule and then he said “Good Bye, see you tomorrow”. “Adios Vinny!” I said and continued to eat my banana split. After I finished I cleaned up the kitchen and then went down to the basement. Timmy was sitting in a chair reading. “Hi little brother, what are you doing?” I asked. “OH hi, I’m just catching up on my studies is all”. “Well there’s stuff up there to make yourself a banana split if you want one, okay? Just help yourself.” I no sooner got that out and Matthew walked in with a banana split for Timmy. “Right, I’ll leave you two alone, Good Night”. I kissed the both of them and headed to the bedroom. Ben was sitting in a chair just gazing off into space. “Hey Honey, is everything ok?” I asked. “Huh, what? Oh yeah sorry I was just zoning out”. “I can see that, what’s going on?” “Ohm nothing, I’m just tired, I was so focused on painting today that it kind of wore me out. I sat on his lap and swiped his hair off his forehead and then lightly kissed it. We began kissing in the chair and he picked me up and carried me to the bed. We were kissing and touching and laying across one another, until we decided to remove all of our clothes and then make love to each other under the covers. After sweet love making we fell asleep. 08232010

The boys came in and fell asleep hours after we did. I woke up shortly and realized that I fell asleep with the twins still up. So I put on my robe and I went down the hall to the guest room to check up on them. They were each in their own bed sounds asleep. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water, then I walked back to my bedroom. Matthew had jumped out of bed naked and ran me over and I fell down on the floor dropping the glass. “Oh My God, I am so sorry! Are you okay?” he said. I was laying on the floor in my robe with this naked young man hovering over me. “Matthew, get off.” and I shoved him to the side. He was so embarrassed. I got up and grabbed my glass and then a towel in the bathroom to wipe up the water. He peed quickly and then came back in to see if I needed any help. He grabbed a towel and the glass out of my hand. He wrapped the towel around his waste and then headed to the kitchen. I took off my robe and climbed into bed. He retuned with a fresh glass of water, and said “I hope that I didn’t hurt you and that you’re okay” as he handed me the water. He removed his towel and let it fall to the floor and he climbed into bed with Timmy. “I’m fine Matthew, good night” I said. I could hear him laughing lightly to himself, before I fell fast asleep. 08232010

Right before I fell asleep I remember thinking to myself, “Oh sure take out the old guy”. I fell into a deep sleep this time. I was in bed and felt like my whole body was a stiff redwood tree log. After a few hours I began to dream. I was dreaming that I was sitting on that bench and Nathan came up to me and sat down right next to me. He turned and looked at me and I turned and looked at him. Then he said, “I will be home in a few days. I really need to catch up with these two, and then they are going to stay here and I will come home. Okay?” “Oh of course it’s okay, take as much time as you need . Your living space isn’t going anywhere. Neither is your car with out you. No worries.” He thanked me and we hugged and kissed cheeks and then he left. I immediately switched into another dream. 08232010

This time I was hiking up a trail in the woods. It looked just like a trail that I had hiked before in Sonoma County once. I was hiking and then I came across a creek. Where I thought there used to be a small crossing bridge, it wasn’t there anymore. I tried to hop across the creek, by rocks but I slipped on one and fell into the creek. I was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers, and everything got wet. As I was trying to pull myself up to get to the other side, this hand appeared in my view, and it grabbed my hand and pulled me up and out of the creek. “Hey, thanks for your help” I said. I looked up and saw who it was. It was my sister Donna. “Donna, when are you and David coming home? Should I be worried?” We both sat down on a huge rock. “No, we’re fine. I am very sorry that we’re not there for the kids. I am relieved that they are with you and I know that they will not go with out anything”. I just glared at her then I said, “I love you and David very much, but you tow are really shunning your responsibilities as parents. Those two kids are the greatest kids I have ever met. I adore them and they deserve both of their parents to be with them.” Donna agreed, and then said, “David and I are at a place now where we can take the children and keep them here with us in Cairo. We just needed to find a house here and get them registered for school is all. I have their beds made and everything ready here for them, so could you do me a favor?” “What is it?” I asked. She said, could you carefully place them in their beds here, in our new home and I will take care of them from there. I thought about it and then I said, yeah, but Ben and I are coming to visit soon, so just be ready.” My sister thanked me and we hugged and kissed. I teleported the twins into each of their other beds in the house that Mommy and Daddy had made for them and then I fell back into a deep sleep.   08232010  

Upon awaking I found that I was the last one in the room to wake up. I put on my robe went to the bathroom and then jumped in the shower. I got out and dried off and then got dressed. I went to the kitchen and Ben was making everyone waffles. He asked me where the twins were so I explained to him that Donna asked me to send them to her in Cairo in the middle of the night. “You know that their time zone is so much different then ours”. As I sat down at the counter he slid a plate of waffles to me with syrup and butter. “Thank you”. Matthew and Timmy were already eating beside me. Matthew said “Good Morning Boss, you sleep good?” I smiled and then got up and kissed everyone on the cheeks and said “Good Morning, and yeah I slept good thanks.” 08242010

I turned to Timmy and asked “Did he tell you that he mowed me over last night and knocked me onto the floor?” Timmy hit Matthew in the shoulder and replied “Yeah, sorry bro”. “Awe it’s fine” I said and ate my waffles and drank my coffee. Ben was telling me he had another art show to plan for so he needed to work all day in the art studio. Timmy wanted to study on his practice. That left only Matthew and I free for either work or play for the day. I sat and zoned out a bit deciding if I really wanted to work or play. So I asked Matthew what he felt like we should do? He said, “Let’s do pottery”. So I nodded and after breakfast we went to my pottery barn, and fired up the kiln. 08242010

I went back to my bedroom and changed into an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Matthew did the same. We went back to the pottery barn and then got our mud wet, and ready. “Do you know what you want to make today? “ I asked him. “I think I want to make a set of four matching salad bowls. What about you?” “I thinking about making a few serving trays.” I responded. We worked on the pottery for hours, before it was ready to be cooked. I slid mine in and then Matthew slid his in, now we let them cook and then come back. We needed to shower and change so we both went back to the bedroom and did a quick rinse and then we got dressed. “Okay let’s work on some open files that I have sitting on my desk, okay?” Matthew met me back in the office with some hot tea, and come scones. “Here you go, Boss.” he said as he handed me the tea. “Thanks, you’re the best!” I said. 08242010

In only a few hours we went back to the pottery to check on how it was setting. I set a timer to remind me on my watch, so we didn’t forget it in the over. I thought things needed to cook a little longer. We both looked at each other and said, “Deli Sandwiches!” Matthew ran around the house taking orders to phone in. Matthew ran into town to the deli to pick up our orders. I called Mom and Dad. They were getting ready to go visit June and Thomas. I heard the door open and just assumed it was Matthew. I peeked around the corner and realized that it was Nathan. I said my goodbyes to my parent and then hung up the phone. I called Matthew on his cell and let him know he needed one more sandwich for Nathan. Nathan came into my office and sat down. “Well, how did everything go?” I asked. He began to tell me everything that he and his siblings had discovered and discussed while they were visiting. He also mentioned that they would be happy to help with our group if we needed them. I made a note to put them on payroll and then went over that with Nathan. 08242010

Just as soon as Matthew came back I decided that work was over and it was time to eat lunch and then leave the day open for what ever came my way. I sat down outside with my salami on sour dough with everything and jack cheese, and my home made potato salad, and ate it on the back porch. Everyone else did their own thing. I was sitting back and thinking to myself how quiet the place was with out the twins. I called them to ask them how they were doing. They were very happy to be with their Mommy and Daddy. I said my goodbyes and then went to the basement to get in some reading. Nathan was in his room, so after about an hour or so of reading I put the book down and knocked on the door. “May I come in?” I asked. “Oh sure, yeah, come in.” Nathan was organizing his clothes and things to straighten up his bedroom. I sat down in a chair beside the bed. “You know if you need to practice your archery you could do it in the back acreage, nobody really uses that part of the property for anything. “Oh thanks, I may need to do that”. “I also wanted you to know that my home is your home. So anytime you want to invite your siblings, please by all means do. I have an empty guest room now and they are welcome to use it and stay as long as they like”. Nathan, smiled as he continued to fold his clothes on his bed. “You are too kind Doug, and thank you so much!” he said. 08242010

Suddenly my alarm went off. I shut it off and then said “Please excuse me” and I left to the pottery barn.
Matthew was already inside and he had removed his bowls and they cooled down enough for him to paint them. I slid out my serving platters, and set them out on the cooking rack. I went to the paint and picked out my colors. I was making one yellow with fruit on it and the other one sky blue with grapes and vines on it. Matthew was painting his salad bows in a light green and decorating them with the vegetables that he would put in a salad, with tomatoes, onions, beets, eggs, and others. It was really looking professional. “Nice job Matthew, I’m really impressed!” “Hey thanks Boss. I really enjoy this. It helps me to focus and concentrate along with being creative.” “Well, you’re welcome in here to work on pottery anytime you like. There’s always plenty of materials, and space for the two of us to work and not feel like we’re getting in one another’s way. 08242010

The day had passed and the night had fallen. We were in the barn most of the day focused on finishing our painting. Just as soon as we finished, I suggested we take a drive into town and relax at a local pub. We cleaned up again and changed out clothes, and then Ben and Timmy asked us where we were going. “It’s a secret” we both told them and then we left. We pulled into the pub parking lot and went inside. Matthew’s birthday was today and nobody made any kind of deal about it. We walked in and his whole family and friends were there. In seconds, Ben and Timmy popped in. “Hey, Happy Birthday Timmy!” everyone said. I bought him a beer on tap, and then we all sat at the bar and ordered fresh French fries and a greasy cheese burger. “Thanks everyone this is great!” Matthew said. Timmy sat down next to him with his coke and said, “Did you think we forgot your birthday?” “I did but it was such a pleasant day I wasn’t really stressing on it.” He replied. We laughed and sang along to the juke box, and then after dinner we broke out the cake and “Happy Birthday” song. 08242010

By the time we had finished the cake everyone was ready to head home. Matthew said his thank you’s and good byes and then everyone headed home. He hopped in my car and buckled up. “Thanks a million for this, I really appreciate it.” he said. “Listen, you’re like my little brother now, we’re family. It’s not necessary for you to thank me. Timmy loves you, Ben and I love you, my whole family loves you and you’re worth every cent I spend for anything. Okay?” Matthew felt so grateful and happy, that words couldn’t express how he felt. I could sense that and I set my hand on his hand and then I patted it. “You’re a good man, and we want to keep you happy.” I pulled up into the drive way opened the garage and parked the car. We got out and he ran over to the front of the car and gave me two kisses on my cheeks and then he hugged me like he never ever wanted to let me go. 08242010

Timmy and Matthew wanted to stay up and snuggle in the back family room. I went into the attic with Ben to see how far along everything was coming. The construction crew seemed to be working way ahead of schedule. They had built the kitchenette, the master suit and it’s bathroom along with putting in the washer/dryer combo. Ben said “Wow, these guys are good!” “Tell me about it, by the looks of things they should be done in only a few more weeks. The French doors were in and the balcony was already complete but not finished with stain. I called Vinny and talked to him on the phone just to get an idea about what was going on. Ben went down stairs and made us some drinks. 08242010

Just as soon as I hung up the phone, Ben returned with our drinks. I asked him what he wanted to do for the rest of the evening? He said he wanted to have a drink with me under the starlight. We had an old barn on the property. It was way in the back out of site from everything and hiding in between a whole bunch of eucalyptus trees. We took our drinks out there and then we climber to the top of the roof, and sat down. Drinking our drinks and gazing at the stars. This gave me an idea. “Hey why don’t we build a tower on the property, that has a stairway on the inside and once we get to the top there’s nice balcony with stranded lights and a bistro table and chairs? We could even put a bbq up there.” Because there was so much construction going on already, Ben sounded like it wasn’t a great idea. We finished our drinks and then climbed down. 08242010

We went to bed and I didn’t really dream much. I slept sound and uninterrupted. Morning came and I was still sleeping. Everyone else in the house took care of their morning things. I was in bed at least until 10AM. I woke up and hopped into the shower. Vinny came down and walked into the bathroom and was talking to me through the shower door. “We’re laying the floor today. We just finished all the interior painting, lighting when you finish here come up and take a look. I said “Okay I’ll be right up”. I got dressed quickly and ran upstairs. They boys were there with Vinny his crew and Ben. The colors were perfect, very earthy, blues, greens and light shades of browns. Crew was laying down the dark brown hardwood flooring through out that made the place look so rich. “I love it, you guys Rock!” The back deck was stained, and ready. Everything was perfect for the boys. 08242010

“I’m thinking once the floors are finished and the paint is dry on the walls that the boys can move in” aid Vinny. “Okay, then let’s go shopping boys!” Ben suggested and I agreed. We all piled into my Mercedes and headed to the city to go furniture shopping. We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and then went right to Design With In Reach on 1913 Fillmore St. (between Bush and Pine Streets) The boys ordered:

1 Sarinen Round 60" Dining Table Designed by Eero Saarinen for Knoll® $3,839.00 USD 
4 Eames® Molded Plastic Side Chair - DSR   $996.00 USD 
1 Matera Six Drawer Dresser $3,500.00 USD 
1 Matera Five Drawer Chest $3,000.00 USD
1 Boulevard Square Table $249.00 USD 
1 Boulevard Round Table $249.00 USD 
4 Café Chair $276.00 USD
2 Memo Table $700.00 USD
2 Cinto™ Stacking Chair $590.00 USD
1 Twilight Sleep Sofa - Aluminum Frame $1,428.00 USD
2 Zola Bedside Table $1,300.00 USD
2 Yanagi Butterfly Stool $1,290.00 USD
1 Skagen Nesting Tables, set of 2 $550.00 USD

  Subtotal $18,219.00 USD  
  Promotional Saving ($1,275.33 USD)  
  Estimated Shipping $691.95 USD

  Estimated Total $17,635.62 USD 

We still need to get them a television. So we left Fillmore St. and headed Pacific Sales on Bryant Street. We parked and headed inside to find the boys a nice flat screen TV. Then we headed home. 08242010

On the way home the boys were a little taken back by the amount of money we spent for the apartments furniture. “Hey boys, look at the bright side you saved us $1,275.33. That’s how much we can spend on the big flat screen HDTV now! They laughed and thanked us. I turned around and looked both of them in the eye and said “That’s your engagement gift from Ben and I!” We got home and the boys were all energized and jazzed about decorating the apartment. They ran upstairs and were talking about what would go where. Ben and I weren’t finished yet. We wanted them to have something nice that was their
very own on the property. We walked out to the old barn and though about what it would take for them to
renovate it for horses and then Fence in a space for them. Ben got on the phone right away and called out our General Contractor who just finished the apartment for us.08242010

The doorbell rang while we were in the kitchen making drinks. Matthew opened the door and it was our GC - Kevin. “Hey Kevin we’re in the kitchen come on in” I said and Matthew shut the door behind him and then ran back up to the apartment. “Hey Kevin, you did a fantastic job on the attic apartment and it was completed way ahead of schedule. Doug and I just wanted to give you our thanks. Would you like a drink?” Ben asked. Kevin said “Cold dark Guinness would be nice thanks”. I left to get it, and Ben continued. “We want to know if the old barn out back can be restored and converted into a horse stables and then fenced in for two horses?” I walked back in with a beer for Kevin handed it to him and then we all walked out to the old Barn. As we walked up to the parn and then went inside I was carefully watching the expression on Kevin’s face. “Well, what do you think?” Kevin didn’t answer he kept taking sips off his beer and carefully looking around. “Okay, he began, this is doable but we’re probably going to rewire, and get permits and then get an inspector out here to see if it can pass inspection. “That’s fine”, Ben said. 08242010

“I can do this, but it’s going to take time”. Kevin said. “Okay so how much time are we talking about?”
I asked. “Id say about five months” he replied. Ben and I looked at each other and then said okay go ahead with it. Kevin shook our hands and said he would have his secretary fax over an official written estimate in the morning. He downed the beer thanked us and then left. Ben walked him out while I sat in the barn looking at all the possibilities. I suppose we didn’t need anything fancy. I also thought to myself that the boys would probably want the barn to be as basic as possible. Ben came back in and hugged and kissed me. He held me in his arms and said “This is a great idea for the boys”. I greed and then said “Lets sit in the hot tub and the go into the sauna. 08242010

Going into the house we stopped and made another drink in the kitchen and then headed out to the hot tub. I grabbed two towels out of the sauna locker rooms and then met Ben in the hot tub. He had already removed his clothes and then jumped in and started up the jets. I set the towels on the chair and I removed all my clothes and jumped in too. We sat next to each other arm and arm but still leaving a drink in the other hand. Matthew came out and asked if we were okay with our drinks. I told him I would let him know when we were low. He ran back up to the attic and sat on the floor with Timmy playing Gin Rummy.08242010

Nathan came out to the hot tub and removed all his clothes and hopped in too. “Hey Nate, what’s up?” I asked. “Not too much, this feels great!” Do you want a drink? You probably could use a towel too when you get out right?” He looked at me a little confused, “Yeah sure that would be nice.” not knowing where I was going with this. I closed my eyes, concentrated then imagined me telling Matthew what we needed and asking him if he could bring one fresh towel and Nathan a beer out to the hot tub.” With in a few seconds Matthew came downstairs and went to the bar, poured a frosty beer from tap and then on the way out to the hot tub he stopped at the sauna locker room and grabbed a fresh towel. “Hi fellas, here you go Nathan, this is for you. One frosty beer and a fresh towel”. Ben and Nathan were pretty impressed. I thanked Matthew and he ran back up stairs to Timmy. 08242010

Twenty minutes came and went so we jumped out of the hot tub and wrapped ourselves with a towel and then went to the sauna. Ben first then me and next to me on the other side sat Nathan. “So Doug, when did you master that technique with Matthew?” Ben asked. Nathan looked over at me with great intensity and a curious look. “He and I have been practicing on it for months. We only finally mastered it this past week”. “Wow, that’s amazing, I wish I could do that” Nathan said. “I will teach you Nathan, it takes great focus, thought and discipline but once you get it down it’s an invaluable gift. 08242010

Just about another twenty minutes passed and my drink was empty so I got out and showered off in the locker room shower and then got dressed. Ben and Nathan came out while I was dressing and showered and then got dressed to. We went to the kitchen and the doorbell rang. Ben continued to make us drinks, I said “I’ll get it” I ran to the foyer and answered the door and it was my beautiful cousin Jennifer. “Hi Jennifer, how are you?” I noticed she was carrying a bag. “Please come in”. As she entered I closed the door behind her, and then took her hand and showed her to the kitchen with me. “Nathan, this is mine and Ben’s cousin Jennifer, Jennifer, this is our new house mate and a new addition to our firm, Nathan St. Pier the Third”. Nathan like a gentleman that he is, reached out and grabbed Jennifer’s hand and then slowly lifted it up to his mouth and kissed the back of it. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss?” “Oh Bertrand, Miss Bertrand” she said and then smiled. Ben and I looked at one another in a way like are you seeing and catching what I’m getting from this? We realized we just witnessed a true love at first sight moment, and this was cause for celebration. I pulled out the champagne and poured all of us a drink. “I would like to make a toast.” I said and then continued “To the lamp of love - may it burn brightest in the darkest hours and never flicker in the winds of trial.” Everyone said “Here here!” we clinked out glassed and sipped from our flutes. 08242010

I pulled Jennifer aside and asked her if she was okay. She said “I wasn’t until I came here and saw this most beautiful man in my life. Where did you find him? He’s gorgeous!” I said, “I didn’t find him, he found me in one of my dreams I’m not sure how he did it, but I do know he’s a perfect marksman, and a shape shifter. His two older siblings are shape shifters too. He’s been alone up until I located his siblings for him a few weeks ago”. I hugged her and kissed her cheeks, “He’s been a perfect house mate and I fell he will be an important addition to the team. So I guess I don’t have to ask where we will be putting you up for the evening, do I?” “Hush Cuz, of course you do, I’m a lady remember”. Jennifer hit my shoulder and I showed her and her suitcase to my empty guest room. 08242010

I went back into the kitchen and finished making my new drink. Jennifer came back in and began to spark conversation with Nathan. Ben and I escaped back into the back living room where we turned on TMC and snuggled up on the couch under a blanket. “I was jut thinking to myself, we should go shopping tomorrow and pick out all the plates, dishes, silverware, linens and blankets for the boy’s new apartment. What do you think?” I asked. Ben said “That’s a great idea, but I feel like they need to pick out what they want”. “I do know that Matthew made a salad bowl set in the pottery barn and it really turned out superb. He really is artistically incredible.” We finished all conversation and fell asleep together on the couch. 08242010

Ben woke me up and turned off the tv. He helped me up and walked me back to bed. The boys were already sound asleep in their bed. This was the last night that they would be sleeping in our room. I looked at Ben and said, “Why don’t you just zap them up there, they probably would like that”. Ben snapped his fingers and the boys and their bed were in their new master suit bedroom. Ben and I got undressed and then climbed into bed and fell fast asleep. A few hours passed and I found myself sitting on the beach just listening to the crashing waves hit the reef. I laid down in the sand to get some sun. I fell asleep for some time. All of the sudden the sun was being blocked. I opened my eyes and it was Matthew. “Hey Doug, what are you doing?” I sat up quickly. “Matthew how did you learn this?” He laughed and sat down beside me smiling, I have been pounding the books and both Timmy and I have been practicing together. Our craft is becoming impeccable. Pretty soon, we’ll be able to use magic with out spoken spells, but with the snap of a finger, or a wave of a hand.” I was so amazed. “That’s fantastic!” “Okay just so you know when you tow boys wake up, you’ll be in your new apartment bedroom. Ben zapped you there while you were sleeping”. “Oh I was going to ask if it was ok, but I forgot.” Ok, I will get out of your head and dreams and let you get some peace of mind”. Matthew said. “Look, you are my family now, it’s not considered any kind of an intrusion. Understood?” We both hugged and kissed our cheeks and then Matthew faded into a cloud, and disappeared.08242010

Just then I realized that I wanted to tell Matthew something else. So I entered his dream and he was sitting on a floating raft in the middle of a lake, sun tanning. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t think you would be naked in this dream”. Matthew rested his hand over his lap, “You and I have seen each other naked already so many times, seriously it’s not that big of a deal”. “Right I said, well I forgot to tell you that Ben and I want to take you boys shopping tomorrow for all your plates, dishes, silverware, linens and blankets. Would that be okay?” “Yeah of course it would”. I was already in my swim trunks so I just laid myself down and just fell asleep beside Matthew on the wooden raft, while getting some sun. 08242010

The alarm went off and I rolled over on top of Ben and shut it off. He woke up and then kissed me and said “Good Morning”. “Hi Honey”. I jumped out of bed and grabbed my robe. I ran up the stairs and knocked on the attic door. “Come in” Timmy said. “Hey guys, your furniture should be here first thing this morning and then moving men are going to bring it right up here so be ready to have them stage it where ever you want. Ben’s cooking omelets.” I left and headed to the bedroom to shower. Ben finished with breakfast and we all sat down to eat. Nathan found his way up the stairs and headed to the coffee pot. “Good Morning Nathan”. Jennifer came in and looked like her eyes were still shut. She somehow found her way to the coffee pot with out hurting herself or bumping into anyone. “Please allow me” Nathan said and poured her a mug of coffee. Jut then doorbell rang and Matthew and Timothy jumped up and ran to answer it. I followed right behind them knowing I would have to sign for the delivery. “Hello, Mister Parker?” The young man asked. “Yes here” I grabbed the clip board and signed it and then handed it back. Then moving men asked where they should being in the couch first? Then they began bringing in everything pretty quickly after that. In no time the boys had all the furniture staged. I went upstairs and they had placed everything perfectly in the apartment. Even the outdoor patio sets were already on the deck. “Wow, looks fabulous boys!” They were both so excited that they jumped up and hugged and kissed me and couldn’t stop thanking me. “Alright, go direct some of this attention to your brother Ben”. With that they ran down stairs and thanked him too. We all had breakfast together on the patio outside and then the four of us ventured out of the house to go buy some linens and things. 08242010

I was driving this time so I went to highway 101 south and drove to Bed Bath & Beyond in Larkspur.
I parked the car and then turned to the boys and handed them a prepaid credit card. There’s about Ten thousand dollars on this prepaid credit card. This should be enough, so go in there and get what ever you need for your new apartment. I’m pretty sure you won’t need more than that but just let us know if you do.” They couldn’t get out fast enough. Timothy grabbed the card and said thanks. Ben and I got out and just walked slowly behind them. Just two hours was all it took for these boys. We had to cart out two shopping carts, and load everything up in the trunk. Once everything was in Matthew parked the shopping carts in the return space and then hopped in and buckled up. “How much was the total?” I asked Matthew. He said “$4,836.54”. Okay so hang onto that card, and use it for things that you need later on. There will be things that you will think about later, and then you can just go shopping for it another time.” We pulled into the garage and then the boys jumped out and the four of us carried everything up to the apartment and then helped the boys unpack and put things away. 08242010

The boys wanted to host a little dinner party at in their new home with just them and Ben & I to thank us for everything. They decided to try their hand at making home made sushi. I had a nice sushi dinner serving set and chop sticks that I lent them. Ben and I bought them some saki, and a Red Glazed Ceramic Asian Saki Set 5 Pieces, as a house warming gift. I could have made it myself but I didn’t really have the time. They were making California Rolls, Louisiana Roll, Nigirizushi with fresh salmon, tuna and other varieties of fish. I thought it would be fun if we all got dressed up in a Kimono. I happened to have a mustard one that I picked up while on my visit to Japan. Ben picked up a brown one, so I bought Timmy a yellow one and Matthew a green one. I also bought all of us some Geta Traditional Sandals.08252010

When the contractors were working on the apartment, I had them put in an intercom that connects to my house intercom of it can be independent through out their apartment. I also had them put in a solid core security door to give the boys a sense of privacy and separation from the main estate. I really wanted them to think and live independently, even though they were welcome to depend on our hospitality and estate amenities if they wished. Oh I even had the GC install their own door bell. Ben and I got dressed in out Kimono’s and then headed upstairs and then rang the door bell. Matthew opened the door and said, “Please, won’t you come in?” We stepped in and then he closed the door behind us. The boys went to the local Nursery at some point in the day on their own and filled the house with beautiful green house plants. They also bought some potted plants for the balcony. “Wow, you two! I said, this place looks absolutely fantastic!” Ben agreed, and we then Timmy gave us a tour. 08252010

The whole apartment was wall to wall hard wood floors except for the bathrooms. They had an expensive Italian tile, we had shipped in for our Bayou Delight estate, and there was just enough left over for both bathrooms. One and a half baths, so that guests didn’t need to go through their bedroom to go. They placed two tables outside, one square and one round eat with two chairs. Also they purchased two outdoor chase lounges that fit perfectly on the deck looking over the pool. Ben prepared the saki so that it was warm for us. The boys set the dining room table in the Japanese sushi set that we gave them for a house warming gift. We sat down and ate to a little classic Japanese music playing out of their Bose built in sound system. After dinner they wanted us to stay and watch a movie with them. They had two recliners shipped in today, and they matched the couch so that all of us could comfortably watch their new HDTV. The whole evening was so romantic and well put together. We were very happy for the boys. 08252010

The movie ended and Ben and I had fallen asleep in the recliners, they were so comfortable. I woke up and the boys were both asleep on the couch. I woke up Ben and we turned off the TV and snuck out. I locked the door with the spare key that Matthew gave me. Ben and I went right to bed. Just about an hour passed and I began to dream. I was ice fishing in a little wooden house with a bench over a frozen lake. I caught my first fish and threw him in a bucket of water next to me. Ten minutes passed and I got another one. Some how I managed to fall asleep there where I sit waiting for the next fish to bite. Once it did I reeled it in and then I decided to take the fish and leave. When I walked out of the ice house, the dream changed instantly to me sitting on a bench in a subway somewhere. People were coming and going from all directions. I was wearing a long gray over coat and a matching hat. Although I didn’t smoke cigarettes, in this dream I did and I was. I picked up a news paper that someone had left behind next to me and began reading it. The front page said “Mad Scientist creates genocide weapon .” I continued to read the article and it was talking about our old client Jaime. The reason that he was saying that he made it was because he had lost all hope in humanity and that he just wanted to end the world as he knew it. I was freaking out to myself and then I suddenly woke up out of this sleep. I got out of bed and headed to the kitchen to get some ice water. Nathan was sitting at the counter just gazing off to nowhere. I said, “Hi Nathan, are you okay?” He smiled and nodded. Then he spoke, “Yeah, I’m fine I just can’t sleep” I got my water and then sat down beside him at the counter. Sometimes when I can’t sleep I go take a hot sauna and all the toxins leave me and then it makes me sleepy. Let’s go have a sauna. We both walked outside and then to the sauna locker rooms. We got undressed and in our towels and then opened up the sauna. Nathan took the lower bench and I took the upper bench. 08252010

“I just really want to thank you for allowing me to stay here with you.” Nathan said. I smiled and said “You know, I like you here and I think we can become great friends over time. Don’t you agree?” he responded, “Oh yes, there’s something about you , I don’t know what it is but when I’m around you I feel like I’ve not only known you forever but I can trust you with my life”. I said, “That is after all what good friends are for.” We both just laid back and felt so comfortable sharing the same space together with out even needing to speak. Twenty minutes passed and the both of us fell asleep for a few minutes. Then I placed my hand on Nathan’s knee, and woke him up. “We should get out now” I said, so we left the sauna and then walked into the showers and showered together. I helped him soap up and he helped me soap up and then we shared the shower to rinse off. I got out and handed him a towel and then I wrapped myself in mine. I grabbed the robe I was wearing from my bedroom and put it on. He grabbed the clothes that he was wearing and we both went back into the house. He hugged and kissed me and I hugged and kissed him back and then we said “Goodnight” and went to bed. 08252010

This morning I woke up with only one thing on my mind, and that was to spend the whole day, uninterrupted with my cousin Jennifer. I let everyone know that was my intentions and then I made her and I pumpkin spice lattes. She woke up and came into the kitchen. Hi cousin, how would you like to go with me to wee my friend Patrick who works at the San Francisco Zoo today? He will let up feed the animals with him and hang out there all day long if we want. “What a fantastic idea, I would love to. Let me go shower and get dressed and then we can go!” I talked Ben into dedicating his day doing something fun with Nathan. They both decided to have a foursome with the boys, so they left early to play an eighteen hole round of golf at the local country club. Jennifer were ready and so we headed out to San Francisco. 08252010

I took the 101 to the 280 interchange and then when I got to Westlake District – John Daly Boulevard exit. I made a right and then followed it to Skyline Boulevard (Highway 35). Turn right onto Skyline Boulevard (Highway 35). I took that until I saw the signs for the zoo so we pilled into the VIP parking spot and then got out. I went to security and flashed my badge and they escorted us to Patrick’s office. “Would you like some coffee?” I asked as I helped myself to the coffee and the paper cups. “Sure I would love a cup” so I handed Jennifer one then I poured myself one. In no time Patrick returned to his office, “OMG, Doug!” He said and hugged me. “Who’s this beautiful young woman?” he shook her hand, and I said this is my cousin Jennifer. “Nice to meet you cousin, any cousin of Doug’s is a cousin of mine!” “Well, we came here today to help you feed the animals.” “Ok, sure thing, lets get started.. Please follow me.” He said and guided us to the Penguins first. 08252010

We carefully entered the penguin exhibit, and Patrick said to Jennifer, “this is Linda, she’s the penguin responsible for breaking up the same sex penguins that had been together for 6 years.” I thought it was funny so I laughed out loud. Over here is Harry and there is Pepper. They are the once famous couple before Linda interfered. “Just like a woman to break up a relationship, right?” Patrick, laughed and said, I wouldn’t know. We fed them fish and Patrick showed us the tricks that he was teaching them. I could tell that Jennifer was having a great time with them. I also sensed that she was able to telepathically speak to them and she even had them doing tricks for her that just freaked Patrick out. 08252010

Seeing the Penguins was great but I was looking forward to feeding the Dolphins. Patrick knew this so they were the ones that we were going to feed next. We had to put on a wet suit because Patrick wanted us to get in the water to touch the dolphins and feed them. Once we changed we met out next to the pool. The dolphins were swimming back and forth and jumping through hoops and sitting up in the water and clapping backwards. Jennifer and I were laughing and so excited to be doing this. We acted like two little children seeing dolphins up close for our fist time. Patrick handed me a pale of fish and Jennifer one too. We slowly got into the water and then Patrick said “Now, they have to work for their food, so ask them to do something and then after they do it reward them with a fish.” So I told the one nearest to me to dive down ket a ring and throw it to me. He did and right when I caught it, he came up and chattered in dolphin talk. I tossed up a fish. “Good Boy. Now your turn Jennifer”. She picked out the smallest one and said, “Where’s the ball? Get me the ball!” She took off and then balanced a ball on her nose and swam backwards all the way across the pool to Jennifer. It was so much fun! We actually were swimming with them after about a half hour. Before we knew it two hours passed and Patrick suggested we get out of the wet suits and finish the tour. We fed polar bears, sharks, wild birds, lions, monkeys, and all sorts of exotic animals. The day was drawing near so we said our thank you’s and good bye’s to Patrick and then headed back to the estate. 08252010

“Before we go home how about some dinner?” I asked. Jennifer said, “YES! But what are you in the mood for?” “Oh I don’t know, I replied, fish and chips and get some beer?” “That sounds great!” I drove right over the Golden Gate Bridge and took the Sausalito exit. The best Fish & Chips in the whole Bay Area were at the marina there called Sausalito’s Fish & Chips. We pulled in jumped out and then went inside. I sat down and my cell rang. I looked “It’s Ben, I said, should I answer?” Jennifer said, “Sure go ahead”. I answered “Hey”. “We’re sitting here at Sausalito’s Fish & Chips just getting ready to eat.” “Hey Jennifer do you mind if the gang meets us here?” She nodded nope. “Okay sure, come on down. Okay love you too, see you in a bit.” Then I hung up the phone. “Sorry, you really okay with the boys meeting us here?” She said, “No not at all, I was kind of hoping they would so that I could see Nathan”. “Cool” I said. 08252010

The first one In the door was Timmy. “Hey bro! Hi Cuz!” he said and then pulled up a chair after he kissed the both of us. Matthew and Nathan came in second. “Hey how was the Zoo?” Nathan asked Jennifer. “It ROCKED!” she said. “ Cool Cool!”, Matthew pulled a table next to our to us and put them together. Nathan grabbed a few more chairs one for him, Ben and Matthew. I slid a chair right next to me, then patted it for Ben to sit next to me. “So…how was golf?” Ben sat down and then took a deep sigh, “ I won, then Nathan, and the boys fought over last place status, hahaha!” The waitress came up and took everyone’s order. I said, “Beer!” then Ben said “Fish & Chips and Beer around”. She I.D’d Matthew and then Timothy. Timothy said, “A coke please”, then smiled and kissed Matthew. “Hey do you guys still have Fat Tire on tap?” Sure do she said, “We’ll take a round of that!, Thanks”. I said. 08252010

Everyone ate, and drank and had a great time along with good conversation. Then we cleared out and went back to the house. I walked in and asked Timothy if he really wanted that beer with his Fish & Chips? He said “Nah, not really”. “Well, three years will fly right on by so don’t worry about it. If you’re going to drink I want you drinking at home where I can keep an eye on you. Better to be safe than sorry!” I put my arm around him and walked him into the kitchen. “Now do you want a vodka Martini?” “Sure, thanks” he said, Ben and Jennifer wanted one too. Matthew , Nathan and I had Gin Martinis. Nathan and Jennifer wanted to jump in the pool so they both went to their bedrooms and changed into their swim suits and then met at the pool. All four of us took our drinks and met outside on the deck. 08252010

I decided I wanted to dance, so I ran to the dance studio and left the door open. I programmed our Bose digital sound system to play all my favorite dance tunes and I just started dancing. In no time at all everyone was in there dancing with me. We danced the night away. Once I realized what time it was I said my good night’s and went to bed. I started dreaming about the lake where Stephan and I always hung out. I hiked there in my dream and stripped down to cool off for a swim. I was swimming from one side to the other and all the sudden Stephan swam up beside me and raced me to the shore. He won and got out first, sitting on the shoreline. I got out and sat right next to him. “Hey” I said. “Hey” he replied. “I miss you!” Stephan said to me. “I miss you too, how are things going with you and Jon?” He looked serious, “He’s a nice guy, I just think we’re taking things a bit too fast, is all”. I looked at him and got closer to his face to try and make a reading on him. “Perhaps you should go to Bayou Delight for a few days alone and hand out with Jasper? I can keep Jon company while you’re away.” Stephan thought about it and didn’t respond. He continued to stare off into the distance. “Stephan what’s really bothering you?” “I think I want to live alone” he said, and then started to cry. I hugged him tight and just told him everything would be okay. We hugged for a very long time. 08252010

I have never really seen Stephan like this before. I wanted so badly to help him and do what ever it took to fix his pain and make him feel good again. I pulled away from him and looked him in his eyes and said, “Stephan, I will help you through this but you can’t have a breakdown on me, okay?” He didn’t speak, he continued to cry and then hugged me. “Look, this is what we’ll do, wake yourself up from this dream put on a robe and meet me in my office in five minutes. I said “Stephan Wake Up!” I woke up and put on my robe and went into my office. I turned on my computer and then waited for it to boot up. In only a few minutes Stephan was knocking on the door wearing only his robe. “Please come in and shut the door behind you,” I pointed to the chair right next to me at my desk. “Here sit here” I said. I did a search on real estate in the area. The only problem was nothing was available for under 1 million dollars. I did however find a condo 3 bedroom 2 bath on .04 acres. 1,500 square feet. For sale for $650K I decided to go look at it in the morning so I e-mailed my local realtor. “If I buy this I’m only going to offer $600K and not a penny more.” I got up and walked Stephan out to the back property. I showed him the old barn and how we were rebuilding it. I told him it was for the boys so that they could have horses. “Are you sure you want to move out?” The estate has so much to offer anyone who lives here. “I’m not sure”. Okay let’s go back inside and see if we can find a little module home that we could buy and put it on the back acres. We went back inside and before we went to the computer I asked Stephan if he wanted to have a drink with me? He said sure. Made us a drink and then we went back into the office on the computer. 08252010

I located a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom modular home 456 sq. ft. 2006. For 34K. I e-mailed the seller and told them I would pay cash for it. We looked at the pictures and it looked like something that Stephan could be happy with. “Okay, enough about this stuff. We can’t do anything more until dusk at least. What do you want to do, now that I’m wide awake?” I asked. “Let’s go play some darts” he said. So I got up and we went to play some darts until the sun came up. We went back into the office to check my e-mail and I saw that my realtor had e-mailed me back. “She says she has a house for us to look at in Mill Valley. It’s a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom home that was valued at $750K but now because the market took a dive it’s selling right now for $279K. It’s on Marin View Avenue in Mill Valley. The size is 2,113 square feet with a lot of .23 acres. It was built in 1928. The entry greets with an open living room and fireplace. Kitchen with tile flooring and sky-lights. Wonderful view of the forest. Easy access to major highways. Let’s get dressed and cleaned u0p and plan to go see it. I am prepared to make an offer today if we like it.

We showered, got dressed left notes and then jumped into my Mercedes to meet with my Realtor. Stephan seemed very nervous and on edge. “Hey, lover boy…just chill would you? Everything is going to work out and be fine. Wait, and see.” We pulled up to the driveway and Stephanie was already waiting for us. “Hi Stephanie, this is my very good friend Stephan Gustafson. Stephan this is my Realtor Stephanie Rizzo.” They shook hands and smiled and I continued, “I’m purchasing this property as a Real Estate investment and I want Stephan here to be the care taker.” She smiled at me and said, “Oh very good. Well as you know only 9 years ago this property was valued at $750 thousand dollars and because the Real Estate market crashed now it’s selling for 279 thousand. I have every confidence that with in the next 9 years the property value with soar right back to where it was when this was at it’s highest value. So please follow me and I will give you the tour. 08252010

Right away we were impressed with the open floor plan of the house. It was very clear that no expense was spared during the remodel of this home. The great room had hard wood floors and a beautiful fireplace at one end. The other end had floor to ceiling windows that looked into the paradise of plants, ferns, flowers and trees. The kitchen was completely updated but more of a galley style than an open floor plan, but that was okay. Upstairs was the two bedrooms and one bathroom. It was a full bathroom. The bedrooms had great sun. Back to the downstairs area there was a wash room with a washer and dryer. “This could be a possible place to add a half bath so people do not have to go upstairs every time to use the bathroom. I can have Kevin look into that. Okay Stephanie, I want to make an offer, right now!” She walked over to the counter and opened up her lap top. She had already anticipated that I would do that because she know how I conducted business. “I’m thinking about offering $270 thousand and I will pay closing.” She drew up the contract and I signed and then she said “We’ll be in touch”. We said our goodbyes and we went back to the estate. 08252010

I pulled into the garage and Stephan and I jumped out. We went into the house and headed for the kitchen. “I’m starving, how about you?” “Hell yeah” he said. Ben outside BBQ’ing. I walked out and kissed him and then asked what he was BBQ’ing? He told me the fish that was in the refrigerator. I realized that before I dreamed about me and Stephan I caught some fish and they must have been teleported out of my dream and into the fridge again. I went into the kitchen and made some Risotto, and steamed mixed Californian vegetables. We sat outside and had lunch together, Me, Ben, Stephan and Jon. After lunch the phone rang, it was Stephanie she said I got the house. I let everyone know as soon as I hung up the phone. “Escrow closes in 30 to 45 days from today, so Stephan you will have to get the house furnished and livable after that. We can go shopping , Ben you and I, to fill up the house with furniture and accessories. That’s not a problem.” Ben nodded and said who knows maybe by then the barn will be finished. “Oh yeah that reminds me I want to have Kevin go in and give me an estimate on adding a half bath downstairs” Ben winked and said “I’m on it” then he kissed me.08/25/2010 Copy Rights. I pulled Ben inside so that Jon and Stephan could talk about what was going on. Both were my dear friends and I did not want either one to get hurt. Ben and I went to the Library and did some readying where it was peaceful and quiet. I read for about an hour and then decided to check in on Nathan. I went down to the basement and found Matthew and Timmy practicing magic. “Hi boys, what’s up?” I asked. “Hi brother, we’re just studying and practicing the craft.” they both kissed me and hugged me. I walked beyond them to the closed bedroom door and knocked in it. “Come in”. “Hi Nathan, I’m just checking in. Is everything alright?” He stood up from the chair and hugged me. “My brother and sister are on their way here now, and I am nervous as hell.” I looked surprised, and said “Why, you spent so much time with them getting to know them and where they live. I’m pretty sure now they want to see where you live and who you live with is all."08252010

I left Nathan and went to check out what was going on with Jon and Stephan. Suddenly it dawned on me, my life was becoming a real life Soap Opera. I walked outside and Jon jumped up and took me by my arm and walked me out to the back property. “Hey I would like to know if it would be okay if I went to Bayou Delight and spend some time with Brigitte, Mama, Jasper, Anya and Luis?” I was a little surprised but I thought it would be okay. He said “Okay I will pack my things and then if you could send me there I will just stay there for a while.” “Sure that’s fine, just let me know when you’re ready to go, I can escort you there.” I searched the estate for Ben because I needed to do some fast juggling. I found Ben in the bedroom and I sat down and said, “Okay Jon is going to Bayou Delight, Nathan’s brother and sister are on their way. We have him in the spare room in the basement and there isn’t enough room there for all three. Jon will leave today, and Stephan will need to move out of the guest house. We can put Nathan and his siblings in there and move Stephan into Nathan’s basement room. What do you thing? Is that going to work?” Ben touched my face and kissed me and then said, “It would appear that is already has honey.”

I ran down to the basement and asked Nathan to pack up his things that we were moving him into the guest house. I went to the guest house and let Stephan know that he needed to get his things out so that Nathan could take it. I asked Jon if he was ready and he said yes, so he said his goodbyes to Stephan , Ben, Jessica, Matthew, and Timothy and then we met in the meditation room. We held hands and I concentrated on his luggage and us and in seconds we were standing in the living room at Bayou Delight. “Hey Ya’ll!” Jasper said, he had a jug of moonshine out of the counter. “Here have a drink” he hand one to me and then walked up to Jon and said “You look like you could use one friend hiccup!” “Hey thanks friend” he said and grabbed the mason jar of moonshine. We all greeted one another with kisses and hugs and then I said my goodbyes. “Jasper take good care of Jon, he’s a dear friend to me and Ben”. He started to say “Any friend of yours…” before he could get the rest out I was gone. I arrived back in the meditation room. 08252010

I checked in with Nathan in the guest house and he was all set up and ready to greet his brother and sister. I asked him to meet me in the hot tub in an hour. I went down stairs and I entered the spare bedroom in the basement and Stephan was all unpacked and comfortable in there. “Hi, you doing good?” I asked. “Yep, thanks, I didn’t even really know this room was here”. I asked him to meet me in the hot tub in about 45 minutes and then I went back upstairs. I went to the kitchen and poured me a Martini. I grabbed it and then went to check on Jennifer. “Hey cuz, may I come in?” She was sitting in her chair reading. “Oh yeah sure, please come in.” I just wanted to let you know that Jon and Stephan are taking a break from one another. Jon is in Bayou Delight, with Jasper and Stephan is in the basement spare room. I had to put Nathan in the guest house because he’s expecting his brother and sister here any day now.” She smirked, “I’m really glad you told me because I would feel a little awkward thinking I was going down there to see Nathan and bumping into Stephan.” I laughed then said “Yeah I sort of thought you might. Okay, see you later.” I left and headed to my bedroom to grab a pair of swim trunks. I changed in the locker room and then left my clothes in the bench. I headed over to the hot tub with my drink in hand and climbed in and hit the jets. In only a few moments Stephan showed up and climbed in. He wasn’t wearing anything so I kept the all the lights off except for the tiny strand clear lights. Nathan showed up next he removed all his clothes and laid them on the chair. Then he climbed in, and sat on the other side of me. I was sitting right in between Stephan and Nathan. “Hi Guys!” I closed my eyes and thought to Matthew that they needed drinks. In no time at all Matthew was here with two drinks in hand and three clean towels. “Here you go, let me know if you need anything else.” he said, and before he could walk away I grabbed his hand and squeezed it then said “Thank you!” 08252010

“I asked you guys to join me tonight because I wanted to talk to you both. As you know Nathan, Stephan is my very best friend and he has been for many years. I will never stop being his best friend. I know that you and I have something very unique and special between us and I really want to keep it. So I would like to say thank you to the both of you for being my best friends, and I wouldn’t have things any other way!”  Both of them expressed how honored and proud they were to be my best friends and they excepted that each other was equally important to me in my life. “I have other friends that I hold dear in my heart. It doesn’t mean they mean any more or any less then you two do. It only means there is plenty of me to go around. Now if you two become best friends, then please don’t leave me out, okay?” We all laughed and toasted to that and then got out and Stephan and Nathan ran naked across the yard and jumped in the pool. I ran in after them after I flung my swim suit off and jumped in. We were all laughing and trying to catch one another in the water. Ben came out and said “Someone was at the door and they are here to see Nathan.” We were all so suddenly embarrassed. Before they walked out to the back patio, Ben waved his hand over the pool and the three of us were in our swim trunks.08252010

Nathan was the first to jump up out of the pool as Ben handed him one of the three clean towels. Then Stephan climbed out and Ben handed him his towel. I pulled myself up out of the pool and tripped into Ben’s arms and he covered me up with my towel and held me close to his chest. “Hi you guys, welcome!” He hugged and kissed his brother and sister. As soon as he was finished, he stood under the apartment deck and began introductions. “Okay everyone this is my sister Neomi St. Pier and this is my brother Richard St. Pier who are here from France.” Then he went one by one, This is Ben Parker, you met Doug Parker, and this is Stephan Gustafson. Jennifer came out and she introduced herself. “Hi I’m Jennifer Bertrand” everyone kissed cheeks and shook hands. Now if you follow me I will introduce you to a couple of fine young men down in the basement. The three walked into the house where Nathan showed them the basement and then introduced them. “Matthew Collins this is my brother Richard and my sister Neomi St. Pier.” They kissed cheeks and shook hands, then he introduced again, Timothy Parker please meet my sister Neomi and my brother Richard St. Pier.” He kissed cheeks and shook hands, and said “I’m pleased to meet you both”. Nathan left the basement with them to give them the grand tour of the estate. 08252010

I was pretty much warn out from today’s events. I said my goodnights and headed to my bedroom. I started the bath water and wanted to soak in some bubbles before I went to bed. I got undressed and then Ben got undresses and climbed in right behind me like he usually does when I don’t want to be alone. He nibbled my ear lobe and I began to laugh. “That’s supposed to arouse your sexual senses not make you laugh” he whispered in my ear. “Sorry honey, it’s one of my very few ticklish spots.” I leaned back into him shut my eyes and just breathed deeply. He held on tight to me firmly and comfortably. I sighed and then said, “I love our complicated family.” Ben sort of laughed and said, “we do have our hands full, and there’s never a dull moment around here.” “Amen to that!” 08252010

Getting up bright and early I showered, dressed and headed out to the barn to check on the progress. I carried out a tray with coffee, tea, cream, sugar and hot cocoa. “Good Morning Gentlemen, how’s it going? I bought you some refreshments. Please help yourselves and let me know if there is anything else I can get for you.” Kevin thanked me and told his men to stop and take a break. On guy jumped down from the ladder and said “I’ll take fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, and bacon please”. Kevin laughed and I spun around saying “Coming right up.” I went into the kitchen and told Ben, He snapped his fingers and there was a breakfast plate for everyone on our old fashioned large wheeled serving cart. I went back out and said, “Okay boys just let me know if there is anything else we could do for you.” Kevin walked over to me and said “You really didn’t have to, but thank you”. I smiled at him and said, “You know how we roll around her Kevin.” Then I said “Keep up the great work gentlemen!” Then went back into the kitchen to make me a bagel with cream cheese and a latte. 08262010

“So, what shall we do today?” Ben asked me. “I was thinking about going out to the river and hopping into a kayak. We could put our drinks in our Coleman coolers, and then I could pack picnic lunches.” I finished my bagel and latte, and then went to the guest house and knocked on the door. Nathan opened it and I said, “Hey do you all have plans for today?” Nathan opened the door up and asked me to come in. “Good Morning, I was thinking about renting us a shuttle and heading to the river to take a 6-8 hour kayak trip for the day. We could pack picnic lunches and spend the day on the water and in the sun. Would you all be up for that?” They all happily agreed to it, so then I went to ask Jennifer, Stephan and the boys. Everyone was in, so Ben packed drink coolers for each person, and I packed lunches for each person in a water proof flexible cooler. In no time the shuttle pulled up and honked. “Okay group let’s head out to the river”. When we got there I walked up and said, “Hi party of 10 under Parker.” He said oh yes, please would everyone follow me and on the way down to then river grab yourselves a life jacket. We went down and he said, “here are you ten kayaks, enjoy.” Stephan asked who was the tenth kayak for So I told him “Stephanie was showing property in the area so I invited her to come along too.” Oh here she comes now, “Hi everyone! Sorry if I am late. I wanted to stop at the store and get everyone some water, Pringles chips and bananas.” She handed them out to each person, while saying “You need to stay hydrated, and you have to have your sodium and potassium!” I laughed and said “OH Stephanie you crack me up!” We all climbed into our kayaks and began our little trip up the river. 08262010

Ben and I pretty much lead the group, then the boys Matthew and Timmy. Everyone else was new to the whole kayak experience so I fell back and gave them pointers. “There are only two main rapids in this run and they aren’t very big maybe a 1 or 2 on the Rapid scale 4 being fast and scary.” “Okay that’s refreshing, a girl doesn’t want to tip over and ruin her hair and makeup.” Stephanie said. Then Jennifer said, “I went the carefree route and pulled my hair up into a ponytail and water proof mascara, hahaha!”  “Girl you look good even with out makeup!” Stephanie said to Jennifer. I fell back even more to check up on the St. Pier clan. “How are you all doing? Do you like it?” “Oh my God this is the greatest adventure I have had out in the Wilderness” Neomi said. Richard thanked me and Nathan smiled with joy. I went back up with Ben and said, “I will let you pick the beach were we are going to have lunch.”  I opened up my Coleman cooler and sipped some of my pre-made Margarita. I also stashed a few six packs of beer in others kayaks and didn’t tell them. “Hey everyone, behind your seat is a Coleman cooler. Ben made us pre-maid Margaritas. Except you Timothy you have Hawaiian Punch, Enjoy!” 08262010

I saw a turtle laying on a log sun bathing, a blue herring flying from spot to spot along the river with us as if he was a spy working for the animal kingdom. I saw big brook trout swimming below me. There were lizards scurrying away into the brush as I approached. I even pulled out a bag of old bread that I packed from home and fed the wild ducks and ducklings. This was a very relaxing and refreshing river trip. Ben motioned to a beach coming up so I followed him and pulled over and then drug my kayak up onto the beach. I pulled out my lunch bag and a blanked and laid it out for us. We sat down and ate, grapes, salami sandwiches, mixed nuts, a banana, Pringles, and some beer. “Hey Matthew, you have a stashed six pack of beer behind your seat I put it there.” As soon as Stephan pulled up I said “I stashed a six pack of beer behind your seat”. Then when Nathan pulled up I said “I stashed a six pack of beer behind your seat, everyone share.” Once we finished with lunch I went around with Stephanie and we put sun screen on everyone. First I put it on Nathan, then Jennifer, then Stephan, then Timmy, Ben and Matthew, Stephanie put it on Neomi and Richard, and me. I put it on her. “Okay ready to head back out? The first rapid is coming up around this bend. The secret to staying afloat is to stay in the middle away from either the beach or the trees on the other side. If you think you are getting into trouble then just go with it. If you get thrown out, do not worry about anything but yourself and your safety. I will retrieve your things and your kayak.” “Now you’re scaring me!” Neomi said. “It’s not as bad as it sounds. Ben will go first and I will stay last to help.” We all got in our kayaks and headed around the bend. 08262010

Ben went through the rapids first just as soon as the current grabbed him in the boat he began to paddle quickly, trying to keep his kayak in the middle of the river. He went down the rapids fast and furious, and then settled down at the open beach just beyond the rapids. Timmy went next, he paddles just the same way he say Ben doing it and got through with out any difficulties. Next was Stephanie, she kept saying, “Please God, oh no God, not today!” I couldn’t help but laugh, and she was starting to cruise right into the way of the bushed and trees. I shouted “Pick your paddle up and duck!” So she did. The trees brushed her back and the boat but she made it though with out tipping over. Matthew went next, he did it like a professional. I knew he would because he grew up in this area and on the river. “Great Job Matthew!” I said clapping. I smiled and waited for the next person to pass and it was Richard. He mimicked what he saw Matthew do and pulled over quickly right beside him. Next was Stephan he was doing good up until his boat hit the side of the beach and he began to tip. I was saying “oh no watch out!” I looked over at Matthew and he had his hands in the air and he looked like he was chanting something. The boat tipped sideways and Stephan immediately turned invisible and fell out. The boat turned back upright and looked like it drove itself right up beach side next to Matthew. I was laughing at the same time concerned for Stephan. “Hey are you okay brother?” I couldn’t see him but I heard the splash in and up out of the water so I guessed he was fine. Jennifer was next and when she saw what happened to Stephan she was nervous. “I hope that doesn’t happen to me.” I smiled at her still laughing and said, “it shouldn’t if you keep yourself in the center of the river while heading down.” “Well here goes nothing” she paddled quickly as her boat picked up momentum with the current she went right on through with out incident. Neomi went after Jennifer and she did it like she had been kayaking for years. Now there were only two left Nathan and me. I had done this run so many times I wasn’t worried about me. “Your turn Nathan” I pointed, “After you”. He left me and began paddling quickly. He picked up speed, and then all the sudden he flipped. The kayak was turned to its side and in a split second he had changed into a black bird and flew away leaving the kayak. He landed on Ben’s shoulder, and Ben clapped his hands and Nathan’s kayak was dry and parked on shore. It was my turn to go through, so I finished the beer in my hand and threw the can inside the kayak at my feet. I paddled quickly and then the momentum pulled me right through the rapids, and I parked right beside Jennifer.08262010

Nathan transformed back into human form and then sat down in his kayak. “Thanks Ben.” I asked him if he was ok he said “yeah, it was fun.” Everyone got back in and we began to head down the river again. “The next rapid is smaller than that one so no worries”. Three more hours passed so we traveled down the river and then we came to our destination. Everyone was feeling really good about the trip. “Normally we would catch a bus back to the drop in spot and then go home from there but today I had the shuttle meet me here and he’s going to take us anywhere we want to go from here. Does anyone have any suggestions?” We loaded up all our things and then ourselves into the shuttle and Ben got up and spoke to the driver and then sat down next to me. “What did you tell the driver?” He patted his hand on my knee and simply said “Wait and see”. 08262010

The shuttle headed West to the Coast, then highway one North. We passed through a tiny town called Jenner, and then in only 3o minutes from there we stopped. We pulled into a parking lot of a resort called Sea Coast Hideaways. Ben got out and headed into the lobby. I followed him closely to see what he was up to. He got to the counter and then said he had reservations under Ben Parker. “Yes Sir, here are your keys and there will be someone in only a moment to show you to your rooms.” “Okay we got six rooms, they have two beds each. We will be pairing up like this, #1 Ben and Doug, #2 Matthew and Timmy, #3 Richard and Nathan, #4 Neomi and Jennifer, #5 Stephanie and then Stephan you’re in room #6.” Stephan pulled Ben aside and said, “Can’t we save money and give up one room if I bunk with you and Doug?” Ben went to the front desk, he had them change out room #1 for room #10 which had 1 queen bed and one single bed. “Okay Stephan will be in room #10 with Doug and I”. Every room overlooked the Pacific Ocean. There was a small trail from the hotel to the private beach. Ben handed out the keys and we all went to our rooms. 08262010

The girls all decided to bunk together in room #4 so Stephanie returned her room key to Ben and he went back up to the lobby to get a refund. I checked out the room together with Stephan. Ben also had the restaurant cook up some really great menus for each room:

Room Ten: Cream of Artichoke Soup, Steak & Lobster, Red Baby Potatoes, California Steamed Vegetables

Room Two: Hamburgers with cheese and bacon, Large Wedge Fries, Milkshakes

Room Three: Red Pepper Gougeres, Brandade de Morue, and Basil Palmiers

Room Four: Cesar Salad, Mushroom Risotto, Chicken Marcella

Dinner was delicious and we all wanted to have a bon fire at the beach, so after everyone finished eating we took some beer and headed down the pathway to the beach and started a fire there. Richard brought his guitar, and Neomi brought her violin. We sang songs, and drank beer and enjoyed each others company. 08262010

I found my way up to the room, and then climbed into bed. Ben came in a bit later, then Stephan. The next morning I got up and filled the tub up with water and just sat in it. Stephan came in to use the toilet. “Good Morning”, I said to him. He turned and half waved and then finished peeing. He got naked and jumped into the separate shower. Ben walked kissed me and then used the toiled. He finished and then climbed into the tub with me. We all got washed up and then dressed. “So what is in store for us today?” I realized this was one of the few trips that I wasn’t in charge of and it felt a little bit odd, but nice. Ben never answered. Stephan just said, “What ever it is, I bet it’s going to be great!.” Suddenly there was a knock on the door so I opened it. “Good Morning, may we come in?” Nathan asked he was with his brother Richard. “May I say thank you so much for dinner last night it was so delicious, and it reminded me of home!” Richards said to me. “Oh don’t thank me thank Ben it was all his doing.” Ben smiled and kissed everyone’s cheeks good morning. As soon as everyone was up and packed, we all piled into the shuttle and then headed North on Highway 1. We stopped at a little Diner called “Route 1 Diner” In Valley Ford, Ca. We piled out and then piled in. Everyone ordered what they wanted and the food there was delicious. As we were leaving Stephan and Nathan at the same time said “Man that hit the spot!” I had to do a double take look at both of them because if I hadn’t known any better I would have thought both of them were one in the same.08262010

In about one hour and ten minutes we pulled into a large parking lot at the Point Arena Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is situated on the closest point of land to the Hawaiian Islands in the Continental United States. We enjoyed wine tasting tours, and tours of the art galleries to view art created by the many local artists. Then we headed back towards the bay area. Before leaving the coastal area, we stopped and at Fort Ross and had a quick tour there. Once we got to Bodega Highway we a very popular Italian restaurant Dinucci’s and had dinner, and then went home. The shuttle dropped us off at the house and everyone ran to their rooms to unpack and relax. It was a quiet, uneventful evening. 08262010

“I am letting Nathan take the Mercedes tomorrow so that he can show his sibling’s around the area tomorrow.” I said to Ben as I climbed into bed. “I’m going to have to drive the Jeep if I need to go anywhere, is that okay?” Ben kissed me and said, “Sure, I can always borrow the Mustang or the Corvette if I need to”. “Do you think we should buy another car?” I asked. “Why, what did you have in mind?” he asked. “Oh I don’t know, we’re always renting a shuttle, what if we got us a minivan or something?”
“I will look into that tomorrow, now let’s get some sleep.” We kissed passionately and then turned out the lights and made love. Once asleep I started to dream about being locked up in a dark and cold dungeon. I was sitting on the floor and saying to myself, “What in the hell is up with all these dark and cold dungeons? I’m really getting sick of this!” My lips were chapped and dry, I was beginning to feel very weak and faint. I passed out on the floor and then was abruptly awakened by a bucket of cold water thrown over my head “What the fuck!” I shook the water off my head. Standing in front of me was this very tall thin man with black hair, black eyes and white skin. “Who are you and why are you keeping me hostage?” “No talking, you don’t talk” he said and then he kicked me in the face. I passed out and then hit my head on the floor. I came to again and I was in the dungeon alone. I was experiencing a pounding headache. All the sudden my nephew and niece popped in, they untied me and helped me to my feet. “Uncle Doug! What is going on here?” I shrugged my shoulders and then they teleported me to safety. I was at their house in Cairo, Egypt. “I’m still dreaming right?” The twins said yes and then I sat and visited with them and my Sister and Brother in law. Once I woke up I had a pounding headache. I put on my robe and I went to my office to write in my dream diary. 08262010

Matthew came in, “Hi Boss, whatcha doing?” he asked. “Hello, I had a bad dream so I’m just writing it down in my dream diary.” He sat down next to me. “You know I noticed there’s a lot of working going on out back on the old barn. What are you and Ben up to?” I stopped typing and looked at him and smiled. “Ben and I decided to fix up the barn and the property back there so that you and Timmy could have a couple horses”. Matthew began to cry. I reached over and hugged him pulling him in close to me. I whispered in his ear, “You boys mean the World to Ben and I and all we want is your happiness.” Matthew wiped his eyes and said, “I have been missing my horse at my Pops place and I will be so thrilled to have him here.” “Well who knows after we see you guys so happy with your horses I might have to get us two so we can have as much fun too!” Matthew stood up, “My Father has two great young horses for sale, let me call him and ask him to hold them for you.” He ran out and called his Father. I continued to type in my dream journal. 08262010

Ben got up and started grinding fresh beans for our coffee. Matthew and Timothy were making their breakfast in their apartment and the small was filling the whole estate. The doorbell rang so I went to answer it and it was Kevin and his crew to continue working on the barn. I showed them in and then I went into the kitchen to have a few slices of raisin bread toast. Ben was having an onion bagel. We took our breakfast and coffee out to the outdoor patio where we sat at our bistro. The guest house was cooking up a big breakfast too but it smelled like waffles and eggs. Ben working on his crossword puzzle out of the paper and I was reading the news. Jennifer came out with a mug of coffee and a bagel and joined us, and then Stephan. “Hi, good morning” she said. “Good Morning, sunshine” I said. “How are you guys this morning?” Both said good. “Stephan, I was wondering if you and I could go shopping for some furniture for your new place today. Stephanie gave us the keys and said even though escrow isn’t for another 10 days or so, you could move in now if you would like.” Stephan got a huge smile on his face and was completely excited, he jumped up and said, “Okay I’ll go take my shower and get dressed.” 08262010

There was a cool breeze blowing over the estate from the bay area. I got up and kissed Ben and then I kissed Jennifer and told them “I’m going to go take a shower and get ready, perhaps the two of you could do something special for the day?” I went back to my bedroom and got into the shower. While I was in the shower, Matthew came in to check on me. “Hi Boss, what’s the plan for today?” “Good Morning poopsie” I said laughing with soap in my eyes. “I have to take Stephan furniture shopping today for his new place, so you’re welcome to come along if you like”. I rinsed out the soap and shampoo and then turned off the shower and opened the door. Matthew already had a fresh towel in hand to hand me. “Thanks.” I got out. “I would love to go, there is a few things I think that we have on a list and I could pick them up too while we are out.” “Okay can you be ready in about 30 minutes?” “Sure I will meet you in the garage” he responded. 08262010

We meet at the Mercedes, and before we got in I walked over to the other side of the care and then unlocked the door and handed Stephan his set of keys to his new home. “Thank you brother”. he said. I kissed him on the cheek and said, “I only want you happy!” We got into the car and headed South on the 101. This time we were shopping for antique furniture so we went to the little town of Sebastopol, Ca. I turned off on the highway 116 exit and took it out towards the town. There were all sorts of Antique shops. We stopped at each one and then walked around searching for everything Stephan would need for the house. The house was my house but I was letting Stephan live there. I also knew that since the house was built in 1928 we needed to fill it up with furniture that was close to that era. The first thing I did was called a trucking/ moving company and had them meet us out at the stores and shops. The second thing we did is we looked for a kitchen table with six to eight chairs. Stephan found one and so I purchased it and the men loaded it onto the truck. Then I was looking for a love seat and a couch. We found those at the second store we visited. I needed to buy two French Armoires. I wasn’t able to locate a matching set but I did find two at two other stores. We found two queen size beds and matching end tables, with one dresser each. Stephan talked me into purchasing a huge butcher block island that he said he would use a lot when he cooks. 08262010

Matthew picked up two matching end tables that he needed for their bedroom. He also bought an antique wooden bar with two matching stools. The men loaded that onto the truck. We headed back to Petaluma, Ca and hit all of the antique shops there. In one of them there was this old metal patio table with four chairs that someone had made into a beautiful piece of art, by forming mosaic tiles over the table top and the chair backs. It was the most beautiful and impressive piece that we bought. “That’s for your garden , Stephan.” He was so thrilled to have all these things for his new home. The last thing I bought was a stand alone bar with a granite top that matched the dining set. We got in the car and headed back to Mill Valley. I pulled up to the house and hit the garage door button and opened the garage door and parked the car. I had the men bring all the furniture carefully through the back yard into the large French doors. “Here is your garage remote. I will bring you back to the house so you can pick up your Camero.” Once everything was put in its place I handed Stephan a prepaid visa card and said “Now after you come back here go shopping for all your linens and bedding. The moved followed us to the estate and then loaded Matthew’s things up into their apartment. Stephan gathered his things and then loaded up the Camero. He thanked Ben and I and then went home. 08262010

I was hungry so I decided to make myself a roast beef sandwich on a sour dough roll with everything, pickles, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and American cheese. I also had some macaroni salad. Matthew and Timmy came down and said that the bar and bed side tables looked great. “Oh that’s good. Are you boys hungry? Help yourself to a sandwich and macaroni salad. They both helped themselves and we ate outside on the back patio. “Hey Boss you want a beer?” Matthew asked “Sure, thanks” I replied. He got three beers on tap, of Death and Taxes. “Hey how’s the keg doing is it time to re-order?” Nah we’re good” then he handed me my beer. 08262010

After lunch I went to the basement spare room and cleaned it up a bit. I changed sheets on the bed and put out new flowers. It felt good to sort of free up some space in the house. I thought to myself, I love company but more company means a busier life for me. Having Stephan in his own place was a great way for me to get out of the house and visit him when ever I wanted too. It was a welcomed change of pace. The phone rang and it was Stephan. He had finished shopping and wanted me to some over and have dinner with him. I told him I needed to let Ben know, but what time would he want me there? He said “Dinner is at 8:00 PM but come early.” I was pretty excited, so I went to my room and licked out something to wear, nothing too fancy just a nice pair of slack, shirt and sports coat. I let Ben know what my plans were so he invited the twins over for a pizza movie night with him and Jennifer. 082622010

I called a cab to come pick me up as Stephan’s place wasn’t too far away. Only a stoned through over the freeway. I said good bye to Ben and Jennifer and then heard the horn honk outside. I climbed into the cab and said “ Marin View Avenue, Mill Valley please.” We pulled up and the lights were all on inside. I got out of the cab and then walked up the walkway. I rang the doorbell and then Stephan answered the door. He was in an apron and there was light music Italian music playing in the background. “Hello, Please come in!” I stepped in and he took my coat. “I hope you’re hungry” he said and showed me into the great room. There were paintings on every wall. “Are these Ben’s?” I asked. “Yes they are, he had the delivery guys drop them by on their way out this afternoon. “They look spectacular in here!” Stephan had been very busy. He had purchased vases and flowers, and house plants and the place looked very welcoming. “I’m very impressed with what you have done with the place”. I said. “Thanks” he replied while pouring then handing me a glass of red wine. “It smells great in here what are you cooking?” He poured himself a glass of wine and sat down next to me. “I made Lasagna and garden salad and garlic bread.” We cheers and then sipped our wine. He hopped up and said come see the rest of the house. So he gave me the grand tour from both bedrooms to the back yard. The patio table was stunning outside. I noticed right away that there was a brand new hot tub in the midst of the garden patios. “That’s a really nice addition!” I said smiling and then kissed his cheek. 08/26/2010

We sat down and ate a formal style dinner and then Stephan suggested we sit outside on the patio and enjoy more wine. We talked so much about our friendship, our past, our future. He asked me if I wanted to get into the hot tub, so I said yes. We removed our clothes and sat in the hot tub. It was very relaxing. After I toweled off and put my clothes back on we went into his great room and turned on a movie. He made us popcorn and had movie candy laid out on the wooden coffee table that he bought. We sat on the couch together watching one movie after the other and sipping wine and sharing our thoughts and ideas. It was a very pleasant evening. I called Ben and let him know that I was spending the night, eh said okay and then we went to bed.08262010

The next morning, Stephan had got up before me and started making us omelets, fried potatoes, and sausage for breakfast. He served with breakfast out on the back patio, mimosas. “Thanks for a delightful evening Stephan, and a wonderful breakfast, cheers.” He had a huge smile on his face. “Thank you for being my best friend, and putting up with me for all these years. I truly love you, and Ben.” We ate and sipped our drinks, and then he asked me if I had any plans for the day? I told him I hadn’t really given it much thought. “Well, I am going to attend a Native American Indian sweat lodge mid morning ,early afternoon if you’d like to join me?” “Sure that sounds great!” We went to his room and he pulled out some shorts and a t-shirt and some flip flops for me to wear. We showered, shaved, and got dressed, then headed out to the countryside between Novato, CA and Petaluma, CA where there was a piece of property that hosted Native American Indian Sweat Lodges and get together. We pulled in and he parked the Camero. We met with a few of the tribal people and then they lead us to the lodge. I entered first then Stephan. I sat all the way at the far end of the tent, and Stephan sat right next to me. People began to pile in and then in no time there were about 14 people inside. The fire was already going so they threw big hot stones in it and poured water over it. People were chanting and singing. One was beating on a drum. Every 20 minutes for the next few hours we would cook, then they would open up the tent, let us breathe, then they would close us up and we would cook for another 20 minutes. At a few points it was so difficult for me to breathe inside that I had to bear down and breathe from the ground. Once the sweat was over we all met for a pot luck lunch and socialized. It was very nice. 08262010

Stephan said thank you and good bye to the wonderful people and we headed back to his place. “That was sort of like attending Church, only the Church of Mother Earth. Thank you for taking me”. I had spend the night and half the next day with Stephan and felt like I needed to get back home to Ben. Stephan took me back to his place where I changed back into my clothes and then he drove me back to the estate. I hugged and kissed him and thanked him for a wonderful time and then went inside. Ben and Jennifer and the twins were all in the pool. I walked out said hello and then went to hit the shower. Once out of the shower and dressed, Matthew came in and said “Howdy Boss!” I turned, “Oh hi Matthew”. “It looks like the guys are just about finished with the barn”. I smiled and then we walked out to see what it looks like. 08262010

Walking up to the barn I was completely amazed. Ben had the men build a deck on the back of the barn that had stairs that were leading up to it from the back of the barn so people could view the whole countryside as well as the sky and stars. You could even see parts of the bay and some of San Francisco. The barn was done all up in brick red with white trim. The stables each had its own double doors, lower and upper so that you could pet and hand feed the horsed when they are in their stables. Inside they put in a wash tub, a small medicine refrigerator, and counter space. There were hooks for saddles and bags, and everything had a place. “Well, what do you think?’ I asked Matthew. “Hell this is better then what I had for my horse at home!” I put my arm around him as we walked through the barn, “Okay get your horses and also send for the two your Father has for sale and you could either cut him a check or transfer the money for them into his account. How soon can you have them here?” He turned to me and said, “Right now, Dad’s pulling up in the driveway with the horse trailer.” We went out front and Ben, Timothy and Jennifer were all standing in the driveway watching. 08262010

I greeted Matthew’s father and discussed payment for the two young horses. He told me that he already received payment. So we unloaded the horses and put them into their new barn. They had free reins of the back acreage behind the barn. Matthew and Timothy invited his Mom and Dad up to the apartment to show them. We prepared a big steak, corn, baked beans feast for everyone and people were all over the estate having a great time. Matthew and Timmy hopped onto their horses and rode the property and then around town and back. Ben and I went outside to meet our horses and get to know them. Mine was a girl and his was a boy. I named mine Tristy and he named his Miles. 08262010

After dinner Ben and I sat in the game room working on a new puzzle. Matthew and Timothy saw Matthew’s parents out and then they came in to make milk shakes. I could hear Timmy singing “My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard”. It made me laugh to myself. Ben and I were dinking Martini’s. Jennifer was pooped so she went to bed early. Nathan and his family had taken a day trip and spent it at the Hurst Castle and then came back. They rented a car for them and when they came back they told us all about it. I was getting tired myself so I quit working on the puzzle and decided to head to bed. I went into the bathroom and packed a avocado and cucumber mask on my face and sat in the bedroom chair nest to the bed under the reading lamp and read my book for about an hour. I washed my face off and then climbed into bed. Ben had already fallen asleep. I fell fast asleep and then I began to dream that I was in a hot air balloon drifting above the wine country. I could see the river, and the airport and the major freeway. I also saw all the vineyards, as I continued North, the balloon landed in Cloverdale, CA. I got out and walked the town to see what was there. I hadn’t visited in many years and it had changed. It reminded me of how Petaluma was before it began growing. I stumbled into a little shop and looked around. I couldn’t figure out why I was dreaming about this but I just walked around window shopping through the whole store.08262010

I walked out of the store and managed to find myself checking out a vacant business. It looked like it used to be a diner. I called Stephanie and asked her about the building. She told me the whole history, and gave me the current owners contact information. I called the owners and asked them if they were interested in selling. They gave me a price and then I told them that I would need to talk to my husband about it and then gat back to them. I woke up just amazed at how vivid and real this dream seamed. Unlike any of the dreams in the past where I just knew I was dreaming. This time I actually believed that I was awake and experiencing this. I went to my office turned on the computer and documented the dream in my dream journal. I also googled businesses in Cloverdale, CA to see if I could come up with anything. Nothing came up, so I logged off and went back to bed. 08262010

No more dreams when I went to bed but after I woke up I felt so very tired. I had to make a quad latte, and I ate some spicy huevos rancheros. That always woke me up, spicy Mexican style eggs. Ben got up and made himself some toast, and sat down next to me. Nathan came into the kitchen and said his sister and brother were leaving so he needed to take them to the airport. Ben and I said our good byes and saw them out. “I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the two of you visiting and just know that you are welcome here anytime! Our home is your home!” They were very pleased to hear that and then Nathan took them to the airport. Jennifer came in and sat down at the table. “Hey Jen, what are your plans for the day?” She shrugged her shoulders and then got up and began to make herself a bowl of Malt-o-meal. “Now that Stephan is out of the basement spare room, did you want that room instead of the guest room?” She said, “sure that would be fine.” Ben shook his head no, and then began to explain that when he had a one bedroom apartment built above the barn, that he intended that for Jennifer. I somehow must have missed that meeting because I wasn’t even aware that there was a one bedroom apartment built above the barn.

Ben had Jennifer and I follow him out to the barn and Timmy and Matthew were tending to the horses. “Good Morning fellas”. Ben said. “Good Morning”. We walked up a set of stairs inside the barn to a single door. He took a key and opened it, and then we all walked in. It was a small apartment with a living room, dining room, kitchen, one bathroom and one bedroom. The deck that I had seen with the outside stairway was behind the kitchen and bedroom. I realized now what I was seeing outside. There were two French doors leading into this apartment. One was to the kitchen and the other was to the bedroom. I was amazed at the quality of the place. Ben did all this on his own, and it was completely impressive. “Now Jen, you don’t have to move out of the main estate if you don’t want to. We could always have Nathan move in here”. She said quickly, “Oh no this is perfect”. I turned to Ben and asked, “When did you furnish this place and how?” He laughed and said “that day last week when you told me and Jennifer to hang out for the day. We went furniture shopping but I didn’t tell her it was for her. She thought it was for Stephan’s new place.” I felt good about this, because now everyone in the estate had their own sense of living independently plus we all had our own privacy. Nathan was in the guest house, the boys had their own Luxury apartment, and now Jennifer had her own classy apartment. This was a bold step in the right direction for Ben and I to spend more time together and focus on US.
I was so happy about this decision. 08262010

Our home is massive and we do have rooms in it that we never ever enter. The only thing is they are so far away from the heart beat of the house, we rarely go in them. If we needed to redesign them into other guest quarters it would take nothing really to do just that. Once a month our Maid goes into them and the other bathrooms that never get used and she cleans them. I suddenly got an idea, I called Vinny over and took him to the back wing of the estate. I told him I needed the quarters there turned into HIS & HERS bedrooms. He said it was not a problem and that they could get started on it right away. There were five more rooms on that side of the house with two bathrooms. This way if everyone needed to stay when they were visiting they had a place to lay their heads. Each room was to have two beds in it. Night stands, dressers, and lamps. When the job was finished we had added 10 more beds to the estate. The bathrooms were converted into his and hers bathrooms. The one for the women had vanities, with a few make up desks and chairs, private toilet stalls, private showers, and one claw foot bath. The men’s bathrooms were equipped with urinals along the wall, two toilet stalls, and open shared showers. 08272010

I laughed as we toured the area. I turned to Ben and said “We could start and orphanage!” He smiled and simply nodded. That was a hair brained idea I thought to myself. I love children but to have the whole estate to be used as an orphanage? That’s just crazy, or was it? I talked it over with everyone. Matthew and Timmy didn’t seem to care either way. Nathan said he loved children. Jennifer said the twins would love it. Ben and I gave it much thought and we decided to adopt two children. One girl and one boy, but they needed to be siblings. We went to the county orphanage and filled out all the paperwork, and then we were approved. So the next thing was to look for the children. I was hoping that they would be some where around the twins ages. 08272010

Just when we thought we were not going to find the perfect match for us, we came across two children a brother and a sister pair who were orphaned when their parents died in a plane crash to Europe. They were close in age he was 8 and she was 7. His name was Alex and her name was Rene. We went to the local orphanage and met them in person. They were a little shy and distant but all in all they seemed like two very well mannered and adjusted kids, for undergoing such a tragedy. We needed to be sure that they could really enjoy living with us so we signed up for a 72 hour in home evaluation. This was a fairly new system where the potential parents and potential children could live under the same roof and see how compatible they were to one another and also to see if it could even work. Once we got to the estate the children were amazed at what they saw. I told them it wasn’t really a big deal and that my home was their home for the next three days. They unpacked their things in our guest room where we could keep and eye on them. Ben gave them the grand tour. He showed them the bowling alley, movie theater, our game room, the library, the basement rooms, all the guest rooms on the far wing. We took them into the boys apartment and introduced them and then we also took them to the guest house and introduced them to Nathan. We walked them out to the barn and showed them the horses, as well as meeting Jennifer in her new apartment. 08272010

After the grand tour of the estate, we called Donna and Doug and asked them if we could take the twins for three days. Because it was a three day weekend from school they sent them right over. I showed them the new additional rooms and now the twins and the kids all wanted to sleep in them. Ben and I discussed it and we figured it would be okay so we separated them, the boys in one room and the girls in the other. All four kids seemed to get along famously as if they had been the best of friends for 100 years. Ben and I couldn’t have been more delighted. The next step was to interview for a live in Nanny. She would be our new maid, cook, and Nanny. We spent the whole day interviewing and came up with a perfect match named Miss Sonia Ryback, a Ukrainian immigrant. She provided us a long list of impressive references from famous celebrities, to well established wine making families in the bay area, along with renowned local artists and writers. Ben and I both had a really good vibe from her so we hired her and put her in the basement room permanently . She unpacked and made herself at home. Her agreed salary was 100 thousand dollars a year and free room and board, we also provided her with partial dental and health benefits. Seriously who could resist that? I mean, she could work for us and bank her money and in no time retire. We were hoping that she would become a great addition to the family, and decide to stick around for a while. 08272010

Now that the 72 hour trial period was over the children and Ben, Miss Ryback and myself all met together at the orphanage to discuss what was going to happen next. The counselor asked the children how they felt about their temporary environment. They both answered the same, “We have been through so much and meeting the Parkers and staying in their home for the three days has been very nice. We both agree that we would like to stay with them and have them adopt us.” I melted in my seat, I grabbed Ben’s hand and he smiled. The counselor wrote up his report and then gave it to the Orphanage Director had us sign adoption papers, and then we were set to appear at a hearing to grant us full custody before a Judge. The children were so very excited. The twins had to go back home but they planned to visit many weekends and also full summer vacations.08272010

Ben and I decided to have the children home schooled for the first year to get them caught up with the local Montessori schools. We had the perfect professor in mind. I went to my office and made that phone call. Once I finished that call I called Vinny and had him make an extra room on the West Wing of the estate a temporary class room, complete with desks, chairs, table, school supplies, maps, books, chalk boards, eraser boards, cork boards, computer stations, power point pull down screens, and anything else the professor would need to complete a classroom. I sat the children down and told them that I needed them to report to the in house class room from the hours of 8:30 AM to 2:45 PM. They could play basketball in the driveway or handball against the garage door, twice for 20 minutes recess. I allowed a 30 minute lunch, and Miss Ryback would provide them with a good, healthy lunch at that time. I also added some monkey bars in the side yard along with a swing set, and a tetherball court. The estate had a more then adequate facility for teaching. 08272010

The doorbell rang so I answered it. There in the doorway stood a tall, gray haired, distinguished man with fair skin and glasses. He was wearing a suit and tie, and carrying a briefcase. “Hello Doug, it has been a while.” He reached out his arm to offer his hand. I grabbed it and pulled it in to me and then I kissed him on both cheeks, and hugged him. “Hello Professor Harmon” Ben walked up behind me and he was laughing and said, “Well if it isn’t good old Mister Bart Harmon, he grabbed him and hugged him then said “How in the hell have you been?” I closed the door and invited Bart into the kitchen. We poured him a martini and we all sat down to discuss the children’s academics. “Since the children are at the age where they should be in 2nd & 3rd grades right now what I would like to do is give them my excel course where when they are finished they should be at Middle School level, intellectually. Then they can enroll into a local Montessori school and continue with their education like all the other regular children.” Ben and I agreed, so we paid Professor Harmon half his annual salary now and half when the school year was complete.  08272010

The telephone rang and it was Donna, “Oh hey Sis, how’s Cairo?” She went on to tell me that the children weren’t doing well in school. They weren’t fitting in and they had become unruly and difficult for the teachers as well as them. She asked if I could put Ben on the phone with me? I called Ben into the office and he picked up the other phone. David got on the other phone on that end and they both began to tell us about their work, and the children and their school, and how they weren’t making any new friends. Ben and I were looking at one another and we pretty much could see where this conversation was going. Ben interrupted them and said “Look, as you two know both Doug and I have been very busy with this new endeavor, it’s called parenting. Troy and Toni have spend time with Alex and Rene, and they all get along perfectly. I guess what I am trying to say is if you guys need to send them here to live with us, well then this is where they would be happy and this is what both Doug and I want for them.” The line was silent, nobody said a word, then Donna began to cry. “You guys know we love those kids, we just can’t be in two places at the same time.” I said “There is no question in my mind that you two are not great parents and that you do not love the twins, however, they can live with us and visit you or you visit them anytime, no stress and no worries they would be in great hands!” In a blink of an eye the children were both standing in my office. We said our good byes to their parents and got them situated in their bedrooms. 08272010

As Ben and I were getting ready for bed, we began to reflect on everything that had happened over the past few months and what we had done to change our estate. I climbed into bed and said, “I didn’t see any of this coming, did you?” He rolled in under the covers, and snuggled up next to me. “I had no idea, but I think it is great. This will be an important part of our lives where we have the opportunity to influence, four very small individuals to think freely, and create whole heartedly, and become important people of the World.” I smiled and said, “Why yes we do, and this is going to be a great thing!” We hugged and fell fast asleep. 08272010

I woke up sometime around 7:00AM. I could smell fresh baked goods, so I showered quickly and got dresses and then headed to the kitchen. Miss Ryback was making fresh assorted muffins, croissants, donuts, pastries, and fruit turnovers. “My goodness you are a busy baker this morning!” Miss Ryback chuckled and passed me a plate of samples and a mug of freshly brewed coffee as I sat down at the counter. The doorbell rang and Matthew ran down stairs saying “I’ll get it.” he opened it and it was Professor Harmon for the first day of school. “Oh Hello, please come in.” Matthew introduced himself as my Personal Assistant and then showed him to the kitchen. “Good Morning all, I hope I’m not interrupting…” I smiled and handed him some of the sample plate as Miss Ryback poured him and Matthew a mug of coffee. Ben snuck in at some point and poured himself a mug and then prepared the coffee pot for the next brew. What I thought was going to be a quiet estate had somehow magically tuned into Grand Central Station. I didn’t mind, It made me happy. “Well if you’ll excuse me I have some preparations to take care of before class starts this morning. I jumped up and grabbed my coffee and motioned Matthew to follow me. We both walked closely behind the Professor. When he got to the classroom. He set his briefcase down at his desk and saw that there were two more desks then before. “Um, I wanted to talk to you about my nephew and niece. They have moved in and will need to be home schooled for the same amount of time as our children until they all can begin the local school together.” “That’s fine what are their ages?” he asked. “They’re twins and both are eight.” Matthew said. Matthew had a check prepared for me to sign that doubled the agreed half now and half after salary. I signed it and handed it to the Professor. He thanked us and then excused us so he could get ready for class. I thanked Matthew for being on his toes, and then we went back into my office to work. Ben went to the kids rooms and had them wake up, get cleaned up and dressed for breakfast and then class. Timothy was working in the barn with the horses but had come in for a bit for some coffee and pastries. 08272010

Just about noon Matthew and I began to get hungry so we went into the kitchen and Miss Ryback was making sandwiches for everyone on the estate. She prepared a single plate for each person with a sandwich, potato salad, a pickle and juice. We sat down at the bar, and Jennifer walked in. She introduced herself to Miss Ryback and only grabbed a glass of juice then sat down next to us. She let us know that her Mom and Thomas called her and wanted her to move back in with them because Jocelyn and George were engaged and moving into their own place. I said we would still see her when we visit and she said her good byes, packed up and moved back home. 08272010

That same afternoon Nathan came over and also let me know that he was planning on moving in with Stephan. I asked him if that was what he really wanted to do? He told me it was, that he was interested in the bachelor life style and that was a perfect bachelor pad. I said my good byes, and helped him move himself and his Corvette over there. By the time I returned, Ben had met me in the garage with Matthew. I asked Matthew to instruct Miss Ryback to thoroughly clean both the guest house and the classy apartment above the barn. I telephoned Kevin and asked him to make a place for our hot tub in our sauna building. I needed it not only to be private but out of the way from the children. I felt that a hot tub was not a play ground for any children. Kevin made a space for it between the sauna locker rooms and the sauna. The same day his crew moved it inside and behind locked doors. I telephoned Vinny and had him come out and decorate the hot tub room into a romantic oasis. He added flickering clear strands of lights everywhere, beautiful green garden potted plants, ferns and palms, and a Bose sound system. 08272010

I had Matthew interview dance instructors for the girls. They needed to learn Ballet, Ballroom, and all other sorts of dancing. The Ballet they would study on their own with the teacher, but the rest of the couples dancing they would switch siblings and dance as partners. Twice a week in the evenings for two hours. Ben spent two hours a week working with them on painting projects. Matthew and I spent two hours a week with them teaching them pottery. Timothy worked with them in between everything and the horses so they could ride, jump, barrel race, play polo, and anything else he could think of that you do on a horse. All of us kept the children busy, and learning. The key was to be sure that Miss Ryback, Matthew, and Professor Harmon all knew what was expected on a daily and weekly basis, just in case Ben and I got called away for an emergency. 08272010

Matthew invited me up to the apartment for soup and salad for lunch one day and so we got our food and decided to sit out on the balcony. We sat down and then as we were eating we could hear the kids playing basketball in the driveway. We scooted the chairs and table closer to the edge of the balcony to watch them play while we ate. They were playing teams, our kids against the twins. Alex was dribbling the ball and then he passed it to Rene. Toni was on her tight and wasn’t going to allow her to get a basket. All of the sudden something strange happened. While we were watching Toni block Rene from scoring, she began to move in slow motion. Rene wasn’t. I looked over at the boys and Troy was moving in slow motion and Alex was moving around him telling his sister to throw him the ball. I stood up and set my sandwich down on the plate and then said “Please excuse me, then I ran out of the apartment and downstairs to the foyer, and out the front door. “HEY!” I shouted. “What is going on here?” The children froze and were so scared. Instantly Toni and Troy caught up to normal speed and looked bewildered, confused by what just happened. Matthew came outside and asked Toni and Troy to come with him inside for a minute. I asked the kids to sit down with me on the bench out front. “It’s okay, you’re not in trouble, please sit down”. They sat down and then Rene began to cry. I put my arm around her and pulled her into me. “Alex? What was that? I know I saw you do something and I need to know what it is!” He cleared his throat and said, “it’s a trick my sister and I learned and we’re so sorry we wont do it again”. “I’m not asking you not to do that. I need to know everything, so please tell me.” Rene stood up and then Alex stood up next to her in front of me. Alex pulled out a rubber ball from his pocket. He tossed it on the ground and just as soon as it hit, that ball fell into slow motion, and bounced off the ground and up in the air, then it came down and went up again. Somehow he stopped the slow motion and it bounced quickly out of sight and somewhere into the front yard. I smiled, I held out my hand, I concentrated on the ball and said “Ball” it flew back to me and landed right into my hand. The children were shocked. I told them everything about the family and friends. “Nothing is a secret in our house. Each person has a special gift and we encourage everyone to practice and perfect them.” Shortly after I finished, Matthew came out and the twins showed the children what they could do. Matthew showed them what he could to. We walked into the house and Ben showed them what he could do. “I understand this is a lot to take in for you two in one day but I would like to ask you to only use your gift for practice for now, is that okay?” They agreed and then went back to class. Matthew and I went back upstairs to finish our lunch. 08282010

Matthew informed Miss Ryback that he and Timothy would be joining us for dinner. She got the dining room set up for eight. I walked into the dining room and checked it out. I went straight into the kitchen and said “Sonia? You were planning on having dinner with us as a family right?” She looked surprised and really was unsure what to say. “Just say yes, you are my maid, cook, and nanny, but you are a friend too and my friends eat with me!” So Matthew got an extra place setting out for her and placed her right next to him. “I don’t know what to say”. She said, “Well I just told you, say yes.” I smiled and rested my hand on her arm and then walked out to find Ben. Ben was in his art studio painted a portrait of Alex and Rene. I was so impressed with his work. “That is a remarkable liking to the children”. He smiled and kissed me and then continued to paint. “Dinner is just about ready my dear.” he nodded and then waved his brush for me to leave him to paint. I kissed him and then left the studio. I walked back into the kitchen and made myself and Ben a Martini. I asked Sonia if she wouldn’t mind picking out a bottle of wine to go with dinner, from the wine cellar. 08292010

She walked back in with a bottle that would go with dinner and set it on the counter. Matthew opened it, and I asked her “Do you need any help?” She said “No thank you, everything is nearly ready. If you’d like you all could be seated for dinner and I will serve you. I went to the game room and got the kids off the Wii and into the dining room. Ben sat at the head of the table the I sat next to him, then the twins next to me and then Alex and Rene sat opposite the twins then Timothy, Matthew. Sonia served everyone and then she served herself. Matthew filled her glass, Ben’s his and my glass with wine. She filled all the other glasses with sparkling cider. Dinner was delicious, it was pot roast in thick brown gravy, mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli. The pot roast was cooked to perfection, each bite simply melted in your mouth. It went perfectly with the Kenwood 2007 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. “Thank you Sonia for this perfect wine pairing!” She held up her glass and cheers us.08292010

As soon as dinner was finished the children ran back to the game room. Matthew, and I did the dishes and cleared the dining room table. Ben asked Sonia if she would follow him to the barn. He took her out to the Classy apartment and then handed her the key. “Here we want you to have your privacy and be comfortable while you stay here with us. Please take the key, this is perfect for you.” She was so grateful and thanked him. He allowed her to take the rest of the night off to move into the apartment. “Before you go, please clean up the basement room, so that it’s ready for another guest though. You could do it tomorrow not tonight, okay?” She nodded and hurried off. Ben came into the kitchen and asked Matthew and Timmy if they wouldn’t mind hanging out with the children for an hour or so before they had to go to bed. They said sure, and went in to challenge them all to Wii, and darts, or pool. Ben and I sat out under the stars and finished the bottle of wine together. Ben confessed that he ordered the children a full size air hockey table, and an arcade video game that had 2000 games on it, both were equipped for pay or free play features. “If they break the rules the we will activate the pay play feature!” I thought that was a good idea, and then after the wine was gone we went to the game room to put the kids to bed. “Come on kids you have school in the morning, it’s time for your showers and then to bed you go”. Matthew, Timmy, Ben and I all hugged and kissed them and escorted them to their rooms. 08292010

Ben and I headed to bed and said good night to the boys. Matthew followed me down the hall, “Hey Boss, do we have a busy day tomorrow?” “I’m not sure yet, why?” I asked. “Well, Timmy and I were hoping to catch an art show tomorrow afternoon together, it’s in San Anselmo, downtown. Ben stopped and said, “I am going to be showing some of my work there tomorrow. You two are welcome to come with me and help me set up and tear down and I will get you VIP Free passes, for drinks and food if you’d like?” Matthew smiled and said “We Like!” “Sure go ahead, that sounds nice!” “Thanks Boss, g’night!.” He ran back into the game room to hang with Timmy. Ben and I got out of our clothes and into bed. Ben said “You should stick around the house just in case the games get delivered.” I kissed him and layed down and said “Okay”. I fell asleep. 008292010

I began to dream about being on a boat all by myself in the middle of the ocean. I didn’t have any water, food, or supplies. It was just me and the boat. In all about ten seconds Nathan and Stephan popped into the boat with me. “Hey guys, how’s the bachelor life going?” The laughed and said, “we’re officially dating and we wanted you to hear it from us before it got back to you through the grape vine.” I was stunned. I expected this from Stephan but not from Nathan. “Well, I don’t care who you guys are making out with. The only thing that matters to me is that you both are happy.” I began to feel like I was having a déjà vu. I looked at Nathan, then at Stephan, then I asked him, “Didn’t I just go through this with you and Jon?” He laughed and said, “Jon and I didn’t work out, and I never planned this it just happened.” “Okay fine you both have my blessing, just don’t rush into anything”. After that I didn’t dream for the rest of the evening. 08292010

I woke up with a sore back. I rolled over on top of Ben and just laid there. He was still sleeping. I rested my head on his chest. He didn’t budge. I held my ear to his chest and listened to his heart beat. It was so slow, and so much slower than mine. Sort of faint, I touched his arm, and wiggled it a bit. He woke up “Huh?!” I kissed him and set my head back down on his chest. Suddenly his alarm went off so he rolled out from under me and shut it off. Then he got up and went into the bathroom. He came back and climbed in bed and then snuggled with me under the covers. We kissed and touched and then made love. He picked me up when we were finished and carried me into the shower with him. We enjoyed a shower together and then we got dried off and dressed. He kissed me goodbye and then went out to the garage. I got dressed and walked down the hall. The boys said “Hi & Bye” and then ran into the garage to catch Ben. I walked into the kitchen and it was quiet. Nobody was here. I started the coffee maker, and then looked into the refrigerator for something to eat. Sonia walked in and said “Good Morning Mister Parker, can I fix you something for breakfast?” I smiled and said, “I’ll have what the children are having, thanks.” 08292010

Sonia served the children hot Malt-O-meal. She set a bowl down in front of me and I laughed. I hadn’t eaten this since I was a child. I got up and pulled out the butter and milk from the refrigerator and the sugar bowl and I poured milk in it, and a teaspoon of soft butter along with a couple teaspoons of sugar and carefully mixed it in. The kids saw me do this and wanted to copy me. We all sat at the counter bar and ate breakfast together. I thanks Sonia for breakfast and went right to work in my office. Sonia got the kids motivated to get ready for class and Professor Harmon showed up right on time as usual. While I was working in my office Nathan had shown up alone and asked if he could talk to me. I said “Sure please come in.” He came in and sat down. “I wanted to come over and see how you feel about Stephan and I.” I thought I clearly expressed how I felt in my dream, when I communicated my feelings to them after they told me. “Well, if you’re happy then I’m happy. Why what’s really going on?” Nathan said, could we talk about it in the sauna? We both got up and headed to the sauna. We put our clothes in the lockers, and wrapped the towels around us and then entered the sauna. Nathan sat down right next to me in the sauna, and then he began to tell me about what happened. He said that Stephan was constantly entering the bathroom when he was in it, and also joining him in the shower. At first it was surprising, but then it just became annoying. I said, “It sounds to me like it’s time to put in another bathroom. Is that what you want?” Nathan felt odd asking, but I reassured him that it really wasn’t a big deal and it was one of the things that was on my to do list. I told him I would take care of it and that I would also have a talk with Stephan about giving him his space when he needs it. We sat in the sauna and then decided to sit in the hot tub too. This had become a male bonding ritual for us and any of our friends. About 40 minutes passed and then we showered dressed and I invited Nathan to lunch. “I’m in the mood for some sushi, would you care to join me?” Nathan said sure, so after I finished up the work in my office while Nathan read, we left for lunch.  08302010

After lunch Nathan went home and I called Stephan.  I asked him if he wanted to go hit some balls at the driving range with me.  I told him I would pick him up in about twenty minutes.  I went home real fast and grabbed my clubs, and headed out.  I got to his house and then honked out front in his driveway.  He came out with his clubs and I released the trunk.  I hopped out then helped him with the clubs and we went on our way to the county club.  "Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I called Kevin and I scheduled him to come in and build the second bathroom downstairs next to the laundry room.  He got all the permits and wants to get started on it right away.  He will call first before he lets himself in.  "Sure that’s no problem."  He said.  I continued to tell him that Nathan confided in me and I told him that I would talk to you about it.  He was a little weirded out about you showing up in the bathroom every time he was in there.  I understand that it’s the only bathroom in the house.  I also understand that you two have reached a whole other level in your relationship, because you’re officially dating now. However, I know what happened between you and Jon, and it sounds to me like you are doing the same thing to Nathan that Jon did to you and I remember how bugged out you were over it.  I am only telling you this because I love you and you both are my dear friends.  Please don’t smother Nate, Okay!?" Stephan was relieved that we talked about this and he thanked me for the advise.  We had a fun time driving our balls at the range, then I took him back to his house and he asked me in for a drink. 08302010

I came in and his sat down at the wooden bar he bought at the antique store. “What’ll you have?” “I’d like a scotch on the rrrrrrrrocks, please.” I said with my best Irish brogue. He poured himself and I a scotch on the rocks and then we cheers. “Here’s to best friends for life” he said. We clinked glasses and I said “Here…here!”. I drank the first one pretty quickly and then he offered me another. I said “Sure,I’ll take another one.” We sat at the bar and talked for a few hours. Nathan had just woke up from a nap so he joined us. He said hello to me and kissed me on the cheeks and then he kissed Stephan on the lips. Stephan made Nathan a scotch on the rocks too. We all three chatted about life, and relationships etc. Stephan said “I just want to have what you and Ben have, is that so much to ask for?” I smiled, “Ben and I have a very unique relationship. He knows I love him more then myself. I know he holds me dearer than anything he’s ever known in his entire life. The thing is that we both have our space, but yet we are together. We share our thoughts, our goals, our bed, our bodies, our clothes, our cars, our house, and our lives. That was one thing we realized about one another is that after we met, there wouldn’t ever be a time were we didn’t know each other again. He loves to wake up in the morning and see me. I love to go to bed at night in his arms. It’s a natural thing. The beauty has no bounds. I realize some people would consider that freakishly odd or lame, but they only do so because they have never ever experienced anything remotely close to that in their entire lives!” I decided to get off my soap box and change the subject. “Now that you two are settled in we really should go out to the range and have ourselves a foursome, soon.” 08302010

I called Ben and asked him if he wanted to come over and join us for drinks. He said “The art show was a success I sold everything! Sure I can meet you there just as soon as I park the Jeep and drop these boys off.” He pulled up to the driveway and kept talking to me while he opened the garage door and parked. He and the boys got out and then he snapped his fingers and my Mercedes was in the garage too. “Okay I’ll be there in a sec.” Just as soon as he finished the word sec, he was standing at the bar and smiling at all of us. “Hey honey”. he said kissing me. “Hey guys, how you doing?” The offered him a drink and we all sat around the bar and talked. “I hear you guys are engaged, is that true or just a rumor?” They smiled and flashed the thin white gold bands. “Well this calls for a celebration!” Ben snapped his fingers and a bottle of Krug, Clos Du Mesnil 1995 in a Globalights champagne bucket in ice. “Wholy shit! Do you know how much that champagne bucket is worth? I saw it in a magazine and only 500 were ever made globally. It’s valued at $4,500.00! And this bottle of champagne is worth $750.00!” Stephan said. Nathan laughed. I smiled and said, it’s yours. Now break open the champagne we’re going to celebrate!” 08302010

We rented a taxi and took it to the city. We danced at all the clubs in the Castro, and met up with our friends. The night was young so we hit all the local bars, 440 Castro, then Moby Dicks, Toad Hall, Midnight Sun, The Edge, Look out bar, Lime, Triple Crown, Toad Hall, Black Bird , and then decided to grab a bite to eat at Harvey’s afterwards we stopped at the Mint for some Karaoke fun. Stephan and Nathan got up and sang Born to be Wild. Ben sang Wild Thing. I sang Love Song, the The Love Shack. We were all pretty looped. It was a good thing we called ourselves a cab. The cabby came and we headed back to Tiburon. They dropped us off at the house and we poured ourselves out of the cab. “Good Night guys, thanks for everything” I said and shut the door. I handed the Cabby a hundred and said keep the change, and then stumbled into Ben while he tried to find the keyhole. 08302010

Once inside we went right to bed. I think we were snoring so loud the whole estate could hear us. The next morning the twins came in and woke us up. “Hi Troy and Toni, what time is it?” They laughed and said, it’s ten fifteen. Ben threw on his robe and high tailed it into the bathroom. I put on my robe and walked the kids out of the bedroom. In the kitchen, Sonia had already anticipated that we both hand hangovers. She made us Pork Chorizo and Potatoes, Hot spicey eggs, and two Bloody Mary’s each! Ben came in showered and dressed, I downed my first drink and began to feel a little better. I got up and then showered really quickly, then dressed and came back in to finish my breakfast and other Bloody Mary. Ben downed his two first then ate his breakfast. We thanked Sonia and went to the bar and made ourselves another Bloody Mary. The doorbell rang and so Matthew answered it. The children went back to class. Nathan and Stephan were at the door. “Hey Matthew, how are you?” “Oh hey guys, come in, they’re recovering at the a bar. I’m doing good thanks” They came in and said “Hi lushes!” I turned and said “Well Well Well if it isn’t the witches of Boozeville!” We all laughed, and Ben made more drinks. 08302010

Today was a day where the hair of the dog was a great idea. Detox was in order, so of course we spent most of the day in the sun floating around in the pool with our drinks in hand. I turned on remotely the Bose outside stereo system for some classic R & B. We hung out and talked and just relaxed all day long. It wasn’t the sort of thing that any of us were used to. This was a time where, we all needed it. Sonia came out with hors d’œuvre. “Merci beaucoup mon chéri ” I said and smiled. She replied “non era niente.” After a long day in the sun and in the pool the four of all just wanted to go inside and watch a movie. I called one of my friends at the theater, and got them to deliver and run a new released movie at the local theater. Sonia made hot dogs, and pop corn and then she also stocked the Theater with movie candy. The children and everyone sat down and enjoyed a brand new movie in 3-D. We had even invited the professor, so he stayed and watched the movie with us too. 08302010

The movie ended and the Professor had to go home. Along with Stephan and Nathan. We walked everyone out and thanked them for a pleasant evening. As soon as we got beck in we saw the children to bed and tucked them in. While I was tucking the boys in, Tony and Alex asked me if they could talk to me for a while. I said “Sure what’s up?” We both know a few of the children at the orphanage who have had rotten luck and they could really use a break just about now. Do you think we could have them stay with us instead? It’s not like we don’t have the room.” I tucked them in and then asked. “First of all, who are we talking about and then how many?” “Well we know three more all related. Their parents were killed in a car accident and they might separate them if they can’t find one home at the same house”  Alex said. “Okay I will look into this tomorrow, what are the children’s last names? Troy spoke up quickly, “Rumkowski!”. I kissed the boys good night and said “Okay while you are in school I will go check this out and see what is going on, in the mean time, go to bed.” I turned out the light and then went in to check on Ben and the girls. The girls told Ben the same story only instead of three children there ere four. We went straight to bed. I had an uneventful sleep but I slept like a baby.08302010

A new day came and so I got up refreshed and rested. I showered got dressed, kissed Ben good bye and went out to see the Orphanage Director. I had Matthew call ahead of time for an appointment, so he was coming with me. I said, “I don’t know how many children we’re talking about here. Because the boys said three and the girls said four. We might end up taking home seven!” We walked in and the director greeted us and then showed us to her office. She said “ This is a family of eight, three girls and five boys.
Ages 5,6,7,9,10,12,14,15. She showed me a file on them listing the names and ages:

1. Albert Rumkowski                 Age: 5      Sex: M      D.O.B. December 4, 2005
2. Julian Rumkowski                Age: 6      Sex: M      D.O.B. February 19, 2004
3. Kasper Rumkowski             Age: 7      Sex:M       D.O.B. August 16, 2003
4. Theodora Rumkowski         Age: 9      Sex: F      D.O.B. May 2, 2001
5. Zita Rumkowski                    Age: 10   Sex: F       D.O.B. July, 12, 2000
6. Jozef Rumkowski                 Age: 12   Sex: M      D.O.B. September 29, 1998
7. Marta Rumkowski                Age: 14   Sex: F       D.O.B. April 15, 1996
8. Baltazar Rumkowski           Age 15    Sex: M       D.O.B. December 19, 1995

I handed the file back. Please excuse me while I make a phone call. I stepped out of the office and called Ben. I told him there were 8 children between the ages of 5-15. Ben, My heart is breaking here! We have to help these children. He comforted me with his deep low voice and then said, ask if we can take them all for a 1 year trial bases. If they wish to stay, they we will have them stay.” I said “I love you, okay.” I got off the cell and went back into the office. I sat down and said, “Ben and I would like to take the kids under foster care until one year, then if they chose to stay we will adopt all of them.” The Director was so thrilled. She said, “I will finalize the paperwork and fax it over to you for signatures. In the mean time may I suggest you buy a bus”. She chuckled and shook our hands and then saw us out. 08302010

Matthew and I got into the Mercedes. He was already on his cell looking into purchasing a small shuttle bus for the family. He found us a 1999 Ford E450 Shuttle Bus for $5,000. I told him to purchase it and then we could go pick it up today. We got the address and then paid cash for the Bus. Matthew also hired a part time on call driver, so that when we needed him he would be there for us. I felt like I was going into the education, and foster care business. I had to remind myself that if these children had to be split apart, then it would not be a very happy life for any of them. Matthew drove the Mercedes and I drove the shuttle home. We got back to the house and my office phone was ringing so I went in there to answer it. It was the director of the Orphanage, she had the paperwork done and said we could pick up the children ASAP. Ben and I left right away to get there and sign any paperwork and then meet with the children. Before we left we stopped and picked up two car seats and one booster seat. Once we took them out of the boxes and fastened them in, we disposed of the boxes and packaging and then headed right over. We parked and went in. Spoke with the director, sighed necessary paperwork, she handed us all the files and then she helped us load up the children. By the time we got home they were so very hungry. Sofia made them Halushki, which is a popular Polish dish with steaming hot egg noodles with chopped pork chop and cabbage, flavored with onion and garlic powder. All the children piled into the living room and ate. Our kids were still in class. The Rumkowski’s were very polite and well mannered. They were quiet and humble. After they ate, Ben and I showed them to the quarters where they all would stay.
We showed the boys theirs first. Albert, Julian, Kasper, Jozef and Baltazar this is where you will sleep. Over here is the men’s restrooms and showers. Theodora, Zita, Marta, this is where you will sleep and over here is the women’s restrooms and showers. Ben put in lockers so that the kids could feel like they had a space all to themselves in the restrooms. He issued combination locks to each child with a small card and the combination written on it. You little ones just keep the card on you or put it somewhere so you don’t forget how to open yours. They had the lower lockers and the older kids had the higher ones.
He handed me the master lock combination sheet to file it away when they lost or forgot the combinations.
I handed it to Matthew. We went back into the boys rooms and introduced, Matthew, Timothy and then to the girls rooms to introduce them as well. Once our children were finished with class they ran out to greet the kids. 08302010

Ben and I were amazed at how well all the children got along together. We couldn’t figure out how the twins knew them but we thought that it was just as well left alone. They all worked out the details of the bedrooms. I had Kevin come in and cut doorways through the walls connecting the two boys rooms together, and then the same connecting the two girls rooms together. He put up a door just incase they did want to separate the rooms, then they could. Now I had to pull Professor Harmon aside and ask him if it was okay to increase his class room from four to ten? He said that would be fine. “About the toddlers, I have an associate named Bernice Maple who works with preschoolers and kindergarteners and she would love to come in and work one on one with them for half the salary that you are paying me. We both agreed on it and so Ben and I hired her. Matthew handled all the payments for us so he cut her a check for half the salary now and the other half when the school year was over. Bernice and Bart decided to rideshare so that there wasn’t too many vehicles in our driveway. 08302010

Matthew reminded me that Sonia signed on with a certain amount of people here too so he drew up a contract to give her a yearly bonus in November for the inconvenience. She agreed to it, and then she signed it. I felt that everyone was making a substantial salary for the amount of work that I have given them, but I also wanted all parties involved to remain faithful, loyal, and most importantly Happy!. Sonia had everyone eating light for the first night here. So for dinner we ate Soup and Salad. For 17 place settings we needed to put in two leafs into the table. I became overwhelmed for a moment and I had to excuse myself form the table. I walked outside to the barn and Matthew followed me. “Hey Boss, everything okay?” I found myself having a little anxiety attack. He reached into his pocked and pulled out a brown paper bag, and then said “I anticipated this might happen so I grabbed this bag out of the kitchen for you.” I was panting and breathing in and out inside the bag and then pulled it away from my mouth and said, “What in the hell was I thinking, Twelve children?” I paced as I spoke throwing my hands up in the air. “I don’t know if I can do this. I’m all of the sudden scared to death!” Matthew stopped me from pacing and grabbed my shoulders and made me look at him face to face. “You are the most well organized, self disciplined, caring and loving human being I have ever had the opportunity to meet. I think you knew before you did this that you could handle it. Besides that who ever said you are doing this alone? You have a great network of family and friends who you can call on at any given time to help. Because you have helped them at each and every step of the way, they would never ever tell you no. Ben, Timothy, Myself, and Miss Ryback are all here to help too! Timmy and I talked about if we ever wanted children and we decided that we didn’t. We would like it much better if we could just help out with our little brothers and sisters, when necessary. On a final note, you have a Soccer team, Volleyball team, and 9 on the field at a time baseball team.” That made me laugh , he walked me back to the dining room where I apologized and sat down and ate with our new family. 08302010

Ben and I were up pretty late organizing the class room into two sections. There was half for Professor Harmon and the other half for Miss Maple. Kevin and his crew come over and installed a folding wall that will separate the classes, or connect them as needed. We organized ten desks in a row with chairs. I had Matthew and Timmy purchase 7 more lap tops. 6 for the new students and one for Miss Maple. We had Miss Maple & Professor Harman take a check and purchase all the supplies that they would need for the classroom. It was going to be a big day at the Paker Estate tomorrow. A few weeks passed and everything was calm cool and collected. The Rumkowski clan pulled Ben and I aside and told us that they made up their minds and the decision was unanimous. “We all want you both to adopt us.” This was a very happy day for Ben and I. Matthew scheduled the appointment and the we signed the paperwork and scheduled a hearing. The hearing came and went with out a hitch and the children were all now Parkers.

That day we all piled up in the shuttle and went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and had a play day. I went on bumper cars, roller coasters, animal shows, water shows, everyone had a blast. First Mathew and Timmy took Albert and Julian to the children’s puppet shows and jumpy houses. While Ben and I rode on the rides with our teenagers, Josef. Baltazar and Marta wanted to take all the young ones on the roller coasters and exciting adventurous rides. Matthew and Timmy met up with us later and I said “I am so over the roller coaster, whooo.” They laughed and met up with Baltazar and Marta to help them out. Ben and I took the little ones on the kiddy rides. Albert and Julian were laughing so much. We had Sonia come along and we paid her for the day to take photos. Before we went home Marta took over with the camera so that Sonia could enjoy a few rides. We all ate so much junk food it was gross. The night came so we all piled up in our shuttle and headed back to Marin county. Ben and I put Albert and Julian to bed and then told the other kids, they could stay up for a bit. They decided to bowl, so Sonia made them finger foods and served them juice, cocoa and tea. Matthew and Timmy offered to see to it that the children were in bed at a decent hour, so Ben and I hit the sack. 08302010

I didn’t remember one single dream that night. I woke up and started the bath. Once it was ready I hopped in and then just drifted away. Ben got up, showered got dressed and then went out to the kids rooms to check up on them. Matthew came in to the bathroom. “Hi Boss, how you doing?” I smiled, I’m good thanks. It’s Sunday take the day off for heavens sake Matthew.” He smiled, winked and then walked out. I got out of the bath and then just as soon as I got dressed the little boys Albert and Julian were playing tag and running circles around me screaming “Tag you’re it!” I grabbed Julian and asked him, “Hey little man, did you eat yet?” He shook his had no and then Albert said “Miss Byback say she dunna made us tum pantakes!” I laughed and grabbed their hands and walked them down the hallway saying, “In dat case, tumm-on, and lets dit tum a dem pantakes!” I kissed them and put them up in their booster seats at the dining room table. 08302010

The family all came together and we enjoyed breakfast and conversation together. I asked the children what they had planned for their Sunday. Everyone went down the list. Matthew and Timmy said “were taking Baltazar and Marta riding on the horses”. Josef and Zita said “we’re going to do some pottery in the pottery barn today”. Kasper and Theodora said “ we are going to play some tennis.” Rene, Alex, Troy and Toni said that they were going to hang out in the pool and then go chill in the game room. Ben asked the little ones, “What about you two? What are you doing today?” Albert said “Duh, we dunna eat tum pantakes!” Everyone laughed until our stomachs hurt. The girls were laughing to tears. I knew this was going to be a very good day. Once we helped Sonia clean up I took the little ones out to the new playground that I had Kevin install. Everything was built from recycled and reclaimed materials so it was green and healthy. 08302010

After a few hours I took the little boys by their hands and walked them into the pottery barn. “Hi Josef, Hi Zita. How’s it going in here?” I looked around and the place was a mess. I said, “I was under the impression that you two knew how to do this.” I sent a mental message to Matthew, and he road in to the barn on his horse and then jumped off and came into the pottery barn. “Hey would you like to hang out with these little boys for me so that I can teach these two how to work the mud?” He smiled and said, “Oh sure I would, I adore these two! Common little men, follow me we’re going to pet the horses.” They ran out behind Matthew. I sat down and went over the mud, and water ratios. I also showed them the mud on the wheel. I let them touch the mud to get an idea of the consistency that we were looking for. I sat behind Zita, and held her hands and helped her direct them to get the shape that she wanted. In no time at all we were forming a very nice vase. I could sense she was getting very excited to see the wonderment of the mud. I suddenly took her hand and made her smash it. I stopped the wheel. Josef said, “Hey, why’d you do that, it was kind of mean!” I winked at him and took her hands up again. I started the wheel and then we began shaping the mud into a beautiful vase again. “Now, the most important thing about working with pottery is if you don’t like it, you can start over, and keep trying until you do! You see? The vase was full at the bottom , long and then open at the top. “It looks like a Lily”. I said. She was very happy. I had her gently take it off and set it on the rack shelve for now then I had Josef sit in front of me on his own stool. I guided his hands on a new piece of mud the same way I did with Zita. We build up a very large man size mug with out the handle and then I had him smash it. He seems a little bit agitated, but I whispered in his ear, “Keep working the mud son, don’t allow it to work you!” In seconds he had that mud clump up and reshaped. We stuck one hand in water and then back up to the mug. Once it was really looking good I backed off and let him do it on his own. Zita had already begun to start her next project on another wheel. Josef stopped the wheel and then said, “Dad, what happens next?” My heart melted right at that moment. I sat back down next to him and handed him a small portion of mud and slid a wooden block table over to us. I added water to the top of it and then I said now take that piece of mud and roll it out to the thickness that you desire for the handle, but first keep in mind it will need to support all the weight of the mug when you lift the mug up with it. He rolled it and then said “How’s this?” I nodded, “It’s perfect!” I kissed the both of them and left them for a little bit to check on the other children. “I will be back in a bit, holler if you need anything.” 08302010

I went to the locker room in the sauna and grabbed my Tennis racquet and a few balls. I walked out to the courts and saw Kasper and Theodora rallying pretty well together. The only thing was that they weren’t challenging one another. It all looked too easy. So I walked into the courts and put on my sun visor and then said, “Okay you two against me let’s do it!” They looked at each other and Theodora walked over to the same side that Kasper was on. “You serve” I said while I tossed them the balls. Kasper served while Theodora stood inside the court. He served the ball fast and hard. It hit my racquet and I smacked it right back at Theodora. The his it back to me and then I returned it to Kasper. I had them running in all directions to hit the ball back to me. I wasn’t excerpting much energy, except to put all my force in the return hit. They were sweating and huffing and puffing and then I said, okay, that’s enough tennis lessons for today. Thanks for letting me play, and I left. They went back to rallying but this time with more fierceness in every hit. 08302010

I found Matthew, Timmy and the boys playing in the shallow end of the pool with their air wings on so I went into my bedroom and I changed into my swimming suit. I got into the pool and helped my brothers teach the little boys how to swim. They were so very excited to be in the pool. It was so much fun, holding Julian by his tummy and having him kick his feet and move his hands like he was really swimming. Baltazar and Marta were with Ben in his art studio showing him their artistic sides. I got out of the pool a lot later and rinsed off and then changed into some dry clothes and went to the art studio. “Knock Knock, may I come in?” I asked? Ben said, “Oh sure, please do!” I walked over to Baltazar’s Paint Isle first and asked “May I?” He nodded. “OH WOW! That truly is amazing.” I was in bewilderment. “You are very gifted Son!” He smiled and said “Thanks”. Then I asked Marta if I could see hers and she said, “Oh sure”. I looked at hers, and although they were completely different painting, one was no more or any less unbelievable beautiful. Ben said “I know right? These two are going to paint as many paintings as they can and then I am adding them to my art show. Anything they sell they keep!”

I left the studio and went to the kitchen to grab a cold mug out of the freezer and then I went to the bar and pored myself a Death & Taxes. My puzzle was calling me so I sat down and continued working on it.
Theodora and Kasper came in and sat down at the puzzle table and helped me put it together. Sonia came in and set down some cut and washed vegetables on a platter, and then came back and handed the kids some juice. “Thank you Sonia.” I said. We three worked on the puzzle for hours up until dinner was ready. Everyone sat down at the table. Sonia thought it would be funny to announce what dinner was before we were served.

Matthew being an ex server he memorized the menu and recited it to us:

7 course -Prime Rib Dinner. 

1st Course

Walnut, Arugula and Gorgonzola Crostini

Crostini topped with toasted walnuts, Gorgonzola cheese and freshly shredded Arugula leaves and 
Fresh Shrimp on ice with Cocktail sauce an easy beautiful tasty crowd pleasing shrimp cocktail appetizer

2nd Course
Seated Appetizer

Baby Artichokes

a unique prime baby artichoke presentation with a zesty mustard dipping sauce

3rd Course

Arugula salad

unique salad with mushroom stuffed salmon lox balls, a great salad for a prime rib menu

4th Course

Grapefruit and Mint Sorbet

a refreshing flavored sorbet, serve before the main entree of prime rib

5th Course
Main Course

Prime Rib

perfectly roasted every time with this recipe,   serve with my flavorful Au Jus and Horseradish sauce recipes

Small New Red Potatoes tossed with white truffle oil, a great accompaniment with prime rib  Julienne Snow Peas and Carrots
a simple refreshing colorful and delicious side dish  Cherry Tomato flower - Garnish very easy to make cherry tomatoes into a flower

6th Course

Ice Cream Chocolate Nut Timbale

an easy dessert - invert ice cream cups onto chilled serving plates and decorate with chocolate sauce

7th Course

served in glass cups sitting on a paper doily serve with chocolate covered Starbuck crepe cookies

Matthew sat down and two more servers came in from the kitchen.

They served us the first course. Then the second, and so on. The little boys just had a special plate done up for them but the older kids were relishing in the attention and astonishing taste of each course. By the end of the 7th course, we all needed to unbutton the top button of our pants and push our seats away from the table a bit. The younger kids loved the ice cream. Instead of lattes, they got hot cocoa. smothered with whip cream. The servers cleared the table and then helped Sonia in the kitchen to clean up then they left. Matthew put the whole dinner menu together and paid the servers handsomely. Ben and I couldn’t have been more impressed. We realized how grown up Matthew and Timothy were and what respect they had for elegance and good taste. Our new additions were just in shock over the whole experience. I mentioned that the next time we do this it would have to be formal attire. The thought made me realize that our children were with out formal attire. I cornered Matthew and asked him to make a note about him and I getting taking the children clothes shopping after class every day this week until I feel comfortable with what they have. He and I went to their rooms and did an inventory of what they had. After we put the children to bed. I was shocked to see that it really wasn’t much. It broke my heart. I expressed to Ben how much it bothered me so he said he would want to go to and help the children look their best. 08312010

Half the day went by and so Matthew and I worked all morning on a list of shops and stores where Ben and I would take the children clothes shopping. We had them all pile into the shuttle and we headed out. This was an adventure in itself. I had to recruit Stephan, Jennifer, Jocelyn, George, and Nathan all to come along. Once there all of us split up with one child each and we had them select the clothes that they wanted, liked as well as what formal wear fit perfect and made each one look so sharp. The boys got tuxedos and the girls got formal dinner dresses, with matching shoes, accessories etc. Thousands of dollars later Ben and I were very pleased with what the children bought. When we got home I pulled Toni, Troy, Alex & René aside and let them know it was their turn to go clothes shopping tomorrow after school. I asked Matthew if he would come with me, and he said it would be nice. 08312010

Just like I promised after class Toni, Troy, Alex and Rene all met me in the parking lot and we loaded up in the shuttle to take them shopping. When we got home all the children put in a fashion show for us to see what they looked like in their new clothes. Ben was video recording them and then putting it up on Facebook for all our friends to see. We were such proud parents. Who knew only a year ago we would have one child let alone twelve. We got a picture of all the children dressed up in their formal wear and I have to say, we have a very good looking family. Sonia was crying and I so I hugged her and said, “they’re all our children!” This was a wonderful sight to see. I gave Sonia the night off from cooking and the children all got into their pajamas, and then Ben and I ordered pizza. Ten pizzas went so fast that night. 08312010

I had anther good night sleep, so I got up and felt refreshed. Ben needed to paint so he was spending the day in the art studio. I wanted to look at local business opportunities so I called Stephanie and I asked her to meet me and Matthew at the estate to go over the options. She took us to a little Bistro that was for sale in Marin. The place had 50 chairs in the dining room & 24 additional chairs in the banquet room. The restaurant is nicely situated on the frontage road to Highway 101. There is plenty of parking available in the on-site parking lot. The facility has 2631 square feet (approximately & not measured). We toured the place and Matthew and I fell madly in love with it. The selling price was $125,000. I made an offer just slightly lower then that and Stephanie left us to work her magic. Matthew was really excited about the purchase and he was really enthused to manage the place. “How are you going to manage the place and continue to be my personal assistant too?” I asked. He said “I will find you a new PA.” I agreed and we headed home. 08312010

Upon returning to the house, Matthew went into my office and began his search for a new personal assistant for me. He wanted it to be someone much like himself, so that he could be rest assured and that I would like them. The doorbell began ringing only a few hours later and he was conducting interviews, one after the other. Sometime into the evening when he had just given up the doorbell rang so he ran over to get it. When he answered it he saw standing before him a man with jet black curly hair, dark tan skin, big blue eyes, a cleft chin and dimples when he smiled. He smiled and with a very deep manly voice he said “Hello, I’m here for the ad that you posted for a Personal Assistant.” Matthew cleared his throat and then said, “Please wont you come in?” This man was about six foot two, and Matthew noticed right away how large his feet and his hands were. He reached out his hand to Matthew, as he shut the door behind the stranger, and said “My name is Luigi Mesiti, How do you do?” “I’m doing very well thank you. My name is Matthew Collins. I am currently Mister Parkers Personal Assistant. Please right this way.” They walked into my office and Matthew shut the door. “Please have a seat, would you care for something to drink? Coffee, Tea, Water?” he asked. “No thank you. I’m good for now.” Luigi sat down and then out of the briefcase he was carrying he pulled out his resume and handed it to Matthew. Matthew carefully looked it over and said, “Very Impressive.” Mister Parker is a very important socialite in Marin County. He keeps an extremely busy schedule and now that he is a father, being his PA can sometimes get a little hectic. The job not only pays an annual salary but you also will receive free room and board. It is imperative that you free up your schedule for him at any given moment, on any day. He also offers partial medical and dental benefits. Now, there is a substantial bonus to being his PA. The estate here is designed as if it was a luxury resort. Any amenities are yours to enjoy while you are a residence of this estate. How are you with children?” Luigi smiled and said I have many nephews and nieces that I love very much back in Italy when I visit.” Matthew smiled then said, “That’s very important to Ben and Doug.” There are some other things that you will need to know about the people who live here and family and friends who visit but I will leave that up to Mister Parker to share it with you. When could you start?” He said, I could start as soon as you need me to”. Matthew stood up and said “Well then allow me to show you to your room.” He walked Luigi to the spare quarters in the basement. Luigi looked around and said “This will do nicely thank you.” Matthew handed Luigi a house key and his room key and then he gave him a tour of the estate and introductions to everyone there. 08312010

Matthew had Luigi park his car in the spare garage that was over on the East end ot the property were the estate fire trail was, and he gave him the key and the remote control to it. Luigi got into his Maserati and pulled it into the garage and parked it then went back to the main estate. He went down the basement room and then put his things away. I went down there and knocked on the door. “Come in” he said. “Hey Luigi, I’m very happy that we will be working together, and I hope you enjoy it while you are here.” I sat down with him and told him what his salary is. I also told him about the children, and all their gifts, and abilities. I also let him know about the work I do. He wasn’t at all surprised. I went over the list that I made for Matthew and what special gifts the people on it had. I told him about Bayou Delight estate and the friends and family there. I also went over with him Ben’s family and Matthew’s family and June, Jocelyn and Stephan’s family. He was taking notes so that he had time to study and memorize every word I said. I gave him his first year salary and informed him a bonus would come in November every year. Just by how he really listened and seemed very interested in me and my family and friends I was really beginning to like him, right away. 08312010

Later in the evening, I got a call from Stephanie. “Hey Babe, I have good news, they accepted your offer, and they will be giving you the keys tomorrow. I thanked her and told her I needed to take her to lunch for it. Matthew came in to my room and sat down on the bed. “Well? Have you heard anything about the bistro?” I stood up from my chair and hugged him as tight as I could. “Well baby brother, we’re going into business together!” Matthew was so excited he couldn’t wait to tell Timmy. Timothy came in and hugged and kissed me too. He said “I want to help out with this too”. I smiled and said, “the both of you can manage it for me. Okay?” He ran upstairs to tell Matthew. Ben was pretty happy about the purchase, it was going to be another source of income for us. We didn’t need more money, because between what we already made and what our family worth as it was is already in the multimillions. 08312010

The next morning Ben got up early and went right to his art studio to work. I woke up a little late. Luigi had come in and sat in the chair right next to the bed, and didn’t make a sound. He just sat there studying his notes, extremely quietly. I woke up and saw him sitting there. He smiled at me and said, “Good Morning Boss.” I sat up in bed and looked around the room for the clock. He continued, “I laid out your clothes for you, and on the dresser is hot fresh coffee and some pastries that I asked Sonia to make for you. He stood up, poured me some coffee and handed me the mug. I said “Thank you”. He continued to make me a small plate of fresh blueberry muffins. He handed that to me and I sat in bed and ate it. “What are our plans for the day?” I thought for a moment and said, I would like to go to the Bistro and check out the inventory, also have my little brothers come along and make any suggestions that they might have for improvements. I ate the muffin and then got out of bed and into the shower. Luigi sat in the chair taking notes and studying some more. I turned off the shower and Luigi was standing ready with a folded clean towel in his arms. “Here you go.” I Laughed, and said “Thanks.” As I was getting dressed Luigi was telling me about what the children’s schedules were for the day. I thanked him and said my goodbyes to the children and then the four of us got into the Mercedes and headed over to the Bistro. I had Luigi call Kevin as well as Vinny so that I could go over our plans for the Bistro. As soon as Luigi hung up the phone from Vinny, I realized they had known one another. “Hey, you know Vinny?” He smiled and said “Yeah, he’s my first cousin. His father and my mother are brother and sister.” I was really happy to hear this because family is so important to us. 08312010

We got to the Bistro and Kevin and Vinny were waiting out front. I unlocked the doors and we all went inside. Kevin put up a sign that said Under Remodeling -New Owners - Opening Soon! Luigi and Vinny locked hands in a hand shake and then pulled one another in for a kiss on both cheeks. “Hi cousin, I miss you! Everything is okay!” Vinny asked Luigi. Luigi smiled and said, “Everything is perfect, let’s get together real soon, okay?!” I walked into the kitchen and took an inventory with Luigi. We walked into the refrigerator and freezers and also checked dates of foods and threw away what had expired. I had the boys get a hold of all our venders and introduce themselves. I sat down all the children and asked who wanted to grow up and be a chef. Out of all 12 Kasper & Theodora said they did, so I told them that was going to be the name of the Bistro Kasper and Theodora’s Bistro. I loved the name is was sweet and just sounded so right for Marin. Knowing how Marinites think I knew that the kosher name for the bistro would be K & T’s Bistro. That worked too. Ben opened up a college fund for the two of them so that after they graduated High School they would already have the money for Culinary School. Vinny and Kevin walked the property and came up with a few ideas to improve the property. I gave them the go ahead, providing they had all proper permits beforehand. 08312010

Luigi and I finished up here and I gave the boys money for a cab. We left all four there to work and we went out for coffee. “I’m so happy to find out that you and Vinny are cousins. He isn’t just my interior decorator, he’s been my dear friend for years. I love him to death!” Luigi smiled and said, “I do to, he’s my favorite cousin and we’re like brothers. I loaned him the money to start his business years ago when we moved to America from Italy. My Mother’s family comes from money but my father and his mother struggled in the old country making sculptures. They came to America with the hopes that they would become wealthy using their thousands of years of sculpture techniques. It wasn’t as they thought it would be until my father married my mother and then the both of them began to make a lot of money off their art and the craft.” I smiled, “So you really don’t need to work do you?” “No, not really but I find I am happiest when I have responsibilities and work.” I realized at that moment that Luigi and I would become great friends, over time. We sat and talked over coffee for a couple hours and then we returned to the estate. I had Ben meet me in the tiny apartment above the separate garage on the East side of the property. “We unlocked the door and the place was dark and filled with cob webs and dust. All the furniture was covered with sheets. “I haven’t been in here since Jasper left.” I said to Ben. “I know, what are we doing here?” “I called jasper and asked him if he was going to use this apartment anymore. He told me since the Bayou Delight estates, he didn’t think he needed it” I responded. “The place is pretty outdated but everything was brand new when he left. Do you think we should remodel?” he asked. I said, “I’m thinking about offering this place to Luigi, but it should be his decision weather we upgrade or remodel or not. Vinny decorated it in an Old World Italian style so it might remind him of his home.” I called Luigi on his cell and asked him to meet us up in the apartment. He was there in about 20 minutes. He walked in and looked around. Ben and I were pulling the sheets off the furniture. “OH Wow, this place is amazing! Why isn’t anyone using it?” I sat in the chair and said, “This was set aside for our good friend Jasper, but he had a hard time being away from Louisiana Bayou, so he went home. Is this something you would be interested in living in?” I asked. He said “OH absolutely.” “Okay have Sonia clean it up for you and I tossed him the keys. Ben and I went back to the main house. 08312010

Luigi didn’t want to bother Sonia so he cleaned up the place and then had his own phone line put in. We hadn’t spared any expense at the time when the place was remodeled. Old Italian tile through out the apartment. The bathroom was tiled from ceiling to floor. The claw foot tub sat in the center of it. We even put in a bidet, and a urinal. Luigi sat in the place and pulled open the blinds and let the natural light come in and brighten up the place. The deck off the bedroom was a nice feature for anyone on weekends and mornings, to look out to the bay, and just relax. The square footage was only 896 square feet. It’s a one bedroom, one bathroom, apartment with a kitchen, living room, dining room and washroom. Perfect for a bachelor. The master bed was a king size bed which happened to be the biggest and only king size bed in the whole estate. Jasper and I used to drink moonshine and pass out together on it all the time. Once in a while is was Jasper, Ben, Stephan and I. Those were the days, when we were young and full of life.  08312010

Ben hadn’t told me that he and Stephanie were already in cahoots over purchasing property for two separate art studios. Besides Ben’s that was already established in down town Tiburon. He was placing Marta in the center of downtown Ross, CA and Baltazar had a studio in San Anselmo, CA. The proceeds would fund and maintain the independent studios and any profit would go directly into a college fund for art school. I only found out because Vinny slipped and told me he did the interior design the way both kids wanted them to be. My main concern was that painting for a studio might put too much pressure on them to complete paintings by a deadline and take them away from being children. When I talked to Ben about this he assured me that he wouldn’t allow that to happen. Ben had Luigi and I meet him at both studios. We went to Baltazar’s first. He was standing out from with the biggest smile in the world across his face. I parked, got out, and hugged and kissed him, Marta and Ben then we went in. I was so surprised that Baltazar had such an amazing art studio. He already had many paintings showing around every turn. I was so happy to see this. The children were learning about business and also the thrill of creating something and selling it to someone in love with what they made. The shuttle driver Skipper was working with Ben to get the painting stocked in the studios. I winked at Skip and whispered “Thank You” to him. We left Baltazar and Skipper at his studio. Ben and Marta drove over to Ross and showed us were hers is. Upon entering, there were many lights and some mirrors to reflect her work. Her studio was clearly more of a feminine influence. I thought to myself, what a classy girl she is. I looked at her art work and she had signed it Marta Rumkowski. I asked her if Baltazar was signing Rumkowski too, and she said “Yes, we’re signing it with our birth names out of respect to our Mother and Father. I hope it’s okay with you and it doesn’t hurt your feelings”. I hugged her and kissed her and said, “Oh no way, I think it’s a fantastic idea.” Her art was so very different from Baltazar’s. I had a really good feeling that these two were going to really make a name for themselves in the Art community. One guess what they named their art studios. 08312010

Luigi and I headed home. I was tuckered out and so I decided to go for a sauna. Luigi said “I will meet you in there and he went to the bar, then to the kitchen. I removed my clothes and wrapped myself in a towel and then I entered the sauna. In moments, Luigi entered wearing only a towel, and holding two drinks. “Here these are what I made for us, it’s called Italian Limoncello.” I said “Oh Vinny and I have this, thank you so much!” We cheers and then sipped. We didn’t saw a word after that. We just laid out across the benches and relaxed. After 15 minutes I was ready to get out. We grabbed our drinks and got out, and then we rinsed off in the shower. I finished my drink, and then got into the hot tub. Luigi followed me. We sat in there for 20 minutes and then we got out and rinsed off again. He had already brought himself and I a change of clothes. We got dressed and then met back into my office. I was discussing with him the inventory that we had in the pottery barn. I realized that both Zita and Josef were spending most of their spare time in there and we needed to re supply the barn. He had already made out a list of what we needed as well as what the two have created. I gave him the names of the stores where I sold my pieces. I left it up to him to call them and get the work of arts into the stores to be sold. “Now any money made from these pieces must go into these two accounts. One is for Zita and her pottery. The other for Josef and his pottery. I made myself a note to ask if they were signing their work. 08312010

The next order of business was the special request that I got from the girls Toni and Rene. They wanted to work making jewelry. I hired a Jewelry expert and then we converted an empty room in the estate into a Jewelry design and assembly studio. Luigi and I purchased bin and bins of beads, rare stones and settings. We also purchased magnifying lamps and tools such as Jewelry crimps, pliers, wiring, glass beads, wooden beads, anvils and blocks, beading boards, draw plates, jewelry cleaners, polishing rags, stone polishing machines, tumblers, jewelry saw blades and saws, jigs, mandrels, rotary tools and accessories, scissors, nippers, coilers, stamps, wire cutters, wire twisters, torches and soldering, work stations, bulk imported beads, sharpening stones, magnifiers, loops, calipers, vises, hole punches, glue and adhesive, gauges, digital gemstone scales, bead trays, bead reamers, bead and jewelry containers, and so much more. The Fed Ex and UPS delivery drivers were showing up and delivering shipments to us on a daily basis for a while until all things for our T & R Jewelry Design Inc. was fully stocked and up and running. Another family entrepreneur that made things for fun and sold them for money in their college funds. 08312010

Both Troy and Alex were into sports. They were very athletic and completely competitive. They had the same things in common. Troy is a Scorpio and Alex is a Pisces. They were good at everything they did. It came natural to them to win too. This made it more of a challenge for them and they also couldn’t fight the adrenalin rush they got from it. Every sport under the sun is what Ben and I signed them up for. Football, little league, soccer, swimming & diving, volley ball, hockey, basket ball, tennis, karate, judo, taekwando, kung fu, kick boxing, boxing, everything sports like. We didn’t mind because if we didn’t sign them up and have them burn that energy out in the sport, otherwise they would literally bounce off the walls. Ben and I were betting that they would get a sports scholarship. If not though, we would figure out a back up plan a little later on down the road.08312010 

Last but not least, there’s our youngest ones. They simply require lots of love and attention, oh and hugs.
Albert is more outgoing then Julian. Julian is our little shy boy. That could change as they get a little older. Not one single day goes by where one or both of them do something or say something that makes me laugh. Laughing is good for the heart and soul, so these little boys are our blessings. The good creator wanted them to be with us and we are truly blessed to have them. Now Ben and I have discussed it and we want these two to learn the craft. I will concentrate on Julian and Ben will concentrate on Albert. One thing that is very important in our family line is the importance and necessity of the craft in our every day life. With out it we are nomads, lost gypsies, hopeless transients. It’s a gift passed down from one generation to the next. Some are born with other attributes and others have the ability to simply learn them. 08312010

Luigi invited me over for drinks at the end of the day so we went to his place. He unlocked the door and allowed me to enter first. He shut the door behind him. I looked the place over, it looked exactly the same way it did the last day Jasper was in it. “Wow, you did a nice job of cleaning the place up, good job”. As he handed me a drink he motioned for me to take a seat then he walked over to sit down and said “Thank you”. It wasn’t until then that I realized how unbelievably handsome and irresistible Luigi was. It made me feel a little unsettled so I downed my drink and hit the bottom of the class down on the coffee table. “Oh, I’m sorry.” He laughed and got up and served me another drink. He said, it’s technically your table though and he smiled while handing me the other drink. I was feeling flush and a little nervous. The feelings I was experiencing I only have for Ben. Beads of sweat were pouring out of my forehead and down my face. He noticed and very slowly and carefully pulled out an handkerchief from his pocket and wiped it away. I picked up my drink with shaking hands, and sipped from it. He sat down right next to me, put his right foot on his left knee, and then placed his arm around my shoulder. He learned into me, then whispered “I cast an irresistible spell, and the only way to end it is if I tell you that I did it.” My symptoms subsided instantly and I hit him and said “You jerk, you had me freaking out!” He began laughing and then drank his drink. “I’m so sorry, I should have said something sooner, I just wanted to see how well the spell worked. Apparently it works perfectly.” “Uh Yeah, Apparently!” We both laughed and then I looked at his seriously and asked him to write that one down so I had in it my library of spells. “Seriously though, you’re so handsome, why would you need a spell like that?” He smiled and said, “One never really knows.” Then we cheers. 08312010

I called Ben and told him I was over at Luigi’s place having drinks, not to worry about me. Luigi and I had drinks and shared craft stories. It was really good for us to hang out and get to know one another. It made for a much better work relationship, not only that but we were both realizing we had a whole lot in common with each other. One drink led to another and I found myself being really tipsy. I stood up and said, I really should be getting home. Luigi gabbed me before I fell down and then he carefully walked me to his bedroom, he took off my shirt, shoes and pants, and put me into his bed. He climbed in too and then passed out. The sun through the window hit my face and I woke up. I couldn’t quit get it together enough to figure out where I was. I sat up and looked at the walls. Right then not only did I realize where I was but I also came to the conclusion that Luigi’s place needed some art on his walls. I leaned over to him and looked at him. “Hey, Luigi, I said, What happened to us?” He opened his eyes, and said, we had a few too many I think. Nobody got hurt so everything is okay.” I got myself up and headed to the shower. Luigi got his clothes on and went over to the estate to grab me some clothes. As he entered the bedroom, Ben was walking out of the bathroom to get dressed. “Hey Luigi, how are you feeling?” Luigi smiled at Ben and said, “Not too bad all things considered.” Ben smiled and said, “I trust you took good care of Doug for me last night”. Luigi grabbed all the clothes he needed and said, “Oh yes, of course, he’s my Boss.” and then walked out. He came into his place and I was sitting on the bed in a towel dripping from my hair. Luigi set my clothes down on the bed next to me and dried off my hair with another towel for me. I grabbed it out of his hands and dried behind my ears and the back of my head. He went into the kitchen and started making espressos. After we had a few of those we were feeling a little more alert. He said he would be out of the shower in a second to wait for him and then we could begin our work day. I forgot completely what I had in mind for today. I did call Ben and ask him if anyone had any lose paintings laying around that Luigi could use for his apartment. He said he would see what he could dig up. Luigi came out of the shower and then got dressed. He made us another couple espressos and then we went to the main estate together. 09012010

Ben caught me in the hallway coming in, as he was heading to his art studio. “You too have a nice time last night? I missed you when I woke up.” “Yes, it was good for us to bond and get to know each other, I did miss you too this morning. Let’s do lunch!” I said. He kissed me and smacked my butt as he walked by me and said “It’s a date!” I chuckled and then headed into the kitchen to see what Sonia was cooking up. All the children were in the kitchen eating breakfast. I made my rounds to each one them with greetings and kisses. I sat down in between the little boys and said, “What do you guys have planned for the day?” Albert said “we dot cwass wit Miss Maple sewup.” Julian and he laughed after he said it. “I sure hope that’s not what you guys call her.” “Oh no we taw hur Miss Maple twee leap” Albert said and they laughed again. Julian was still laughing but shaking his head no so I figured they didn’t call her that. They were just trying to be funny. All the children were laughing by now. Miss Maple and Mister Harmon walked into the kitchen and said “What did we miss?” The room fell quiet so I said, oh my little boys are just being silly this morning. Miss Maple responded “Only this morning?” She smiled at them and winked. Both teachers grabbed a mug and coffee and headed into the class. I ate some French Toast with Luigi, Matthew and Timmy and I felt better. Matthew and Timmy were having Skipper take then back to the Bistro to oversee deliveries, and the remodeling. I said “Luigi and I will be stopping in later this afternoon.” They ran out saying “Okay see you then.” 09012010

Luigi and I went into the pottery barn and collected all the finished porcelain projects that Zita and Josef set aside to sell. We put them in bubble wrap and boxes and then loaded up the Mercedes. We had to make about ten stops to all the distributors shops and then we went back to the house for lunch. Luigi went to his place for pasta. Ben and I had Sonia fix us up a nice lunch for our date. She made us Linguine with Red Bell Peppers and Kalamata Olives, and an Herb Salad with Feta, Roasted Red Peppers, toasted Nuts and pecans, it was delicious. We opened up a bottle of red table wine and sipped it with lunch. After lunch Luigi came down and I said good bye to Ben. Then we went to the Bistro to see how things were going. We parked out front and then went inside. The place looked like any other place that is going through a remodel. Paper on the floor, dry wall dust, walls being painted, things like that. Vinny and Luigi were talking while I checked in with Kevin. he said things were looking good and that we were looking at being complete by the end of the week, providing everything comes in on time that he ordered.
Luigi and I left and went back to the estate. I wanted to get a professional jewelry maker in this afternoon
to teach Me, Sonia, Toni & Rene how to make jewelry. The teacher said she could work with us two hours a day for a week and then we could go on our own. Jennifer and Jocelyn caught wind of this and crashed our class. After class the girls ran out and met up with the other kids in the game room. I invited Jocelyn and Jennifer to stay for dinner but they said they needed to get back to June and Thomas. I kissed and hugged them and then they said “See you tomorrow for our next session.” I asked, “Are you two planning to go into the jewelry making business?” He looked at each other and laughed then said “A girl could never have enough jewelry!” Just like that poof they were gone! 09012010

The very next day Jasper called to tell me that he missed me and Ben and ask when our next visit was? I told him all about the children we adopted and that there wasn’t enough sleeping quarters there at Bayou Delight for everyone. “I will have to come out there with just Ben and I soon though because we miss you too. You know you could come visit here if you wanted, and meet all the children.” Jasper thought about it and then said, Zap me out there Friday. So it was a plan. Finally Jasper was coming for a visit. I got up and showered then dressed and headed to the kitchen. “Good Morning Sonia.” She smiled and said “Good Morning I have quiche in the over for the family. I also made some raspberry coffee, your favorite. Luigi came in all business like and patiently waited for he coffee to finish. Sonia poured us both mugs and slid small plates to quiche in front of us. Ben came in grabbed a slice kissed me, said thank you and ran out. The boys Matthew and Timmy grabbed coffee, and quiche slices and then thanked Sonia, and kissed me goodbye and then they ran out. I was laughing at how fast people were coming and going around here. The children were all seated at the table and eating quiche and drinking juice. I said good morning and then saw them each off to class. Luigi and I met in my office to plan out what we had in store for the day. “After talking to Jasper this morning I was faced with a problem and I needed to figure out a way to fix it. If we visit Bayou Delight, it’s not set up to accommodate 12 more children, not to mention a house keeper, nanny and my personal assistant. How can we resolve this?” Luigi smiled and said, “The solution, it’s very easy, you have property so build bunk houses. “ I looked at him and said “You are brilliant! I got on the phone with my local general Contractor in Louisiana and asked him to get on it right away. “We also needed a camp ground style showers and bathrooms built on the property as well.” He said not a problem and he got started on it. I called Luis and told him and Anya of my plans so that they were not worrying about why the contractor was there. 09012010

The General Contractor called back and said he found plans for a bunk house that sleeps 8. He told me he needed to build two and then work on the bathroom showers for his and hers, that would be separate. I send him the funds and said “Break ground immediately”. The work began and it was very exciting to me to be able to have my children experience a taste of the life I had as a kid growing up. Luigi and I stocked supplies around the house in the pottery barn and also Ben’s art studio. We also went bulk shopping for Sonia so she could stay home and clean. The kids got out of class and the Jewelry teacher showed up so of course Jennifer and Jocelyn popped in for class number 2. 09012010

Once Luigi and I put the groceries away we went to his place for lunch. He made me home made Italian Lobster Raviolis. They were delicious, and he served them with an old bottle of his family wines. The perfect lunch. I decided to take the rest of the day off so he and I got our wet suits and out surf boards and went out to the coast to get in a little surfing. We took the jeep and then parked, changed into our wet suits and raced with our boards into the water. After surfing for about three hours we came in and changed into our regular clothes, loaded up and headed home. Sonia was making dinner and everyone was scattered about the estate. Stephan and Nathan stopped by for a visit so the five of us sat around by the pool and chatted while the children played. Nathan transformed into a seal and was playing ball with the kids in the pool. Luigi was fascinated by this and couldn’t take his eyes off of him. Ben and I we’re delighted to spend some time together. Sonia brought everyone out smoothies and passed them around. I got a call from our GC who was working on the Bayou Delight home and he said that he got all the proper permits and that they broke ground this morning. He told me that the bunk houses would go up quickly because they were shipped in pre made. The men and women rest room / showers would take two weeks. He said in the men’s side there would be four stalls, four urinals, four sinks, and four showers. In the woman’s side there would be eight stalls and four sinks and four showers. He mailed me copies of the blueprints for my records. I thanked him and got off the phone and then told the guys what was going on over there. They were pretty happy to hear about the new developments. Dinner was prepared so we all sat and ate at various places in the kitchen, dining room, some ate outside. Tonight was meat loaf with tator tots and corn. Nothing fancy just good home cooking. 09012010

Ben and I put the children to bed with bedtime stories and then we went to bed ourselves. I climbed into bed and in about an hour I began to dream. In this dream I was standing in a park with Julian. We were watching the squirrels gather nuts and hide them inside hallow trees. There was a woman who walked by with a large hand bag draped across her shoulder. As she passed she smiled and then said “Hello”. I strange man walked up towards her. He didn’t look like he had been showered or in clean clothes for sometime. Just in a split second he grabbed the woman’s hand bag and pulled it off her and ran towards us. He passed us running. Julian threw his arms up and then flicked his wrists so the palms of his hands were facing the escaping criminals. All ten of his fingers were facing the sky. With that a sonic boom of force flew out of his hands and knocked the thief to the ground and he lost consciousness. I walked over and picked up the purse and then handed it to the nice lady. “Thank you so much she said to me and Julian” and then she left. I knelt down to Julian and held him by his shoulders, looked him into his face and said “What was that?” He was afraid to tell me. I said “I’m your Daddy now and you can trust me. You’re not in trouble or anything. I just want to know about what you just did.” He hugged me and said, “It’s something I got from my Daddy when he passed away.” I woke up instantly and went right into my office, then I turned on my computer and documented the dream. Once I finished, I went back to bed, and tried to fall back to sleep. 09012010

The next dream I had was with my adopted children’s biological parent. I didn’t know who they were at first when they arrived in my dream. I was standing alone in a train station, and all of the sudden this man and woman came up to me and began talking to me. Just making conversation. I assumed at first that they were going on holiday together and waiting for the train as I was. She has long curly light brown hair. Mystical green eyes, and skin that was pink in color. He was a tall and slender man, with wavy dirty blond hair and big blue eyes. Their smiles were so warm and friendly. You could tell they were filled with love for one another and all things that surrounded them. I became aware as I was talking to them through my empathy abilities, as to whom they were. Now the conversation had shifted, from casual strangers to intimate acquaintances. I told them how sorry I was about what had happened to them and the loss of life, and missing out on raising their children. I assured them that Ben and I were the best possible candidates on Earth, and that they all would get a good break in life by living with us. “I know you are, you see, we’ve been watching you and we know that if you hadn’t come along when you did to rescue our children they would have been doomed to a life of heartbreak and sadness” she said. He continued, “Our children are not your average children. They have many abilities that will grow in time and this is what will separate them from other ordinary children to be great assets to the living.” I began to explain to them that being different and having gifts wasn’t new to me or even strange. They interrupted, “We are well aware of your family, and circle of friends, who have been truly blessed with gifts, such as our own children have. We are very happy to know that you will be the ones looking out for our children and teaching them the right way to use these gifts. The only thing that we asks is would it be ok to visit with you every now and then and talk to you about them when we feel the need?” I responded “Oh of course, I really don’t mind.” I woke up as the train pulled up to the station and the boarded it. I went to my office and recorder this dream. Matthew came in and said, “Hey everything okay Boss?” he sat down next to me and read my dream journal. “I’m amazed that this happened. They sound like good caring and loving parents”. I said “They are.” 09012010

“Matthew you haven’t noticed any kinds of powers from the children have you?” I asked. He said “I have noticed how incredibly talented they are in what ever their hearts desire is. Each one picks something that they love and they aren’t average in it, they are all above average in it. It really does amaze me. Other than that no, I haven’t seen anything else.” I said, “Hhhhmm” and then went on to doing some investigating on the Rumkowsi family history. Matthew wanted to take the day off from the Bistro business and so he discussed it with Timmy and they agreed Timmy would take care of while Matthew stayed with me. He also called Luigi and gave him a personal day off. We went to the Library of family records in San Francisco and did as much research on the children’s family tree as we could. Nothing jumped out at us,so we came home. I was feeling really tense, so Matthew suggested that we go to the meditation room and set up the massage table, then we could trade massage. He turned on the Bose sound system to meditative music. Set up the table and then asked “do you want to give or receive first?” I said I would give first. He got undressed and then climbed onto the table. I gave him a full body massage for 90 minutes. I worked his back, shoulders, lower back, arms, fingers, hands, gluts, calves, heal, feet, then had him turn over and I worked his chest, abdomen, legs, feet ,arms, hands, head, face, and neck. It was my turn so he got up and put on his clothes while I got undressed and got onto the table. He spend a lot of time on my back, shoulders, neck, lower back, gluts, inner thighs, legs, then he turned me over and worked every part of my body while I fell asleep. I woke up when he finished and I thanked him for the massage and we got dressed and went into the kitchen for some tea. 09012010

After tea, we went to our local shooting range to shoot off a few rounds. Then we went to lunch. Timmy and Ben met us there so the four of us had a very nice time and enjoyed each others company. We talked about the bistro, and then the Bayou Delight estate. “When will we find the time to visit with the Bistro?” Timmy asked. I said “Well we will find the time, don’t worry.” Jasper called me on my cell so I excused myself from the table and walked outside to talk to him. “Hi big daddy, things are very busy over here you know. It looks like they are just about finished with the construction, so when are you and the family coming out for a visit?” he asked. I will be there probably in a few days. We’re coming out to inspect the constructions site and then we might have the children come out too a little later. You catching any good fish mon ami?” “Oh hey yeah, I am every day! I catch dem n I eat dem Mon frère!” We both burst out in a belly laugh and said our good byes until the next time we talked. I walked back inside and said, “That’s Jasper, he misses us.” Ben smiled and said “I miss him too!” We paid our check and then headed home. All I wanted to do was to play with my children. We broke out a few board games and then played them with the kids for the rest of the night. What is was is Roulette Game where Sonia would blow the whistle and we all would rotate to another board game, take over the last persons game and continue playing in their place. It was so much fun and the comments were very funny. I went to bed very happy and fulfilled. 09012010

I was woken up by too little men jumping on the bed. “Wake up Daddy’s, wake up, it’s time for breakfast!” Both were shouting. We jumped up and said okay okay, and followed them to the kitchen. It was a buffet style breakfast today with every kind of thing you could think of. There were fresh pastries, fried potatoes, omelets, scrambled eggs, toast, muffins, biscuits and gravy, sausage, ham, fruit, juices, teas, coffee, and hot cocoa. There was cheese and mushroom quiches, and so much more. Everyone was in their pajamas still so we loaded up our plates and sat at the dining room table together. After breakfast I went to the bedroom and jumped into the shower. Luigi had a nice day off and he was ready to get back to work. He handed me a clean towel as I got out of the shower, and the recited from a list of to do’s as he followed me to my dresser while I got dressed. I went to the kitchen and grabbed us some coffee and then we went into my office. “Tomorrow is the Grand Opening of the new Bistro. We will need to meet there at 4 am. Timothy and Matthew will be there too. I want to run a few ads locally on some bay area radio stations that will run for the next 7-10 days. Could you take care of that for me?” Luigi was writing and looked up and said, “Oh yes consider it done.” I want Kasper & Theodora’s Bistro to be a common household name in our community for a while. You could even run the ad with K & T Bistro if you want.” Luigi got on the phone at his desk and I continued to go over the list of supplies and menus. 09022010

Today is the day, “Grand Opening!” I was up so early. Very excited about our first day of business. The boys were up and ready as well. It is Saturday and the kids wanted to go too. Skipper and Sonia worked together to gets the kids up and ready early. We got them dressed and ready then headed over to the bistro. Everything looked so great. I was proud of the work that the boys had done to the place. We opened the doors and there was already a small line out front waiting to get in. All day long up until 3:00PM the place was packed. “Okay we have a small break to regroup and then get prepared for the dinner rush.” Matthew commanded. I sat back and watched, Ben took the kids home so that they could enjoy the rest of the day. It was a very exciting day for all of us. Dinner came, and Luigi and I sat back in the corner and just observed. The waiter staff was excellent, the food was coming out hot and on time, the boys were really working hard to keep every customer happy. We wrote it off as a success ,and then headed home ourselves. Ben and I wanted to celebrate, so we waited for the boys to come home. They were home by about ten pm so we cracked open a bottle of champagne and toasted to our new Bistro! 09032010

The very next day the boys Matthew and Timothy got up early and went to the bistro to take care of business.  While Ben, Luigi, Sonia and Skipper all loaded up the shuttle with bags and children and then met with our bags in the driveway.  Ben and I along with the twins Toni and Troy teleported the shuttle and everything in it into the Bayou Delights driveway.  Sonia and Skipper showed them all to their sleeping quarters to unpack.  Ben said, “You ready?” Before we could answer he clapped his hands over his head and we were all on the back deck of the Louisiana estate.  Jasper was inside with the Bose sound system cranked up to some rocking out Cajun Music.  I walked in and he said, “Bonjour Mon Ami!” grabbed the remote to turn down the music then ran over and hugged and kissed every one of us.  “How’s things?” I asked.  He smiled and said “Good, Good things is good!”  We walked out front and the whole gang was going back and forth packing up things to take to the new camp quarters.  I grabbed things and helped behind.  Both Albert and Julian ran up to walk with Ben and I.  “Hi Papas, we dunna hab a dood time dis bisit?” I knelt down to Albert and said, “we sure are!”  The girls all picked out their beds, and then went to look at the bathrooms.  The boys were playing in theirs, throwing things around at one another.  I asked Julian and Albert “Do you little boys want to sleep out here with you big brothers or do you want to share a room in the house?”  They looked at each other and said, “we wanna sleep out here!”  So Ben and I agreed but we would be checking in on them often so they better behave!  09052010

Jasper pulled Ben and I aside and offered up both swigs of his moonshine.  We swig some and then began to unpack ourselves.  Once unpacked, Jasper asked the kids who wanted to go on an airboat ride with him.He took only four at a time.  They would ride up the river and then down the river.  Each time stopping at Mama’s place for sodas, and snacks.  Mama was so thrilled to meet all the children, she would pull each one aside and give them a special little gift that she had made for them.  Brigitte came back with Jasper on the last run, and jumped off the boat to give us great big hugs.  She said, “Don’t you cook dinner now, Mama is cooking us all up something real special for supper!”    Luis and Anya came in and spent the whole day getting to know their new little family members , and the older ones too.   I decided to sit the little boys down and teach them about the river, and the alligators and how to fish.  They were fascinated by it, they both caught fish in ten minutes time.  They were naturals just like Jasper is.  09052010

Jasper and the boys finished fishing and he prepped them all up and made us fish fry for lunch.  I made some gumbo, and Ben whipped us all up some Louisiana lemonade, which is beer, concentrate lemonade, vodka and water. He made the children separate lemonade California style with no alcohol. All us adults were walking around the Bayou Delight with a healthy and steady buzz.  That’s what you did in the humid South, was drink, along with fish, dance, sing, and party.  Ben got a small group of children together and headed up the road for a nature hike.  I stayed back and colored with the little boys.  Albert began to swirl his finger around and make the crayon dance.  I was surprised, but reminded about the dream I had when I met his parents.  “Albert, where did you learn that?”  He smiled and said, Matthew taught me.  I looked over at Julian and he was doing the same thing with his fingers only they crayons were dancing up into the air from off the floor and sliding back into the crayon box.  “Wow, you boys are pretty good.  I concentrated, and then organized each coloring book stacked on top and the box of crayons on top of them.  I said, “we’re done coloring for now. Lets go outside”.  09052010

Jasper and Brigitte hopped on the airboat to meet with Mama and see if she had anything she needed help with bringing over.  Her daughter and son were in town visiting, Tylor and Abigail.  I had grown up with all Mama's children, there were eight all together, just about one or two years apart, but Tylor and Abigail were my favorites.  They got into Mama's boat and then she rode off down the river. Brigitte & Casper followed quickly behind her in their airboat.  They pulled up to the dock and tied down the boats and piled in the food.  "Wow, Mama you have quit a spread!"  Sonia introduced herself to Mama and then introduced Skipper.  Mama said "How do you do? It's a pleasure to meet you both!  Come on now sit down and eat!"  Everyone sat down at the four or five folding tables, that Jasper had set up for us.   She continued, “The menu today is Cajun Chicken Fettuccine in red pepper Alfredo sauce, Stuffed Artichokes,  Crawfish Etouffee, Shrimp Creole over dirty rice and Louisiana sunburst salad. Bon Appetite.”   Everyone was chowing down the food like it was their last supper.    I asked Mama if she wouldn’t mind visiting California for a spell to teach our bistro chefs a few of these fabulous recipes.  She said “I sure would but baby, but barter is the American way so they would need to teach me a thing or two about California style cooking.”  I said “It’s a deal!”  09052010

After dinner, Sonia, Skipper and Mama cleaned up.  Mama pulled out her Bingo briefcase, and then passed out all the cards, dabbers and then set up her bingo wheel and ball trays.  Okay this first game is for $100.00.  She spun the wheel and pulled out a ball, she called “O-61”  then repeated  “O-61”  Then “B-4”, Then “N-44”  she was repeating every number and we were dabbing out the numbers.  In just about ten minutes, Kasper called out “BINGO!”  Mama said, “okay baby, bring up the card.”  He ran up she called out the numbers again then double checked them with his card and he did win.  “Here you go Baby, a crispy brand new $100.00.  She cleared the tray, and spun the wheel again. “Okay, now this game is called four corners, and this time the prize is a brand new Apple Ipod.”   She called out “B-2 then B-15, O-61,B-12,N-36, G-55, and then O-65”  “BINGO!” Zita won that round.  She ran up to collect her prize.  Mama cleared the board and said “This next prize is a Portable DVD player.”  We played all night long.  Jasper kept the drinks coming for the adults and Sonia kept them coming for the children along with snacks.  The winners of the night were:

  1. $ 100.00 = Kasper

  2. Ipod = Zita

  3. Portable DVD Player = Josef

  4. $ 50.00 = Theodora

  5. Digital Photo Frame = Sonia

  6. $300.00 = Alex

  7. $ 25.00 = Marta

  8. $ 75.00 = Toni

  9. $ 200.00 = Troy

  10. Bose Portable Satellite Stereo = Baltazar

  11. 12” Color Flat Screen HD TV= Albert

  12. Blue Ray DVD Player = Albert

  13. Wii Play station = Julian

  14. Sony Play Station III = Anya

  15. $ 500.00 = Rene

  16. $1000.00 = Marta

  17. 60” HD Big Screen TV = Tyler

  18. $500.00 Gift Certificate to Spa = Brigitte

  19. $6,850.00 All Expense Paid Vacation to Hawaii = Abigail

  20. $10,000.00 College Fund Certificate =Tyler

Mama said, “I would like to thank you all for playing and most importantly, thank the donations provided by Ben and Doug Parker.”   Mama walked around and handed those who did not win anything in Bingo  which was Jasper, Ben, Skipper, Luis and Me little bracelets with a trinket on it that she hand maid, she said “ Winning at Bingo is more that lucky, it’s magical, and so are these bracelets, they carry luck in them for the wearer where ever you go.”  She kissed everyone and cleaned up and then headed home with Tyler and Abigail.  Everyone got ready for bed.  The boys showered in their new Showers.  The girls got ready for bed in theirs.  Sonia put them to bed and Ben and I put the boys to bed.  We made our rounds and talked a little to every one of the children and kissed them goodnight.  By the time we got to Albert, he said “Papa, I’m scared of the dark.” I pulled out a night light and plugged it in for him in the outlet.  “There you go baby boy.  You get some sleep because we are going to have a super fun day together tomorrow.  “Muah, Good Night!”  We left and went to the house.  I had Jasper give up his room for Sonia and Skipper while he shared the room with Ben and I.  09052010

The sun came up and Jasper was up fishing on the dock.  Everyone else was asleep.  I went out to the dock in my robe and sat next to him.  He said, “Hey Mon Ami, I made some New Orleans-style Gourmet Ground Roast Organic Coffee with Chicory, just the way you like it.” He passed his thermos over to me and I took a drink.  He pulled out a clean, fresh mug that he had in his tackle box.  It was a mug I made him in my pottery barn years ago, “Here’s a cup.”  I poured myself a cup and sipped it while we enjoyed the morning sun.  In no time jasper caught another fish.  He reeled it in, and then set up his pole again.  The little boys were the first ones up and out.  Ben came outside to greet us and then took the boys in to eat breakfast.  I said, “Jasper, Je vous aime autant de”.  He turned and kissed me on my forehead and said, “Je vous aime plus que les mots pourraient dire.”  Ben walked out and said, “I love you both more, so just hush!” And then kissed us good morning.  One by one the children began to wake up and come into the house.  Sonia was cooking up a storm, and Skipper was assisting her.  Jasper cleaned up and put his fish on ice.  Anya and Luis came out to the deck and asked “What’s the plan today Bro?” I looked at Ben and smiled.  Ben said, “We don’t have any, we are taking today off and let the children run around and get to know the property, neighbors and town.  They all have food in their bellies, money in their pockets. Why did you two have something in mind?”  Luis said, “We hardly see you guys and we were hoping we could break away for a little while and have you all to ourselves.”    “Oh of course, anything is fine with us.”  “Well, there’s a party in the park, anyone can go.  It’s got jump houses, BBQ, bands, a huge dance floor under a large tent and dancing lessons in between band teardowns and setups.  Luis is in one of the bands and he’s singing, and playing the bass.”  Anya said.  Ben smiled, “We wouldn’t miss that for the World.”  He ran inside and let everyone know we were going to the park.  The kids all got dressed and ready.  I got showered with Ben and Jasper and then dressed.  Everyone packed up water, folding chairs, umbrellas, blankets, snacks, and gator jerkey.  Then we walked into town and to the park.  We could hear the music playing at 10AM in the morning.  We picked one spot and I said, “everyone use the buddy system, Nobody is allowed to wonder off alone!”  09052010

A large family and group of nineteen was really hard to miss, everyone was coming up and introducing themselves to us, and complimenting our group.  Lot’s of them I knew, but they hadn’t known about our new family additions.  The bands rocked out, we all ate, danced, and sang along.  The children played in the jump houses, as well as spent their money on all the carnival games and rides.  The two big kids were being responsible for the two little boys. Everyone else paired up and split, and went to do their own things.  There was a fortune teller there who was taking donations to have their fortunes read.  Kasper and Theodora sat down and made a donation.  One at a time the fortune teller began to tell them their fortune, fist Theodora, she looked at her hand and said “You will find someone soon who will take your breath away.  He will be your soul mate. After you meet that day forward you will never wish to be apart. He will make you feel things you never dreamed of feeling.  It will be a surprise to you and your family.”  She set her hand down and then picked up Kasper’s hand.  She looked at it a very long time, not saying one word.  He was beginning to feel a little weird about it and then he quickly pulled his hand out of hers and kept it at his side.  She looked at him in the eyes and said “There is something brewing, and when it’s done, you will be hit hard with change and emotions.  You will grow, and become strong, yet your doubt will never leave you.  In time, this something will consume your every breath, until you feel smothered by it.  Then someone will take hold of you and set you free from it.  Beware of the black serpent, it will try to deceive you. Trick you into doing something you will not like!”    I realized what the two were doing and I walked over to the booth and said “Hello Nuri, I see you’re still doing your parlor tricks. Some things never change.”  She smirked, “Doug Parker, you know these children?”  He smiled and pulled them into him, “Yes they’re mine, then continued, Now children don’t take to heart what she tells you, she’s an amateur”. He smiled and then they walked off.  He continued talking to them as they walked away from her tent, “If you have any questions about what she told you then I suggest you call upon your Mom and Dad tonight in a dream they will help you make any sense of it, okay?”  They said okay and ran off to the kids areas.  09052010

I walked back to Madam Nuri’s booth.  “Hello again Doug Parker” she said in her low Gypsy voice.  “Cut the crap Nuri, I am only going to say this once, you stay away from all of my children.  I do not want them listening to your  run of the mill readings”.  I pull out a few hundred dollars and hand them to her. “Do I make myself clear?”  She nods, and then says,  “My apologies kind Sir.”  I say “If you want to be friends with them then fine, but none of this funny business, you know how I feel about it!”  I turned and went off to look for Ben and Jasper.  They were helping one of the vendors cook up some crayfish.  So I got behind the booth and started selling them.  The children spent the whole day playing.  Anya came up to the booth to let us know that the band Luis was in was up next.  We all said our goodbyes to our friends running the booth and they paid us with beer.  We sat down with the group and the band began playing.  Everyone got up and danced under the tent.  The day was long but fun.  We trailed back to the Bayou Delight, and then settled in for the night.  The kids wanted to have a bon fire and make s’mores.  After that they went to the showers, cleaned up and went to bed.  Jasper and Luis were very restless, they were talking about going out on the bayou.  Anya offered to stay in and look after the children while we all went out.  Ben, Jasper, Luis and I all got ready to go, then we asked Skipper if he wanted to join us, he said “Could you give me ten minutes?’  He ran out, showered , changed and came back all clean and ready.  We piled on both airboats, Jasper drove Doug and I, and Luis drove Skipper.    We tore up the river, and pulled up to the long dock that was owned by a club that Ben and I hadn’t been in for many years.  It’s name was “The Cajun Moon Hall”  this place was an old hang out of mine about the time that I met Ben.  I was dating another guy named Donny DeSante.  He was mean and violent, Ben helped me get out from under his clutches, and forced him to back off.  I hadn’t seen him in years.  We both were feeling a little sick about the all the returning emotions that came with seeing the place.  Ben helped me off the boat and then wrapped his arm around my shoulder and walked me up the dock into the bar.  Jasper, and Luis tied up the boats and ran to catch up to Skipper and us.  We pushed open the swinging double doors and everything seemed to stop.  Ben pulled me in closer and whispered, “Don’t you worry about a thing, I am right here.”  I felt relief and then we looked for a place to sit down.  There was an empty booth table so we slid in and round.  The waitress came up and asked “What can I get yah?” “I said, I would like a double scotch please on the rocks.”  She took all the other orders and then left.  In no time the owner walked up to the table, and said “well, look who we got here? Doug and Ben it’s been a real long time!”  “Oh Hey Donny, how are you, and how’s business?” Ben asked.  Donny replied, “Business is great, this round is on the house.” He walked off and motioned the band to start playing.  09052010

Jasper jumped up and ran up to talk to Donny. “Hey Donny, you’re not going to start nothing are you? They are here to have fun not to get into any altercation.”  Donny looked at Jasper, and then said “Look that was years ago, I’m over it.” He went on with his business.  Jasper sat back down and said, “it looks like he’s over it.”  The drinks came and I downed it in a half a second and then asked the waitress for another round.  “Sure thing honey” she said and went back up to the bar.  Ben and I took to the dance floor after the third rounds of drinks.  Just about three songs later Donny tapped on Ben’s shoulder and asked if he could have this dance.  Ben graciously bowed out but stayed close by.  Donny grabbed my hands and danced me around the dance floor.  He smiled and said “We had a lot of fun together didn’t we?”  I laughed and said, “Yeah if you think mental and physical abuse is fun, sure!”  He spun us around the dance floor again and then said, “I never got the chance to say I’m sorry about all that.”  I said, “Good, now leave me alone.”  He danced me around to Ben and let me go.  I slid into Ben’s arms and we danced until the song ended.  He escorted me back to the booth and asked, “Are you okay? Should we go?”  I smirked, “Yeah I’m fine, you, Jasper and Luis are here.  I’m pretty sure he won’t try anything with all of you watching.  Ben motioned for the waitress and ordered us two pitchers of beer.  We sat at the table drinking and talking.  We ended up closing the bar and catching up with old friends.  Donny came over at the end of the night and invited us to his house for an after party.  I was telling Ben to say no telepathically, but he ignored me and said, “Sure we’ll be there!”  We went out to the deck and hopped onto the airboats.  While tearing down the river, I turned to Ben and said “Why are we doing this?”  He hugged me and said, “We both need closure on Donny.”  Jasper pulled us up to his dock.  The dock looked the same but the house wasn’t.  He had rebuilt the place into a million dollar colonial mansion.  We tied up the boats and walked up to the well lit house.  There was people talking and music playing.  I rang the doorbell and a man opened it. “Please come in and make yourself at home.”  He showed us to the living room, and there were grand doors leading out to a full stone laid patio that was half covered and half open.  The center had a nice fountain and raised stone pond.  I sat on the ledge and a waiter came by offering me a flute of champagne.  Ben and grabbed on, while Jasper, Skipper and Luis ran off together. Monica came up to me, “Hi baby.” she said and hugged and kissed me and Ben.  “Such a pleasant surprise to see you two here.”  Ben smiled and said, “It’s always a delight to see you Monica.”  Donny came in and walked right up to us.  He grabbed a passing flute of a waiters tray for himself and Monica, and then handed hers to her and then he kissed her.  “I thought you should know Monica and I got married last month. We just got back from our honeymoon in St. Martins.”  I smiled and then laughed saying “Congratulations, here’s to a long and happy life together!”  Ben and I toast and then grabbed another.  They asked us to come and sit with them.  They asked us all sorts of questions about our family and our rebuilt Bayou Delight estate. We told them about the children that we adopted.  Things were odd at first but they seemed more relaxed in the next few hours.  Well, thank you so much for your kind hospitality, but we really must be getting home to our family.”  They hugged and kissed us and then saw all of us out to the dock.  Monica said, “I hope you all come back sometime soon, we enjoyed your company.”  Ben smiled and said, “That would be nice, good night.”  We hopped on the airboats and sped home. 09052010

We got home and everyone headed to bed.  Ben, Jasper and I brushed our teeth, used the bathroom, got undressed and then hopped into bed together.  Jasper was on the right of me, and Ben was on the right.  I was on my back, they both draped one arm over me and one leg across mine.  I turned to Jasper and said, “Hey don’t you think you should have warned us first, before taking us to that place?”  He kissed my forehead and said, “No, I know you and Ben are happily married and nothing could ever get in between that.”  I turned to Ben and He said “I love you and I won’t ever let anyone ever hurt you again.  I think Donny has changed, and Monica certainly can take care of him and herself!”  He kissed my lips softly and romantically and then laid his head on my shoulder and fell asleep. Jasper said, “I’m sorry, I never meant to put you in an awkward position.”  I said., “Sssshhh don’t talk.”  As I ran my fingers through his hair until I fell asleep.  Jasper was more than just our best friend, he was like a triplet brother to the both of us.  The three of us used to be inseparable when we were much younger.   We loved each other and would do anything for one another. 09052010

Jasper got up first and ran out the patio doors and jumped into the river, then Ben and then me.  We all swam and splashed and then got ourselves up and back on the deck.  We watched the sun come up, and then we went in and showered and got dressed.  Jasper got his rod and real ready for him, and us, and then we fished for a bit.  He caught two fish and Ben caught three. I only caught one.  We tossed them into the cooler of ice and then I told Sonia, that we caught dinner and it was in the ice cooler on the deck.  She pulled them out, cleaned them and seasoned them for baking. The little boys came out and wanted to set up their new Dvd player and TV in the boys bunk  house.  I went out to the bunk house and set everything up by their beds.  I went into the boys bathrooms and said good morning to them.  “What do you guys want to do today?  Anyone have any ideas?”  Baltazar peeked his head over the shower stall and said  “Pop, could you hand me a towel, over there” I grabbed it and he dried off and continued “I was invited by Mama to come out to her house to a family birthday party. She said she invited the whole family.  Didn’t she?”  I shrugged my shoulders and said “I never heard anything.  He came out and got dressed.  The others came out and got dressed too.  “Well, I’ll go call her and ask.”  I went to the house and got on the phone.  “Hi Mama, it’s Doug.  Baltazar tells me you’re having a birthday party for one of your kids.  Did you send us an invitation?” She just laughed real loud, then said, “Oh Baby, you know you don’t need an invitation from me, yours is revolving!”  “Okay what time should we be there? Also who‘s birthday is it?”  She paused and went down the list of children, There’s Marcus, Crystal,  Brandon, Karla, Jasmine, Abigail, Tyler, Kayla it’s his birthday, Tylers.  Okay we will be there with a gift.  See you later.”  I hung up the phone and went to the girls bunkhouse, then let them know about the party.  09052010

Ben and I went with Jasper to ride into town and buy a special birthday gift for Tyler.  We bought him a really nice alligator brief case.  On the way back we stopped off at Cajun Moon for a few beers.  We sat in the same booth and ordered some beers.  Donny came over and said, “Please they’re on me”.  He let the waitress know that our drinks were on the house.  We had two beers each and actually had a laugh or two with Donny.  We said goodbye and left to head back to the house.  Everyone was ready and waiting to go see Mama.  Skipper and Sonia loaded all the kids up in the shuttle, and Ben, Jasper, Luis, Anya and I all loaded up into Luis’s jeep Cherokee and followed behind them.  Jasper reached from below the seat and popped the cork out of the jug of moonshine and passed it around.  Everyone took a swig and passed it, but Anya bypassed Luigi and handed it back to Jasper.  We went around another round.  He pulled out two more and smiled then said “One’s for Mama and the other is for Tyler.”  We all laughed really loud.  The shuttle pulled up into the long turn about driveway and parked.  We parked beside it, then got out.  The children saw all the other kids, and ran over to them.  Mama came out to greet us.  “Hey my Babys! Welcome to Chez Mama, Ma maison est votre maison!”  Ben and I went inside, while Jasper was on a mission to give Tyler his moonshine.  Luis and Anya remained outside talking to the other kids.  Mama said “Ya’ll want a drink?  I got some everclear, around here somewhere.  I said, la fée verte Merci Beaucoup .  Mama reached into her cupboard and said grande wormwood coming up.  Ben and I had one drink with Mama.   I began to feel real good right out of the gate.  Ben, Mama and I were all laughing our asses off at the dumbest conversations in history.  Mama set the tables outside in a buffet style and then everyone sat in lawn chairs to eat.  We continued to drink but all of us switched to Hennessey .   Mama called out one of the bands that played at her place so they set up and we all danced with each other well into the evening.  Anya surprised us with her version of Blue Queen River Blues, Stephanie McDee - Cll The Police:

Call the Police
By Stephanie McDee

I'm ... beer drinking, zydeco lover.
Bring it on.
Ain't nothing like a party and baby
I ain't never going home.

I got my drink in my hand,
I ain't partied since I don't know when.
I'm gonna dance all night
and help start over again.

Oh, jambalaya, ... fire, gumbo,
Creole chicken wings.
Say, we don't give a damn
where you're from
Let's Zydeco dance.

 jumping, floor jumping
booty shakin, love makin, swing,
all down in the bayou
even much the aligators drink

 Sw ... r .. on the porch
having theyselves a good time
And Ma and Pa in the kitchen
Making them love a batch of wine.

Sal and Sue on the floor
doin' the Cajun do-si-do
And we gon' party like we
never partied before.

Why don't you call your wife,
call your boss man,
'cuz we ain't never going home.
Call the police! Call the police
'cuz we g'on get our drinks on.

And you can call the police.
Call the police
'cuz we g'on tear this place down.
You better call the police,
call the police
'cuz we ain't never going home.

'Cuz we love that Zydeco!
Dance across the flo'
Do a Cajun do-si-do
You know we love our Zydeco!
We gonna dance across the flo'
and do a Cajun do-si-do
'Cuz we ain't never going home.
We g'on get our drinks on
and we ain't going going home
cuz we g'on get our drinks on home.

When  she finished the song everyone was so jazzed, we all jumped up and down singing and dancing.  Just as soon as she was finished with her song, Jasper helped her off stage and then he jumped up and then band began to play.   Buckwheat Zydeco and he sang Tee Nah Nah.  We had such a great time swing dancing to that song, Everyone sang along:

Tee Nah Nah, Tee Nah Nah Nah Nah nah
Tee Nah Nah Nah Nah, Tee Nah Nah
Tee Nah Nah Nah Nah, Tee Nah Nah Tee Nah Nah

I'm In Love, with a Married Woman
But I'm afraid, to call her name
If I call her Name Lord, Gonna be in trouble

Owe Wee, Owe Wee Baby
Honey Look Just What You Do To Me
Owe Wee, Owe Wee Honey Please
Tee Nah Nah, Tee Nah Nah Nah Nah nah
Tee Nah Nah Nah Nah, Tee Nah Nah
Tee Nah Nah Nah Nah, Tee Nah Nah Tee Nah Nah
I'm In Love, with a Married Woman
But I'm afraid, to call her name
If I call her Name Lord, Gonna be in trouble
Owe Wee, Owe Wee Baby
Honey Look Just What You Do To Me
Owe Wee, Owe Wee, Honey Please
Tee Nah Nah, Tee Nah Nah Nah Nah nah
Tee Nah Nah Nah Nah, Tee Nah Nah
Tee Nah Nah Nah Nah, Tee Nah Nah Tee Nah Nah

“Et Tois!” Everyone screamed randomly.  The next song began and then Mama got on stage.  She sang the song from Chicago, when you’re good to Mama, mama’s good to you!.  After she sang that the band kicked in with happy birthday and we all ate cake and gave our gifts to Tyler.  “Bon anniversaire Tyler!” everyone said to him.  The night was getting late and the children were getting tired so we said our goodbyes and headed back home.  09052010

Just as soon as we pulled up to the house the children ran to their bunk houses and then got ready for bed.  Ben and I were discussing if we should stay one more day or not.  We went to all the children and asked them if they wanted to stay another day or go home.  It was unanimous, they all wanted to stay.  “Well, then I need some help here.  What would you like to do tomorrow?  They said that they wanted to go to the Blue Bayou water park.  So I said, “That’s where we’ll go!”  I got on the phone and called Mama and invited her and all her kids and grandkids, on me.”  I hung up and called Brigitte, and invited her, then I called up Monica and invited them. I turned to Jasper and Ben in bed and said, “well it is our last day here so let’s spend it with everyone and then say our good byes.”  I climbed into bed in the middle again and fell fast asleep.  09052010

I woke up and got into the shower.  I was the first one awake.  Then Ben and Jasper joined me.  We finished showering and then we dried off and got dressed.  I invited Skipper and Sonia to go but I told then that they weren’t working.  They had to go and have fun, those were the orders!  We piled up into the shuttle and jeep and then we headed out to Blue Bayou water park.  Everyone was in summer clothes.  We packed a towel and our water containers and entered the park.  Some how Jasper snuck a whole jug of moonshine in his jacked, which turned into a nice sack for it.  We met everyone else at the gate so I could pay their way, and then as soon as everyone was in, we all went in our own groups.  I said “If anyone gets lost just say this:   Ego sum lost commodo succurro mihi reperio ones quisnam Ego can't animadverto.  It was a phrase that would create a spell to get the lost ones back to the loved ones.  I handed out little cards with the spell written on it.  I kept the little ones with Ben, Jasper and I.  09052010

Josef went with Zita and Theodora.  Baltazar and Marta took Kasper. Troy, Toni, Alex and Rene all hung out together.  While Ben and I headed to the little children rides and games.  All Mama’s family split up into pairs but they joined out little groups.   Troy, Toni, Rene and Alex couldn’t get through the crowd fast enough to stand in line for the biggest water slide in the park.  Alex and Julian were more hungry than excited about the rides, so we stopped at a booth and bought them some apple fritters.  Jasper came up with some coffee, for Ben and I.  We shared some apple fritter with him.  In all about ten seconds after that Kasper materialized sitting on the picnic bench next to me.  Ben laughed and said, “Kasper don’t lose your brother and sister again.”  He handed him an atm debit card and said, “Here this is for you guys when you get hungry,  He snapped his fingers and Kasper was back in line with Baltazar and Marta.  Marta hit him on top of his head, “Pay attention Kasper!”.  The little boys took turns going on  the rides with, either me, Ben or Jasper.  Jasper was having more fun then they were we thought.  “Woohoo!” he kept shouting.  Toni and Troy came up and asked if they could get something to eat.  Ben took all of them to the food booths and let them get what ever they wanted.  Alex and Rene met them and ordered too.  In no time the whole clan was there ordering food.  I went over with the boys and Jasper and we all sat down and ate.  Mama’s children showed up and Ben bought them all lunch.  09062010

Mama and Jasper grabbed me by the hand and ran me over to the big super slide.  In no time at all we were all up there and sliding down into the water.  Mama was screaming “ Yeehaw, Mama’s a cumin!”
Jasper was cracking up, then he slid right into Mama, and she grabbed him and hugged him then she threw him under the water.  I came down and ran into Jasper coming back up for air.   I couldn’t stop laughing, it was so much fun I had to jump out and do it again.  Mama was climbing out behind me and trying to push ahead of me, saying “Mama’s gonna fit yah!”   We were laughing so hard it was so funny.  Jasper somehow cut in front of Mama. She slapped him upside his head and he fell headfirst down the slide on his back.  We were laughing so hard.  Mama jumped down and said, “Jasper, I’ll save yah!”  I followed. “Here I come Mama!”  We all felt like little kids again.  The kids saw us having so much fun that in no time our group had taken over the ride.  Even the little boys were going down while sitting on Skipper and Sonia’s laps.  Ben was going down on purpose on his belly.  Mama would follow right behind him and try to land herself on his back when he hit the water.  Mama’s kids were trying to dunk our kids.  Everyone began having water fights.  The day was a huge success and everyone had such a great time.  Once we got out and dried off, Mama invited us all to her restaurant for our last supper together, and singing and dancing before we had to head home tomorrow.  09062010

Everyone got home showered and cleaned up for our night out.  Anya and Luis, rounded up the children.
Skipper and Sonia were ready and waiting at the dock.  Mama sent two boats over to pick us up.  6 kids in each boat, and then Skipper and Sonia.  Jasper drove us in  his airboat and Luis drove Anya in his.  We raced down the river, and then tied up to the dock.  We jumped out and ran up the dock to Mama’s place.  Mama came out of the kitchen to greet us.  She hired our good friend from High School Paul-Henri Chevalier. “Mama got on the microphone and said, “I welcome you all to Mama’s Place, here on the Bayou.  Tonight we are celebrating, life, love of friendship and family.  So please dance, eat, and drink, but most importantly have fun! I present to you the one and only DJ Paul-Henry.  Take it away Monsieur Chevalier, jamais nous t'aime!”  Paul-Henry got on the mic and said “it is so good to be here tonight Mama.  You are the best .  This one goes out to all my High School friends, who I see some of you are here tonight.  Let’s boogie down!”  He began the mix with Diana Ross Upside Down, then mixed in Blondie’s Call Me, after Lipps Inc’s Funkytown and finally Coo & The Gang Celebration.  The whole place was dancing.  We sat down and ate as we were hungry but people still danced.  Brandon took the mic and sang Give it to me baby, Rick James.  Jasmine got on stage next and sang Ring my bell by  Anita Ward. Ben and I got up and sang Take your time by the SOS Band.  The funniest show of the night was when Alber & Julian took the stage and sang KC and the Sunshine band I’m your boogieman. 

I'm your boodie man dat's what I am
I'm here to do whateber I tan
Be it early mornin' late apternoon
Or at midnight it's neber too soon
To wanna plead you to wanna plead you
To wanna do it all all for you
I wanna be your be your lober boy
I wanna be the one ya lobe most of all - oh yeah

I'm your boodie man I'm your boodie man
Turn me on
I'm your boodie man I'm your boodie man
Do what you want
I'm your boodie man I'm your boodie man
Turn me on
I'm your boodie man I'm your boodie man
Do what you want

I'm your boodie man dat's what I am
I'm here to do whateber I can
Be it early mornin' late apternoon
Or at midnight it's neber too soon
To wanna take you to wanna hold you
I wanna give me all all to you
And I want you to completely understand
Just where I'm at and where I am - oh yeah

I'm your boodie man I'm your boodie man, ...

I'm your boodie man dat's what I am
I'm here to do whateber I can
Be it early mornin' late apternoon
Or at midnight it's neber too soon
I wanna be with you I wanna be with you
Yeah we'll be together you and me
I wanna see you ah get near you
I wanna love you ah from sundown sunup - oh yeah oh yeah

I'm your boodie man dat's what I am
I'm here to do whateber I can
Be it early mornin' late apternoon
Or at midnight it's neber too soon
To wanna please you to wanna hold you
To wanna do it all all for you
I wanna be you be your lober boy
I wanna be the one ya lobe most of all
I'm your boodie man aha ...

Mama and her kids were laughing so loud. Ben and the family were roaring.  When the boys finished the song they took a bow and then said “Thank you.” and handed the mic back to Paul-Henry.  He said “That was the best act of the evening, thank you so much Albert & Julian, future superstars in the making.  People whistled, clapped and cheered for some time until Paul-Henry could start up with his DJ show again.  The boys ran off stage into Ben and my arms and hugged us.  We kissed them and high fived them for such a great performance.  Mama served us dessert and then we decided to head out and put the children to bed.  Ben and I left in Mama’s boats to put the children to bed and left everyone else there to have fun.  Once we got the children all situated and to bed, Jasper pulled up with Sonia and Skipper.  They said they were done for the night and offered to stay with the children, while Ben and I go back out.  Jasper tore down the river and stopped off at Cajun Moon Hall for one last drink there and to say our goodbyes.  Donny and Monica came out and said their goodbyes and then we all had a toast together.
Donny said, “To good friends.”  We cheers and then hopped back on the airboat and home.  Jasper pulled up to the dock and Ben hopped off and tied down the boat.  He helped Jasper and I off the boat.  We all went straight to bed.  Jasper, me in the middle and Ben.  We hugged each other really tight and fell asleep in each other arms.09062010

The morning came and Jasper stayed in bed snuggling up to me.  I woke up and turned to him. “No fishing this morning?”  he got a little teary eyed and said, “Not today, I want to hold on to you and just enjoy you here with me while I can.” I kissed the top of his head and he rested it on my chest.  Ben woke up and rolled over on top of the two of us.  “Good Morning lover boys!”  He kissed me on the lips and then Jasper on his cheek then he hopped out of bed to use the bathroom.  I pulled Jasper in and gave him one of my really big bear hugs.  I let lose a big groan and then I jumped up and out of bed.  We all got into the shower, soaped up rinsed off, got out, towel dried, and then went out to the kitchen.  Sonia and Anya were cooking breakfast for everyone while Luis and Skipper were watching the sports channel.  One by one the children were finding their way into the kitchen.  Ben and I were sitting on the back porch sipping coffee.  Albert came out and sat on Ben’s lap and Julian came and sat on mine.  “Good Morning boys, are you hungry?” They wiped their eyes and we carried them in and grabbed them a place of pancakes and sausage.  As soon as breakfast was finished and everything was cleaned up we piled the children and their luggage into the shuttle and Ben zapped them home.  Ben and I stayed around a little bit to say our good byes to Jasper, Anya and Luis.  Jasper was so upset.  He hugged Ben tight and kissed both cheeks.  He hugged me and kissed both my cheeks.  I said “Jasper, you are welcome to California anytime. You just call me and I will get you there in a half a second.  Bye little brother.”  I hugged Luis and kissed Anya and Ben said his good bye’s.  He waved his arm made a hand good bye motion and we disappeared. 09062010

While we were away I had Kevin and his construction crew build a man made lake on the property as well as stock it with fish.  This way the kids could fish here at home if they wanted.  I also did it to lure Jasper out more often.  Fishing so close to home would help make him feel more comfortable when he visited. Nathan and Stephan came by to see us and we planned a BBQ for the evening.  Sonia made macaroni salad.  Nathan brought over some of his family vineyard wines.   The some of the kids played in the pool. Josef and Zita went to the pottery barn and worked on some new pieces.  They were very inspired by what they experienced in the bayou.  Marta and Baltazar were too so they went straight to the art studio and began working on their Cajun inspired paintings.  Toni and Rene went to the beads room and began making jewelry that they had seen while they visited Louisiana.  I hadn’t realized it but my children were in love with my home as much as I was.  California was home now, but the Bayou will always be my original home.  I picked up the phone and called Jasper.  He said he was really missing us.  I hung up the phone and talked to Ben about it.  While I was talking he sneezed and said Jasper in the sneeze.  I looked at him, and thought to myself, did he just say Jasper?  Next to me in what was an empty chair, was Jasper.  He was holding two bottles of moonshine in one hand and his fishing rod and tackle box under his arm in the other.  “Ben tells me you have a new fishing hole?”  I jumped up and showed him to it. Ben watched the kids play in the pool and kept Nathan and Stephan company.  09062010

We walked to the lake, and Jasper said “You know I can’t stay long, I get so home sick for the Bayou.”  I nodded and said, “I’m just glad you’re here, even if it is only for a few days”.  He cast his rod and real into the water, and in minutes he caught his first fish.  Timothy and Matthew walked up with their rods and tackle boxes and sat down beside me.  “Hi boys!”  They kissed Jasper and I and said “hello”.  We spent the afternoon sitting in the nice warm sun, sipping a little hooch together.  Sonia sounded the supper bell so we packed up and headed down.  Jasper handed his fish to Sonia.  We didn’t feel like sitting down at the dining room table so we took our plates and ate at the bistro table in the back yard.  Ben however sat at the table with the children and they talked about what they did for the day.  Luigi came out and sat down beside me.  “Hey stranger”.  I turned to him, “Hi Luigi, this is my friend Jasper, he used to live in your apartment before you.”  He stood up and said  “Hi it’s nice to meet you!”  He looked at me and whispered “He’s so handsome!”  Luigi laughed and said “I’m standing right here and I heard you, but thank you.”  I said “Please grab some food and sit down and join us.”  So Luigi went into the house grabbed a plate of food and then we slid another chair next to us for him to sit at the bistro table.  I went on telling Luigi how Jasper and I were the best of friends growing up in the Bayou.  Every day was spent together, through thick and thin.  He thought it was nice that I could have such a friend and keep him so close over all these years. After dinner Jasper wanted to go out in a boat, so we all three sat in the row boat in the middle of the lake and swigged hooch and talked.  Jasper had to go to the bathroom so he stood up and whipped it out and hung it over the boat.  “Hey don’t shake the boat” I said, and right as I said it Jasper fell in.  Luigi jumped in after him and helped him back into the boat.  He managed to get back into the boat and I helped Luigi back in and Jasper was laying on the floor of the boat with his willie hanging out and he was just cracking up.  We laughed so hard over that.  We rowed to the shore tied up the boat and then helped each other back into the house.  Luigi was kind enough to put Jasper's willie away and zip him up. As soon as Luigi got jasper and I to the bedroom, he said his good nights and Ben put us to bed. 09062010

The first sign of daylight Jasper was up and showering and getting dressed.  Luigi met in my room to attend to my needs, as Ben had got up and began his work in the art studio. He had my clothes all picked out, my coffee on the dresser. Along with a clean towel in hand and ready for me when I got out of the shower.  I got dressed and was still a little hung over from all the moonshine we drank.  Luigi appeared to be un phased, by any of the night before hooch.  “Boss what are the plans for today?”  I wasn’t sure, but I did know I wanted to go check up on the Bistro business.  “Lets go check out the bistro first and then go from there.”  We hopped into the Mercedes and drove to the Bistro.  Matthew and Timmy were talking together out front about business. I pulled up, parked and hopped out.  “Hey baby brothers, what’s up?”  “Hey”.  Timmy said.  Matthew came up shook my hand and kissed my cheeks.  Then he went to Luigi and did the same.  Timmy hugged me and said, “We’re doing great, been really busy.”  I said, “Why don’t you guys take the rest of the day off, Luigi and I can take it from here.”  Matthew said, ‘Are you sure?”  “I am very sure.”  They grabbed their things and left.  Luigi and I did and inventory count, and also looked over the books.  Jasper showed up for lunch with Ben.  I sat down with them for lunch. 09062010

Ben and Jasper left to go see a movie together, while Luigi and I finished up at the Bistro, and then left the place in good hands with the chef and waiter staff to close.  We met Matthew and Timothy, at their apartment.  They poured us some nice wine and we talked about the Bistro.  “I think you boys are doing a kick ass job. The only problem I see is as managers you are spending all your time there, micromanaging and you should leave the opening and closing up to the chef, and his waiter staff.  So I want set your hours. Management only works from 9 am to 2 pm. that is it!  If something comes up and it’s an emergency then that is and exception to the rule, understood?” They both agreed and we enjoyed the rest of the bottle of wine together.  Luigi asked me what I had planned for dinner and I told him I didn’t know.  He invited me, Ben and Luigi over and then went home to prepare it.  I went to hang out with my kids for a while.  Ben and Jasper came home from the movie and I let them know we were having dinner with Luigi.  Matthew and Timmy took the kids out to the barn and saddled up the horses and let everyone go for a ride.  Ben said he had an art show in San Francisco this week and that Marta and Baltazar are showing their art too.  We need to take them shopping tomorrow to buy new outfits to wear for the show. I sent them to the store with Skipper and some money. They were gone for an hour or so and then they came back and showed us what they bought.   Luigi came down to see the little fashion show after dinner was ready.  The children ate and then went about doing their own things.  Ben, Jasper and I went up to Luigi's place and had dinner with him.  After dinner Ben and I left while Jasper stayed and talked with Luigi.  Jasper thanked Luigi for rescuing him after he fell in the lake.  Luigi said it was nothing.  They talked and drank and became very good friends.  Jasper passed out in bed with Luigi after a long night of drinking and conversations.  09062010

The next morning Jasper woke up snuggling with Luigi.  Luigi woke up and was facing Jasper.  “Hey”  Luigi said.  “Hey”  Jasper said back.  He wasn’t sure how he got there, but he wasn’t too bothered about it. Luigi after all was a tall, dark and handsome man who had the ability mesmerize anyone with out magic. The just laid in bed and looked deep into one another’s eyes.  Wondering what one was thinking about the other.  Luigi swept Jaspers blond hair off his brow and then kissed his forehead.  He continued to kiss Jasper, and Jasper began to kiss back.   Before they knew it they were romantically kissing long but softly.
Neither one of them had ever experienced the sort of tingling feelings that they were having flow through out their whole bodies.  The kissing turned into feeling and touching and exploring one another’s bodies until the heat really began to make them sweat and then they made passionate love together.  A few hours later, they realized the time, and Luigi had to get ready for his work day.  He jumped into the shower, and got ready, then went to the estate to begin work.  Jasper laid in bed, thinking about the time they just shared together, and realizing that he had never felt this way in his whole life.  He felt great, happy, and liberated.  He showered and got dressed and went to the estate.  Luigi met me outside of the shower with a towel as usual.  Only when I took a good look at him something seemed different.  “Hey, what’s going on with you?  You’re glowing, did something special happen last night between you and Jasper?”  Ben walked in to pee, and noticed the same thing and said, “Yeah, Luigi, what’s going on?”  Luigi smiled softly and handed me the towel and then said, “Jasper and I had a really good time together last night.  It rakes up there in my top two of all time.”  I knew immediately what that meant.  I hurried to get dressed and talk to Jasper myself.  I asked Luigi to tend to Ben while I took care of something.  I found Jasper in the kitchen eating breakfast and visiting with Sonia.  “Jasper, may I have a word with you outside please?”  “Uh yeah sure.”  We walked outside and then sat down at the little bistro table.  “What’s going on with you and Luigi?”  Jasper smiled, “I don’t know why or how it happened but we spent the night together and had the most amazing time of my life.”  I was shocked, and then said “Do you really understand what is happening? I mean, I love you like my brother, but you’ve never really been interested in the same sex before.  Is this some sort of mid life crisis? Please help me understand.  I need Luigi and I need you too.”  He said “You have always told me that we don’t chose who we love that our hearts do.  I think our hearts chose each other.”  I was still a little worried, but I knew I couldn’t argue that point.  “Not that you two need it, but you both have my blessing.”  Ben and Luigi both walked out with fresh coffee mugs for Jasper and I along with fresh pastries that Sonia had pulled out of the oven.  The children began filling up the kitchen one at a time, so I went in there to tend to them.  Luigi sat next to Jasper and Ben said “So, you two have any idea what happens now?”  Luigi looked at Jasper and then he said, “No I’m just going to take one day at a time.”  and then Jasper said “I’m not sure”.  09072010

Luigi made a phone call and then in about an hour his little brother showed up.  The door bell rang and Luigi went to open it.  “Hi”  he said when he opened it.  “Hey” his brother said.  “Come in, it’s so good to see you!” The brothers embraced and kissed both cheeks and Luigi closed the door behind him.  His little bother looked just like him only younger.  He was closer to Matthew’s age.  Ben, Jasper and I walked into the foyer and Luigi said “Gentlemen this is my youngest brother Lucas Mesiti.”  Ben stepped forward first and shook his hand, and then Lucas smiled and said “How do you do?”  Ben replied “Very well thank you.”  Then I shook his hand. He grabbed my hand and held it firmly and shook it like a friend.  “It’s very nice to meet you.”  He said at the same time as I said “My name is Doug.”  Then Luigi introduced Jasper.  The two men shook hands and Lucas kissed him on both sides of his face.  Luigi and Lucas asked me to meet in my office so I followed them there and they shut the door.  “My brother would like to take over my position as personal assistant.  I would like to go with Jasper to the Bayou.  I have picked up an estate there off an old friend of mine and it is being remodeled to meet our needs even as we speak.”  He handed Lucas his car keys and said, “The car is in the garage, and everything in the apartment is yours.  You will call me if you need anything, Yes?”  Lucas said “Yes, thank you.”  I was wondering if I would have any say in this matter but I could sense in the air this was the right thing to do.  I said my good byes to Luigi and Jasper and then Ben snapped his fingers and sent then back to the Bayou.  I wanted to get to know Lucas better so I invited him out to lunch with me at my Bistro.  Matthew and Timothy were interested to meet Lucas so when we got there they greeted us out front.  They prepared a private place to eat in the back of the Bistro.  “I have heard a lot about you and your family.  Luigi tells me that you have been very gracious to him.  I am looking forward to working with you as well.  Out of all my brothers and sisters Luigi and I are most alike.  We tend to understand one another and sometimes can know what the other is thinking and feeling.  I can sense that the feelings he has for you and your family is good and true.  You are the type of people that our family has always sought out to get to know and call friends.”  I smiled and said “Thank you.  We try to be the best we can be, in such a crazy and unsure World.”  After lunch we went back to the estate where I introduced Lucas to the whole family and Sonia and Skipper.  I showed his the apartment and then bid him a good day.  I went to the meditation room and focused on Luigi and Jasper.  I teleported myself to their new place and knocked on the front door.  I was very surprised to learn the Luigi had purchased the old estate where our childhood friend Monica had grown up.  The doors opened and this little woman with dark skin and dark eyes opened the door.  “May I help you?” she asked.
“Uh, yes I’m here to see Luigi, my name is Doug Parker.”  She opened the door wider and pointed in a direction and said, “please come in.”  I walked passed her and thanked her and went through the foyer and into the large great room.  Luigi and Jasper were both working on the drywall spots of the room that had warn down and were rough looking.  “Looks like the place could use a good painting.”  They stopped and turned to see me standing there.  “Hi Doug, what brings you here?”  I walked closer to Luigi, and then said, “Oh, I just wanted to be sure about this, and you two. I think things are moving extremely fast, and I just don’t want to see two men whom I care deeply about get hurt is all.”  Jasper jumped up, and hugged me and said, “We’re both adults and can make up our own minds.  I appreciate your concern but really, this just feels right.”  Luigi walked over and said “ We will see you and Ben often.  Think of this as a much stronger link in the family/friends chain.”  They invited me to stay for drinks with them and also to go over the plans that was in store for the neglected Mansion.  I offered them my local General Contractor, and then I returned home.  09072010

Ben’s show in San Francisco was tomorrow, so I needed to get a nice nights sleep.  I went over the plans for the day with Lucas, and so he went home and went to bed early too.  The next morning, Skipper and Sonia took care of the children and saw that they were fed and clothed and in class on time.  Ben and I got Baltazar and Marta’s paintings all loaded up in the Jeep.  His paintings too, then he headed over to San Francisco with Baltazar and Marta to set up the show.  Lucas and I drove separately and met them after we stopped and picked them up some coffee at our favorite San Franciscan coffee and pastry shop called Stella’s between Green St. & Stockton St.  We parked in a near by garage and then walked up the street a bit.  Lucas was wearing a nice suit that I picked up for him a few days before and he was looking very handsome.  We walked into the gallery and Ben was standing near the entrance and having the men move the artwork around to display. “Looking good handsome” I said.  He kissed me and then kissed Lucas on both cheeks as he handed him his coffee.  “Thank you.”  Lucas looked for Baltazar and Marta to give them their coffee and pastries.  I handed Ben a small brown bag with his favorite pastry inside.  “Are you guys just about ready for the show?”  Ben winked and nodded and then disappeared.  I looked for Lucas, and found the three of them admiring some of Ben’s work in the back.  “He truly is a fantastic artist.  You two are young but you have the potential to be great like him, and soon!” I said as I kissed the kids.  “Hi Dad.” Baltazar said.  Marta said “Hey Daddy.”  Lucas and I went to the front lobby and waited for all the other guests to arrive with the tour guide.  Once the show started we got the whole experience with the tour guides and the information regarding each painting and the personal information about the artists.  Lucas and I agreed that this show turned out to be a huge success.  There were three major News reporters there along with from what I could tell two Art critics who were from New York and Chicago.  Everyone loved the work.  That show Marta sold three pieces, and Baltazar sold five.  Ben sold most of his pieces, but they kept them in the show for one week before they shipped them to their new owners.  Once they were home they began to work on the paintings that they needed to replace the ones that sold.  Ben agreed to give up four spaces each to the kids to show more of their work.  I was so thrilled, and thought that the gesture was so kind and sweet of him.  It reminded me of how and why I fell in love with him so vary many years ago.  The kids were ecstatic and worked day and night to finish the paintings.  09072010

After the children were all showered and in bed, I went to the Art studio and reminded Baltazar and Marta that they needed to get some sleep.  They were finishing up a painting and then we all sat down and had some decaffeinated tea together.  Baltazar began to tell me about how he is becoming a man and he felt like he needed his privacy, and his own bedroom.  Marta was also complaining about privacy, and having her own room.  Ben came in and we talked about it with them and I decided to make the last two rooms at the very end of the wing their very own bedrooms.  I told them we weren’t going to be able to give them their own bathrooms, but having their own bedrooms was doable.  I called in Lucas and had him contact his cousin Vinny and then go over with him my plans for the last two unused rooms.  Marta and Baltazar had ideas already in their minds about how they saw their bedrooms decorated, so I instructed Lucas to allow them to have full control of that.  I truly was getting burned out with projects and reconstruction jobs.  I let everyone know that we were finished after this, for a long while.  Besides that as children moved out to go to college the older ones could have those rooms for themselves, and so on.  The next day Vinny came over and the kids went over what they wanted and he told me he could have it finished in two days.  I paid him in advance for his time, as well as all the material costs, and then Lucas and I went shopping.  I wanted to buy him a new professional wardrobe.  I also wanted to buy me some new business suits.  Ben gave me a small list of tailored clothed he needed, so we spent our day shopping.  We drove to San Francisco and his Union Square.  The first stop was Armani boutique and then after that we went to Allen Edmonds shoes to buy all of us new shoes.  “Hey are you hungry?”  I asked. Lucas said, “Yeah I am, did you have a special place in mind?”  “I’m not sure, what are you in the mood for?”  He smiled and said shyly “I always enjoy seafood.”   “ I know the perfect place! It’s over on the Embarcadero and it’s called Sinbad’s Pier 2.  With that Lucas called and reserved a table for us before we arrived and found parking.  We parked across the street and then walked over, then inside.  The waiter sat us right away after Lucas told them table for two Parker.  We were seated, and I ordered both of us some prawn cocktails, and two glasses of  Terramia Pinot Grigio.  “Better yet, please just bring us two glasses and the bottle.” I said.  I looked at Lucas and he nodded with his approval.  Our prawn cocktails came and then the waiter poured us our glassed of Pinot.  Lucas ordered SALMON FLORENTINE -Baked in Butter, Spinach with Sun Dried Tomatoes & Capers, and I ordered FRESH BLACKENED CAJUN SWORDFISH  - with Lemon, Garlic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  We cheers and enjoyed the prawn cocktail.  In no time our lunch was prepared and served.  We talked about the art show, the new clothes, as well as Luigi and Jasper.  It was such a pleasant time.  I really enjoyed Lucas as much as I enjoyed Luigi. 09072010

I paid the check and Lucas thanked me for lunch,  “It was so delightful, I will come back here again sometime!”  As we were walking out to the car, a car full of young women were hooting and howling at Lucas.  I watched him as his face turned red, and he became very shy.  “I see you are not exactly like your older brother.”  he smiled and asked how do you mean?  I said “Well Luigi doesn’t strike me as modest or shy.”  “He isn’t either.  I am the youngest in the family and my modesty tends to get the best of me.”  We got into the car, and I asked “What would you like to do now? We’re in San Francisco and we have some free time until about 5PM.”  Lucas said, he wasn’t that familiar with this city, and so he would like to leave that up to me.    I decided to take Lucas to the Orphium Theater and go see the theater 2:00 PM showing of  Westside Story.  I drove over to Market and pulled into my VIP parking space.  We walked to the ticket booth and I said “Two for Westside”  The clerk said “Hello Mister Parker, so nice to see you.  Here are your tickets, Thank you and enjoy the show.  We went to the counter once inside and I bought both of us a glass of white wine and then we walked inside and sat down.  My private balcony seats were always the best seats in the house.  A waiter came by and refilled our glasses as we enjoyed the show.  Lucas was thrilled to see the show and talked about it all the way home.  We arrived about 5:30PM and parked the Mercedes in the garage and then went into the house.  Ben greeted us and we all sat down as a family in the dinning room.  Sonia made home made lasagna, Caesar salad, and garlic bread for dinner.  I listened to what the children had done for the day, and then after dinner Lucas, Ben and I colored together with  Albert & Julian.  09072010

I went to bed, and fell fast asleep.  In a dream Nathan came to me while I was going on a hike on a trail at Mount Tamalpais.  He walked right beside me and was asking me all sorts of questions, like what has been keeping me busy and why haven’t I called?   I laughed and told him that I was training a new personal assistant as well as overseeing construction on two bedroom at the estate.  I also told him we were busy with the family art show.  I stopped walking abruptly and then demanded “What’s really eating you Nathan?”  He laughed nervously and then admitted that he and Stephan missed me.  “Why do you two always have to beat around the bush like that? It’s really simple, you call me, ask me how I am doing, and then tell me you miss me!  That way I can make plans with you before we hang up, but NO you guys always have to show up in my dreams and then make me pester it out of you, so annoying sometimes.”  Nathan continued to laugh and then said, so when can we see you?  I began to walk fast paced and do my breathing exercises.  I will call you both tomorrow and make plans with you then!  He poofed out of my dream and I walked to the end of the trail.  The next dream was completely different.  I was back at the ancient family alter, and Papa popped in.  “Hey Sunshine!”  I smiled, “Hi Papa, it’s been a while. How are you?”  He said “I’m doing great.  I am here to tell you that I am so very proud of you and what you and Ben are doing for those children!  They are good kids and would never have had this opportunity had you not adopted them.  I melted that day, and I felt like, just when you were the most perfect human being on God’s green earth and there wasn’t anything else you could do to prove it to me, you turn around and do this.”  He hugged me tight and wouldn’t let me go.  His big strong arms were exactly as how I remembered when he was alive.  I began to cry tears of joy and happiness and then he backed away, looked at my face and wiped away my tears.  He kissed my forehead and then vanished.  I woke up out of this dream and I was really crying on my pillow.  Ben woke up and pulled me in close to him and then I fell back to sleep.  I woke up and Lucas was already laying out the clothes that I was going to wear for the day. I was dressing casual, and I asked him if he wanted to go with me to visit my friends Nathan and Stephan.  He smiled and said “Yes, of course Boss!”  We got the children ready for the day and I asked Josef if he wanted to hang out with me for the day?  He said “Sure papa.”    So Lucas, Josef and I got into the car and drove to Mill Valley to Stephan’s house.  Before we got there we stopped and picked at the local bakery and picked up a loaf of banana nut bread.  I pulled into the driveway and then parked and got out. Lucas went to the door and then Stephan opened it.  “Hello, welcome.”  He showed us in and closed the door behind Josef.  “Hi Josef, how are you?”  Josef smiled and said “I’m good thanks.”  Nathan walked into the foyer and said hello to me, Josef, and then he introduced himself to Lucas.  “This is my new personal assistant Lucas Mesiti” I said.  Stephan shook hands first and then Nathan.  “So are you related to Luigi?” Nathan asked.  Lucas said, “Yes I’m his baby brother.”  Stephan showed us to the great room where we all sat and then Nathan asked if he could get us something to drink?  “I would like a scotch on the rocks, and Lucas, Josef?”  I asked.  Josef said “Do you have any soda?”  Nathan brought him a Pepsi on ice.  Lucas said, “I wouldn’t mind a glass of red wine.”    Stephan pulled up the chair next to the couch and turned on the Wii.  “Josef you care to challenge me to a game?”  he laughed and then they picked out one, and began playing.  Nathan, sat down between Lucas and I and said “How is working with Doug working out for you Lucas, do you like it?”  He smiled then said “He’s the best!  Just like my brother said!”  09072010

Stephan and Josef played Wii for about an hour, and then Josef asked if Lucas wanted to play?  Lucas said, “I have never played this before but I would love to play.”  They picked a game and it was so funny to watch Lucas try to figure the handle out and make it move like his hand would in the sport. Stephan started up the BBQ and asked if we would like to stay for dinner?  I told him I needed to check in with the family and then I could give him and answer.  I walked out back and called Ben and asked him if it was okay if we stayed for dinner? He said “I have everything and everyone handled at this end, so, sure, say hi to the men for me, and I miss them!”  I said “Will do! Kisses” and then hung up.  I went back inside and told them we had the go ahead to stay for dinner.  Nathan opened up another bottle of red wine and we shared it together.  Nathan threw I some potatoes in the oven and steamed some vegetables.    Stephan tossed a few very choice slabs of  beef lion t-bone steaks.  He grilled them up and then baste them with a very special home made BBQ sauce.  I walked outside to hand him a glass of the red wine, and said “Oh wow, those smell heavenly!”  Nathan came out, and then cheers us “To good friends and delicious food and wine!” Dinner was just about ready, and they wanted to serve it out on the patio.  Josef, and Lucas came out and I poured Lucas another glass of wine.  Nathan asked Josef if he wanted Milk with dinner? He shyly said “yes please.”  Lucas helped Nathan set the table outside for five.  Nathan brought out the butter, sour cream and also a petri dish of sliced cooked bacon and sliced chives. We all sat down for dinner and Stephan said a small prayer of thanks.  We served ourselves and loaded up with steamed vegetables, baked potato with all the toppings, and a delicious grilled steak.  Josef stopped eating long enough to say “Thank you so much, this is the best dinner ever!”   We got a good laugh and all couldn’t agree more.  After we finished eating, Nathan cleaned up a little and then offered dessert, “Hot fresh home made baked right out of the oven brownies, topped with ice cream, hot fudge, and whip cream.  Josef said “Papa, did you tell them this was my favorite dessert?”  I said “Nope Josef, these guys have a way of knowing all our secrets.”  He laughed and said, “I don’t keep that a secret!”  We dug in and ate the whole place that was offered.  Stephan served an after dinner dessert wine for us and a warm cocoa for Josef.    We stayed long enough to watch one movie after dinner then we needed to head home.  Josef walked us to the door and turned to the guys “Thank you so much for inviting me for dinner, I had fun!”  I said “Yes so did I thank you, and next time it’s at my house.  Why not come by tomorrow night?”  They agreed and said our goodbyes, and then we went home 09072010

Josef, was so excited to get out of the house and tonight’s dinner experience for him turned out to be such a great experience for him.  It made him grow a little.  I began to realize while he talked about it the whole way home that I needed to separate the children more often from the group and have some one on one time so that they all could experience what Josef did and grow.  I pulled into the garage and asked Lucas to meet me in my office.  Josef ran into the house to tell his brothers and sisters about his experience with Papa.  Lucas came in and shut the door.  “I just realized that by taking Josef away from the group and having a one on one time with him, he has grown considerably, and I think that’s what I might have been doing wrong, is I need to have only one on one time with my children.  What I would like  you to do is talk to each of them and get from them things they love to do, foods that are their favorites, and just form a written report to me for each child.  Then after you report this to me we can begin our plan to take one away each day and share some one on one time.  What do you think about that?”  he cleared his throat and said, “It’s the sweetest gesture I have ever heard.  I came from a very large family and I can only think of a few times when me and my parents shared time together alone. One on one, so it’s touching my heart right now and I would be honored to be a part of this! Granted I was the baby but there was never any time that I can remember when the house was all to myself and my parents.” I thanked him in advance as well as everything he had done for Josef tonight.  I reached into my safe and pulled out a prepaid debit card with ten thousand dollars on it and said, “Here, take this it’s your bi-annual bonus. Let’s keep it to ourselves, okay!?”  He thanked me and then went to his apartment.  Matthew knocked on the door while I was taking notes at my desk.  “Hey Boss” he said.  I turned, “Hi Sport, what’s up?”  Christmas is just around the corner and Timothy and I wanted to start our Christmas shopping for the family now”.  I interrupted him and said, “Hold on a second” I reached into the safe and pulled out another debit card.  “Use this and what ever you don’t use spend on Ben, Timmy and yourself.” Matthew’s face lit up and he thanked me and went back to his apartment.  I finished with my notes and then locked up the safe.  09072010

That night I sat up in bed thinking about all the things I needed to do with the children for our one on one trips.  I also realized that I couldn’t do this alone.  I was going to have to hire some of my already existing help to initiate my plan.  I figured half a day was enough time for each child.  So twelve children, that’s 6 full days per month.  Hardly workable for just Ben and I.  I devised a list of potential adult figures. 


  • Doug Parker                 

  • Ben Parker               

  • George Westing                 

  • Timothy Parker   

  • Matthew Collins      

  • Luis Parker       

  • Jasper Deveraux       

  • William Preston

  • Martin Parker       

  • Jon Fuller       

  • Nathan St. Pier       

  • Stephan Gustafson

  • Thomas Gustafson   

  • Richard St Pier       

  • Luigi Mesiti       

  • Lucas Mesiti

  • Skipper


  • Jocelyn Gustafson   

  • Stephanie Rizzo       

  • Mama           

  • Brigitte Bouton

  • Donna Parker       

  • Anya Sokolov       

  • Norma-Jeean Preston   

  • June Gustafson

  • Jennifer Bertrand       

  • Monica Gianopoulos   

  • Sonia Ryback       

  • Agnes Parker

  • Neomi St. Pier       

I began to get tired so I put the paper pad and pen down on my night stand and then laid down on my pillow and fell fast asleep.  09072010

I jumped out of bed at first daylight, and hit the shower.  I got myself dressed and then decided to send the children to work on their studies, and hold an emergency meeting in the conference room.  I began calling everyone and asked them for an hour of their time for the day.  “Okay the meeting is today in the conference room between ten and eleven, okay see you then.”  That was the last call, on the list.  I had Ben meet me so we could transport those who needed instant transportation in the meditation room at 9:50 AM.  I had spent the bulk of the morning teaching Lucas how to teleport.  He wasn’t confident enough to help but he did say he would practice more, and then get it perfected.  Just as soon as the last person arrived we all met in the conference room.  I began my presentation.  “Good Morning everyone. Over here is fresh coffee, tea, hot cocoa and pastries delivered from my Bistro.  Please help yourselves before we begin.”     People helped themselves and then sat back down.  “I would like to thank you all for coming on such short notice.  As you all know, our team has been a little quiet on the assignment side of our business and what we do.  It doesn’t mean I can’t come up with a special task while things are calm and cool for us in the outside World, at least for the time being.  Yesterday I was invited to have dinner with Stephan and Nathan. I brought with me Lucas my personal assistant, for those of you who haven’t met, Please stand up and wave Lucas, This is my new personal assistant Lucas.  He was referred to me by my old personal assistant, who also is his big brother, Luigi.  As I was saying, I also invited Josef my middle son to come along.  He had the time of his life.  It was only a few hours, but the one on one attention he got away from his siblings, had a tremendous positive impact on him.  I am pretty sure it will last with him for the rest of his life.  Now, as you know, having 12 children between two people and having such busy careers, it would be impossible for us to give that one on one quality time as much as they need it.  So I would like to ask each of you to come up to the board and pledge 1 half a day a month to spending to one of the children.  It can be doing anything of your choosing but it must be at the minimum half a day.  I have placed the names of the children on the tack board.  Your names are on the left the children are on the right.  There should be at least 2 names per child.  Once you commit to this you become that child’s permanent adult God Father or God Mother.  There’s no backing out, so please everyone stand up, take your name and place it next to the child of your choosing.”  One at a time each adult went up to the board and picked their God Child.  Everyone thought this was a perfect idea to help the children have balance and a good sense of security, and individuality.  When the last person was finished placing their name I said “Okay, now remember each person needs to commit on half a day per month for your God Child.  I thank you all for coming and when another assignment comes in I will call the appropriate team members.  In the mean time enjoy the rest of the day and thank you for coming. 09072010

Lucas documented the God parents, with the children and then he designed a program on the computer to monitor the progress and also make a reminder to call the adults to remind them.  it was a program that acted as an organizer as well as a scheduler.  He pulled me into the office to run it by me and I was very pleased with the whole system.  "Hey let me take you to lunch for all your diligent work. I offered.  He said “Okay where did you have in mind?”  I said, “I would like a really good pizza, let’s go to Petaluma, CA there’s an Old Chicago Pizza place there downtown that is the best in three counties.”  Before we left we asked the little boys if they wanted to come along with us for some delicious pizza?  They were so excited.  I let Ben know we were going, and he said he had it handled. We got in the Mercedes and drove out to Petaluma to the pizza parlor.  While we were away, he ordered take out Chinese for the whole house.  After pizza, Lucas and I took the boys to Toys West.  It was a toy store in downtown Petaluma that had everything they could ever want in it.  I told them if they could carry it, they could buy it.  They went crazy in there for about two hours.  Then we purchased what they could carry and walked it back to the car and put their things in the trunk.  I also wanted to take them to the local book store.  I let then look through all the books and select any two.  They picked out their books, and I let them pay for them, then we headed home.  When we got home the boys couldn’t wait to play with their new toys and show them to their brothers and sisters.   I hadn’t forgot that I had invited Stephan and Nathan for dinner.  Sonia planned a menu for them and had a hand from Skipper.  I suddenly realized that skipper was living at the estate and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where he was staying.  I pulled Ben aside and asked him how long the two of them had been together?  He said “I can’t be positive but I think it happened when we went to Bayou Delight, the last time.  I laughed and said, “Good for them. If they’re happy then I’m happy!”  09072010

The doorbell rang and it was Nathan and Stephan.  I opened the door and greeted them in the foyer. 
We kissed and hugged and then Stephan handed me two bottles of  2007 Valley Of The Moon, Sonoma County Sangiovese.  “Hey thanks”, I took the bottled and carried them into the kitchen.  “We went to that Winery after our meeting this morning and Nathan bought a case of that wine” Stephan said.  “Oh really? I was in Sonoma County after the meeting too, I took the little boys to Old Chicago Pizza in Petaluma, CA.”  “Oh man I love that place!”  Nathan said.  Sonia announced that dinner was ready.  She made four cheese ravioli and spinach salad with cranberries, feta cheese, roasted almonds and Mandarin oranges, topped with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.  “Please help yourselves and enjoy.”  Sonia said.  I noticed that Skipper and her grabbed their plates and went outside to a candle lit bistro table.  They wanted to have a romantic dinner.  So cute, so I walked out one of my recent finest bottles of wine from the cellar, it was the Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon  1996 reserve Napa Valley $135.00.  “Here you go, this is a gift from Ben and I Bon Appetite”.  Opened the bottle, set down two glasses and poured just a splash for them to sample.   I was pretending to be the waiter, and I even had a white towel draped over my arm.  Skipper swirled the wine gently to release the vapors, then he inhaled the aroma deeply though his nose, he held the glass in the air and admired the colors then swirled it again and then he took tiny sips, smacking his lips.  I chuckled, and watch Sonia as she waited with bated breath.  Then he carefully set the glass down and nodded for me to continue pouring.  I poured Sonia’s first and then his.  They both were so tickled by my actions as their personal waiter.  I set the bottle down and winked at them, as I was going inside I grabbed the Bose remote and put on some romantic music for them and switched on a light switch that was connected to hundreds of  little lights that Ben put up for he and I one romantic evening of our own.  I caught Lucas on the way out of the kitchen to let him know he and I were on kitchen duty for the rest of the night.  090720101

We sat down for dinner, and Albert wanted to say grace, “Okay go ahead Albert”.  I said, and then Baltazar laughed and said “Oh this aught to be good!”  Ben shushed him and nodded for Albert to begin.

Deaw Dod, Tank ew fur dis food dat Miss Sonia made por us.  I am dunna eat it all gone betus I want to be just like my big broader Bawtweazer. Amen

All the kids were cracking up, except Baltazar who looked a little embarrassed.   I said “Well Albert what a fine example to look up to, now shall we eat?”  While we were eating I had the kids tell us about their day.  The evening was very pleasant, and after dinner Lucas and I cleared the table and cleaned up the kitchen.  Ben said “I took care of dessert” then he pulled out two cheese cakes from the cheese cake factory.  Lucas served Sonia and Skipper outside, but first I handed him another bottles of wine to pour for them.  After dessert I asked the children to meet me in the dance studio.  Nathan used to be a DJ in college so he DJ’s for us and we all danced late into the night.  Ben and I thanked Nathan and Stephan for coming and we walked them out.  We came back in and put the children to bed with Lucas.  I thanked Lucas for all his help today and then I walked him to his apartment.  He hugged and kissed me and then I went back to the estate.  Ben was already in bed I got myself ready, climbed in and then fell fast asleep. 09072010 

I began to dream about being on a bus and traveling along the Interstate Route 66.  Kasper appeared in the dream sitting right next to me on the bus.  “Oh Hi Kasper, are you okay?”  I asked. He said, “I don’t know daddy, where are we going?” I put my arm around him and said “Honey, this is my dream, and I’m not sure where were going yet”.  Then he said “Oh I thought this was my dream.”  I thought about it for a second and then I realized, he really was here inside my dream.  “You know Kasper some people have the ability to enter other peoples dreams while they both are dreaming as a way to communicate in dream the state.  I think that’s something that you are learning how to do, just as I did when I was your age.  It’s a fantastic ability because you can work out many problem as well as get advice from people who have passed away. I’m always talking to Papa who really isn’t my Papa but he’s Stephan and Jocelyn’s Papa, who was a like my father too.  Kasper began to tell me that his Mom and Dad have been talking to him in his dreams.  They have been asking him to tell his brothers and sisters that they love them and miss them and are always thinking about them.  I explained to him that no matter what happens in his life, that his parents will always be his parents, and that Ben and I are simply replacements for the time being.  I also explained to him that all things happen for a reason and it may not be clear to us until after we have passed on as well.  “I know this is really heavy stuff for you to think about Kasper, but I get the impression that you’re mature enough to handle it.”  We rode on the bus, and fell asleep in our seats and then by the time the bus stopped, we realized that we arrived in a little city in Texas called Lubbock.    We got off the bus and went into the University Library and began to scan the records for anything related to the Rumkowski family.  I came across the original news paper article about Kasper’s Mom and Dad’s automobile accident.  I carefully read it but didn’t think he needed to see it.  I printed it and then kept it in my pocket.  We rode the bus back to San Francisco and caught the Ferry to Larkspur Landing where we took a cab home.  I put him to bed and then I climbed into bed with myself and Ben.  I woke up and felt a piece of paper in my pajama bottoms.  I turned on the lamp and reached in and pulled it out. It was a copy of the news  paper article  that I photo copied in my dream. 09072010

I woke up a little tired like I hadn’t really slept much.  Ben woke up and rolled over he said, “You were talking in your sleep, and that’s not like you.”  “Really?  What was I saying?”   “You sounded like you were talking to one of the children, something about being on a bus.”  “Well, I was on a bus and Kasper has the ability to enter dreams, because he appeared in mine sitting next to me on the bus, and it took me to the town in Texas where their parents crashed and died.  I went into the University Library and got a copy of the news paper article describing in detail of the accident. When I woke up from the dream that copy was in my pajama pocket.  I put it in the office and then went to the bathroom and then came back to sleep.  I feel very warn out and tired today, I think I need a spa day.”  Lucas came in and asked if there was anything I needed him to do for me. I said “Please book you and I a spa day together,  ask anyone else if they want to go too, then book them as well.”  He turned away, saying , “I’m right on it Boss” then left the bedroom.   I got into the shower and Lucas came back in then passed me a towel.  He said “Matthew and Timmy want to join us.”  I went into the kitchen and Sonia and Skipper were making everyone omelet buffet.  I asked for a Denver omelet and Lucas asked for the same and then we grabbed them and some coffee and orange juice and sat outside.  The boys came out with their plates and sat down next to us.  “So Spa day today big brother?”   I said, “Yeah I’m really feeling run down and I think a spa day will re-energize me.”  We ate breakfast and then got into the Mercedes and drove to the local Spa.  I walked in and the spa attendants escorted us to the Men’s locker rooms to change out of our clothes and into their robes.  We all got undressed and placed our clothes into the assigned lockers and then put on the robes and went back out to the waiting room.  Each one of us was called in one after the other for our 90 minute massages.  When they finished with that we were escorted to a mud bath tub where we all carefully climbed in and sat in hot mud for about 30 minutes.  Then we got out, showered and put the robed back on and got a facial.  I felt so rejuvenated, and paid the bill and left a generous tip for all the attendants.  “Okay boys, where to now? Lunch?  I’m buying.”  I tossed the keys to Lucas and he took us to a place where he enjoyed eating.   Angelino Restaurant, we were seated right away and the waitress came over and asked for our orders.  I ordered the Scampi Alla Veneziana Pan fried prawns with garlic, oregano, and diced tomatoes, white wine sauce. Luigi ordered Fritto Misto Deep fried squid, shrimp, zucchini and fennel . Matthew ordered Zuppa Di Pesce Seafood soup with fillet of the fresh fish of the day, mussels, clams, shrimp, and fennel in a saffron broth with tomatoes, white wine, lemon and garlic. And Timothy ordered Pollo Alle Erbe Mediterrane Grilled Chicken with herbs; garlic, rosemary, marjoram, sage .  I purchased Serpico, Feudi Di San Gregorio, 2003 Campania (100% Aglianico di Taurasi) (Tre Bicchieri) for $154.00.  Timothy ordered an espresso.   After we finished lunch, I suggested that we go see a show. Lucas drove us to San Francisco and  we went to the Orpheum Theater.  He parked us in my VIP parking space, we walked in and the ticket clerk said, “So nice to see you again Mister Parker, how many today? “  I said Four in my balcony seats to Wicked.  We were escorted up to the balcony and then seated.  The play began and then a server came by and served us some wine and cheese.  After the play the boys were really excited about it.  We all discussed it on the way back to Tiburon.  09072010

Lucas pulled the Mercedes back into the garage, then closed it.  We got out of the car and Matthew invited Ben, Lucas and I up to their apartment for a night cap.  We put the younger children to bed while Marta & Baltazar remained in the art studio finishing up on their paintings.  Ben and I changed into our pajamas, and so did Matthew, Lucas and Timmy.  We all met back up in the boys apartment and they served us all:

The Night Cap

1 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur
1 dash nutmeg
6 oz milk
1 tsp powdered sugar

Matthew heated the milk, added the  sugar and Kahlua, sprinkled the  nutmeg on top, and served us our Night Caps.  He served them in tall elegant glass coffee cups. “Cheers”, he said, and we lifted our glassed and then sipped the drinks.  “That is so delicious.  I really love this!”  Matthew said, I read somewhere that this drink will help you sleep, as well as give you good dreams.”  I smiled, and said “I hope you’re right.”  The night was surprisingly warm for Fall, so we sat outside on the patio. “I really enjoyed Wicked today.  I didn’t read the book, so I didn’t really have anything to compare it to, but I thought the music was wonderful.  Lucas said.  Matthew and Timmy agreed.  Ben said “Yeah, I saw it with my Mom and we both really enjoyed it.  It’s one of her favorites.”  I said, “The theater is so important for people to experience on a regular basis.  It’s not the same as going to the movies. I enjoy all theatrical plays, even the bad ones.  I have been going since I was very little, because both my parents actually met in the drama club in High School.  I do have to say with my stage fright, it wasn’t a good choice for me.”  Once I finished my drink I was feeling extremely tired.  We said our good nights, and then Ben took me to bed.  I did dream but they were so pleasant and tranquil. 09072010

Once I woke up, Ben had come out of the shower, and then got dressed.  He let me know that he would be spending the day at the San Francisco art show, with Baltazar and Marta.  I put on my robe and walked out to the sauna.  I grabbed a clean towel and then went inside.  To my surprise Lucas was already inside laying down on the top bench.  “Oh hey, good morning Boss.”  I sat down below him on the bottom bench. “Hi Lucas, everything okay?”  “Oh yeah, my shoulders are a little touchy after that massage yesterday, she must have loosened some things up, and so I thought this would help. I hope you don’t mind.” “Of course not, everything on the estate is yours to enjoy  when ever you’d like. I just hope I’m not intruding on your private time.” “You’re joking right?  I enjoy your company any time of the day or night.”  We both laid down and fell asleep.  When I came to, Lucas’s hand was palm up, resting across my lap.  I picked it up and moved it off my lap to my stomach.  He turned it over and began touching my stomach.  He was rubbing it softly and gently, and then slowly moving it down towards my waist.  He loosened my towel and then placed his hand on my lap again, but this time palm down.  His hand was very clammy and hot.   I was not responding, and it wasn’t bothering me so I just left it there and continued to relax.  When I came to the second time I realized the my hand was in the same position on him, underneath his towel.  I jumped up and said, “Oh I’m so sorry, please forgive me.”  He sat up and said, “for what? Seriously, it’s no big deal, I don’t mind.” At first my embarrassment was getting the best of me, but then when he sat up and kissed me on the forehead, and the stood up, rewrapped his towel and walked out to shower, that feeling subsided.  I joined him in the shower and then we got dressed.  I went into the kitchen, and grabbed a bagel with cream cheese.  The kids all said good morning and then I saw them off the class.  I went to the classroom to speak to the teachers.  They were getting close to finishing up the 1 year assignment, and then the children would need to enroll into the local Montessori School. I met with Lucas in the office, and he and I sat down with some coffee.  “I just wanted to clear the air about what happened in the sauna this morning.”  he smiled and said, “Really, I didn’t mind, it’s okay, I enjoyed it, fully.” I said, “I understand that, but you are my Personal Assistant and our relationship should be professional first, and then friends only second.”  Lucas sat next to me and said, “We are friends, we spend every day together, and I know you more personal then I do anyone else in my life.  To me what happened was not that big of a deal to give it a second thought.  You enjoyed it, I enjoyed it so that’s that.  Why do we need to over analyze it?” He rested his hand on my knee and looked at me and then he said, “I love you. Not in a sexual way, but just in a way that is pure and good.  I’m not creepy, or a stalker, or a home wrecker, so you don’t have anything to worry about, okay?”  I smiled and rested my hand on his and then said, “Okay let’s get back to work shall we?” 

“I have to see that all the children get enrolled into Montessori school this week.  I would prefer that it is the same one and not multiple ones around the area.”  Lucas began writing in his pad, and said, “I can take care of this today. “  I handed him all the files on the children with their birth certificates, and immunizations, emergency contact information as well as their medical history, finger prints, and blood types.  He said, “I can have them all enrolled by the end of the week.”  I got up and waked towards the office door, he grabbed the knob to turn it and the her looked at me and said, “We’re good here?”  I nodded and he smiled and left the office.  I needed to talk to someone and so I called Ben at the show.  He and I went over what happened in the sauna and he said, “If you’re okay with what happened, and Lucas is okay with what happened, then why are you worrying about it so much?”  I couldn’t understand why I was feeling this way.  He continued, “ I trust you and I love you.  Everyone does. There’s no crime in that! You are a good, kind and giving man.  That‘s why I love you so much!”  I told  Ben “I love you too, and I will see you when you get home.”  He let me know he was taking the kids to lunch, but they would be home for dinner.  I hung up the phone, and then went out to the horse barn.  I pet and fed the horses apples & carrots and then I brushed them.  Lucas came out and began helping me brush them and feed them.  We saddled up and took them for a ride around the estate.  We rode up to a creek on the property and jumped off the horses.  Lucas pulled out a blanket and two brown sacks out of the saddle sacks.  “What are you up to now?” I asked.  He smiled and threw down the blanket, and then handed me a brown paper bag.  He said “I took the liberties to have Sonia back us up some brown bag lunches today.”  We sat down and shared lunch together creek side.  It was something that was a first time for me since I’ve lived on the property.  We talked about plans for the future, and I asked him what his goals were in the next five years.  He said “I would like to remain here and help you and Ben with the children as well as become good friends with the whole family.”  I looked Lucas over from head to toe, and I couldn’t believe that he wasn’t dating anyone with his striking looks.  So I asked him, “Do you ever think about having a relationship with anyone special?”  he smiled and said, “I think about it from time to time, but it’s not really a priority for me.  I mean I used to have a girlfriend, and she and I were together for a very long time, every day.  The only problem was I felt like this empty hole inside of me wasn’t being filled.  At that time I began to follow the footsteps of my big brother Luigi, and accepted that I might be gay or bisexual.” I said, “In my experience, when your heart desires something bad enough, eventually it becomes a reality and so then you have to act on it right when you see it, otherwise you lose it forever.” “That’s wise advice Boss!”  We finished up out lunch and then hopped on the horses and rode back to the barn.  We went back to my office to do a little more work.  Lucas looked up at me from the chair he was sitting in against the wall and then he said “Do you mind if I ask you a question?”  I said, “no not at all.”  He asked, “What is your relationship with Jasper, I noticed that you and Ben and he have a seriously close relationship, that is beyond just friends.  I’m only asking to try and understand not because my brother and him are dating now.”  Jasper and I were in love as little boys, we explored each other, inside and out, and then over time realized we weren’t serious relationship material but more like oddly close brother.  Ben moved to our area later to help take care of his grandmother, who we both knew.  I met Ben and fell madly in love with him after I had an in between relationship with an abusive boyfriend.  Ben helped me get rid of my psycho ex, along with Jasper together.  We spent every day, and night together, and we shared, showers, baths, beds, food, music, dance, fishing, moonshine, anything and everything together.  It’s just always been that way and we don’t really give it much thought. Does any of this make sense to you?”  Lucas said, “It makes perfect sense.”  “The thing is when people spend that much intimate time together, regardless the seriousness of the relationship, you can’t help but become one with them in spirit, and then need them around.  Both Ben and I are one, and we have become one with Jasper.  Ben and I can live together and share our lives together, with little complications.  Jasper and I tried that and it couldn’t work out that way.  We welcome him into our lives when ever he misses us and we miss him, and he knows that.  I’m happy Luigi and him are together, because the day I met your brother, I knew he was someone special in my life, and so did Ben.”  Lucas responded, “I love that about you and Ben. You guys are my idols, and I hope I can become half the man as you two are. The beauty of the love between you guys, and how you can invite your friends into that circle of love is thrilling and mesmerizing all at the same time.”  I smiled, winked and then said, “Thank you.”  We got back to work, and Lucas faxed the files to the children’s Montessori school. The phone rang and it was the principal.  She set up an appointment with Ben and I to come in and meet her. 09072010

I hung up the phone and shared with Lucas what she said, and the appointment date I set.  I picked up the phone and called Ben to let him know about the appointment.  “Oh by the way, thanks for setting up lunch today, it was very enjoyable.”  Lucas smiled and said, “It was my pleasure.”  Matthew knocked on the office door and Lucas opened it, “Oh hey Lucas.”  Matthew walked in with Timmy right behind him, “Hey Lucas” Timmy said.  “Hi Fellas, what’s up?” Matthew and I want to plan a camping trip.  We thought it would be good to go on a river raft tour and camp for the weekend, as a family.”  Lucas interrupted and said, “That sounds like a perfect idea.  I will take care of setting up the trip and camp sites for everyone if you guys wouldn’t mind going shopping with me for the camp supplies.”  Timmy looked at Matthew, and then they said, “Sound Okay Bro?”  I said, “Sure let’s do this.”  I tossed Lucas the Mercedes keys and then opened up the safe and pulled out a prepaid debit/Visa card and said, “Have fun.” The boys were all very excited about the prospects of a camping, rafting trip.  They drove over to Marin Surplus and purchased, tents, sleeping bags, cots, gas stoves, lanterns, table clothes, folding chairs, and all the other camping needs.  “Do you guys deliver?” Matthew asked the salesman.  “Yeah we could, what’s the address?”  He took down the address and then we went back to the estate.  Matthew, Timmy and Lucas all came back into the office and began to research river rafting trips online.   There was another knock on the office door, so I opened it and it was the teacher.  “Hello, please come in”.  I handed them their final salary checks and thanked them both for a job well done.   They let me know that they were available for tutoring anytime I might need them.  I said “Thank you and hey, were planning a family camping/river rafting trip, would you two be interested in joining us?”  They said yes and then I saw them out.  The little boys ran in and asked me “Papa, how come we don’t have any pets?”  I said, “We do, we have four horses.”  They said, “Yeah but no dogs, or cats, or fish?”  I asked them “What would you do with them?” Albert climbed up on Timmy’s lap and Julian sat down on mine, then said “if I had a puppy, I would love him and hold him and feed him and play with him and love him!”  Then Alex said, “I would feed my fish, every day and talk to him.” The older boys all laughed, I said “Let me talk this over with Papa Ben and then I will get back to you, Okay?”   They got down and said, “Okay” and ran out to the game room.  “My life is way too busy and complicated for pets”  I commented. Matthew and Timothy went back to their apartment.  I needed to meditate and practice my craft, so I asked Lucas if he wanted to learn a few new things.  We went into the meditation studio, and we sat down on the floor.  I took both of his hands, and held his arm up with mine. I began to talk softly to him.  I said, “first clear your mind. If you can’t seem to clear your mind , then imagine inside your head a large chalk board with all your thoughts written on it.  Grab the eraser, and carefully erase every word on the board until there is nothing left on it.  Now, what I am going to do is I am going to place a thought in your mind. In your past, there has been a place that you would always return to when you were troubled, upset, or needed to think.  Envision that place in your mind and then visualize you and I there together.   Breathe in and out, in through your nose and slowly out with your mouth. Now, concentrate on all the magic cells surrounding us in the universe.   Draw power by harnessing that magic with your imagination, still concentrating on the vision of you and I together in that special place.  Continue your breathing exercise, and let me know when you see us clearly in your mind in that space.”  I begin to see the same place that Lucas is seeing in his minds eye.  It’s a beautiful waterfall in the forest covered in trees and ferns. There’s a large rock ledge right beside it.  I begin to see us sitting the same way we are sitting now, only there not here. “You are hearing the sounds and smelling the forest, the same way you would when  you’ve been there in the past. Now, open your eyes Lucas.”  He opens his eyes, and is amazed that we are sitting right beside his childhood waterfall in his home in Italy.  “You did this?” he asks.  I smile and say, “Who me? NO!  You did this, all on your own.”  He stood up and touched the rocks in disbelief.  “It’s all real.”  He walks over to me and then he grabs my shoulder and squeezes.  “You see?” Lucas sits back down on the rock and says “But how?”  "Every person on Earth, had the ability to harness the magic that is out there surrounding us everyday.  The key is knowledge, if you know how to do it, you can use it and teach others how to use it."  Lucas stood up and then pulled me into his big strong arms, and then hugs me tight.  I teleport us back into the meditation room and then say “That’s enough lessons for one day.” 09082010

I left Lucas in the meditation room, and went to the pottery barn.  Zita and Josef are in there making more ceramics.  I was in a teaching mood so I pulled the two away from their projects and I taught them how to mix the powder into liquid paint. I also showed them how to mix certain colors to get different colors that they hadn’t used ever before.  I went over all the work they had completed and gave them small tips on how to do it faster, or better.  The children were very receptive and grateful for my tips.  I had Luigi help me load up the pieces that the kids wanted to cell and we went into town to consign them to our local venders.  After we finished I let Lucas drive us back.  “Hey Lucas, do you have any hobbies, or dream of something that you always wanted to do but you never had the resources to do it?”  He thought for a moment and the said “I’ve always wanted to be a sculptor like my family.” I said, “okay lets call Stephanie and see about renting you a sculptor studio here in town where you can practice your work.”  I got on the cell and phones Stephanie, she said, “ Meet me at this address and I can show you a place in a remodeled warehouse.”  We headed over to the warehouse, and parked.  “Hey Stephanie.” I said and hugged and kissed her.  “I can’t remember if you two met before but this is my Personal Assistant, Lucas Mesiti.”    She extended her hand to him and asked “Any relation to Luigi Mesiti?”  He smiled and then said, “He’s my big brother.”  She walked us to the door and unlocked it.  We entered through the door, and then walked over to an elevator.  She pushed the button and the elevator doors opened. We closed the gate door to the elevator and went up four stories.  It stopped at the top floor and we could see large double wooded door right in front of us in an entryway.  We opened the gate and stepped out.  She unlocked the double doors and pushed them open.  “This is it, please after you.”  I stepped in and the whole room was red brick.  The floors were hard dark wood.  It had a kitchen, and a bathroom and a separate place for a bedroom. I asked Stephanie if the building was for sale, she said yes.  “How many of these like living spaces are in it?”  She said, “Besides this one there is three more.  One on every level.”
I made an offer and she left us there to check the place out while she went to draw up the paperwork and propose the offer to the current owners.  I looked at Lucas, “Well what do you think?” He said, “I don’t understand, would I be moving out of the estate?”  “Oh no, I said, the estate apartment is your home, this is only for your hobby.”  he smiled then said “I can’t believe you’re doing all this for me.” “Why not? You have a dream, and I would like to help you achieve that dream. I have the means to provide you with the space and materials.  It’s your job to practice and become the sculptor you dream of becoming. Just think about how proud your family and your big brother would be of you!”  We left the warehouse and headed back to the office.  We made a materials list and then set that aside until Stephanie called with the information.  The cell rang and it was Stephanie, she said, they accepted your offer, and sad you could rent it from them until escrow closes.  I had her fax me the paperwork and I signed them and faxed them back to her and then mailed the originals. Lucas and I ordered all the materials and had them shipped to the address.  09082010

Dinner was prepared and served in the dining room.  All the children were seated and eating.  Ben and I sat down and ate with them.  They were all happy about school finishing.  I had to break the news to them that they weren’t getting a big break from school.  I did however tell them about the river rafting camping trip we were planning for a weekend.  That made them happy and gave them something to look forward to.  Tonight we put the little boys to bed by reading them stories.  Once they fell asleep we sat up with the other boys and talked to them until they got tired and began to fall asleep.  As soon as we finished kissing them and then kissing the girls good night we went to the living room and watched a little tv.  The doorbell rang, so Ben went to answer it.  Once he opened the door he couldn’t believe who was standing in the entryway holding two bags, and tears flowing down her face.  “Ginger?”  She dropped the bags, and I walked into the foyer to see who was at the door at this time of the night.  “Oh My God! Ginger!”  I waited for them to stop hugging and I squeezed in and embraced her tight.  I walked her in while Ben grabbed her bags and closed the door.  “Ginger, what are you doing here? Where’s Keith?”  Keith was her husband and High School sweetheart.  They had been having a very rocky marriage after several years of failed fertility procedures.  “I’m divorcing him. I had no where else to go.  Mom and Dad didn’t have the room for me.”  “Did you eat?” Ben asked she shook her head no, so I went right into the kitchen to make her a plate of left overs.    We sat her down at the counter and fed her.  She began to say, “All we ever do is fight, it’s not love it’s hate.”  I said, “sssshhhhh” and hugged her, “Let’s talk about this later.”  After she ate, and I made her a night cap, we showed her to an available bed in the girls rooms.  Ben and I climbed into bed and I said, “The new building we purchased has three more giant apartments in it.  She could take her pick of any of them.  I will take her there tomorrow to show her.” 09082010

Ben got up first and orchestrated a full breakfast plan with Sonia so that his little sister would feel right at home when she woke up.  I laid in bed trying to wake up.  Lucas came in and sat on the bed beside me.  We began talking about Ginger, and what she was going through.  He laid down right beside me on the bed starring up at the ceiling.  I was telling him about Ginger, Keith ,Ben and I when we were younger.  He was playing with my hair on the pillow while I was talking to him.  I decided to get up and take a bath. Lucas sat on the lid of the toilet and continued to listen to me while I bathed.  He grabbed the soap and washed my back, and massaged in some soap to my back and shoulders.    Now he was sitting on the edge of the bath tub.  He was massaging soap into my chest and then my abdomen.  Lifting my arms and getting my under arms and then the full length of my arms, then my shoulders, down to my elbows and then each one of my fingers.  I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of someone else washing me.  He reached into the water and  massaged my genitals, then the inner thighs.  He made sure I had soap everywhere all over my body.  Then he whispered, “okay slowly lower yourself submersed under water to rinse.”  So I did, I was completely relaxed and amazed how his bath tub massage felt.  I came up from under the water and wiped away the water from my face then said, “Remind me to increase your bi-annual bonus”. Then we both burst out laughing together.  He towel dried my whole body off and pulled the plug on the drain open.  I wasn’t sure but I think a fell in love just a little bit more with Lucas after that experience.  He had become a dear, and treasured friend to me.  I felt like if anything bad had happened to me where Ben and I couldn’t take care of me that he would always be there to.  09082010

I got dressed and met everyone in the kitchen, all the children were up and ready to eat. We ate breakfast and had coffee then I invited Ginger to come along with us to the warehouse.  I explained to her that this apartment would be hers permanently and rent free so she could recover from her divorce.  I also let her know that my General Contractor Kevin O’Keefe and my Interior Decorator Vincent (Vinny) DeRosa were at her disposal for anything she needed to do to the apartment to make it feel more like home for her.  The bathrooms in all the apartments were only provided showers, so she wanted to all a claw foot tub to hers before she moved in.  I had Kevin get right on it.  She decided to take the second floor apartment because that bedroom balcony looked over a beautiful park across the street from the warehouse.   I handed her the keys and said “You are welcome to move in as soon as you wish.  She thanked me and hung out in her new space while Lucas and I waited for his sculpturing supplies to be delivered.  Vinny arrived and met us up at Lucas’s studio.  He asked if there was anything that Lucas needed from him.  Lucas and Vinny hugged and kissed and talked a little, then I sent Vinny down to meet with Ginger and help her with her apartment.  Kevin arrived next so I had him meet Ginger right away.  The three of them designed a plan, and then they left to get right on it.  Ginger came upstairs and said, “The place is in order, and just perfect all but furniture and that claw foot tub.  Kevin is going to install the tub today, and then Vinny and I will be going furniture shopping together today too.”  I pulled her aside and asked her to put all purchases on my account.  Ben and I were gifting it for her as a become independent gift.  I got a call from Ben who was closing up the San Francisco art show.  They all made a killing and sold every single one of their paintings.  He said he would meet me with the kids in about 35 minutes.  Baltazar and Marta came in with Ben, and looked at every floor.  They were very excited about the building and the new apartments.  Each of them were begging me to allow them to take the other two apartments. I was in shock and reminded them that they were not 18 yet.  They said, “But were both very mature for our age, and it would free up those two rooms for the next kids in line to take at the estate.  Baltazar said.  Then Marta said, beside Aunt Ginger will be here living in the building with us so technically we’re not alone.  I looked at Ginger and she nodded.  I called Kevin and asked him to add a claw foot tub in all the apartments.  He said “So you need four?”  I said “Yes, install four, one in every apartment.  He said okay and then we hung up.  Ben felt a little weird about having the two oldest children moving in but he knew his sister always wanted children and this would be a great way for her to get a little taste of parenting.  The kids were ecstatic, and they couldn’t believe that we said yes.  I purchased bus passes for the both of them so they could get around town and to school.  Skipper and Sonia moved the children’s clothes and personal belongings into each apartment.  Vincent just decorated each of the other two apartments with the basic furniture.  The apartments were large enough to live in and dub as an art studio as well, and since the kids were already creating their own revenue for the art they were selling technically they were independent. I was feeling very frightened and worried.  I gave each one of the kids a brand new black berry with speed dial to me and Ben.  Kevin installed Bose surround sound stereos  in each apartment.  Also a large flat screen HDTV.  As a gift to Ginger, I had a small wooden bar fully stocked with two stools delivered as well as a fully stocked wine refrigerator.  09082010

Ben , Lucas and I went home together , and we left Ginger, Baltazar, and Marta with Skipper.  Once we were home we held a family meeting.  We let the children know that Baltazar and Marta had moved out on their own but they were not alone, that they were living with Ginger.  We also let them know that anytime any of them wanted to go visit them all they had to do was ask someone to take them to visit them.  The little boys were crying and hugging Ben and I on our laps.  We were comforting them and assuring them that they would be fine.  I said “Those new added bedrooms now are free, so Josef you can take the one designed for Baltazar, and Zita you take the one that was decorated for Marta.”  They were so excited they jumped up and ran to their old rooms to move into the new ones.  Theodora pulled me aside after the meeting and mentioned to me that she would be the only girl in the girls room all by herself.  I asked “Do you have a suggestion, what could I do for you?”  She was a little nervous and then asked me if she could take the basement room instead, that way she would have a sense of having her own room too.  I reminded her that there was still Toni and Rene in the other girls room and that she could bunk in with them if she didn’t want to be alone.  She said “I would rather have my own room.”  I gave her my permission to move into the basement room.  I also told Toni and Rene that they could make each of the bigger rooms their own, once all the bed but one were out of them.  All these changes were stressing me out so I went into the sauna men’s locker room, got undressed and wrapped a towel around my waist and then entered it and laid down on the bottom bench.  In no time I fell asleep. The door opened and it was Lucas in his towel.  He got on the top shelf and laid down.  “Are you okay Boss?”   “I’m okay but I was a little stressed about all my children moving around the place.  I’m a man and we don’t deal with change so well.”  He laughed and then we both fell asleep.  After about twenty minutes nap I woke up.  My towel was open and off me and hanging over the bench.  Lucas was still sleeping.  The steam in the sauna was so thick we could hardly see right in front of us.  Lucas woke up and tried to step down off the bench and he lost his balance and fell into me.  His towel fall off him and to the floor.  He and I were face to face on my bench now.  He smiled and kissed me and then got up and grabbed his towel.   I got mine and we wrapped ourselves up and walked out into the locker rooms.  We walked over to the hot tub and then dropped our towels and climbed in.  We were talking about the his sculpture studio, and I was asking him if he was going to place an ad for models.  He said he would, but it would have to be on his days off.  I suggested he get a hold of the art director in the local college and see if he could hire some student models.  He thought that was a great idea. “I just wanted to tell you while we’re sitting here alone, that what you did for me in the bath tub this morning was so amazing, that I am eternally grateful to have you as my PA.  I truly trust you with my life and that’s extremely important to me.”  He smiled and said “Ditto Boss”.  We got out of the hot tub, showered, got dressed and met with everyone for dinner. 09082010

Ben and I put every child to bed in their new or old beds, and then we went to bed ourselves.  I made notes to have Lucas talk to Sonia about adding the warehouse building to her work load.  If she rejects it that it was okay to conduct interviews with a another housekeeper and hire her/him to clean that building twice a week.  I fell fast asleep in Ben’s arms.  I began to dream about Ben and I and then I realized that we were spending too much awake time apart.  I was dreaming that we were swimming together in our favorite swimming hole, and that then we climbed aboard the raft and laid out in the sun to tan.   We talked about the children, and our future, and their futures.  We talked about things we accomplished while we were together, and the life style we created for ourselves with our children.  We discussed family and friends, and just how we loved each and every one of them.  I began to tell him about my feelings about Lucas.  I told him that he was such an amazing person, and how I could really see that Luigi and he were formed from the same molds.  He agreed with me and told me he was very happy that I had Lucas as my assistant.  He asked me if I missed Matthew?  I chuckled and said, “Yeah, I do, that Matthew was an awesome assistant and he was extremely organized and punctual, not to mention professional.  I told him I was very happy to have him becoming a member of our family.  We both hold one thing equally important dear to our hearts and that is the love of family and friends.  The dream ended and I slept the rest of the night with out events or dreams.  I woke up and Ben was in the shower.  He came in and got dressed and then kissed me good morning.  He wanted to head over to the warehouse and spend the day with Ginger as well as check in on the oldest kids.  I got up and hopped into the shower.  Lucas was already in and out and he had put out a fresh towel as well as laying out the clothes I was going to wear.  I got dressed and met the family in the kitchen.  “Good Morning” I said, and kissed all the children.  “Good Morning Papa!”  They said back.  I grabbed some coffee and went into the office to set down my notes.  Lucas was in the office, on the computer and the phone at his desk.  I shut the door and set a coffee for him on his desk and then sat in the chair next to the door, waiting for him to get off the phone.  He finished up his call, and spun his chair around to see me.  “Good Morning, thanks for the coffee.”  I went over my notes with him about Sonia and the potential new housekeeper for the “Brick Estate”.  That’s what I decided to call it.  I also wanted him to talk to Kevin about installing a full security system in the building as well as individual security systems for each apartment.  I told him that there needed to be buzzers out on the street with an intercom system that way people could be buzzed up just like typical New York apartments.  I asked that he hire a chef for the Brick Estate.   Who would do all the shopping and cooking for Zita and Baltazar.  He suggested that Matthew and Timothy check in with them every so often to maybe deliver meals from the Bistro.  I told him that would be a good idea.   I asked him to check with the older boys and see how the plans were coming along with the river rafting/ camping trip and has a date been set?  We both finished up with his agenda and I left him in the office to take car of business while I spent the morning with my children.  09082010

I went to the game room and played games with the kids, all morning. I played, Wii, and air hockey, and foosball, darts and Parcheesi, and then Sorry. For the board games, I recruited Lucas to join us. He loved Parcheesi and played it with this brothers all the time when he was living at home. Sonia came in and let us know she couldn’t take on any additional duties, but she had a best friend in the business who could handle a little more work. I told her to have her come in and meet Lucas, and thanked her for her honesty. I wasn’t sure what to do about lunch so I called Ben and asked him what he was doing? He said he was having pizza delivered for the Brick Estate. I looked at Lucas, and asked him “Do you want sushi with me today?” He nodded yes. We got into the car and then drove into town and parked then walked into the restaurant. Lucas parked the car and the we got out and went inside. He ordered for the both of us, and I ordered some hot saki. The waiter, brought us some hot saki with two little cups. We had our fitst drink, and I said “Whoo”. He laughed and we had another, and he said, “This stuff tastes pretty darn good.” After lunch we stopped at the local grocery store and picked up some more saki. We got home and went up to Lucas’s apartment and had some more shots together. I purchased Lucas some of his own saki sets. We shared the saki until the bottle was finished and laughed and talked and had a good ole time. I went back to the estate and put on my swim trunks and went for a few laps in the pool. As soon as the children saw me in the pool they all joined me. We played ring games in the pool and then I got out to lay in the sun. After a two hour nap, I got up and went to my bedroom and showered, and got dressed. I decided to take the family to the movies. I asked Ben and Skipper to get the kids ready. I called Zita and Baltazar and asked them to get ready that I was coming by to pick them up to go to the movies. While I was there waiting for them to get ready, I went to Gingers apartment and invited her too. We all got into my Mercedes and I drove to the theater. Skipper had parked and was waiting for me, we pulled up and then got out. Everyone said hello and we went inside. I walked up to the window and said, “Hi twenty tickets for Nanny McPhee Returns.” The clerk said “That will be $206.50 please.” I gave her a $220.00 and she made change. “Thank you enjoy the show.” As the family piled into the theater, we filled the lobby and the concessions opened up every window to help us, I told the manager that I was paying for everything so he tallied up what the family selected and said “$375.00 please.” I handed him four large bills and he gave me the change and said “Thank you very much and enjoy the show.” $581.50 to take your family to the movies, seemed so insane. Every one of the people who were in our whole aisle was worth every penny to me. I sat down next to Ben and Lucas sat down beside me and we shared a tub of popcorn, then the movie began. 06082010

“What a great movie! So much fun!” Sonia said as we were walking out of the theater.  Skipper agreed, and we piled into the vehicles.  I suggested before we go home to stop at the local ice cream parlor and have some ice cream.  We stopped and everyone went inside to order.  After the orders the cashier said   “$113.60 please.”  I gave her $120.00 and said keep the change.  “Now this weekend everybody, we’re going camping and it’s our river rafting trip.  Does everyone have a bathing suit?”  Some said yes and some said no, so the ones who said no, Lucas wrote in his note pad, and we planned to take them shopping in the morning.  Once we got home Ben, Sonia, Skipper, and Lucas put the children to bed.  Matthew and Timmy thanked me for the ice cream and movie.  We had dropped off Ginger, Marta & Baltazar, and they thanked me for the ice cream too.  Everyone seemed really happy.  I said good night to Lucas, and then Ben and I went to bed.  The next morning, Ben needed to check on Baltazar and Marta’s paintings, and also visit with Ginger.  He stopped at the coffee shop and picked up lattes and pastries for them.  Lucas came in and laid down on the bed beside me and fell asleep.  I woke up with Lucas snuggling me, and I thought it was Ben.  He woke up and smiled and then said “Good Morning Boss.”  I sat up and said, “Good Morning.  Are you going to be ready to take the children bathing suit shopping with me today?”  He said “Yes Sir.”  I showered, dressed and then got the children ready for shopping.  The kids who needed bathing suits were, Josef, Zita, Kasper, Julian & Albert. I asked them if there was a special store where they thought I should take them for the suits? The said they didn’t know.  I drove them to the NorCal swim shop and let them pick out anything they wanted.  After they tried everything on we went to the cashier and paid for it and then returned home.  Lucas and I spent the day packing up the Jeep as well as the Shuttle. I called Ben and reminded him to have the Brick Estate pack and send their luggage home with him so that we could load it onto the shuttle.  The day went by quickly, the evening even faster.  We all went to bed early to head out for our camping trip.   09082010

4:00 AM, and I wake up with both the little boys climbing all about over the bed.  Albert & Julian were revved up and ready to go camping.  Ben had already taken a shower and met Sonia in the kitchen to prepare the run and go breakfast.  Lucas showed up and escorted the boys to the kitchen to eat something and then returned to prepare my clothes for the day.  He was standing again outside the shower with a clean towel for me.  He helped dry me off and then  handed me my clothes.  I got dressed and then went to check on all the other kids.  We went into the Meditation room, where he and I together teleported Jasper from Bayou Delight to the Marin Estate.  “Hi Jasper”. Lucas and I said and greeted him.  He had a tote bag and a backpack as well as a jug of moonshine.  Skipper went over all the luggage and supplies to be sure everything was secure and tide down for travel.  Ben told the kids that we were going to the American River Camp Ground just about three hours North East.  “This is where we will drop into the river on a river raft tour and then be bussed back to the campground where we can sing and dance.”  Everyone grabbed the to go cups of coffee, or tea, or hot cocoa and the fresh out of the over muffins, and we piled into the vehicles.  As we were pulling out a little lime green Volkswagen bug pulled up and honked, it was Ginger, Marta, &  Baltazar.  We got on the freeway and headed South.  Turning of highway 101 to highway 37 through Vallejo, CA.  Then we got in the Interstate 80 East towards Sacramento, CA.  Once in Sacramento we get on the US-50 towards Lake Tahoe.  Following that up to Placerville, CA and then turn left on Spring Street, and turn left on CA49N - Coloma St, and  turn left on CA49N Coloma Rd.  We pull in and up ton the office, and sign in and register.  Once we get our camp sites, we park the shuttle and other vehicle, and then unpack.  Ben, Lucas, Matthew, and Timothy all pull out the tents and we assemble them and put them up.  We went over the sleeping arrangements.  Ben, Jasper, Lucas, and I all shared one tent.  Matthew, Timothy, Albert, and Julian shared another.  Baltazar, Troy, Alex, ,Kasper and Josef shared the next tent.  Ginger, Marta, and Theodora, shared the next tent in line.  Toni & Rene shared and Zita  theirs together.  Skipper shared his with Sonia.   Once all the tents were set up and everyone knew which one was theirs. Ben and I put up two changing tents.  These tents kept the clothes, and other supplies for showering and anything else we needed.  One was the men’s changing tent and the other was the woman’s changing tent.  We also put up a single tent for Sonia to store her food and cooking tools.  There was enough room to assemble a portable picnic table in the center.  We hung up all the lanterns where we thought they would be best used around all the comp sites, and we stocked up one big fire pit where we all would meet in the evening.  The children couldn’t wait to check out the camp ground.  I said “The only rule I have is Nobody goes in that River, it will sweep you away, and then we will have a difficult time getting to you!  You got that Baltazar! You’re responsible for those two little boys!”  He said a little irritated “Yeah Papa”.  A Blue corvette pulled up and it was Nathan and Stephan, they pulled up and pulled out a tent from the trunk of the car, and then put up their tent right beside mine.  I told Lucas, if he wanted to he could share a tent with his brother.  He said thanks but he would stay with me. The campsite was full of large old oaks, and newly planted elms.  There was a main store up at the entrance.  The public showers were very large, ten shower stalls and ten mirrors with sinks, with ten toilet stalls and five urinals.  I thought to myself this park and it’s visitors would get to know my family very quickly in here, tomorrow.  A family of just about 23 people sharing three camp sites was a pretty good sized group.  What Ben hadn’t told me was that he invited June, Thomas, Jennifer, George, and Jocelyn, they had the camp site right beside all of ours.  They pulled up in a minivan, stocked with camping gear.  They honked and pulled in, then unpacked and set up.  Now our clan was nearly 30. 09112010

By the afternoon the temperature was up to about 88 degrees outside, pretty warm for us.  It was beautiful here.  Coloma was a Historic Gold Mining town during the California Gold Rush around 1848.  Currently a Ghost town, the occupants of about 300 people who live there survive solely on tourists and the local college students in the area.  Another wild painted bus pulled up next to June and Thomas’s camp site and honked and hollered and it was Mama and her clan.  She jumped out of the bus and ran over to Ben and I and gave us a big hug and kiss, along with Jasper.  “Hey babies, Mama’s around and it’s time to get down, ah hahahahahahaha!”  She bellowed right from the center of her belly.  “It’s Mama & Brigitte, plus eight!”  That put us up to 40 people in our clan.  I was so excited to see Mama.  Ben, Jasper, Lucas, and I all helped her unpack and set up.  A half an hour passed and a Chinook pulled up to the camping space beside Mama.  They honked and it was Ben’s Mother and Father.  William and Norma-Jean Preston.  I called them to surprise Ben, and boy was he happy to see them!  The next campsite was taken over by a family who kept to themselves.  I saw them pull in but I didn’t recognize who it was.  It was my Mom and Dad, and Sister, and Brother in law.  I ran over with Ben and greeted them. “Hi Mom and Pop!”  I was so excited.  David and Donna gave us both hugs and kisses.  I was thinking to myself, Man just about everyone is here now, and before I knew it Jon pulled up in his Land Rover and pulled into the site beside my Mom and Dad.  With him was Vincent DeRosa, Kevin O‘Keefe, and Stephanie Rizzo.  I laughed and asked how they got involved in this Mayhem?  They said Ben mentioned a river rafting trip.  Just when I thought everyone was here, The St.Pier’s pulled in, Nathan’s sister and brother.  That bumped us up to almost 50 people.  That evening Luis and Anya pulled in and parked at our site.  We had them set up the extra tent that we had and put it at the end of our site, up against Mama’s.  Between, my Mom, Ben’s Mom, Sonia, Mama, Stephanie and Anya,  our large group was set for food.  The first night we had BBQ chicken, Pork chops, beef ribs, pork ribs, steaks, sausage, hamburgers, hot dogs.  All the salads you could think of. We grilled sliced vegetables fresh on the grill.  Mama even brought some crayfish and lobsters fresh from the Bayou.  She boiled them with seasonings, and served up her famous Gumbo and Jambalaya.   We had everyone at the campsite smelling our delicious foods and coming over too meet us.  Mama fed the whole campsite with sample plates and said, “I’m Mama, down from the Bayou, ya’ll be sure to come visit me and eat some more of my good home cook’in!”  Ben and I got a real good laugh together about mama’s Marketing skills.  While at the river, Nathan, Neomi and Richard transformed into bears and snatched three large Salmons out of it and then transformed back and brought them up then we put them on ice.  Jasper got jealous and went over and cast his rod into the river and pulled up a large salmon himself.  “Jasper, we all know you are the Mater Fisherman in the bunch.”   He walked past me winked and smiled, then put his fish in the cooler of ice.  Mama said, “I know what we’re having tomorrow, a good ole Southern Fish Fry!”   Mama had packed a few cat fish from home in dry ice, so they would be fresh for the fish fry.  The last camp site to be filled in our row was occupied by a little blue Ford Ranger packed with camping gear and supplies.  I walked past them while heading to the store to buy some ice with Lucas, and to my surprise it was Miss Bernice Maple and Professor Bart Harmon.  They ran over to me and hugged and kissed me and said hello.  I was so happy to see them.  Miss Bernice said “Look, isn’t it beautiful?”  She held out her hand and showed me her beautiful Prong-Set Halo Diamond Engagement Setting, with a big Ruby in the center.  I was mesmerized for a moment, then said “I have never seen anything so glamorous.  I’m happy for you both!”  We hugged and kissed them and then they said, “This never would have happened if you hadn’t hired us this past year, so thank you.” I smiled and said, “If you are happy then I am happy, and congratulations.  I‘ll be looking for the invitation.”  We walked off to the store to get some bags of ice.  Lucas said, I had a head count before we left and so I counted 47 people but I think I will need to take another head count so that nobody is left out of the river raft run tomorrow”. I said “My guess is somewhere around 54 people.”  We walked to the office to talk to the manager.  We opened the door and walked up to the counter.  “Hi may I help you?”  it was a younger woman who looked like she was a horse trainer in cowboy boots and a flannel shirt.  “Hello, I’m Doug Parker, and I rented the campsites 110 - 117. Tomorrow we have reserved some river raft tours for 55 people.  I believe it would be 13 boats?  I would like to pay for them now, if I may.”  She figured out the total and said “That will be $2,383.75.”  I gave her my credit card and she ran it.  I signed and then thanked her.  She went over the brochure with me and the rules and requirements and then we went back to the sites. 09112010

Around the camp fire, I went over the plans for tomorrow with the group.  “Basically it’s 13 boats and four persons per boat and then each boat will have a tour guide.  You must wear your life jacket, remain seated at all times, and everyone should participate in paddling. My baby boys will go in my raft with Ben and I.  Everyone else is free to pair up into groups of four.  Everyone decided to pair up like this:

1. Ben, Doug, Mama, Albert & Julian
2. Bernice, Bart, Sonia, & Skipper,
3. Nathan, Stephan, Neomi & Richard
4. Troy, Toni, Alex & Rene
5. Baltazar, Kasper, Zita & Josef
6. Marta, Luis, Anya & Tyler
7. Jasmine, Kayla, Christopher, & Brandon
8. Crystal, Marcus, Jennifer & Jon
9. Vincent, Luigi, Lucas & Stephanie
10. Donna, David, Jocelyn & George
11. Theodora, Ginger, Brigitte & Abigail
12. Matthew, Timothy, Jasper & Kevin
13. June ,Thomas ,William, Agnes , Martin & Norma-Jean

“Mom’s  & Dad’s you all can share the same boat I think it’s okay with the guide. Great Job, so everyone knows who’s going with who.  I am really looking forward to a great time!”  We sang songs, told ghost stories by the campfire, made smores, and then everyone got ready for bed.  09112010

Everyone climbed into their tents.  Ben took off all his clothes and climbed into our two man sleeping bag.  I took off all mine and climbed in behind him.  Jasper was on the other side of me next to Ben.  He took off his clothes and climbed in, barely, he was drunk on hooch.  Lucas got naked, blew out the lantern and climbed into his sleeping bag and his was right beside me.  In no time everyone was asleep.  Lucas rolled over and was half way on me and half way off.  Jasper snuggled up to Ben.  By morning the kids were all outside running around the smoldering campfire.  I woke up and Lucas had his arm around my waist.  Ben had rolled over on top of Jasper.  Jasper woke up and said, “Good Morning Bear.” Ben rolled off him, then said “Good Morning Jay.” I had a good laugh because we were all acting like teen aged boys again.  We jumped up and put on our yesterday’s clothes and everyone marched to the showers.  There was a long line so people had to wait some time before getting in.  Once in, most of us shared showers to get in and out quickly. The little boys showered with Matthew and Timmy.  They were having soap fights and then towel fights  when they got out.  Jasper, Ben, Lucas and I all shared a shower.  We finished rinsing off and then dried off and held open the shower for the next group of boys/men.  25 minutes and we were showered. The women weren’t into sharing so they took a lot longer standing in line.  Some of Mama’s girls snuck into the men’s shower stalls and used them when they were empty.  Once everyone was ready, we met our tour guides at our rafts and then piled in them by our groups.  The first group to go out was the Mom’s and the Dad’s.  All the kids waved and clapped. “Good Bye, see you on the other side” Marta said.  They waved and said “Wish us luck”.  Each group took off about ten minutes in between one another.  Two hours and twenty minutes later the last boat went in and that was mine.  We climbed in with the guide and sat down.  Ben sat at the opposite me, and Mama climbed in with the little boys.  She said, “Woohoo, we gonna have a good ole time!”  The boys were a little nervous, Mama could tell so she held them both tight on each side of her in the middle of the raft. She began to sing an old Creole song:

Rachid Taha Voilà, voilà Lyrics:
Voilà, voilà, que ça recommence
Partout, partout et sur la douce France
Voilà, voilà, que ça recommence
Partout, partout, ils avancent

La leçon n'a pas suffit
Faut dire qu'à la mémoire on a choisi l'oubli
Partout, partout, les discours sont les mêmes
Etranger, tu es la cause de nos problèmes
Moi je croyais qu'c'était fini
Mais non, mais non, ce n'était qu'un répit

Voilà, voilà...

La leçon n'a pas suffit
Faut dire qu'à la mémoire on a choisi l'oubli

Dehors, dehors, les étrangers
C'est le remède des hommes civilisés
Prenons garde, ils prospèrent
Pendant que l'on regarde ailleurs
Prenons garde, ils prospèrent
Pendant que l'on regarde ailleurs

Voilà, voilà...

The lesson was not learned
Remembers they choosed forget
Everywhere I hear what they say
Foreigners you are the cause of our problems
Me I thought it was all over
But in fact, it was only a pause
Voilà, voilà, it starts again
Everywhere and in la douce France
Voilà, voilà, it starts again
They are coming

Voilà, voilà...
Lyrics: Voilà, voilà, Rachid Taha [end]

The kids were singing along with her as best they could after the second round.  We were just cracking up.  The guide, Ben and I were rowing as best as we could and traveling down the river at a pretty good speed.

We rushed through three pretty good rapids and caught up with the rest of some of our group.  It was so much fun, the kids brought super soakers and would ask if they could soak you when you passed.  Mama had one she made home made from PVC pipes, and she would put it in the water, and suck up the water, and then she would push the water out.  I think it shot about twenty feet away.  She never asked the boys and girls if she could soak them.  She would sneak up and catch them off guard, especially after they had just soaked someone and laughed.  “Mama Gotcha! Mama Gotcha! Mon Amis!” At the end of the run, everyone was talking about how much fun it was.  “We want to do this again Papa!”  I said, “We have to wait until next season because this is the end of the season, but Lucas can book us for next year before we leave, and we could do it twice next Summer, not just once.”  The children were so excited.  Even the parents enjoyed the trip.  We waited a little while for the bus to come and take us back to the campgrounds.  By the time we got there is was supper time.  Mama got busy preparing the fish with Jasper, and Nathan.  But first Nathan, Neomi and Richard transformed into bears again down by the river side and plucked out three more good sized salmon.  We again had plenty of food for everyone.   This time the Mom’s pulled out baked pies, and home made chili, along with home made German Potato salad, baked beans, ambrosia salad, carrot salad and fruit salad.  Ben had built a game out of left over wood, outdoor cushion materials and beans.  It was a wooden ramp with a square hole in the center.  Then he made eight bean bags 4” X 4”  four were red and four were green.  The object of the game was to toss the beanbags into the hole, but if who ever got closest to the whole would count as a half point.  The kids were taking turns playing.  Some of the older boys were playing touch football.  There is a swimming pool at the camp site so I volunteered to be the guardian at the pool while the children swam.  Lucas kept my hand filled with a nice glass of red wine.  09112010

Dinner was delicious, Mama and Sonia threw together a wonderful fish fry.  With the help from Jasper.  I was exhausted so said my good nights and then climbed into the sleeping beg.  I fell fast asleep.  Lucas came in not too much after me and climbed into the sleeping bag with me and after he snuggled up to me he fell fast asleep too.  Ben came in and he took Lucas sleeping bag, and then took Jaspers sleeping bag and he sipped them together to make them a double sleeping bag.  Both he and Jasper had been sharing Jaspers home made Moonshine so they were pretty much toast.  They climbed into the sleeping bags together, then snuggled and fell asleep.  We were a very happy and close knit family.  None of us cared that we were all naked men and sleeping together.  To us it was life as usual.  I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that Lucas was on top of me.  I looked around and found Jasper and Ben right beside me.  They were both spooned but up against me.  I fell back to sleep and I began to dream.  All four of us were in a lake swimming naked.  I swam up to the floating wooden dock in the center of the lake and I got up on it and just laid there to get some sun.   One at a time all of us guys got out of the water and just laid across the dock facing up at the sky.  Ben said, “this feels so good to be here with you guys.  No pressure, no fear, no stress, just us laying here butt naked getting some sun, I love it!”  Everyone responded, “Me too”.   Lucas sat up and said, “I am so happy to know you guys, and I like to consider you my family.”  I said, “You not my family you’re my personal assistant, now go get me some more wine.”  Everyone laughed and then I rolled over on top of him after he laid down and I kissed both his cheeks and said  “ I love you and you are like my family”  I missed up his hair and then rolled back over on my back.  He grabbed me and pulled me in the water and then Ben pushed in Jasper.  I could tell each on of us was dreaming this at the same time, because Lucas placed his hands on me in our sleep in such a very loving way.  He leaned over and kissed me and I woke up from the dream.  I said “Hi, are you okay?”  He said “Yes, I just love you.”  I turned to him and kissed him and then I said “I love you too, let’s get some sleep.”  He pulled me in close and wouldn’t let me go.  In the morning we found ourselves being trampled over my Timmy and Matthew.  “Wake up guys.”  I was wrestling with Matthew, and Lucas was with Timmy.  They stopped wrestling and both fell to their backs just breathing heavy right beside us.  “We’re packing up and heading home today. Do you think everyone should come stay at the house for a few more days?”  Timmy asked me, I said “That would be nice”, so they ran out to invite everyone back to our house after we ate breakfast and packed up and left.  09132010

At home I had Timmy and Matthew arrange the sleeping arrangements.  Most of the rooms and beds were downsized after Baltazar and Marta moved out, but there were plenty of places for everyone to stay comfortably either at the Brick Estate or the Marin Estate.  I sent Mama and Sonia to go grocery shopping for dinner and things, so Skipper drove them in the shuttle.  Mom and Dad were serving everyone drinks out by the pool while all the family played in it.  Jasper was feeling a little home sick so he had Timmy teleport him there with Matthew for a little bit and he caught a few fish and then took an airboat ride into town for drinks and then Timmy teleported them back.  He was happy to have gone home for a little bit.  Before transporting he grabbed the fish and another jug of moonshine.  Mama came back with the groceries, and all the older boys helped her get them into the kitchen.  She said “Sonia hun, you don’t have to work with me today, unless you really want to.”  Sonia said, “Oh sure the kitchen’s yours”  and she took the day off.  Mama got busy chopping, prepping and sautéing.  I went into the Pottery Barn where Zita and Josef were making some more pottery art.  I began making a few more salad bowls and the I put them in the oven. I painted the two that I made prior and then wet them aside.  Ben was in his art studio painting new portraits of the children.  Sonia and Skipper went up to her apartment and hung out there with some of Mama’s kids.  They popped in a movie and served drinks, candy and popcorn.  The other children were hanging out in the game room.  09132010

It was so awesome for us to climb into our bed and fall asleep in a nice comfortable bed with 700 thread count sheets.   Just as soon as Ben and I climbed in and our heads hit the pillow, we were out like the light.  Lucas and Jasper drank hooch together, and then found themselves in their bed together, because it used to be Jaspers bed and now it’s Lucas’s bed.  Mama took the guest house with all her kids.  Nathan and Stephan headed home.  Ginger invited Anya and Luis to stay with her.  Everyone was asleep and had been all tuckered out from the great camping trip of the year. All the kids doubled up and shared beds.  They truly missed each other. Come morning, both Mama and Sonia were up making breakfast for everyone.  Ben got up and out of bed first.  He needed to paint, so he showered dressed grabbed coffee, and then went to his studio.  I stayed in bed and just took my time waking up with the sun shining in through the window on me.  Matthew came in and laid down in the bed next to me and said “Good Morning Boss.”  I smiled and said, “Don’t call me Boss, let’s think of another name for me, Okay?”  He kissed me and said “Sure thing Bubba.”  I thought about it and maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.  He got up and went out to the kitchen.  He came back in  with some coffee for me. Timothy was with him, and he had coffee too.  “Hey big bro.” He climbed on my bed and kissed me.  “Hi Timmy.” I kissed him back.  “So what are the plans for the day?”  he asked.  I said “I’m not sure but I kind of wanted to take my nice camera, and just spend the day taking pictures of the family in iconic places.  Like with the Golden Gate in the back ground, or SF or at the beach, or maybe in front of the trolley car.  What do you guys think about that?”  Matthew was jazzed, but Timothy wasn’t so excited.  “I don’t have a camera like you.”  I said, if you think that you and Matthew would be interested in Photography like me, then we can stop and pick the both of you up a new digital Nikon camera.  They were both excited and so they ran into their apartment and showered together and got dressed.  They went to the kids rooms and helped them all get dressed by picking out the most photogenic outfits.  By the time everyone had showered, eaten and then loaded up in the shuttle, half the morning was gone.  Skipper grabbed his camera.  We piled into the shuttle and my Mercedes and headed to the camera store.  Both Matthew and Timmy knew what cameras they wanted.  The two little boys asked, and begged and pouted for me to buy them one too.  I sat them down and I told them “Photography is a serious business, if I get you these cameras, you have to use them often.  I mean once a day, at least.  They said “Okay okay..” so I purchased four brand new cameras. Nikon D2H product shots  was the one Matthew picked out. This was an older model, and never been used, but the reputation of this camera speaks for itself so I allowed him to buy it.  The asking price was $995.00 but the salesman and him worked out a price and he picked it up for $400.00 with the case.  Matthew had a powerful ability of persuasion.  Something I had been teaching him to focus on in meditation classes.  Timmy bought the Nikon D3000 - digital camera for $379.00.  Albert bought the Nikon D90 - digital camera and 18-105mm lens for $1109.00.  Julian bought the Nikon D5000 - digital camera with Nikon AF-S DX 18-55mm lens for $749.00. $198.65 in sales tax.  The total came to $2835.65.  I paid the salesman and we all piled back into the vehicles and went right to the Golden Gate Bridge point. 09142010

While we were out taking pictures, Lucas and Jasper woke up together in bed, and then showered and then went back into the bedroom to get dressed.  Lucas stopped Jasper before he could finish getting dressed and said, “You have an exceptional body, do you realize that?  Jasper never gave it much thought, he wasn’t the kind of guy who ever really took much time worrying about what he looked like.  Jasper said, “Why thank you.” and then continued to get dressed.  Lucas asked him “Would you be comfortable modeling nude for me so I can design a full sculpture of you?”  Jasper thought it was so flattering and he was really not shy about his body, so he said “Sure that sounds nice”.  So they hopped in the Maserati and then they drove over to his studio and then went upstairs.  The studio was sparkling clean, but all the supplies were there for sculpturing.  There was a nice size block on a pedestal and so after Lucas made them both drinks, Jasper removed all this clothes, and then they together worked on a pose.  Jasper had no idea how long this process would take, but he really enjoyed the company so he didn’t complain.  Lucas was touching Jasper’s body and chiseling away the block.  Jasper began to feel a little aroused, and uncomfortable so they stopped for a moment and shared a drink together and then when Jasper was ready they began again.  The two of them were really bonding.  We finished up at the Golden Gate, and then drove into San Francisco, to Bakers beach, then Pier 39, and then back to Marin.  Once the photo sessions had ended we all went home for some good food.  Sonia had been cooking up a storm for everyone.   Lucas called my cell and asked me if I could bring my camera and meet him at the studio.  I met them upstairs, and when I walked in I knew right away what he was up to.  “Hey, could you take some pictures of Jasper so I can go off them and he doesn’t have to pose for me forever and a day?”  I asked Jasper “Are you okay with that?”  He smiled and said, “Oh hell yeah, you know I don’t worry about stuff like that!” So I snapped photos of Jasper at every angle and each side, and then Jasper got dressed, and we all went back to the house for lunch.  Matthew and Lucas were in the office, uploading the photos to their computer.  They helped the little boys upload theirs to mine.  Then they printed them out on Kodak paper and then taught them how to mat them and frame them.  I looked them all over and I couldn’t believe how professional every one of them looked.  Ben came in and took a look at them and he was amazed at the fine detail and eye all the boys had.  He would select a photo and then ask, “Who’s is that?” I would tell him and we would move onto the next one.  He picked up the phone and called his manager.  The Manager came over and looked over the photos and said, “We could display these in the art gallery if the owners wouldn’t mind.”  The four boys went through them and picked out a couple that they wanted to keep and they gave them the okay to take the rest. This turned out to be a fantastic discovery for all four the boys.  09142010

I uploaded the photos that I took of Jasper and put them in a password protected folder.  I printed them out and slid them in an enveloped labeled “Top Secret”. I showed them to Jasper and Lucas, and Jasper gave Lucas his permission to keep them for his work.  Jasper wasn’t going to be sticking around forever, but he didn’t mind helping Lucas out when he was there.  I was very proud of both of them.  Lucas has a phenomenal body but he can’t very well sculpt himself.  Jaspers body is perfect in every sense of the Male species. Chiseled abs, solid muscles, beautiful smile.  Even his manhood is above average.   He didn’t think much about it, he was just Jasper who loved fishing, and the Bayou, music, food, dancing and good friends.   The men followed me back to the kitchen were we all sat down and enjoyed pulled pork sandwiches, and country fries.  Mama made some home made macaroni salad and so we ate that too.  Jasper was missing his boat so I called up a friend who had a sailboat and he and I and Ben and Lucas, all went on the boat into the bay.  We were able to stop for a bit so he could drop a line into the water and in no time he caught a large fish.  We went back to the Marina and headed home. I thought to myself, if I bought a sailboat, I might see more of Jasper.  I pulled into the garage and everyone was getting out.  I stopped Lucas, and said, “Let’s look for a sailboat for sale at that Marina, and make sure the sale price includes a lifetime slip with it.”  He said, “I’m right on it Boss.”  We went inside and Jasper prepared the fish for the BBQ.  There was enough fish there to feed an Army, and we were pretty much a small platoon.  09142010

Lucas got on the phone and called all over about the boats.  I picked Jasper's brain about the style of boat he might want, a fishing boat or a sailboat like the one we were on today.    I wound up purchasing a 1986 Mikelson Sedan for $105,000.00.  It was fully loaded with Master stateroom features a center line queen bed forward with large hanging lockers, vanity and sink. Interior wall finish is a satin mahogany throughout. Next aft is a large enclosed head with sink and stall shower. Guest cabin is to port and features a double lower berth with a single berth above and a large hanging locker. The main salon has full lower steering station to port with mahogany/holly cabin sole. A contoured L-shaped settee with suede upholstery is to starboard and a service bar with 2 bar stools separate the galley from the salon area. Galley contains a Norcold refrigerator/freezer, GE Microwave oven, double stainless sinks, Princess electric 3-burner stove, H & C pressure water. Windows around the canin are fully screened and an over sized sliding door opens onto the expansive cockpit with transom gate and swim platform.  This boat was going to be a family investment as well as a way for Jasper to get in his fishing and be less homesick for the Bayou when he visits. It came with a life time slip that was in the Marin Marina, which wasn’t that far from our house.   09142010

Mama and her family had to return to the Bayou, she had a business to run and an estate to take care of.  Lucas, Matthew, Timothy and I all teleported the whole clan back after we kissed and hugged and said our goodbyes.  Mama thanked us for a great time and demanded we come stay with her sometime soon.  I put the children to bed by reading bedtime stories to them.  They all thanked Ben and I for such a fun filled weekend.  Ben and I went to our bedroom and got ready for bed.  Jasper wanted to sleep with us so we made room for him in our bed.  We all got naked and I climbed in the middle and fell asleep.  Ben rolled over on his side facing away from me.  Jasper rolled over on top of me and rested his knee over my lap, and one arm over my chest.  His face was right up against mine.  I was asleep and dreaming but he was talking in his sleep and what he was saying began to become incorporated in my dream.  I got really confused and woke myself up to try and figure out what was happening.  Once I realized it I fell back to sleep and I didn’t dream for the rest of the night.   I woke up in the morning and stopped Ben before he got out of bed.  I said “I want you to spend the day with me.”  He said okay, then kissed me and got out of bed and into the shower.  Jasper woke up, wrapped around me, and smiled.  “Hi, sorry I see I used you as my Teddy bear.”  I kissed him, and said, “That’s okay I like being your Teddy bear.”  We got up and he went into the shower after Ben and I ran a bath.  Jasper got out and dressed then left.  I sat in the tub and soaked for a while before Lucas walked in.  “Hi Boss, are we surprising Jasper with a boat trip today?”  I said “sssshhh yes, both Jasper and Ben.”  I had to fill Skipper in on it because he really was a Skipper/Captain of a ship once and he was the only one right now who could skipper the boat.  I finished in the bath, and Lucas and I met everyone in the kitchen.  I asked the kids if they were ready for their first day of school?  They said “Yeah Papa”. They ate, got dressed and then Skipper took them to school.  I telephoned Ginger, and asked her if she knew if the other two kids left for school yet.  I teleported over to each ones apartment and surprised them.  They both were ready and leaving with Skipper who was honking out front.  I returned to the house and then had everyone pile into the car while I drove to the Marina. I pulled into the parking lot, and met with the previous owner who introduced himself and handed me the keys.  Ben asked “What’s going on?”  I said “We bought a Yacht.  It’s not a big one, it’s considerably small but fully functional.  We walked down the docks and then stopped at the boat.  I pulled off the for sale sign, and hopped in.  “Come on.”  The skipper pulled up and walked down the deck, and said, “Very nice, Sir.”  He came aboard and I handed him the keys then Jasper and I untied the boat.  We pulled away and then cruised the bay.  Jasper fished at the same spot that we had gone to the day before.  He caught another big fish.  Ben and I had drinks together and relaxed and took in the scenery.  09142010

Meanwhile at home, there were all sorts of good looking people coming in and out of the estate the whole day.  Sonia called me to tell me, and I just laughed and said, “well be sure you offer them food and drinks as you meet them. We will be home for dinner.”  I hung up, and then told Ben, “We might need to hire new managers for the Bistro, I think I created photography monsters.”  He laughed and then we took in the scenery holding each other.  Skipper pulled up to the dock, and Jasper jumped out to tie the boat down.  We got into the Mercedes and drove home.  Skipper drove to the school to pick up the children.  We got home and there were still good looking people coming and going.  I went to the boys’ apartment and knocked on the door.  There were huge lamps set up and backdrops behind the models, and the boys were both taking photos like they were professional photographers for some high society magazine.  I asked “What’s up boys?”  They told me they were doing a photo shoot. I explained to them it was good and all but they really needed to find a place to conduct this sort of business away from the estate.  They ended the shoot, and then between them and Lucas they located a photography studio to rent and then the three of them went there to secure it.  I was so proud of them for doing that all on their own with out any help from me. Once they returned to the estate I sat them all down and asked “Is this going to become your new career, and should I hire new managers for the Bistro?  They said they could handle both and asked me not to worry. 09142010

I wanted to spend some time with Jennifer and Jocelyn, so I called them up and asked them if they wanted to have lunch with me tomorrow.  They agreed to meet me in town.  I also invited Stephanie.  After dinner I went into my game room and worked on my puzzle with the children.  They all expressed to me how much they enjoyed their first day of school and that their teachers were all really nice.  I felt really good about this and told them, if they all did really good in school by the end of the year I would have a very special surprise for them.  Ben and I put them each to bed and then we went to bed as well.  Jasper came in and asked if I could send him home for a while.  He really was getting home sick.  Ben and I hugged and kissed him and then we said our good byes and sent him home.  He thanked us for a wonderful time.  I missed him as soon as he left.  I always do.  Ben and I climbed into bed. It was the first time in a while we were alone in bed together.  He and I made passionate love together and I fell asleep.  He laid awake for a while reading his book until he became tired and went to bed.  By morning Ben was up, showered and dressed.  He was sitting on the edge of the bed, just staring at me.  I woke up and smiled, “you like what you see?” I asked.  He said “Yes Sir” then kissed me. I got up showered and got dressed.  I met in the kitchen to get all the children fed, and ready for school.  I let Lucas know I was busy for the day and gave him the day off.  He went to his studio to work on his sculpture of Jasper.  Matthew and Timothy were working on their photography.  I drove to the Bistro and met the gals there.  I bought them all lunch and we enjoyed it with drinks.  After lunch I went to the studio to check on Matthew and Timothy.  They had just finished an all woman photo shoot.  I was amazed with the amount of work they were getting.  They had purchased props, back drops, new lights, everything.  I went back to the house and waited for the children to get home from school.  I also called Baltazar and Marta to check in with them. Theodora and Kasper sat me down and showed me the Macramé that they learned how to do in class.  Toni and Troy were fighting over who was playing what on Wii.  Alex and Rene were doing homework in their rooms.  Julian and Albert were coloring quietly in the living room while watching sponge Bob.  Sonia was preparing dinner.  Skipper was washing the cars and the shuttle out front.  Matthew and Timothy came home and saddled up the horses.  Ben and I met them out there and went for a quick run across the estate out to the creek. By the time we came back and put the horses away, it was dinner time.  We sat and ate as a family in the dinning room.  After dinner we put the younger children to bed and then said our good nights to the older ones and went to bed.  09142010

I fell asleep and found myself in a deep sleep.  A few hours passed and I was dreaming about a dark forest.  I was walking through it, and wondering where I was.  There was a low lying fog sitting on the ground so I really couldn’t see where I was stepping.  I was resting my hands against each tree that I came up to, and just listening to the forest.  Out of nowhere, this thick black cloud appeared. It was spinning out of control, and when it separated, there all of the sudden was this scary looking man with a big head and a small body.  He had blisters and boils all over his face.  He was wearing a long gray cape and carrying a cane.  I asked him “Who are you and what do you want with me?”  He said I am Jeremiah, and I’ve been cursed by a Witch.  Some one very close to me told me that you could help me.”  I asked him “How can I help you?”  He said “You had the knowledge to reverse this curse and help me locate the person who cursed me.”  I sat down on a large rock, and lifted the little man up onto the rock and set him beside me.  I said “Although I may have the resources to help you, why would I help you when I don’t even know you or why you were cursed.”  He sighed and then said, “Because I am your twin brother.”  I called in my parents to the dream, first my Dad.  “Hey Dad, who is Jeremiah?” He looked over the small man and then turned to me and answered. “He is your twin brother, but we thought he was dead.” I called in Mom she appeared and said “Honey what are you doing I was in the middle of a mani-pedi.”  I said with a stern voice “I am not going to get pissed off about this right now, however, I demand some answers.”  Mom sat down on another large rock and carefully looked over the little man sitting beside me.  She began to cry, then she said “A very long time ago I had a best friend.  Her name was Hazel.   Hazel and I were inseparable.   Up until I met your father.  We got married and had our children and Hazel never found anyone to settle down with, let along have children.  So after we had you and Jeremiah she stole him from us and made us think she killed him.  Instead she hid him and cursed him.  She tried to get you and the other children but we had placed a protection spell against her, and her powers. She continues but this time looking at Jeremiah “We never stopped looking for you, you have to believe us!”  he began to sop and hugged my arm.  I said “In nox noctis pro dies lux lucis EGO aufero is vomica quod planto res vox quam vos erant EGO verto vos per sincerus veneficus exemplar vultus EGO reverto vos ut”.  In seconds after I said the spell Jeremiah transforms back into his original form.  He’s a fairly tall handsome gentlemen.  He looks much like my Papa. Brown hair with deep blue eyes.  He had this subtle look, very gentle and tranquil.  Papa and Mom leaped up and hugged him together.  All of them held onto one another and wouldn’t let go.  Mama kept saying “I’m so sorry, this was all my fault.”  His voice changed too, it was scratchy and whiney before and now it was deep and strong.  He said “it’s okay I don’t blame you.  I put all the blame on her!”  I wait for them to stop hugging and then I ask him.  “Are you okay?”  He walks up to me and pulls me into him then he kisses my cheek and say “I am now!”  We both cry a little and then I wipe away his tears with my fingers.  In that moment a light shines brightly above us.  Both Mom and Papa step back to look at it in amazement.  We look at each other and wonder what happened?  Mom says “That’s it, you both received the ancient powers from our family line.”  I asked her to explain this to me and she says “You both were supposed to receive this when you turned 18, but you had to be together. Since that never happened the transcendence never took place, until now!” I said my good byes to Mom and Papa, and they left the dream.  I grabbed Jeremiah and held onto him tightly, and then I woke myself up out of the dream.  Before he knew it, we were both standing arm in arm in the center of my bedroom.  He pulled away from me and said “Thank you!”  I said, “I just found you I sure hope you’re not running off.” He said “No I want to stay around for a little while, that is if you don’t mind.”  I said “no, not at all.”  I snapped my fingers and we both were in fresh clean clothes, so I invited him to have breakfast with me in the kitchen.  09142010

Timothy comes into the kitchen and I introduce Jeremiah to him.  “Timmy, this is my twin brother Jeremiah, he’s been long lost and cursed and he found me in my dream so I reversed the curse and teleported him here.”  Timmy was amazed, and thrilled to have another big brother. “Hey, nice to finally meet you!”  They shook hands and then hugged and kissed.  Timmy pulls away and says , “He looks like us.”  Jeremiah chuckled and then said “I must be handsome then.”  With that Mom and Papa appeared in the kitchen and Papa came and hugged him and said “Yes, you are!”  Mom was still crying but after she wiped the tears away she just hugged him and wouldn’t let him go.  Anya and Luis showed up in an instant and they introduced themselves to Jeremiah.  Before he was finished with them, Donna and David appeared and they hugged.  Mom said, “You three are triplets. Jeremiah was born first and Donna you and Doug came hours after him.  We named him first then named you two together.”  Everyone was surprised to hear the news.  Jeremiah was just so happy to be with family finally and to have his curse removed. Donna shook his hand and then set her other hand on me.  The bright light formed over our heads again and then entered into the three of us.  Donna said, “What was that?” Mom told her it was the ancient powers that were supposed to enter us when we all three were together on our 18th birthday.  Now that we were filled with power, none of us knew exactly what we were supposed to do with it, let along how it worked.  Mom sat us down and explained to us how it worked and then we just shared coffee and breakfast together.  All the children got up and I introduced Jeremiah to them one at a time.  Ben got up and he was very interested in meeting Jeremiah after Mom and Papa explained to him who he was.  After the children went to school I took Jeremiah to the Yacht to show him around.  He really loved it. I offered the Yacht to him as a place to live, and also took him out to the local dealership to buy him a car.  We shopped around for a few hours until he picked out a sporty little Mini Cooper convertible.  He followed me back to the estate and then we had lunch together with the family. 09142010

I asked Luis, Timmy, Donna, and Jeremiah all to follow me into the meditation room.  I said, we need to create a force field spell surrounding us any time that Witch that tries to curse any of us ever again.  We all held hands as Mom described her to us.  She said her name out loud and then we finalized the spell by placing the curse on her if she came with in ten feet of us.  Mom and Papa said their good byes for now and headed home.  Donna and David needed to get back to work in Cairo so they said good byes to Jeremiah and the twins, and they left. Timmy, Jeremiah and I all hung out for the rest of the day, trying to get to know him a little better.  We took him out to the horse barn and then saddles up the horses and Matthew, Timmy, Jeremiah and I went for a ride out to the creek.  Sonia had snacks packed up with a bottle of wine, so we had cheese, crackers, salami, grapes and wine together.  Once we got back to the barns, and put the horses away we went back up to the house, and I introduced Lucas to Jeremiah.  I could tell everyone who met him fell instantly in love with him, so knowing Lucas I knew what was coming next.  Luigi, Nathan, Stephan and Jasper caught wind of the news and all came over to break him in.  Jasper brought two bottles of moonshine.  Vincent comes over too with Stephanie.  Before I knew it we were having a party.  I decided to take us all on a little trip away from the estate so I cornered Luigi and said, “You know your family estate in Italy?”  He said, “Yes, what about it? You want to have the party there?”   In seconds, we all were in his family estate in Italy.  He had been staying there while Jasper stayed with us, these past few weeks.  Lucas showed Matthew and Timothy around the estate while we all made ourselves at home.  I enjoyed sitting inside the courtyard that was in the center of the estate.  There sat a large fountain with a sculptured naked man holding a water vase.  I realized that it was someone who Luigi and Lucas’ father must have known, so when Luigi came out to sit beside me and Jeremiah, I asked him “Who is that modeled after?”   He said “My father’s best friend Paulo Giovanni.”  My family adored him, he was the light in a time of darkness for our family.  We placed his statue here to remind us, how important people like him are in life. I said, “Oh wow, that’s so romantic, I love it!”  Luigi smiled and said “You will have one somewhere I am sure.”  I laughed and then said, “Oh I doubt that.”  We walked the gardens and talked about the Estate history and family.  It was so interesting to me and Jeremiah.  09142010

The night was getting late and we all needed to get home, so everyone said their good byes and we went our separate ways.  I saw that Jasper and Luigi got back to the Bayou Delight Estate, and Anya and Luis went home on their own.   Jeremiah wasn’t ready to stay in the boat by himself.  Timmy offered him a bed in their apartment.  He accepted the offer.  I said my good nights to all the children and then Ben and I went to sleep.  Half way through the night, Jeremiah couldn’t sleep so he came in and woke me up.  I walked him out to the kitchen and gave him some of my herbal tea.  We talked over tea, and he thanked me for everything.  I said “Are you kidding me?  You’re my family, we take care of each other!”  I created a bed right next to mine and I had him sleep there until he was okay to sleep on his own.  Although he was 30 years old like me, sometimes I felt like he was a little more immature about some things.  I completely understood considering I lived a normal life with humans where he did not, until now. Come morning Ben was a little surprised about the bed in our room.  I explained to him that Jeremiah was a little scared to be by himself so then he understood.  We went to the kitchen and I got the children off to school.  Then I took Jeremiah and Lucas with me to take him clothes shopping.  We went to San Francisco first and let him buy anything and everything he wanted.  Then we had breakfast and continued shopping.  After our tour of the city I took him to Marin and we continued to shop there and we stopped off at the Bistro.  He fell in love with the place.  I asked Timothy and Matthew if they wouldn’t mind letting Jeremiah manage the Bistro and they said, “No not at all.”  I called Kevin and had him and Vinny come to the house and turn the separate room in the basement into a full apartment.  They added another bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedroom.  We moved everything out of the basement and put it in the Library.  Jeremiah wanted to become a chef, so I enrolled him in the local Culinary Institute.  Once he became a chef, he not only managed the Bistro but he prepared the menus and cooked for it too.  Ben, Matthew, Timmy, Lucas, and I all loved his recipes so we made a point to eat there once or twice a week.  Matthew and Timmy were doing so well in the photography business that they purchased the building right next door to the Brick Estate.  They refurbished it into multiple apartments and photography studios.  They moved out of their apartment and we moved Jeremiah in it after a while.  Josef took the basement apartment.  He was so excited to feel like he was out on his own. 9142010

Baltazar (19) and Marta (18) were both over 18 now. They were leaving to go to college.  Zita (16) and Theodora (13) moved over into their apartments at he Brick Estates.  We had Vinny and Kevin come in and remodel them to their liking.  So we rearranged the kids around separating them so each had their own rooms.  We had Kasper (11) , Rene (10), Alex (11) ,Troy (11),Toni (11) , Julian (9) and Albert (8) all moving into their own bedrooms.  Jeremiah had become a pivotal relative in their lives.  Every day he spent good quality time with each one and filed them up with love and kindness.  He explained to the younger ones that as people grow older then go of on their own and live their lives the way they see fit.  Julian and Albert were going to miss Theodora and Zita.  The girls promised that they would always see them and keep in touch with them.  Ginger had finished college herself and had completed her Bachelors degree in Literature and became a teacher at the Montessori school where the children attended.  Jeremiah and I had become so close.  We wanted to spend more time together then we already had, so Ben surprised us with a trip to France.  We packed our bags and Skipper took us to the airport.  We caught the plane and then got off in Paris.  I took him to all the places where I knew our family had lived.  All the old buildings, then small villages.  It was there, in a small town in France, where we met our new friend Margaret Dubois.   She was a sophisticated lady, very smart, and so lovely.  When she entered a room, she caught the attention of anyone and everyone.  We enjoyed having her hold both our arms as we entered a room, as to make people wonder who we were to her.  After our two weeks were up I invited her back to California.  She accepted our offer, and had her things forwarded there. 09142010

Baltazar (19) and Marta (18) were both over 18 now. They were leaving to go to college.  Zita (16) and Theodora (13) moved over into their apartments at he Brick Estates.  We had Vinny and Kevin come in and remodel them to their liking.  So we rearranged the kids around separating them so each had their own rooms.  We had Kasper (11) , Rene (10), Alex (11) ,Troy (11),Toni (11) , Julian (9) and Albert (8) all moving into their own bedrooms.  Jeremiah had become a pivotal relative in their lives.  Every day he spent good quality time with each one and filed them up with love and kindness.  He explained to the younger ones that as people grow older then go of on their own and live their lives the way they see fit.  Julian and Albert were going to miss Theodora and Zita.  The girls promised that they would always see them and keep in touch with them.  Ginger had finished college herself and had completed her Bachelors degree in Literature and became a teacher at the Montessori school where the children attended.  Jeremiah and I had become so close.  We wanted to spend more time together then we already had, so Ben surprised us with a trip to France.  We packed our bags and Skipper took us to the airport.  We caught the plane and then got off in Paris.  I took him to all the places where I knew our family had lived.  All the old buildings, then small villages.  It was there, in a small town in France, where we met our new friend Margaret Dubois.   She was a sophisticated lady, very smart, and so lovely.  When she entered a room, she caught the attention of anyone and everyone.  We enjoyed having her hold both our arms as we entered a room, as to make people wonder who we were to her.  After our two weeks were up I invited her back to California.  She accepted our offer, and had her things forwarded there.  We caught the next plane back together, and when we arrived in the San Francisco airport Ben was there to pick us up.  We got home and I noted there was a brand new fountain in the front of the house.  The statue of Jasper was there as the fountain, and Ben said “Lucas finished that and Vinny, Luigi and Lucas had that fountain made for you.”  A single tear came to my eye as I realized that Jasper Deveraux was my Paulo Giovanni. Ben and I admired it then I got on my cell to call Jasper.  He picked up the phone and walked out of my front door, “Hello?” he asked.  I said, “Oh hi you’re here!” We hugged and he said, “What do you think? Look like me?”  I laughed and said, “Lucas was just a little generous with your private area.”  Lucas, Luigi, Ben, Vinny, Jeremiah all laughed out loud, as Jasper said “Hhhmm You think?” 09142010

I’m so sorry, I forgot to introduce Margaret so I said, everyone, this is Margaret Dubois. Margaret Dubois this is everyone.  She smiled and said “How  do you do?”  As she shook hands and each person said their name.  Margaret got to Jasper and looked him over real good and then took a second look at the statue and she said to him “Je peux dire que cette statue est chaque peu comme vous.”   He responded “Merci, vous savez que le Vrai Français est.” They both laughed.  We all went inside so I could greet the children.  I hugged and kissed them all first and then Jeremiah did next.  They were all interested in the stunningly beautiful woman standing in the foyer.  “Oh children this is my new friend Margaret, she will be staying with us for a while.  She’s from France.”  The children said hello and right away Julian and Albert swept her away to show them their photos.  I devised a menu for dinner to help Margaret feel right at home so I said my hellos to Sonia and asked her to prepare it for us.  I went to the bedroom to unpack.  Jeremiah went to his to unpack.  Sonia took Margaret’s bags to the empty guest room.  Ben met me in the room, and I thanked him for the vacation.  “How was everything while I was away?”  He said “Everything was fine, no worries.”  He told me that Matthew and Timmy missed me and I should take Jeremiah over there to see them when we get unpacked.  “I will entertain Margaret”.  We held each other for a long time, and then Lucas came inside the room.  “Hey, can I help you with anything?”  “No we’re good.” Ben replied. I went upstairs to get Jeremiah, and he was laying down on the bed. “Hey, are you okay?”  “Yeah, just a tad bit jet lagged.”  “Well, Matthew and Timmy, miss us and wanted us to come by for a bit. Is now okay or should we go later?”  He replied “Now is fine.”  He snapped his fingers and we were standing in Matthew and Timmy’s apartment.  They were naked and fooling around on the couch.  I said “Oh My God!”  Jeremiah covered his eyes with one hand and mine with the other. The boys jumped up and got dressed in a hurry.  Then they came over and hugged and kissed us.  I said “I’s so sorry , I think next time we should use the door, then I hit Jeremiah in the arm.  He just laughed and so did the boys.  They said, “ we’re all men, nothing should come to us as a surprise.” We laughed and nodded.  Matthew made us drinks and we went out to the balcony to socialize.  09142010

Jeremiah told them about our trip to Paris and France.  I told them we kidnapped a French woman and brought her home for the family to play with.  We hung out for about an hour and Jeremiah was getting tired.  We said our good byes and invited them to dinner.  I snapped my fingers and we were in Jeremiahs apartment.  I left so he could take a nap and searched the house for Margaret.  She was in the pool playing with all the children.  I walked outside and said “Why Miss Dubois, I had no idea you had such a way with children.”  She laughed and then the doorbell rang.  Lucas went to answer it and it was Mama and Brigitte.  They came out to the pool, said hello and then introduced themselves to Margaret.  Brigitte was enamored by Margaret.  She could not believe such a beautiful woman had traveled from France to visit. I told her she was our new misfit.  They all laughed. We enjoyed the afternoon into the evening, we shared stories and champagne.   I was tossing blueberries and raspberries, and strawberries into the nearby flutes when people turned away.   It was really making me chuckle.  Jeremiah woke up and came outside. He was refreshed and well rested so I poured him a flute of champagne.  Matthew and Timothy came over and I introduced Margaret to them. Sonia came out and said, “Dinner is ready and will be served in the dining room.”  This meant that the kids needed to dry off and go change into their clothes and so did Margaret.  Once at the table Sonia served everyone rich French Cheese, with wine or Apple cider.  Then we had filet mignon with rosemary roasted red potatoes and julienne vegetables, perfectly blanched. Then for dessert  Sonia served everyone crème brullee.09142010

Once dinner was over and cleaned up Matthew and Timmy took the kids and everyone into the home theater to preview a movie.  Sonia had brought in movie candy, sodas, and popcorn.  I served more champagne to the adults. The movie started, Ben sat on one side of me and Jeremiah sat on the other.  Lucas, Matthew, and Timothy all sat together.  The younger kids sat in the back.  After the movie we all hung out in the kitchen.  Just talking and stuff.  The kids brought in games that they played at the table.  Ben and I said good night and we went to bed.  Matthew and Timothy stayed late and then ended up staying on the couch hide a bed in their old apartment.  Jasper crawled in bed with Lucas and Luigi. Mama and Brigitte stayed in the guest house.  Margaret went to bed in the guest room.  Come morning Sonia baked chocolate croissants.  The people came to the kitchen one by one, some of us resembling zombies. Others very refreshed and nice looking.   Margaret hadn’t showered but she was even more beautiful when she woke up than when she went to bed.   I made espressos and lattes for anyone who asked for one. Luigi, Lucas and Jasper came in and they were happy to have one.  After breakfast I suggested we take Margaret to the wine country.  I had Mama, Brigitte, Lucas, Luigi, Jasper, Matthew, Timothy, Jeremiah, Ben, Skipper, and Sonia all come along while Ginger volunteered to watch the children for us.  So we piled in the shuttle and headed to Healdsburg, CA.  The first winery we stopped at was Simi winery.  Then we took the Alexander Valley Road exit and the next place we stopped at was the Alexander Valley Vineyards.  Everyone tasted the wine, then we headed North. White Oaks, Hanna, Stryker, Meeker, Then we went out to River road and hit Korbel Champagne tours.  On the way back we stopped off at the Sonoma County Airport and had lunch.  After lunch we went back to Marin County.  I picked up a few cases of wine, and champagne.  09142010

Before we headed home I wanted to take Margaret to see the ocean.  We drove out to Bodega Bay and I paid for everyone to get a massage, then we went to the beach with a lunch that we picked up at the deli.   Matthew and Timmy separated from us to visit his parents. Then met up with us later.  We left Bodega Bay after stopping and picking up some salt water taffy.  Skipper drove us down the coastline highway 1.  First we stopped at the French Cheese Factory in Marin and bought tons of cheese to take home to the family, and sampled so much.  Then we went through Tomalas Bay  past Dillon’s Beach, then to Point Reyes Station before we cut back inland.  By the time we got back into Sausalito we stopped for dinner.   I was looking to take her to Christophe Restaurant Francais in Sausolito but it was closed. So we all stopped and ate at Le Garage.   I said, this is typically our competition.  Jeremiah scanned over the menu and said, he could perfect every recipe on it.  Margaret said, I will buy the building that Christophe was in and open up the competition.  You could cook there with me sometimes.  We discussed it over dinner and I set her up with my people who handles sales, remodeling and construction.  Which was Stephanie, Kevin and Vinny.    Lucas, Luigi, Jasper, Matthew, Timothy, Jeremiah, Skipper, and Sonia  ordered the Assiette de Fromage - Picandou (goat), Tomme du Fédou (sheep), Abondance (cow) with Marshall Farm natural honey, marcona almonds & champagne grapes Then Assiette de While Mama, Brigitte, and Margaret ordered Charcuterie -House made rabbit pâté w/tomato confit, Lomo Palacios, Saucisson Jesus, porc rillettes, aged Serrano ham w/ground mustard, cornichons & pearl onions.  Ben and  I ordered the Duck confit with grilled stonefruits, organic Bloomsdale spinach and a boysenberry antique.  Everything was so delicious.  We headed home, but first we wanted to purchase a few DVD’s at the local video store.  One for the adults and one for the children.  By the time we got home Ginger had ordered Pizza for delivery and ate.  Margaret got on the phone in my office and contacted Stephanie.  She wanted to look at the available Bistro as well as property for sale in the city of Sausalito, CA.  09152010

Margaret was up bright and early the next morning.  She had convinced Sonia to let her serve everyone authentic French crepes for breakfast.  The kids love them and filled them with fresh berries and topped them with home made whip cream.  After breakfast, Margaret asked Brigitte, Mama, Jeremiah , Ben, Lucas and I if we wanted to go with her to look at the Bistro and some property.   Ben said thank you but he needed to see the kids off to school and then get in some painting.  Lucas stayed with him to help with the kids.  Stephanie met us at the Bistro Chritsophe and showed us the place.  Margaret knew she wanted the place the second she saw it.  So she proposed her offer and then we went searching for houses.   Once we looked at everything on land, Stephanie took us to the docks on Liberty and showed us a couple available house boats for sale.  She decided to buy a three bedroom two bathroom house boat for  that was for sale for $799,000.  She offered  $750,000.  The return off was a little higher, at $760,000 but she accepted.  She also got a call back from the previous owners of the Bistro and were happy to have her take it off their hands for a fair price.  Kevin and Vinny went in with her immediately and they did just a little bit of work to satisfy Margaret’s taste.   Mama headed back to the Bayou, but Margaret invited Brigitte to stay with her in the house boat and help her with the Bistro.  She agreed, so I zapped Mama , Jasper ,Anya and Luis home.  She named the Bistro Chez Voulez-Vouz . I thought it was an adorable name for a French Bistro.  09152010

I couldn’t be sure but from the looks of things it seemed like Brigitte, and Margaret were falling madly in love.  Ben got the same impression over time as we saw them interact together.  We certainly never would have pegged Brigitte as the type to be interested in women, but then again she’s French, and the French were always so very unpredictable.  Besides, who were we to judge?  We had lots of same sex relationships going on  in and around the Marin Estate, as well as the Bayou Estates.  Like I always say “We don’t chose who we fall in love with, our hearts do!”  I believe this to be true, as I have seen it so many times in my life.  Usually the one person you fall madly deeply in love with in your life is someone who most would never see you with, or had any idea about it.  It just goes to show you that although you think you might know a person, in reality you may not even know them at all.  Certainly the French and Italian families we know see enough of that in their life times as well.  Come lunch time, all I wanted was a hot Rueben sandwich with some thick cut fries.  I invited Ben to go to lunch with me at the bistro, then I bumped into Jeremiah, and Lucas and invited them too. They seemed to be getting pretty comfy cozy with one another too.  I was whispering to Ben “Hey are you seeing what I am seeing?”  They were standing so close to one another at the counter of the Bistro to order I would have mistaken them to be married.  I cornered Lucas, and asked him “What are you doing?”  He replied, “I’m not doing it, he is.”  I said, “Hhhhmmm.”   We all ordered and sat down together at the table.  I knew my brother was my twin, and I realized if he was more like me then Donna, what was I going to do about it?  Nothing, I needed to leave it alone.  He’s a grown man and can take care of him self.  Besides, he knows what he wants and he takes it.  So after lunch when we went back to the house I invited him to sit in the sauna with me.  We met in the men’s locker room, removed out clothes, and then wrapped the towels around our wastes, and entered the sauna.  He sat on the top bench then laid down, while I did the same on the lower bench.  “Ah, this feels so good right now!”  I cleared my throat, then said “Hey, Jeremiah?  I noticed you were becoming pretty close to Lucas.  Is this becoming something serious or romantic?”    He placed his hand on top of my head and said “Little brother, there’s really no need to discuss this.  After all I never asked you about Ben, have I?” I realized that I was crossing boundaries, that my brother did not want crossed, at least not now.  I apologized to him and he said, “Don’t you worry about me.  If I marry someone I will ask you to be my best man!”  We laughed a little and then after twenty minutes left the sauna for the hot tub.  Lucas came out with a few flutes of champagne and then removed his clothes and sat beside Jeremiah.  We cheers, then sipped our champagne and just relaxed. 09152010

That night in bed Ben and I talked a little about what happened in the sauna and spa.  I told him what I said and what Jeremiah said.  He told me it is best to stay out of it and see what comes of it.  I told him I was not upset about it.  I actually thought it was very sweet.  There is something about those Mesiti men and my family that draws us together and we fall in love with each other.  That got me thinking so I got up out of bed and went to my office and did some research on the Bertrand’s of France and the Meseti’s of Italy to see if there were any other historic relationships.  It turned out there were more than one.  Back in the early 1600’s a Man named Michaelo Mesiti fell in love with another man named Peter Bertrand.  They met in Italy but were forced out of the small city of  Montepulciano then fled to France.  The second story was the love of  Paulo Giovanni who also fell in love with a man named Antoine Parker.  So the information that I had come up with showed that my family and the Meseti families had a history of love and relationship long before I ever met Vincent, Luigi, and Lucas.  Everything was making perfect sense to me now.  The Giovanni’s were attracted to the Parker side of my family and the Meseti’s were attracted to the Giovanni’s.  Then the Meseti’s and the Bertrand’s were attracted to each other.  I was both, parker and Bertrand and so is Jeremiah. The bloodlines were drawn to each other like a honey bee to the succulent honey suckle.   This had all become so interesting to me that when I went back to bed, I fell asleep and began to dream about these men and their relationships. 09152010

I got a call in my dream from Papa Gustafson, “Hey Sunshine!”  I see you’ve been poking around in your family tree.  “Yes Papa, I was hoping to find a link to my family or heritage with the Meseti family.  As you know I am dear friends with three of them.  Now it seems that my twin brother Jeremiah is falling in love with Lucas.  Papa laughed, then said, “In the history of these two families, both men and women were attracted to one another sense the beginning of time.  You see, the families are bonded by blood when to best friends were battling against evil in the beginning, in a pact to remain true to one another, and insure perfect trust and honesty the blood lines became one and then were drawn to each other for eternity.  There’s nothing anyone can say or do to change this bond.  The old magic that was used to create it, can not ever be tampered with.”  I said, “I wouldn’t ever want to tamper with it Papa, these men both Ben and I hold dear to our hearts.  They are like my brothers, but closer.  I sometimes and often thought that if Ben and I hadn’t found one another, well, Luigi, or Lucas and I would have become serious lovers for life”.  “That’s exactly right, you are drawn to them as they are drawn to you, and Donna, and Luigi, and Timothy!”  Papa embraced me and then said, “But forget not how my family has deep blood ties with your bloodline too, it’s been that way for as far back as I could see!”  He kissed my forehead and then vanished.  I woke up feeling really good about the visit Papa and I had.  I climbed out of bed put on my robe and then walked the estate.  I could hear people in the back yard so I went outside and found Lucas and Jeremiah swimming in the pool.  They stopped when they saw me.  “Hi guys.” I said.  “Hey did we wake you up?” Lucas asked.  I said “Oh no, I was waken by a visit from a passed friend in my dream.”  I was coming to get a glass of milk and heard something outside so I came out to see what was going on.” “Come in brother, the water feels great!” Jeremiah said.  I slipped off my robe and slowly climbed in wearing only my boxers.  Jeremiah swam up to me and met me face to face and then kissed my cheeks.  He held my face and squeezed it and then he said “I love you so much, you helped me and I am eternally grateful.”  I looked at him like he was crazy.  “Have you lost your mind?  You would have done nothing less for me!”  Lucas swam up to me, and he kissed me too and then said, “I love you too, very very much.”  I was feeling a bit odd, especially after I discovered my research.  “Are you guys out here smoking pot or something?”  They laughed and swam away chasing one another.  Clearly it was high on Love not Pot that I was witnessing.  I swam over to them and began to tell them about my research, and what Papa said.  They both found it fascinating.  Even Lucas confessed that Luigi told him one night that he knew there was something amazing about our families being together.  “I love Luigi, but I love Jasper too!  I think they are great for each other” I explained . “Oh no doubt, they are!” Lucas said.  We swam around trying to catch one another then we got out and went into the kitchen where I made us midnight snacks and warm milk.  I asked them, “Okay so who’s moving in with whom?  If you guys decide you want kids the upstairs apartment would be better for that.”  They both agreed and Lucas said he could be out of the apartment above the separate car port and return the keys to me in a day or two.  I told them, “Good because I wanted to leave that space open for Jasper and Luigi when ever they need it.”  I kissed them and told them I loved them and then I went back to bed. 09152010

In the morning I went into the children’s rooms and kissed them as they woke up.  They were happy to see me.  I helped them get dressed and then took them to the kitchen.  They waited patiently for Sonia to cook up some fried potatoes, scrambled eggs and toast, with sausage.  I sat down with them and ate breakfast, and then Ben came in and joined us.  We all enjoyed breakfast and thanked Sonia for it.  I saw the children off to school with Skipper, and then I cornered Ben, and asked him “Hey Mister, what’s on your agenda today?”  He said, “I haven’t made any plans, why?”  I said, “Because I want to go visit Bayou Delight for the day, and I want to share that with Jeremiah.”  Ben said he would go get ready.  When the guys came down I asked them if they wanted to spend the day in Louisiana with me?  They both said yes and ate breakfast and then got themselves ready to go.   I met everyone in the Meditation room and then snapped my fingers and we were in Bayou Estates. The place was quiet, so we went outside to the docks to see if the airboats were tied up.  One was the other was missing.  I went into the bedroom and knocked on the door.  “Come in.”  I peeked my head inside and saw Luigi in bed.  I walked in and sat down on the bed next to him.  I placed my hand on his forehead then asked, “Are you feeling okay?”  He coughed and said “I’m not sure.”  I shut my eyes, pressing my palm against his forehead.  I send an energy wave across his whole body that traveled through it then down to his feet and back up to his head.  By the time it returned and hit my hand, Luigi’s fever broke and he was healed. “What did you do?’ he asked me.  I said, I healed you.  Now get out of bed, you have company!”  he smiled and grabbed my head and kissed the top of it and then jumped out of bed and got into the shower.  He was singing an Italian song, while he showered.  He also said “Luis and Anya have it too. What ever I had.  Jasper went to the store to get me some medicines.”  I went over to Luis’s house and went inside.  They were both sick in bed.  “You guys know you could call me and I would heal you.”   Luis said “I know but I was too sick to call.  We can barely move!”   I sat in the middle of them at the foot of the bed.  I touched both of their foot.  I sent my scanning wave up the leg then through the body and by the time it came back to me, the energy hit me hard and I fell to the floor.  “What happened?” Anya asked.  I got up and shook my head, “I don’t know that’s never happened before!”  I began to get suspicious that perhaps this wasn’t a normal illness but a bad curse, or spell.  I kissed them and went back to the main house so they could shower and get dressed.  I cornered Lucas and told him what happened.  I asked him to keep his eyes and ears open.  06152010

We had so much fun cruising around on the river with the airboats.  Jasper and Luigi raced the boats while we were passengers.  We stopped at Mama’s Place to say hi to her and then we went to the Cajun Moon to see Monica and Donny.  I introduced them to Jeremiah and explained to them that he was my other twin.  We all had lunch together, it was on Donny.  After lunch we wanted to take Jeremiah to see the local Witch named Cécile.  We pulled up to her dock, and the whole dock was covered in creeping vines and eerie willows surrounding her cottage.  I got out first and tied up the boats.  Jeremiah wasn’t feeling very good about meeting a Witch when it was a Witch that cursed him.  I said, “Don’t forget we have Witched and Wizards, and Sorcerers in our family too.”  He mumbled something, as we all walked up to the lose screen netting coving the entrance.  She spoke, “Come in, please…I have been expecting you!”  The split second that Jeremiah say the Witch he froze dead in his tracks.  I said “Hey, it’s not her she can’t some with in 100 feet of you with out transforming into what ever it was she cursed you into.”  He grabbed my hand and held it tight, then we all walked in and sat around her table.  She grabbed Jeremiah’s hand and looked at his palm. “I see you were cursed most of your childhood, and now you are reunited with your family. “  I said firmly, “I beg your pardon, but …we are not here to hear things that we already know.  We are here to hear things that we do not know! Please enlighten me.”  She turned to me and began chanting a spell, but I put up my hand and deflected it back onto her and she froze.  I touched her shoulder and she unfroze.  “If you try anything like that again, I promise you…you won’t know what hit you!”   She humbly apologized to me and then continued.  “This Witch that you seek she resembles me.  The reason is because she is my lost sister Hazel.   “Well I have a message for her, if you see her tell her I am going to find her and when I get finished with her she will wish she were dead!”  I grabbed Jeremiah and everyone else and stormed out of the Witch’s cottage.  Ben and I got on the airboat, and he said, “Do you think it’s a good idea to threaten them like that?”  I answered, “Ben I’m so furious that they robbed us of Jeremiah that I could just scream!”  Anya looked at me and said, “If anything thing happens I will do what ever I can to help you.”  I thanked her then we hopped on the boat and sped away down the river. I sat next to Jeremiah, and he seemed very upset.  “You know, you don’t realize the power you possess.  It’s inside you and you have to let it out.  Once you do that this fear will subside for ever.  I promise.”  He kissed me and said “Thank you for doing that for me, back there,  it makes me feel so loved.”  A single tear fell from his eye and I caught it with my finger, lightly blew on it, and then turned it into miniature stars that swirled around our heads and vanished into thin air.  He smiled and I sensed he was feeling better.  We pulled up to our docks, and tied up the boats and then Jasper said, “Let drink some Moonshine!” He ran inside to get the jugs.  09152010

I went straight to the drawing board to cast an all powerful spell on the Bayou Estate.  I was not going to allow anything to happen to my family there!  I conjured up some powerful relatives and asked them what I could do that would work.  They advised me to surround the perimeters of the property with Motherwort.  Then I burned Eucalyptus in the dwellings to ward off illness and infections.  I also cast a spell after I drummed up all the energy I could conjure from within me and it would deflect anything and everything bad or evil off of the estate and the people who lived there.  Once that was taken care of I was able to relax and feel more comfortable.  Ben sat me down and said “I’m so glad you decided to come here today. They didn’t even know what was going on here.”  I said “Yeah me too, and now at the end of the day I can feel good about going home and knowing they are safe because of the necessary measures I took to protect them.”  We all had a good time drinking, and listing to music and cooking and eating good foods.  Something that no one was able to enjoy while most were sick in bed.  By the end of the evening we had to head back home.  Jeremiah said his good byes to Luigi, Jasper, Luis and Anya, then we were home in a split second.  Lucas and I went into the office and I documented everything that happened.  I hadn’t told anyone but before I left the Witch in the Bayou I stripped her of her active powers, and then transferred them to Jeremiah.  I left her with the ability to see the future, and read fortunes so she could make a living, but she wasn’t going to hurt anyone or misuse her gifts ever again.  09152010

I needed to work with Jeremiah to improve his confidence and his magic.  I was still training Lucas so at the same time, I shared all the family secrets, and spells and potions and everything I knew with them.  I had everything documented for the future relatives and friends who needed to know what I knew.  In just a few short months, Jeremiah was equal to me with his abilities and powers.  I was confident he would be able to protect himself, in any situation.  Within those few months Jeremiah also had the ability to communicate with everyone in his dreams.  He and I shared good conversations together lots of nights.
We bonded so closely that there weren’t any other two people in our circle of family and friends who could be any closer.  In the training mental telepathy became easy.  Our communication went from speech to mind reading.  It was a little weird that we could sense one another’s intimate feelings, so where romance was involved  with our mates, sometimes we had to simply block that out.   I spent the last day of our training, in a Sorcerers battle with Jeremiah.  We fought against one another by counter acting spells, and transfiguration's.  By the end of the battle I was feeling extremely fatigued so at the end of the day I fell asleep and I slept for two days straight.  Ben kept checking on me and thought something bad had happened.  The thing was if I used too much power at one time, then my energy level would become low and all I could do to revive myself was to sleep. Jeremiah assured him that I was okay, he was speaking to me in his dreams.  I was just so warn out by all the magic I had been doing in such a short amount of time.  I just figured that it didn’t happen to Jeremiah because he was so new to the craft.  09152010

When I finally woke up I felt like I had been sleeping for a year.  My energy level were through the roof.  That day I went surfing, biking, hiking, horse back riding, swimming, jogging, and played tennis.  Ben was wiped out by the end of the day.  We all shared a fantastic Autumn dinner outside on the back patio, and then we went in and sat by the fire and read stories to the children.  After we put the kids to bed, Ben and I went to bed ourselves.  That night was one of the most memorable nights of love making we had ever shared together.  Hours later we fell asleep in one another’s arms.  Once the morning sun his my face though the window of our bedroom, I was awake.  I put on my robe and went to the kitchen to make me some coffee.   I ground the beans, and then put them into the coffee maker.  I poured the water in and hit power.  I searched the cupboards for the Carmel syrup.  I put that in my cup.  I sat at the counter waiting for the coffee to finish brewing.  I heard the apartment door open and shut, and Jeremiah walked down stairs then into the kitchen in his robe.  He pulled up a stool right beside me.  “Hey baby brother, did I kick your ass?”  I laughed so hard I nearly fell right off the stool.  “Do you think that’s possible?” I responded. I got up and poured both him and I mugs of coffee, then asked “Syrup?”  He nodded .  “Just playing. I seriously don’t think either one of us could win against the other at something like that.”  I said “Why would I want to?  I just got you back.”  We both sat there in the kitchen and looked off in the distance, sipping our coffee. 09152010

“What are your plans for the day?”  he asked me.   I said, “I was thinking about hanging out with Margaret and Brigitte. Maybe we would go over to the Brick Estate and check up on the children and see Ginger. Why? Do you want to come with me?”  He smiled and said, “Sure sounds nice.”  We left the kitchen and both went to our bathrooms to take a shower.  After I got dressed Ben woke up got ready and then packed up his paintings for another art show in San Francisco.  The oldest kids were sharing it with him too.  He kissed me good bye and left for the day.  The kids were off to school, and Skipper drove them then picked up the kids at the Brick Estate too.  I called Margaret and asked her if she would like to go out today.  She said, “Yeah Darling, pick me up.”  Lucas went to the brick studio to work on his new sculptures.  Jeremiah and I got in the Mercedes and drove to Sausalito, CA to pick up Margaret and Brigitte.  I pulled into the parking lot and parked the car.  I jumped out and Jeremiah jumped out.  We went up the dock to Margaret’s house then rang her doorbell.  She opened the door and said, “Hi come in for a minute.”  We walked in and Brigitte was making Irish coffee’s for the road.  “Hey guys, do you want an Irish coffee?”  I said “No thanks I’m driving, but go ahead and make Jeremiah one.” They made the coffees and we took off.  We went to the Brick Estate and parked then went up in the elevator to see Lucas.  He was working on his sculptures.  Once up the gals opened up a bottle of white wine and shared it with everyone.  I sent the guys to the Chinese restaurant for take out and we just hung out and partied a little at the studio until Ginger got off work, and came home.   Ginger came home and the children came home and we all shared Chinese food together.   I wanted to watch some Harry Potter so we put in Harry Potter and all watched it together at Ginger’s place. After it ended I said my good byes, and took Brigitte, and Margaret home.  Jeremiah and I went home, he went to his apartment to start dinner for him and Lucas.  I had dinner with the family and then went to bed. 09162010

In bed I began dreaming  very odd dreams.  I was dreaming that I was late for my new job at the giant burrito manufacturing plant.  I dreamed that I was given a room to stay in on the property but it had no bathroom or shower.  So I was forced to look around for a place to wash up and use the bathroom.  Only every time I went to use the bathroom a woman would walk in and talk to me and I wouldn’t be able to go.  I finally found a spot and a large man who was the Janitor would walk up to me while I was going, and then still talk to me while I was putting my head under the sink to wash my hair.   In the meantime there was a strikingly handsome man riding around on his horse around the property trying to corral his other horses with a whip.  I walked out and tried to fly out of the property because the whole dream was very disturbing to me but I couldn’t.  I would get into the air and some force would pull me back to the  ground.  I decided to go clock in and just start working but I couldn’t find my time card.  The supervisor and Manager were trying to help me find it and I was getting very stressed out, then I woke up out of the dream and went to the bathroom.  I went back to sleep, and continued dreaming about the job and my time card.   I gave up looking and told the women that this position obviously wasn’t the right match for me.  The ladies laughed and said, “it’s the right position for anybody.”  I was a little insulted but thanked them and moved on.  I was still trying to fly out of the company property.  The striking man was still trying to rustle up his horses.  I decided to help him with his horses and once I was able to get them all pined up he thanked me. “What’s your name?”  I said “Hi, I’m Doug”.  He asked “Do you have experience with horses?”  I said “I have a few yeah”.  Then he asked me if I wanted a job?  I said, “Thank you I’m financially wealthy and I don’t really need a job.  Then I explained my job is a parent and then also a Private Investigator.  He smiled and thanked me for my help and said “I hope I see you again Doug.  My name is Colton.  He reached out his large hand to shake mine.  He was a blond man with white skin. Tall about 6 foot 4 inches.  Tight Levi jeans wearing a western shirt, big buckled belt and nice black cowboy hat.  I couldn’t stop staring at his big innocent blue eyes.  The rippled muscles that were defined and traveling up his forearm and to his biceps led me to believe his whole body must look like that under all those clothes.  I said, “So very nice to meet you Colton.”  He asked me if I wanted to go for a ride with him so I hopped on the back of his horse and he rode me all around his Ranch.  09162010

He rode into his fenced in property and helped me off his horse.  I fell into his arms getting down and he caught me saying “Easy Now.” We went into his country home and the inside was just spectacular.  Hard wood floors, large thick windows looking out across all of his property. A stairway leading up to what I assumed was the bedrooms, and bathrooms.  He showed me to the kitchen and then lit up his stove top and cooked me up a nice juicy steak, and also served mashed potatoes with gravy and fresh sliced steamed vegetables from his garden.  We sat down at a large table sitting in the corner of the kitchen and enjoyed dinner together with some very nice wine he had made from his vineyard.  Our conversation was about Politics, and Religion.  The two things I generally as a rule never ever discuss with anyone.  With him it was different.  He had his views, and point of views, but his soft, deep voice never raised or faltered from the same tone, which makes a person feel calming and secure.  I smiled and said “Have you ever thought of becoming an inspirational speaker? “  he laughed and said, “No, I can’t reckon I ever have.”  The evening with Carlton was very enjoyable.  So enjoyable that I wasn’t really very interested in leaving him or waking up from a bad dream gone incredibly yet unbelievably good.  He asked me if I enjoyed Chess.  I said, I play a little.  He walked me to the large living room that was located at the front of the house, and we sat down and played chess, and talked like we’d known one another for years. 09162010

After we finished the game, he asked me if he could show me something.  He walked me outside and to his huge green house.  We entered and inside was every kind of house plant you could imagine.  He also had hundreds of beautiful orchid.  One in particular that caught my eye was a white pedal one that on the inside had colors of orange, and purple.  He picked it up and handed it to me.  He said “Here, please take this.” I said “Oh I really couldn’t”.  He insisted and reminded me that if I hadn’t been there for him he  never would been able to get his horses back in the fenced areas.  I said “Oh, ok it’s just so beautiful.  I woke up instantly and walked to my dresser, and sitting on it was that very Orchid in what looked like a hand painted and made vase.  The work looked identical to work that I had done in the past.  I picked it up and checked out the bottom and sure enough it was mine.  This confirmed that Colton was in fact real and not an imaginary figure in a dream I was having.  I went to the kitchen to make the coffee.  Ben came out shortly and walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me then began kissing my neck romantically.  Julian walked in and caught us and said “Ew daddies that’s so gross.”  Ben swirled around and lifted Julian off of his feet and then began kissing him all over.  :Do you mean like this!?”  Julian was laughing in delight of the attention he was getting.  Ben set him down and I kissed him and then said “There now you have cooties.”  He wiped them away and laughed.  “What do you want for breakfast?”  he said “Cereal.”  The three of us sat at the counter eating our favorite cereals.  Sonia walked in with Skipper and I said “You two can take the day off.”  They smiled, then said “Thank You” and left back to their apartment.  All the kids got up and dressed then ate, so Ben and I loaded them up in the Shuttle and took them to school. We went home and in our bedroom he asked me, “Where did this orchid come from?”  I told him about Colton and my dream.  I also told him that I thought I should have a new hobby.  He asked me what it was and I said, I wanted a Nursery with a green house.  He got right on it and called over Kevin.  Kevin developed the plans for a large green house and then got started on that project right away.  I went to my office and did a search for Colton.  I found that he was living on a large ranch in Nicasio, CA.  The yellow pages said he was a horse trainer and horticulturist.   I called him and asked him if he wouldn’t mind coming to my house to see if he would be interested in supplying my green house with the most popular plants and flowers.  He agreed to take the job, and I scheduled an appointment to meet him in the afternoon.  09162010

Noon came and the doorbell rang so I answered it and there standing in front of me was that tall, strikingly handsome cowboy that I had dreamt about that morning. “Hello Sir, My name is Colton Burns, and I’m here to talk to you about plants.”  I grabbed his hand and shook it firmly then said, “Nice to meet you, my name is Doug Parker.  Won’t you please come in?”  Colton stepped inside and I closed the door behind him. “Please right this way”  I said leading him to my office.  I closed the door and then asked him to have a seat.  He sat down then I offered him a cup of coffee or tea, maybe some water.  He said “Coffee would be great, black please.”  I poured him some coffee and he leaned down and opened his briefcase.  Inside he pulled out a few books.  He and I sat there for hours discussing plants and what they were.  Before I knew it a few hours had passed.  I thanked him for his time, then rescheduled with him for another day.  I saw him out, then Ben and I went to pick up the children.  After we picked up the kids we took them out for pizza, and video arcade fun.  09162010

Once we came back to the house, Colton was standing beside his Dodge truck waiting out front.  Ben pulled up the shuttle and asked “Who is that?”  I said, “He’s my new hired consultant regarding the green house plants.”  The shuttle parked and the kids couldn’t get out fast enough, they ran right up to the front door and inside, leaving the front door wide open.  Ben and I got out, and greeted Colton.  “Colton Burns, this is my husband Ben Parker.  Ben this is Colton, he’s going to help me pick out the plants for the green house.”  I turned back to Colton and said, “What brings you back here?”  He smiled subtly then said, “Would you mind if we talked in private?”  I said “Sure, right this way.”  Then I said “Please excuse me honey, I’ll meet you in the house.”   I escorted Colton into my office.  He looked a little concerned.  I shut the office door behind me and then sat down.  Colton remained standing.  “I’m sorry to intrude, it’s just that I had a dream about you last night and now you’ve called me from out of the blue asking me about plants.”  I interrupted him then said “I’m sorry, we should have covered this when I spoke to you this morning.  You see, you and I were dreaming about the same thing simultaneously and therefore we were communicating via dreams.”  Colton looks scared and unsure.  I said, “Please sit down.”  he sat down and I stood up, then I placed my hand on his forehead.  I imagined him and I right were we were in the dream sitting at his Chess table, and in seconds we were there.  Then I touched his shoulder and we returned back into my office.  I said “I have these gifts, well, most everyone in my family does plus my circle of friends.  We use them to help people.  I can communicate to people in their dreams and usually before I meet someone I have dreamt about them either the night right before or prior to, it’s another one of my gifts.  Please don’t be freaked out or afraid. I hope I can still work with you for my green house project.  He never said anything.  He stood up shook my hand and then showed himself out.  I went looking for Ben to tell him what happened.  After I did he said, “It’s a lot to take in and digest, but he will come around, you wait and see.”  09162010

I thought it would be fun to hook up our Karaoke computer system in the dance studio.  I put out all the song books on the side tables, and then I called all the kids into the studio.  I was serving punch, hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries, sodas, home made chocolate chip cookies, and brownies.  The kids loved to sing.  I invited Zita and Josef to come over with Ginger.  I also invited Margaret and Brigitte, with Nathan and Stephan.  Lucas and Jeremiah were there.  Jasper called and Ben zapped him and Luigi over for the event.  Mom & Dad came and they brought June, Thomas, Jennifer, Jocelyn and George.  Then Donna and David showed up.  It was a crazy karaoke dancing and singing affair.  For the adults we opened the bar and were serving drinks to order.  Ben and I danced all night long.  The kids had a blast singing and dancing.  Jeremiah used his video camera to get it all on tape.  Sonia and Skipper were dancing around like they were doing the Waltz and the kids were chasing them and laughing behind them.  Even if the song that was being sung was disco or country or hip hop or pop they still danced every song the same. It was soooo funny for us, them and the children.  09162010

After our little dance karaoke party, we cleaned up and then went to the kitchen for Sundays and Banana splits.  Everything and anything you could think of was out and on top of the counter.  The kids were even having a little bit of a canned whip cream fight that Ben and I couldn’t control ourselves from staying out of so we got them and half the adults too.  Sonia said in her thick Ukrainian accent “I am not cleaning this mess up in the morning!”  We sat down to eat and the kitchen looked like a nuclear food explosion.  Before we put the dishes in the dishwasher, Ben snapped his fingers and the kitchen was spotless.  Sonia smiled and said, “I don’t know why you guys need me when all you have to do is that!”  Ben kissed her and hugged her then said, “Awe, you wouldn’t feel needed if we did that all the time.”  We went into the home theater and put in a movie.  The doorbell rang and so Ben got up to answer it.  Just as he did, he realized it was Colton.  He said “Hey please won’t you come in?”  Colton thanked him, then said, “Would it be okay to speak to Doug again?”  Ben said “Sure just a moment.”  Ben came in to get me and so I left him in the home theater.  I met Colton in the foyer and said “Hey, is everything okay?”  He said “I’m just a little freaked out about you and how we met, and I feel awful about how I left the last time I was here.” I said “Look, I completely understand that you got scared and freaked out about how we meet and what I did to you this afternoon.  If you don’t want to work with me that’s fine.  I can hire another consultant.”  Colton asked if we could talk somewhere in private.  I showed him to my office again and shut the door behind him as he sat down.  “I’m a little embarrassed because I have been dreaming about you for years, and I just assumed you were this made up fantasy that I was having.  Now that I have met you in person and I see you’re not even single, it’s sort of freaked me out a bit.  In my dreams I know you have special powers.”  I scooted my chair right beside his.  I rested my hand on his knee and looked him right in his big blue eyes and said “Well, if you know me like I think you know me, then there really isn’t anything to worry about or get freaked out about.  I’m okay with it and so should you be.”   He rested his hand on my hand and then asked “Could we start over, and become good friends?”  I got a little choked up, and tried to talk at first but nothing came out.  I took a deep breath then stood up and extended my right hand to him.  He stood up and accepted it and squeezed it and shook it like he meant it.  I leaned forward and I kissed him on both of his cheeks and then pulled away and said “Please, just go with it, It’s a French thing.”  He took his hat off then bowed to me and kissed my hand then said, “It’s a cowboy thing.”  I walked him to the door and said, “Thank you for coming, and please come again, soon.”  He said good bye and then hopped into his big Dodge truck and drove off. 09162010

I went into the theater room to watch the movie with the family.  Ben whispered, “Is everything okay?” I whispered back “Yes, I’ll explain later.”  I actually fell asleep before the movie ended.  During the credits, I woke up and everyone else had already cleared out and went to bed.  Ben helped me out of the seat and showed me to bed.  I fell fast asleep and then began dreaming.  I was on Colton’s front porch, sitting in his hanging bend swing.  He came out and said, “Hi I was hoping that you would show up here tonight.”  I said, “Not that I wouldn’t want to but I’m not sure I had any choice.  I just appeared here.”  He said, “Well I am so glad you did.”  He came up to me and handed me a drink.  It was a southern lemonade.  I sipped it and he sipped his, then sat beside me.  We swung on the swing, and talked.    He apologized if he made me feel uncomfortable.  I told him I wasn’t bothered at all.  The I said “It’s okay that you and I had some kind of a romantic relationship in your dreams.  Even if I am with someone else in reality.  Dreams and reality are usually not the same. Certainly, they weren’t up until we met in person in real life.”  We sat there sipping out lemonades and then he said, “Would you like to play horse shoes with me?”  I stood up and said “Sure.”  We played for hours.  I could see how Colton and I would become so close and actually fall in love.  After the game we went back to the front porch swing and sat down.  I said “I have lots of close friends in real life. There’s Jasper, Stephan, Nathan, Luigi, Lucas, Vinny, Matthew, and Jon.”  Colton smiles and then asks “And Ben? How does he feel about this?”  I respond “Ben knows that when it comes right down to it, he’s the only one I become physically one with.  The others, some of them maybe before Ben but never any of them after him. He’s my one true soul mate.”   Colton says “ So you never do anything with then other guys?”  “I do, I do everything to a certain point, then there’s just a boundary that I have to set and that is no fornicating. Take Jasper for instance, he and I are childhood friends, we explored each other, even dated a short time.  We have fornicated and as it turns out, we’re better off friends.  He and I can sleep naked together, and it’s no big deal.  He could jump right into the bath tub with me, and I won’t think anything of it.  Ben knows that.  That holds true with every one of them.”   Colton replied, “That’s a very unique and interesting relationship.  I’m not sure I could be so trusting in any relationship.”  I said, “I think you would be surprised where men are concerned.  Either you have an open relationship or you don’t but no matter what it is, all men respect it. Besides, there are some men who are so close like brothers, or cousins, who are actually closer then family. Those are all the men in my life.  We share, we love, we care, we snuggle, we hug, we kiss, we sleep.  There’s nothing shameful about that.”  He smiles and I continue “ I trust those men with my life. They see me inside and out. I think they feel the same way about me.”  Colton says “I wish I had friends like that.”  I lean on him then said “Guess what?” He said “What?”  I said “Now, you do!”  I woke up out of the dream and got up to get some water in the kitchen.  The light was on and Theodora was sitting in the kitchen at the counter crying.  “Theodora? Why are you up and what’s the matter?”  She wiped away her tears quickly and turned away in embarrassment. “Honey, you can tell Papa, anything!”  She cleared her throat, then sobbed again.  She said, “I’m bleeding.”  I stopped her before she could continue and I said “Don’t go away, I will be right back!”  I zapped myself into Gingers apartment.  I whispered, “Ginger, are you in here?” She turned on the light and said “Doug, is everything ok?”  I said, I have a problem at the estate, it’s Theodora, she’s turned into a woman and crying about it in the kitchen.”  She grabbed her robe put it on, grabbed my hand and then we zapped back into the kitchen.  Ginger grabbed Theodora’s hand and said “Honey, come here with me.”  She took her out of the kitchen and off back to her bedroom.  I went into the kitchen, got my drink of water, and then went back to bed. 09162010

Ginger talked to Theodora about the female body and puberty, and the birds and the bees.  Theodora took care of the problem and then felt so much better. Ginger just stayed the night in Theodora’s room, on her day bed under the window.  Come morning everyone got up late because it was a Sunday.  Sonia and Skipper were up working together in the kitchen, cooking breakfast to feed an Army. Ginger and Theodora came out and Theodora walked up to me and hugged me and then kissed me and said “Thank you Papa”.  I hugged her back and said, “Honey, there’s nothing we can’t fix, both you and I”.    We sat down as a family, for breakfast.  The door rang at one point but I never got it.  I realized as everyone was seated, Colton had come over and Ben invited him to breakfast.  I went through the whole room, introducing Colton to the whole clan.  “There are more, and they aren’t here but I’m sure you will meet them soon enough.”  I began to think about Colton, and how he lived in such a large estate, like us, only he never had anyone except me in his dreams.  Judging by the look on his face, he seemed very happy and content to be here with my wild and crazy large family.  09162010

Today was a go nowhere and stay close to home day.  I asked Colton if he wanted to go bowling with me.  We bowled three of four games, and then decided to have lunch.  In the kitchen, we made roast beef sandwiches on soft rolls with mayonnaise, mustard, pickles, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and jack cheese,.  I placed them on a plate with Lays BBQ potato chips, then I grabbed two Pepsi’s and a small bottle of Jack Daniels and we went outside by the pool and ate our lunch together, and had Pepsi & Jack over ice.  Ben was preoccupied with the children in the house.  Colton asked after lunch if he could see our horses.  I walked him out to the barn we saw the horses and then  I showed him the site where they were building my green house.  Afterwards, I walked him out to the creek, where I sit and think alone sometimes.  He was very impressed with the property and the Estate.  I told him, “I understand you are all alone on your estate, but don’t you have any family?”  He said, “No, my family is all gone there’s only me.”  I felt sad for him, and I could not imagine life with out family.  “I’m thinking, I have tons of family, sometimes more then what I need.  I would be happy to share some of mine with you.”  He smiled and then he thanked me.  I walked him back to the house, and gave him a full tour of the sauna, and hot tub.  He suggested we pour ourselves another drink and then go in.  I said okay, made the drinks and then we got undressed in the men’s locker room, and walked into the sauna. He and I shared the same bench.  The steam was thick and we couldn’t see one another, but we could hear us talking.  I suddenly felt his hand touch my leg.  It moved slowly up towards my knee and then moved into the inside of my inner thigh.  He began talking to me.  “I really love this.  I should have one put in at my place.”  I said “Where would you put it?” His hand continued up my inner thigh and then stopped just shy of touching my gentiles.   I was already sweating from the heat of the sauna, but his hands were making me feel like I was double sweating.  He began to wiggle his fingers closer, ever so slowly, but closer.  Before I could even think he had his other hand carefully removing the towel from being tied into itself, then allowing it to fall on the seat.  I still couldn’t see two inches in front of me.  I was breathing in through my nose and out my mouth.  Colton carefully cupped my genitals and held onto them with his big strong hands.  I could feel his exhale slowly moving from my shoulder, delicately up my neck.  He began to nibble on my ear.  I started to shiver a little, uncontrollably.  I said, “Colton”.  He stopped then whispered “What? You don’t like it?”  I said, “It feels unbelievable, but what you’re doing is going to land me in a place and situation that I would just as soon not put myself in.”  Colton continued where he left off, then said “sssshhhh”.  I tried to locate my drink sitting next to me to take a sip.  I accidentally set my hand on his genitals.  All of him was rock hard and strong as hell.  I could feel it through the towel.  I said “Oh excuse me.”   I found my drink and took a few gulps.  Then I set it back down.  I just sat there, and said to myself, relax, he’s not murdering you.  He was touching me in a way that I had never experienced before.  I could feel the sensuality in his finger tips.  So soft, smooth, silk like, yet so strong, and manly.  I said “Obviously you and I have experience with this, only it was the dream me.”  Colton stopped what he was doing and then said “You taught me that touch. It’s simply magical.”  I grabbed the towel and slid out from beside him.  I rewrapped it around my waste, then said “Colton, please, it really is hot enough in here right now.  If you continue this I will faint from a heat stoke.”  He laughed loudly from his belly.  Then he said, “You are so damn cute.  I could only dream of being with you.”  I wasn’t feeling all the innocent or sincere anymore, all of the sudden.  I began to weep in my hands.  Colton felt bad and hugged me tight.  He said, “I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have touched you.” I wasn’t thinking about that. I was thinking about how he did touch me and it was something that I had never felt like that before.  It made me feel worse that I was the one who shared it to him in his dreams.  We embraced one another and didn’t move for the next ten minutes.  I stopped my whimper and then picked up my drink and guided him out of the sauna.  We stopped at the bar wrapped in our towels, made another drink.   I bumped into Ben, kissed him on his lips hello, then we returned to the hot tub.  We got in and we were both sitting there stark naked.  He clearly knew me, from his dreams, but I had not known him that way.  I was amazed by the size of his genitals.  They were enormous, and I couldn’t stop checking them out when he wasn’t noticing.  I laid back and dunked my hair under the water and then swept it back with both my hands.  We sipped our drinks and never said a word. He looked at me and it seemed as if he was looking right through me. I realized we were in trouble, and it needed to be fixed.   I slid next to him, I rested my hand on his genitals.  I gripped them as if they were owned by me.  I looked right at him and I said, “You and I have a great road ahead of us, together.  I can’t see how adding to it with complicated sex is going to help anything.”  He grabbed mine, held it like he did before in the sauna, turned to me then said “I’m the one who knows what being with you is like, not the other way around.”  He let go and then slid away just a little.  He grabbed his drink and downed it then set the cup on the rim of the hot tub.  I was trying to defuse the situation before it turn into something ugly.  Colton got up out of the hot tub, walked back into the locker room and then began to get dressed.  I jumped out, met him in there and cornered him.  “Hey, you…..look at me!”  He was trying to avoid looking at me.  I grabbed his shoulders and shook him.  “Hey, Colton….look at me!”  he stopped with his pants up around his waist, but unzipped and buttoned and then he looked at me.  I said “You and I, we’re new friends, there’s really no need to rush into anything, right? Please sit down.”  He sat down and I sat down beside him.  I put my arm around him and rested my head on his shoulder.  He was leery about placing his hand and arm around my shoulder but in a few moments that’s exactly what he did.  He rested his head against my head.    06162010

As I was sitting there resting my head against his, I was wishing that I could split myself in half and half of me could be with Ben and the other half could be with Colton.  Both men were perfect men.  Loving, sensual, strong, smart, funny, and motivated.  Suddenly the door opened, and in walked Jeremiah he took one look at Colton and I then was about to turn around and leave. I jumped up and said “Hey, hey, have you two met yet?”  Jeremiah thought about it then said, “I’m not sure.”  “Please let me introduce you, Colton, this is my twin brother Jeremiah, Jeremiah, this is my new friend Colton.”  The two men stood pretty close together and grabbed hands, and shook.  I began to realize something.  Colton was meant to be with Jeremiah not me.  I stood up with my clothes in hand and then I said, “Please excuse me” and I quickly left.  As I was exiting quickly out of the locker room, I ran right into Lucas.  I said, “Lucas, follow me.  I have some things that I want to go over with you.”  He spun around and followed me into my office. I went over the plans for the green house.  Then I explained that I was hiring Colton as my consultant for the plants.  He was taking notes, and then he said “Was that all?” I said, “Yeah thank you.” He stood up and left the office.   He went back to what he was doing which was looking for Jeremiah.  He opened the door to the men’s locker room and caught Jeremiah having sex with Colton.  He gasped, then stepped back and turned around in a really big hurry.  He hunted me down and was crying and asked me what he did wrong?  I hugged him and told him, “It’s not you, it has nothing to do with you.  You see, I have a strong feeling that those two men were meant to be together.  Don’t worry everything is fixable.  Let’s go get your things and move you back into your old apartment.  He dried his eyes, kissed and thanked me and we set him up back in his original apartment.  Part of me felt bad for him, but the other part of me felt relieved that I was going to have his full, undivided attention as my Personal Assistant again.  09162010

Once the two horn dogs finished having crazy caveman sex, they showed up in my kitchen ravishing the place for food.  I walked in and laughed.  Colton was glowing, and so was Jeremiah.  Just like two Junior High School boys who finally lost their virginity.  I pushed them aside and began to fold out the pizza dough that I had chilling in the refrigerator.  I puffed out some flour on the counter top and slapped my dough down.  I began kneading, and squeezing and pinching the dough until it loosened up enough for me to pull it and shape it into a giant floppy disc.   I spun the disk up above my head and then caught it.  I kept spinning it and pinching it and making it bigger and bigger. Jeremiah was pulling out toppings for the pizza.  Colton was searching in the panty for the pizza sauce.  Just as soon as soon as we got out all the ingredients everything came together quickly.  Ben came in and began making another pizza with the second ball of dough.  The first pizza was complete and Bam it went into the oven.  All four of us were making pizza making so much fun that we were pouring out the red wine into the huge wine glasses and just making more pizzas.  Personal pan pizzas, flat dough pizzas, stuffed crust pizzas, vegetarian pizzas, all meat pizzas, even a dessert pizza.  We devoured the first pizza that came out and then as they came out we sat and ate, and drank more red wine.  Just as soon as the pizzas were all out of the oven and we had sampled them we moved the party to the back yard.  Ben was feeling tired and asked me if I was going to go with him? I said, “Yes, right behind you honey.”  Colton and Jeremiah finished the bottle of wine on the table and then they went up together to the attic apartment. 09162010

I took off all my clothes and jumped in the shower. Then I ran from the bathroom to the bed.  Ben was already inside the bed waiting for me.  I jumped on him and then said “What is it about our sauna and men trying to force themselves on me?”  He laughed and said, “You’re an Adonis my love.”  We shared our souls and bodies for endless hours.  Once I fell asleep I found myself dreaming of a place where I was sitting hi upon a hill top, over looking a whole valley.  I heard something and then looked beside me and it was Colton.  He had this big shit eating grin draped across his face.  I was almost afraid to ask because it was one of those things where you know the answer before you ask the question.  I said “Okay, don’t tell me, let me guess…you found your one and only true love, your soul mate, the split apart, the only thing worth living, and so on and so on and so on.”   He said, “No that was you, but since I can’t have you then yes, Jeremiah meets all those things to me.”  I wasn’t sure if I was happy or irritated.  I kept thinking about Lucas crying on my shoulder.  “Colton, he’s my twin brother, and if you do anything to hurt him, then you will leave me no choice but to seek revenge, and not just your ordinary Gypsy run of the mill revenge either. I will go full throttle Vampire seeking revenge on your ass, how’s that?” He laughed, kissed me one last kiss and then vanished from my dream.  09162010

The whole night I was tossing and turning.  I needed to make things right with Lucas.  I know it had nothing to do with me, but I was feeling so bad for him.  I put on my robe and I went to see him in the middle of the night.  I knocked on the door and I could hear his Bose sound system on and turned up.  I checked the door to see if it was locked and it was, so I said a little charm and it unlocked then I entered.  I walked in and turned down the Bose sound system.  I carefully walked around the apartment checking around every corner and hallway.  I saw that the door to his bedroom was cracked open just a tad bit, so I carefully entered saying “Lucas? Are you home?”  I saw a shadow on the floor and it looked like dangling feet, so I followed it as I was entering and there he was hanging by his neck with a leather belt.  His feet and body were jerking around like a fish sitting on the dock fresh out of water.  I jumped up on his bed then I released the belt and freed him from his noose.  I fell to the floor with the weight of his shocked and convulsing body.  I spoke softly in his ear “Lucas, you are a very loved human being.”  I was transferring every ounce of my healing abilities out of my hands and arms and chest into him.  I continued, “I love you, Luigi loves you, Ben loves you, The children love you!”  I continued healing him, until I could clearly see he had returned to consciousness and he was breathing okay.  I held him in my arms that night on the floor and I just balled my eyes out.  I could not let him go.  I continued talking to him, and telling him how important he was to Jasper, Timothy, Matthew, Luis, and Anya.  I didn’t leave a single soul out, except for my brother who’s name I dare not mention.  He was crying so much, and he kept saying “I am so sorry.”  Hours did pass that seemed like weeks.  I did not care, time stopped for me, and nothing mattered more than right here and right now, and that Lucas was alive and in my arms.  I decided to take him away with me alone for a few days, but I needed to let Ben know, so I focused and held Lucas tight in my arms and I astro  projected myself into Ben’s dream.  “Honey, I can not talk right now, I am with Lucas.  I am taking him away for a few days to be alone with him.  I will explain when I return, I love you.”  Then I returned back into my body and we vanished. 09162010

There is this very little cabin that has been in my family for hundreds and hundreds of years, in in a small village in France.  I never go there, because it’s a very special place for me.  I like to keep my old memories of it in my mind. If I continued to go there, those old memories would be taken over by new ones and that would simply break my heart.  You see this was a cabin that my grandmother lived in after her grandmother passed away in it.  So if anyone in the family ever wanted to see Gram, that’s where they would find her.  She was a very magical woman, but she had traveled all over the world in her youth. As she got older, she had seen so much that the most important things to her were inside that cottage and also in the garden she kept.  I had a neighbor and old family friend tend to the property once a week.  Just so nothing was over grown or broken or damaged with age.  The very second we got into the cottage, the fireplace lit up magically all on its own.  Also the kettle of water began to heat up.  I laid Lucas down on the couch , and prepared us some tea.  I searched the cupboards for food but there was nothing.  I snapped my fingers and before us were a few fresh baked pastries.  I carried the tea and the pastries into the front room and set them down on a tiny coffee table.  “Lucas, how do you feel?”  He sat up and sipped some tea, and then took a bite of the pastry, then said “I feel very ashamed and embarrassed.”  I sat beside him and began weeping uncontrollably.  I could barely get any words out of my mouth.  My throat was hurting with each breath.  When I did speak all I could say was “Don’t Be!”  I hugged him and he and I wept together.  More hours went by and I was feeling so fatigued.  I could tell he was too, but I was so scared to let him out of my sight.  I carried him to the bedroom, I removed his pants and shoes, and socks, then I laid him in the bed under the covers.  I climbed in bed with him and I rolled over half way on top of him.  My arm and leg was around him so if he moved just the slightest bit I would know.  We fell asleep late that morning, and we slept for ten hours.  By early afternoon we were both awake at the same time.  I could tell Lucas’ state of mind was so much clearer now.  He was holding onto me, and not letting go.  I woke up with his face in mine on the shared pillow.  I said, “Hey” then he said, “Hello”.  I moved closer to him and I kissed him.  Then as I backed away, he put his hand on my forehead and swept my bangs out of my face.  I asked him “What would you like to do today? Do you have an idea of where we are?”  He said, I feel like I did when my family would take me to visit relatives in France.”  “That’s very good, we are in a very small village in France. If we get up and go down the street a few kilometers we will be at the village square. There they have fresh baked pastries, and a bistro, and there’s fresh coffee.  Does that sound good?”  He kissed my forehead and then said “Yes.”  I got up out of bed and I teleported clothes for me from my dresser drawers as well as some for him.  I started the bath water and I had him take a bath with me so we saved on water and we were not alone.  We got dressed and walked to the village square.  09162010

As we approached we could smell the fresh pastries and breads that were being baked and that had come out of the oven.  Also the fresh pressed coffee. I turned to Lucas and said “In France they bake all day and all night, everything is fresh, and they prepare and drink coffee all hours too.”  He looked at me then said “it’s just how I remember.” I was holding his hand so he wouldn’t feel shy or uneasy.  Once I got the feeling that he was okay with his surrounding I let it go.  “Bonjour, como sava?” one of the country folks asked me, I smiled and replied “Sava, Bon après-midi.”   We walked into the local bistro and I told Lucas, to have what ever he wanted.  He reminded me of one of my children by the way he was searching though every shelf and glass display.   He picked out what he wanted and I picked out what I wanted and then I said “S'il vous plaît mettre cela sur l'onglet Bertrand vous remercie”  the clerk replied “Yes Sir, and welcome home.”  I said “Merci” I grabbed all the groceries that I thought we would need for the next few days between the local market and the harvest street vendors and then we returned to the cottage.  “Please make yourself at home. I want you to forget that you are my PA, and I want you to share this space and time with me as a dear friend, can you do that for me?”  I handed him his coffee. He said “Yes, I am eternally grateful for what you have done and what you do for me.  I acted like a fool and for that I am sorry.”  I said, “Okay you said it once.  Do not say it again. I have your back, and I hope you would have mine.”  I kissed him on both cheeks and then sat down at the very small kitchen table with him to eat.  I watched him carefully studying his every move. Deducing in my mind if he was really mentally stable and okay, or not.  My instincts were rarely wrong, what I was beginning to feel as I picked apart his every movement was that there was a tiny little light inside him just beginning to flicker, it was that tiny flicker, inside him that was for him something called happiness.  “Since we don’t have tv and I don’t feel like putting one in, I thought maybe reading a good book, and going out in the garden would be enough to keep us busy, or entertained.  I also know Gram has some old French board games in the closet if you’re interested in that, as well as a deck of cards.”  He thanked me but said “Let’s play it by ear.”   09162010

The sun was going down, and the fireplace lit magically, so did the water kettle on top of the stove.  Lucas asked “Is that something that your Gram has done to the home?”  I said, “Yes, she was very efficient like that.”  he smiled then said “It’s very clever.”  I nodded, then I thought to myself, How is it that this very handsome Italian young  man is having such a difficult time with romance in his life? He was charming, kind, considerate, very organized. Who wouldn’t want that?  I decided to change my thoughts because I really didn’t need to have the answers appear before me as so many questions that I ask in life do.  I did find an old radio so I turned it on then tuned it into a local station.  The music was in French but it was vary pleasant, and calming.  I laid down on the couch, and closed my eyes.  Lucas said “Are you tired and do you want to go to bed?”  I said “I am tired but I will not go to bed with out you.”  He yawned, then said “I am tired again, we could go to bed.”  We got into our pajamas that I packed and then went to bed.  I began to dream and I was sitting on a swing that was hanging from a large oak tree. Some one walked up behind me and pushed me.  After they pushed me away they said “Hey, what’s going on with Lucas?”  I recognized the voice right away then replied “He’s fine, he had an accident and so I healed him then I took him to get away for a few days.”  Luigi said “is this serious and should I be worried?”  I stopped the swing and got off. I walked over to him and said “He’s fine, why don’t you go ask him this yourself!”  He got irritated with me and my response.  He said “Okay, I trust you. I don’t need to bother him.  I’m sorry, and thank you.”  He vanished from my dream.  Then suddenly Toni and Troy appeared in the dream.  “Hi Uncle Doug, is everything okay? We miss you.”  I said “I miss you two too, everything is fine I’m just visiting Gram’s France cabin and I’ll be home in a few days.”  They both ran up to me and hugged and kissed me then left my dream.  The last person to appear in my dream was Matthew.  He said , “Hey, when are you going to come home? Your green house is almost finished and Mr. Burns has been phoning.”  I said “Matthew, thank you for looking after my affairs while I’m away, and let Colton know that I will call him just as soon as I return.”  Matthew left and I woke up from my dream.  I was laying on my back and Lucas was laying across me.  I fell back to sleep until the sun came up. 09162010

I woke up and just laid in bed.  I was watching Lucas sleep.  He reminded me so much of his older brother Luigi.  Even a little bit like Vinny.  There was clearly a family resemblance.  He had high cheek bones, and full soft marshmallow like lips.  The cutes little dimple centered perfectly in his chin.  His eye lashes were long and the tips curled up.  His hair was brown, and slightly wavy.  I could tell it was receding early for a mid twenty year old.   His personality seemed so pure and innocent, in a naiveté sort of way.  He woke up and noticed that I was checking him out in his sleep.  His big sapphire blue eyes lit up and sparkled.  He smiled then said “What?” I said, “Nothing, good morning.”  He said “Good morning.”  I wanted to get up and make us some coffee, but he grabbed me in a bear hug and pulled me into him.  He kissed me and said “I love you.”  I looked at him straight into his eyes, then said, “I love you too.”  I wanted to say like a brother, or a best friend but I felt like that would only do harm to his delicate ego.  It wasn’t that important anyway.  I did manage to get up out of bed and I started breakfast.  I made us crepes with fresh berries that I picked from Grams garden and pressed coffee.  After breakfast I asked Lucas if there was anything special that he wanted to do or see during our visit to France.  He said he wasn’t sure.  I told him about a little farm not far from us that made fresh cheese.  They used to deliver it daily for my Gram when she lived here.  We could also get our milk from them too.  He thought that was a great idea.  I ran us some bath water and we sat in the bath drinking out coffee.  After our bath we got dressed and walked to the farm that I told him about.  The gentleman there remember me from when I was a small boy and I would visit my Gram.  “Bonjour Monsieur Bertrand.” the farmer said.  “Bonjour Monsieur Lambert parles vous Anglais?” I asked “Ah Ouis, what can I do for you this beautiful morning?”  I smiled, “Your English is very good.  This is my dear friend Lucas,  He and I would like to sample some cheese before we buy would that be okay?”  He replied “Ah Ouis, help yourselves and let me know if I can assist you.”  We went through all the cheese that was set out to sample and then we both agreed on about 5 or 6 different kinds.  I let him know what we decided and he threw in a special black for free.  I also picked up some milk as well.  09162010

I made angel hair pasta in cream sauce with fresh prawns and garlic bread for dinner.  Once I cleaned up after dinner we sat down in front of the fire place and just talked.  Lucas told me about his family in Italy, and his brother Luigi.  He told me about his education, and how when he was a small boy he wanted to grow up to be an airline pilot and travel the World.  He said when he grew up he realized that is wasn’t something that was realistic, so he decided to learn the family trade which was sculpturing.  I knew he was great at that because the sculpture out front of my Marin Estate was a perfect replica of Jasper.  I began talking to him about how Ben and I first met.  I also told him about how I really believed in true love and destiny.  I went on explaining that I trust in perfect matches.  That in life there are two people where one was created for the other.  I said “The sex of a person is insignificant where this rule applies, because true love sees only one thing.  There can not be boundaries attached with it.  It can not be kept in a jar and saved to be let out when you think you have found that perfect person.  The brain is made to think.  It does that just the way it should.  The heart is created to love, it has a feeling that commands over the brain.  So some people who think too much, they have a difficult time allowing the brain to step aside for the heart.  I know, one sure thing, and that is the heart is smarter than the brain.”    Lucas just laid on the floor next to me under the blanket and just said “Wow that’s pretty deep.”  I replied, “I know I’m sorry I can get carried away with my philosophical point of views.”  He held my hand under the blanket and said, “I like that about you.”  09162010

We fell asleep that night on the floor of the little old French cabin, under the blanket holding hands.  It was pure, innocent and full of love, but most importantly it was life.  We were sharing a small portion of our life together, as loving friends who care about each other.  I did not dream that night. I slept sound all night long.  When the daylight shined on my face through the window, I woke up and noticed that Lucas was gone.  I began to panic and I searched the cabin in a frenzy and didn’t find him anywhere.  I went out front then out back to the garden.  He was gone, and I was worried.   I sat on the floor and concentrated on him.  The vision of him came to me and I saw him down at the general store speaking to the clerk.  In about twenty minutes, he came through the door carrying a small bag.  I had made us some fresh pressed coffee.  “Good Morning” he said.  “Hi when I woke up and I didn’t see you beside me where we fell asleep I got a little frightened.  Then I had a vision and saw you at the grocery store.”  He smiled, I decided that I was going to make us breakfast this morning.  He made us baked frittata with the fresh cheese we bought.
It was so delicious.  I said “This is really good, would you make this for the family at home?”  he said “Yes it would be my pleasure.” We cleaned up the cottage, and packed up all the food and clothes, and I zapped us back to his apartment.  I helped him put away his clothes and the left over food from France.  I zapped all the belts and ties in his apartment to my bedroom closet and I never told him. We went into the house and Ben was sitting in the kitchen with a young man who was not facing us.  From behind he appeared to have a vary thin waste, about a 30 inch waist but his shoulders were wide.  He must have heard us walk in because when we did he slid around on the chair.  His hair was short but curled full around his head.  His eyebrows were dark black like coal. his skin was smooth and soft looking, but his face had a five o’clock shadow.  His eyes were gray in color, but big and in the shape of a walnut.  When he looked at Lucas he smiled, then I noticed the big dimples on both sides of his mouth.  He even had a dimple in his chin that looked like the size of a pea.  I looked over at Lucas and he seemed to be fixated on this young man.  He smiled at him and his blue eyes sparkled like I had seem them do so many times before.  The young man stood up and said in a very deep voice, “Hello I’m Konrad Jasinski, how do you do?” He grabbed Lucas’s hand first and shook it with confidence and strength.  I noticed Lucas turn to me as he was doing it and a tiny little giggle came out from him. He said “Pleased to meet you I am Lucas.”  Ben introduced me to Konrad, then began to explain to me that Konrad was his new hired personal assistant.  He also said that he was from Poland and he was here to teach the children Polish, and about their heritage, and homeland.  I thought to myself, why hadn’t I thought about that? I walked over and kissed Konrad on both cheeks and then said “Welcome.”  Ben poured all of us some champagne and we sat in the kitchen just getting to know one another a little better.  09162010

It was so interesting listening to Konrad talk about his life, and his world travels.  His accent was so mesmerizing that every now and then I would find myself lost in it and not hearing a word he said.  I could tell that Lucas was feeling something for Konrad.   I looked him over then Konrad over and my guess was they were only a few years apart in age.  I also was reading Konrad’s body language and he was moving closer towards Lucas, where eventually Ben and I thought he was only talking to him.  We said our good nights, after we opened one more bottle of champagne for our two Personal Assistants and then went to bed.  Lucas and Konrad took that bottle then ran outside to the men’s locker room.  They got out of their clothes and wrapped up in their towels and then went into the sauna. They sat in there for twenty minutes and then went into the hot tub for another twenty minutes.  They were talking the whole time to get to know one another. After they showered off, finished the bottle of champagne, then got dressed Lucas invited Konrad to spend the night with him in his apartment.  They went up there and climbed right into bed together. This was their first night together and both shared an intimacy that seemed like it was made in heaven.   09162010

All my worries were carried away the split second I realized that Konrad was doing something for Lucas.  I did dream but my dreams were not about them or anyone else. It was simply me dreaming about me going places and doing things.  I woke up with Ben snuggling me.  He woke up and said “I really missed you. So what happened to Lucas? I am under the impression after seeing Colton and Jeremiah together that he must have taken it pretty hard.  I said, “He tried to hang himself and I found him just in time to get him down and heal the damage he already had done.”  Ben was shocked and felt terrible for Lucas.  I said “It’s best we don’t discuss this ever again, with anyone, not even Lucas.”  He agreed, and we held each other for most of the morning.  Our two very handsome men stepped into the bedroom, with our mugs of fresh coffee in hands.  I laughed, then asked “Did either of you two sleep at all last night?”  They looked at each other and smiled then said “Of course we did.”  They handed us our coffee. I sat up in bed then Lucas came and sat right beside me.  Konrad sat right beside Ben.  I asked “Ben did you discuss the living arrangements with Konrad?”  He looked at me and then answered “No not yet.”  I knew what was going on, so I said “Well Konrad, it’s entirely up to Lucas if he wants to share his apartment with you.”  Konrad spoke up and said “I beg your pardon Sir, but he already has.”   So with that I never brought it up again.  I got up out of bed used the bathroom then hopped into the shower. Ben joined me and after we turned off the water and slid open the door both men were standing there holding up our fresh towels.  All four of us began laughing.  It was so funny, and seemed strange at the same time.  They didn’t care, and we didn’t care, so nothing was said.  Each of our clothes were laid out on the bed, so Ben and I got dressed and then decided to treat the boys out for breakfast.  We had Sonia and Skipper take care of the children.  We met out in the garage and took the Mercedes.  I was carefully watching them looking deeply into one another’s eyes.  This truly was destiny especially because Ben had no idea what happened to Lucas until after he hires Konrad and I told him.  09162010

Getting the kids ready for school on time was becoming an every day adventure.  They were pushing the limits, and waking up at the last minute.  Then some of them were refusing to eat what Sonia made for breakfast.  I suggested they just eat cereal then.  I gave all of them money for lunch so I started giving them more money incase they wanted to buy something from the school cafeteria instead. After they ate and got dressed, Skipper and Sonia got them loaded into the shuttle and then they were all off to school.  Ben and I sat down to eat.  Matthew and Timothy showed up at the front door and came in to spend some time with us.  They asked me if I talked to Skipper and Sonia yet?  I said yeah I was helping them get the children ready.  Matthew said, Skipper proposed to her.  They set a date for a wedding.  I was not surprised, and excited.  Just as soon as they came back from dropping off the children from school they walked into the kitchen.  Sonia was flashing her engagement ring around.  Skipped asked me if he could speak to Ben and I in private.  We met in my office, and then shut the door.  “Please Skipper have a seat.”  He seemed a little anxious, and I said “What’s up?”  He said “I was hoping that Sonia and I could have our wedding and reception here at the Estate.”  I said “Consider it done, you and Sonia call my wedding planner, and set things up with her and I will cover all the costs.”  I stood up and congratulated him and we kissed both his cheeks and left the office.  I  went to Sonia and said, “Honey, you and I need to go shopping.  When is a good time for you?”  She smiled and then said “When it’s convenient for you.”  I made it Lucas’ responsibility to take Skipper out Tuxedo shopping.  Skipper wasn’t done talking, he said, “I would like to make you and Ben my best men.”  Ben said, “It’s an honor!”  I winked at Lucas, “Put two more down on your list”   I telephoned Luigi and asked him to come home.  I zapped him home into my meditation room.  “Hey, is everything okay you sounded like this is urgent.”  I said, please sit down with me I need to show you something, He sat down and I grabbed both of his hands.  I whispered “Now, please clear your mind.”  Once he did my memories of the past four days transferred from my mind to his.
He was shaking and convulsing.  He pulled away, quickly and stood up in a hurry.  I grabbed him and looked at him then said “I feel you needed to know what happened but I promised I would not talk about it again. You need to understand, he would not have made it if I hadn’t shown up when I did.  He’s only here because of me.  Do not upset him, and please don’t start anything with Colton or Jeremiah, it’s not their fault.  It’s nobodies fault!”  Luigi broke down crying and fell on me with both arm hugging me.  I said “ You saw how I reacted and how it effected me, I really believe that he’s in a much better state of mind now.  If you feel the need to speak to him about it, then please just do it discretely, that’s all I ask.”  Luigi kissed me and thanked me for everything I had done for his baby brother.  He felt awful that he didn’t know and wasn’t here for him.  It was something he felt he was going to have to live with for the rest of his life.  He went to Lucas, and they went away to the small creek on the estate to talk in private.  Once down there Luigi hugged Lucas, and wouldn’t let him go.  “Oh, I suppose Doug has told you about what happened to me?”  Luigi pulled away, “Do you mean what you tried to do to yourself?  I honestly thought I helped influence you better than that! I can not understand how you could think of doing something so selfish and final.  Have I not ever shown you all the love I can?  Wasn’t the attention and the love that I showed you enough? “  Lucas started crying and then he said, “I’m sorry I acted foolish, I was distraught, and I thought at the time that was the right thing to do.”  Luigi pulled him in and hugged him again then he whispered in his ear, “I love you more then anything and anyone of this earth.  You are one of my only family members, I will die if anything happens to you! Please tell you that you understand this! I can not begin to think of life with out you.  I may not see you every day, but if that’s what you need then I will be here! I need you to promise me, please, just promise me that you will never do anything like this again, ever!  They both wept loudly together in each others arms.  Lucas could barely get it out because his throat was choked up, “I promise big Brother, I promise.”  Luigi kissed his brother and said, “I love you!”  Lucas kissed him back and said “I Love you too!”  09172010

Luigi walked Lucas back up to the house. At that time he introduced Konrad to him.  Luigi was pleased to see his brother with someone.  Luigi came to me and thanked me again for showing him and helping his baby brother.  I told him, I love you two like my family.  I hugged and kissed him.  “Could you please teach me how to teleport so that when he needs me I can be here?”  I nodded, “Consider it done.”   Luigi said “Thank you.”  He wanted to stick around for a while but needed to call Jasper and tell him what was going on.  After his phone conversation he invited Lucas and Konrad out for lunch.  Ben and I gave them the rest of the day off to spent time with Luigi.  Ben and I went to lunch together alone.  There’s a very nice place in Sausalito, CA called The Spinnaker, where we enjoy going by ourselves on a date.  We were due for a date, so he drove me in the Mercedes and then parked.  We walked in and they said “Good Afternoon Mister Parkers’ your table is ready right here and it looks over the Bay, enjoy!”  I ordered the SEA BASS GRILLED Served with fresh mango strawberry salsa, Ben ordered the HALIBUT SAUTE
With Roma tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms & havarti.   He ordered a bottle of Chardonnay, Far Niente, Napa 2006.  We ate our lunch and then ordered another bottle of the same wine.  We liked it so much that after lunch we stopped at the local wine shop and picked up a case of it.  Then we headed home.  The boys came back with Luigi and I asked “How was Lunch?”  They said, “Fantastic, we went to Servino’s in Tiburon, CA.”  I said, “You know how I love that place.”  Luigi said “Oh yes I do, and so do I!”  Now that everyone has eaten, Ben opened up another bottle of the Chardonnay after slipping it into our instant bottle chiller.  “Would anyone else care for a glass of wine?”  Luigi said “That would be nice.  I get tired or moonshine all the time.”  Ben took out the glasses and poured six.  He proposed a toast, “To all our loved ones both near and a far.”  We all clanked glasses and said “Cheers”.  I sipped mine and savored the taste as I recalled how delicious my lunch was with the first bottle.  09172010

Skipper and Sonia came in and all the children followed and went to their rooms to do their homework.  I grabbed Sonia and said, “Common let’s go shopping, we’re ordering pizza delivery for dinner.”  I handed her a glass of wine and we finished it together and then the cab came to take us shopping.  Ben and Lucas grabbed Skipper and handed him a beer from the tap and then when he finished that the Taxi came to take them shopping.  Konrad stayed with the children along with Matthew and Timothy.  The thing with Sonia is although she is strikingly beautiful, and most men who see her will stop what they are doing and follow her every move, she doesn’t ever wear the proper clothes to show off her assets.  Her wedding dress is going to do just that.  Skipper is a rugged handsome man as well, in the same league with older distinguished actors like Viggo Mortenson, and Kurt Russell. Lucas was on it with Skipper, he suggested the theme colors and had a list of everything  he will need for the grooms men.  Down to the matching handkerchief , socks, shoes, ties and cufflinks.  I had the taxi take us to a little boutique wedding store called Shadows in San Anselmo, CA.  Sonia fell in love with two different Siri designed dresses that they had on display.  One was called Allegria Bridal Gown  in Shantung-Off White, and the other was the
Vivien Bridal Gown in Duchess Satin-Ivory/Blush.  I asked her to try them both on and she decided to go with the Vivien.  I purchased it for her and asked them to have it delivered.  I asked her who was her brides maids, and she said Marta , Brigitte, and Margaret.  I asked her what she was thinking about with the brides maid dresses and colors.  She chose the SAPPHIRE in LUMINA, Marta was to be in Knee length and Brigitte and Margaret were in floor length.  I purchased them too, and set up appointments for the women to come in for a size fitting.  We got in the cab and went back to the house.  Anything else we ordered was purchased online and delivered directly to the estate.  The gentlemen were all at Louis Thomas Formal Wear in Corte Madera, CA .  We ordered all the men the same tuxedos, which were After Six Black Rhodes Two Button Peak.  The tie, cufflinks, and handkerchiefs, and FANCY Black Aries Six Button  Fullback Vest were all ordered in Sapphire blue to match the brides maids gowns.  Ben said, “We’re not interested in renting I would like to purchase these tuxedos.”  The sales clerk said  “That would not be a problem.”  They ordered everything down to the shoes, and then Ben scheduled each of us for a fitting.  They hopped in the cab and came back home.  Pizza was delivered and we all sat down as a family, everyone was very happy. 09172010

The following day I wanted to share with Luigi.  I missed him and I missed Jasper too.  I asked him if he wanted to take a Ferry ride with me across the bay and hang out at the Pier?  He said “Sure that sounds nice.”  While we were getting ready to go, Matthew and Timothy asked if we minded if they came along?  I said of course not.  Then Konrad and Lucas found out they were going and they asked if they could go too.  I said, “Of course, sure.”  I checked in with Ben and said goodbye.  Everyone got ready in no time at all so I drove us in the Mercedes to the Ferry terminal and bought round trip tickets for everyone.  Luigi and I sat together on the top deck, and both purchased drinks from the bar.  He laughed, “It’s still morning and here we are enjoying a drink on the Ferry.”  I said “That’s so typical of us.”  The boys came up to sit with us and they all had coffee in hand.  It was a little breezy on the Bay with partial fog, that hovered on top of the City.  We could only see portions of the Bay bridge and the Golden Gate bridge.   Once the Ferry pulled up to the terminal, I said “Okay fellas, what are your plans or what would you like to do from here?”  Matthew laughed and said “Let’s hit the titty bars.”  Timothy said “We could go cruise San Francisco on the trolley car and pick up on chicks.”  All of us were cracking up, then I said, “No seriously?”  I reached into my wallet and then handed Matthew, Timothy, Lucas and Konrad a couple hundred dollars each, then said “Go have some fun. Meet us back here no later than 4:00PM.”  Luigi and I went right to the shops and we walked in and though each one together.  He wasn’t the sort of guy who would think about purchasing anything for himself.  I said, “Would you like a San Francisco sweater?  I will buy you and I one if you’d like.”  He smiled then said, “Sure that would be nice.”  We went through all of them and picked out the ones we wanted.  After we got our sweaters, I found a shop that had a Bota Bags, I bought two.  So we purchased some wine and then filled the Bota bags with it.  I suggested we go on a duck tour.  Luigi said “Yes, I would enjoy that.”  First I purchased some fancy cheese, crackers, salami and chocolate to snack on.  We caught the next duck tour and sipped our wine enjoying the sights.

The tour ended and the boys were right were we last saw them waiting for us to return.  Did you guys have lunch?  “No” they said.  “What are you in the mood for?”  Konrad said “Italian” Luigi and Lucas laughed.  Matthew and Timothy said, “Yeah, we love Italian.”  I said “Okay lets go to North Beach.  We caught the cable car to North beach, then got off.  We walked over to the North Beach Restaurant.  I said to the maitre d “Table for six please.”  She said “Right this way please.”  We sat at our table and the waitress came to take each of our orders.  I ordered the Four Broiled Baby Eastern Lobster Tails - Alla Mugnaia then Luigi ordered Abalone Doré - Mugnaia and Lucas ordered,Cioppino alla Pescatora - Shelled - Our Seafood Specialty, then Konrad ordered Petrale Mugnaia - Sautéed with White Wine, Lemon and Butter Sauce, and Timothy ordered Salmon My Way - Lorenzo's Favorite, last Matthew ordered the Calamari - Steak Mugnaia.  “And anything to drink?” asked the waitress.  Everyone ordered individual mixed drinks from the bar.  I said, “I would like a Manhattan please”.    She returned with the drinks, “The screwdriver?” Konrad raised his hand, “The white Russian?” Lucas raised his hand, “The Long Island Ice Tea?“ Matthew raised his hand, “The Sex On The Beach?” Timothy raised his hand, “and here you are Sir your Manhattan. Can I get your anything else?”  “No that would be fine thank you.”  I replied.  “Cheers” I said, and we all clinked our glasses together.  09172010

Lunch was so filling.  I hadn’t had a lobster lunch like that in so long I had forgotten how delicious it was.  “How was everything gentlemen?” The waitress asked.  “I responded  “Delicious thank you.”  “I will return with your check.”  She left and then returned with the check. I  pulled out $300.00 dollars cash from my wallet and then said, “Keep the change.”  We got up and left to go back to the Pier.  We hopped on the trolley then off at the piers.  We caught the next Ferry back to Marin County.  Once home everyone seemed to vanish into thin air.  Ben searched me out and asked “How was your adventure?”  I said “Most pleasant.”  Sonia was working hard in the kitchen preparing dinner.  I went out to the Pottery Barn to see how the kids were doing.    Ben came in and we both sat down with the kids and just watched them work with the mud.  They were so good at it now.  Theodora was so patient with Julian and Albert.  She had them at the wheel forming their own cups, and bowls and plates.  Alex and Rene were interested it too so they would spend just about three to five hours a week in the pottery barn.  The shelves were getting filled up with their creations.  Lucas came in and took an inventory of supplies and then left to my office to phone in the re-orders.  He went to the Jewelry beads room and did the same thing.  He was training Konrad for every aspect of his job in case, I took Lucas off it for travel then Konrad would back him up. Marta and Baltazar came home from break so we put them up in the old children’s rooms during their stay.   They were working hard with Ben for the next art exhibit.  I made a few suggestions of paintings that I would be interested in hanging to replace some of the old ones.  I decided to auction off the old ones for charity.   It was the least I could do to help the less fortunate.  09172010

Today Sonia was feeling very formal so she decorated the dining room with all our formal dinner place settings.  I had a strong suspicion that it was her way of thanking us for everything that we were doing for her and Skipper’s wedding.  I told the kids that we were doing to play dress up tonight and pretend we were in a fancy restaurant for dinner.  They were very excited, and so was I.  I thought this was going to be fun.  Ben and I got dressed up in our slacks and sweaters.  I spoke with everyone else and they agreed to dress up too.  Dinner was served and everyone looked so formal and good looking.  We enjoyed the company with good food, and great conversation.  At the end of dinner, we helped Sonia clean up and the we put the children to bed.  Ben and I went to bed as well.  He asked “What is in store for us tomorrow?’  I said, “I haven’t planned on anything out of the ordinary, why?”  He said “Well, I just was wondering that’s all.” We made passionate love to each other on this night.  Then I fell asleep.  I began to dream about being on the cruise ship with Toni and Troy.  They were trying to tell me that we were in danger but I wasn’t paying them much attention.  I was too busy thinking about myself and the time I was having.  In this dream I was working as a singing in the cocktail lounge.  The place was always packed every night.  Ben wasn’t with me he was the lead chef for the kitchen.  All the adults in my awake life were in the dream working for the ship as waiters, waitresses, dance instructors, singers, a doctor.  I was trying to figure out the significance of this dream, but as far as I could tell there wasn’t any.  The dream went on and then it just stopped.  I didn’t dream for the rest of the evening.  I woke up thirsty so I went to the bathroom and poured myself a cup of water.   Lucas came in right at that moment and said “Hey, I have a situation.”  I said, “What’s going on?” He said Konrad and I are going to have sex, but I don’t have any condoms. Do you have any?”  I reached into my night stand and pulled out a row.  “Sure, of course I do here you go, have fun!  He kissed me and thanked me and then left.  I went back to sleep. 09172010

The Sun shining in my face through the window is always such a nice way to wake up in the morning.  Ben already got up and left me alone in bed.  Lucas came in and hopped on the bed, then he climbed under the covers and snuggled up to me.  I wasn’t wearing any clothes, so he discovered that right away.  “Well, how was it?”  He smiled and had this dreamy eyed look, then said “It was the most perfect, and wonderful experience I have ever had in my entire life!”  I chuckled to myself then said “Wow, that good huh? I think it’s fantastic.  You guys are great guys and you seem to have a lot in common.”  Lucas wrapped his body around mine and just held me.  I didn’t think anything of it because we had become so close in France at Grams cottage.  I decided to invade his insides and so a once over scan.  It was something that I normally would never ever do with out asking first.  The thing is I felt responsible for him.  I had taken on a role of guardianship weather he and I liked it or not.  I scanned him and the feelings of pure joy and happiness were just a little overwhelming to me.  I pulled him in closer to me then said, “You are in a great place and I hope you don’t lose sight of it, young man.”  He pulled away, looked at me then said “I hope not too.”  He jumped up quickly and went through my drawers to get the clothes that I was wearing out for the day, as well as a fresh clean towel for my shower.  I got up hopped into the shower, then he handed me my towel to dry off.  I got myself dressed, then Lucas asked “What’s on our agenda today?”  I said, “The green house is complete, and I was hoping to get it filled with plants.  Do you think I should find another consultant?”  He thought about it for a moment, then he said “No, if you want to use Colton, then I think you should.  It’s not like I’m never going to see him again, he’s dating your twin brother. Now that I have Konrad, I think I will be okay.”  I smiled then said “I sure hope so, that drama was enough to last me a few more years. 09172010

Colton showed up at the green house, and we talked for a few hours.  I got a lot of help from him, and Lucas took notes.  I offered to take Lucas to lunch, but fist we stopped at the local drug store so that he could run in and purchase his own condoms.  He met ma back out front and hopped into the car.  I said “Once in a while, like a dire emergency then I won’t mind you asking me for condoms, but if you make it a habit I will be forced to chop your nuts off and feed them to the sharks.”  He laughed then said, “I love you Doug.”  I smiled and said “I love you too.  What are you in the mood for?”  He said “ Lets have Hamburgers and Fries.”  I said, “okay that sounds great.”  We went to my Bistro where Nathan was cooking and we ordered Hamburgers and French fries.  After lunch, I wanted to take Lucas clothes shopping.  I took him to a little clothing store for men in San Anselmo and I bought him new socks, t-shirts, underwear, pants, shirts, sweaters, shoes, cardigans, a new jacket, pajamas, sweats, shorts, swimming suit, dress slacks, dress shirts,  dress shoes, jeans, cow boy boots, a few hats, and then we went to the adult store and I handed him $400.00 cash to buy what every he fancied.  Just as soon as we pulled into the garage Konrad met us and helped Lucas unload his things into the apartment.  Lucas thanked me for lunch and shopping.  I told him, “You deserve it for all your hard work, it’s my way of thanking you. Now take the rest of the day off.”  I searched the estate for Ben and found him playing in the game room with the children.  I played with them too all afternoon , up until dinner.  09172010

Dinner came and went then we went back into the game room to play with the kids.  It was easy to lose track of time, so we called it a night and put the children to bed.  Ben and I went to bed right after we put the kids to bed.  I was so tired, that I just took my clothes of piece by piece leaving a trail from the door to the bed, then I got in.  He did the same, and we met beneath the covers.  He said, “I think you and I should go on a little vacation for a few days. Don’t you agree?”  I said, “Oh hell yes, but would we leave our Personal Assistants or would we bring them along just in case?”  He thought about that for a minute, then said “Well, what would it hurt, and if we don’t need them, well they get to go on an all expenses paid holiday too!” I just laid there in bed considering all the possibilities.  Ben and I really haven’t been on a single uninterrupted Vacation in quit some time.  I fell asleep with Vacation on my mind.  I didn’t recall dreaming about anything when I woke up.  The only thing I could think about was, when can we leave and were would we go?  09172010

I woke up and said “I know where I want to go.  I want to go to Goa ,India and sit on the beaches.”  Ben picked up the phone and reserved two huts right on the beach of Goa in India.  Right now is the peak season to go.  We were saving a lot of money by just zapping over rather than flying.  We paid for five days and four nights each.  Sonia packed us some food and snacks to take with us.  The men got their bags ready and then we met in the mediation room.  Ben and I had been to India hundreds of times. The thing is nothing compares to Goa.  The beaches are so perfect, and the people who visit them are unique to any other beaches in the World.  I said, “Okay let me do this.”  I snapped my fingers, and we were in our huts. I walked over to the hut door and put out the Do not disturb sign. Ben and I changed into our flip flops and then walked the beach holding hands. 09172010

We came upon this older woman and man sitting on a bamboo mat on the beach.  I looked at her to see what she was doing.  She looked at me then said “Doug?”  I stopped and looked at him and her, only I could not place them.  “I’m sorry have we met?” He stood up and ran over then said, “Yes five years ago, we were visiting here and I fell and busted my leg, trying to get over to the beach from a cliff trail , then you miraculously healed it.  It’s me Kyle and my wife Vivian.”  They both smiled and I began to remember who they were.  Ben realized right after he said their names.  “How are you two? My it has been a long time.”  Kyle continued “My leg has never been a problem for me ever since.”  I don’t know how you did it, but I will always be eternally grateful to you. Say  would you mind meeting is later for drinks?” I looked at Ben and he gave me a consenting nod, “Sure that would be great. We’re in the Kabuki hut.  Come get us when you’re ready.”  They were so very happy to see me, I thought to myself.    We continued down the beach and then we saw an old trail that we used to take together.  We looked at each other and smiled.   We followed the trail for about two miles and the we came to a private and secluded oasis.  A beautiful swimming hole in the middle of forest and trees.  We took off all our clothes and jumped in to swim.  We swam around and splashed and dunked each other, just like the kids do in our pool at home.  We were underwater and then came back up for air before we realized that there were two more people in the swimming hole.  It was two men, they were naked as well.  I swam over to Ben and held onto him.  “OH hey, Hi were visiting from England.  My name is Paul and this is Denny.  The inched their way over to us and extended their hands to shake ours.  I shook hands and said “I’m Paul and this is my Husband Ben.”  Ben reached out and shook their hands.  “So very nice to meet you.  You have an American accent.  Are you Americans?”  Denny asked.  I said “Yes, I’m originally from New Orleans and Ben is from Wisconsin, but now are home is in California, by the San Francisco Bay.  “We absolutely love San Francisco Bay area.” Paul said.  He was facing me, trying to stay a float, swaying his hands and kicking his feet, and his feet kept kicking up into my thighs and hitting my junk.  He moved closer and the he latched onto my arm to hold him up.  Denny got on the other side of Ben and grabbed his arm.  They were still kicking and talking, to us but every so often their legs or feet were hitting us in the privates.  I began to realize that we were doing the same thing too them while we were trying to stay afloat too.  It seemed a little odd to me, getting to know two guys in a way, where normally that would never ever happen.  They both had really big smiles on their faces. Denny was a blond haired man with hazel eyes.  Paul was a brown haired man with brown eyes.  From what I could tell he was extremely large in his groin area.  “So, how are you enjoying your stay here in Goa so far?” Paul asked.  I said “We love it here and we have been coming here for years.  It’s one of our favorite vacation destinations.  “Hey ours too!” Denny said.  Ben was inching to the shore to get more of a stable place to stand.  Once there we all were able to touch ground and then separate.  Paul jumped up and dove in like a seal would where we got a good look at his naked butt before he submersed under.  Denny went after him.  Ben said “Are you okay, or should we go?”  I smiled, “I’m fine really.”  We stepped back enough were the water was so shallow that we could sit on a ledge and hand our feet hanging over it.  The lower half of our body was still under water.  Paul swam over and sat next to Ben, Denny next to me.  He was checking me out from head to toe.  I tried not to but I couldn’t help myself.  I was checking him out too.  I said “You have a nice body.”  he laughed and said, “I should I’m a Gymnast.”  Paul said “I’m a dance instructor”.  Ben and I said, “How nice.”  We stood up and said, “It was nice to meet you, have a good time.” We walked to our clothes and got dressed.  They said, “Hope to see you soon.”  I said “Thanks”.  09172010

Ben and I were tucking it pretty fast back to the hut.  We opened the door and then just fell onto the bed laughing.  “What in the hell was that?” I asked, he said “I don’t know but how awkward was that?”  I responded, “I know right?” I mean nothing like being molested by another man’s feet!”  Ben laughed so hard I thought he was going to pass out.  We both couldn’t stop laughing.  He got up and opened us up a bottle of  Indage Tiger Hill Merlot 2007 from the Sra Sahyadri Valley in India.  This has a Plum taste with a touch of black pepper spice, so delicious!  “Well it averages about $26.00 per bottle here.”  I had them deliver two cases.  One Merlot and the other Chateau Indage Tiger Hill Chardonnay- Semillon, Sahyadri Valley 2007.  That should be plenty for our stay, don’t you think?”  I said yes then jumped up and kissed Ben.  We sat on the bed beside one another, and just cuddled.  Then there was a knock on the door.  I answered it and it was Konrad and Lucas.  “Hi boys come in.”  They came in and sat down on the bed.  “Would you care for some wine?”  They both said, “Yes please”  Ben asked “Are you two having a good time?  What’s going on?”  Konrad answered, “We have never been here and we know that everything is paid in Pounds, but we were wondering if you guys knew what there was to do here in the evenings?”  I said “How about we all have dinner together, and then I will show the two of you around the town, Okay?”  The sipped from their glasses after thanking us, and so we all just sat out on the front porch enjoying the beach, and the sound of the crashing waved and the view. 09172010

When I got Lucas alone I slipped him about 315 pounds and said “This is like about 200 bucks.  You let me know if you need anymore, and seriously don’t be shy it’s only money!” He and I acted like we were talking about something funny then we both laughed together.  He stashed the cash down his pocket.  I wasn’t really into Indian foods, but if I found a place that I liked, well then that’s where I always would go.  It had been so long ago since we’d been that Ben and I needed to really do our homework on the restaurants.  Okay tonight we have two choices, either Joets – Right on the beach elevated above the sands this restaurants serves multi cuisine fare and also have some very lively evenings with entertaining music or Mikes Place – A popular place for evening drinks and meals, has live music nights and a beach .  Oh wait last there’s Montego bay – A great place to spend your day lounging, having a drink and take a dip in the ocean, serves Goan, Indian food in a nice setting. Also great for a romantic candle dinner.  Ben said since we’re there on vacation and romance is best he suggested we eat at Montego Bay, and then dance and drinks at Joets.  I thought that was a great idea.  Ben suggested that the boys go back to their place and get ready and then meet us here in two hours.  They did, and then the couple we met earlier stopped by. “Hey either of you care for a glass of wine?”  Kyle and Vivian walked up to the porch and greeted us.  “Sure what do you have?”  Kyle asked. I said, “Red or White?”  They both said White.  We all shared a glass of wine together, and caught up a little and then Kyle and Vivian said their good bye and went to their hotel before dark.  09172010

Ben and I wanted to take a short power nap before we went out to eat, and then had a night out on the town.  We were able to sleep about an hour, then the men came and woke us up.  We got ready and then left for dinner.  Dinner was delightful, so we paid for our check and then  headed out to do a little dancing.  Joets was a nice place.  I told Ben, “I would like to eat here tomorrow night.  The waiter staff was very nice, the bartender was funny.  The owners came up and introduced themselves to us and made sure we have everything we needed to make ourselves right at home.  Once the band set up and the music started the four of us danced the night away.  We drank a bit too much and stumbled back to our huts.  The we crashed. 09192010

Ben was feeling a little romantic so he began kissing me all lover my body, and his hands were slowly, carefully and softly inspecting its shapes and curves.  I became instantly aroused so we made love.  Once we finished there was a knock on the door.  I grabbed my robe and opened the door and it was Matthew and Timothy.  I asked them to come in then I said “What are you guys doing here?”   They said that they missed us and were hoping to spend the day with us.  I was going to get irritated and then tell them to leave but I just didn’t have the heart.  I loved my baby brother too much, and Matthew exactly the same.
I checked the time and it was about 2:30AM.  My guess is you boys forgot the time zone difference before you zapped on over here?  Let’s go to bed and deal with everything in the morning.  We all got into bed and fell fast asleep.  Matthew snuggled with me while Timothy snuggled Ben.  I woke up and saw Matthew just lovingly gaze into my eyes.  “Good Morning Sunshine.” He smiled then said, “I am so happy to be here this morning.  I love you.  I kissed his forehead then said, “ I know, and I love you too.”  Timothy jumped over Matthew and pushed him away and then hugged me.  “He’s my big brother, I’m not sharing him.”  We all started laughing.  We got showered and dressed then sat down for Breakfast.  Ben made us eggs, bacon, toast, and hash browns.  Then Monsooned Malabar ground bean coffee.  It was so delicious.  “Ben we really need to have this coffee shipped to the house!”  He responded, “I already did it should be there today.”  Matthew asked for tea so I made him some Darjeeling Vintage Tea.  “This is delicious, thank you!”  he said.  There was a small knock on the door.  Ben was the closest so he opened it.  I was wondering who it could be now.  Ben opened the door and it was Nathan and Stephan.  “Hey what’s up?” I was shocked to see them here.  “Oh my God, what is going on here guys?” They said, “May we come in?” Ben stepped aside and they walked in.  I threw my hands up in the air and said, “Oh the hell with it!”  I got up and gave them both hugs and kisses.  Ben closed the door and then after about ten minutes there was another knock on the door.  I opened it and it was Luigi and Jasper.  Ben picked up the phone and rented three more huts.  He said, I don’t mean to sound rude, but you guys need to get your luggage and things together and go check out your newly rented cabins.  There was another knock on the door, and I said “Oh for Fucks sake!” and I opened it up in a huff.  It was the bell hop to show Matthew, Timothy and Nathan & Stephan, also Jasper & Luigi to their huts.    The door was left open and Lucas, and Konrad appeared in the entryway.  “Hi guys, would you care for some breakfast?”  They said Yes, thanks” then came in and ate.  I said to them, “just about the only two people who haven’t showed up is Jeremiah and Colton.  There was a knock on the door and Konrad opened it and it was Jeremiah and Colton.  “Speak of the Devils” he said.  Ben picked up the phone and ordered another Hut.  “Hello gentlemen.”  We all hugged and kissed, then the bell hop came to the door again to show Jeremiah and Colton to their hut. 09192010

I called Brigitte and Margaret and invited them over, then I ordered them their own hut.  I called Skipper and Sonia, to check up on the children.  They told me they were all doing very well.  I called ginger and asked her how she was doing and the children there?  She said “They were fantastic.”  I was relieved that everything at home was going good.  I zapped the girls over then I showed them to their hut.  All the huts along the beach were being rented by our group.  I was a little worried about it because Goa would never have had a more rambunctious group of people then us, probably in 2000 years.  I made a few calls and had some local belly dancers dance along the beach from Noon - until Midnight.  I also got a hold of a few musicians who could do the same to entertain the patrons on the beach.   Went to the managers and asked about getting permits to have a bon fire.  They authorized us to have a bonfire. Then I looked into getting the whole beach catered with food for everyone from Noon to Midnight.  I hired four open bars to span the distance of about 800 feet of the beach.  Each bar was set up 200 feet apart.  Nobody realized this but I was hosing a party.  I also found a local theater group to perform a theatrical play on the Beach, I paid them a bulk rate and told them to ask for tips.  09192010

I didn’t even tell Ben what I was up to.  I was trying to devise a plan to keep everyone busy so that he and I could spend the remainder of our Vacation uninterrupted yet together, preferably alone.  I also called and got he and I a different room, this one was up on the cliffs, away from the beach huts.  I had Donna and David take our old hut, then I ordered another beach hut and zapped Luis and Anya over.  The beach was packed with family, and there was free food, drink, music, theater, and a bon fire.  I figured I had covered all the bases.  Ben and I went up to our new hotel room, and enjoyed the view.  He had the whole place lit up in candle lights.   There was Romantic music playing in the back ground.  He had a little table with two chairs set up with our lunches on them.  We sat down and had a wonderful meal.  Then he and I laid down on the bed and embraced one another.  I made passionate love to my husband, and we once again were one.  A few hours passed, and we woke up from our nap. I could here the music, playing from the beach.  Ben and I decided to walk down the beach and see what was going on.  The whole group was sitting around a bon fire, eating and drinking, and watching the belly dancers.  I handed the dancers a tip and then sat down by the fire.  Lucas came over and sat beside me.  “Everything okay?” he asked.  I smiled and then said “Yes, fantastic.”  He and I sat there watching the fire and listening to the music. Jasper tapped me on the shoulder and then asked me if I wanted to smoke some pot with him.  I said “Sure” so we went off into the shrubs along side the beach and shared a joint together.  He said “How’s everything?”  I said “Everything is good, what about you?”  He said “We’re great”.  Half way though the joint I couldn’t stop laughing, so he and I went off to get some food.  09192010

Ben found me getting food and then dragged me back to our room.  He was smoking pot with Jasper too, but before me.  We were both pretty high, and so we took off all our clothes and made love to each other again.  I climaxed and then in 25 more minutes I climaxed again.  We fell asleep for a half hour, then we got up and went to the shower and then got dressed and went down to the beach.  The party was so much more blazing then earlier.  There were a ton of people dancing, and talking it was insane.  I couldn’t find anyone I knew for about the first twenty minutes.  Then I ran into Lucas and Konrad.  “Hey where have you guys been?  We went to your hut and Brigitte and Margaret were staying there. Just about the whole gang is here.” Lucas said.  I sat down beside him and whispered in his ear “Ben and I were hoping to have some private and alone time so we moved to another room.”  Lucas said “Oh that’s cool, yeah totally, you should have your alone time!”  I scooted closer to him and then whispered, “I got so high with that shit Jasper brought and it was the very first time I had ever had sex on it.  The best God Damn sex I ever had, let me tell you!”  Lucas, said “Oh tell me about it, we were away doing the same thing two hours ago!”  We both laughed, and then I kissed his cheeks and went after Ben. 09192010.

Ben and I held hands and walked along the beach.  We were admiring the beautiful starlit night.  The time was somewhere around 830PM.  We stopped at one of the food carts, and picked up some of the catered dinners.  Then we sat at the beach and ate them while the waves came crashing in.  After our supper was finished we went to a near by trash can and threw away our garbage.  I went to the bar and picked us up two drinks.  “Hey how’s it going?  Have you been busy?”  The bartender said “It has been non stop all day. What can I get you?”  I would like two Rum & Cokes please?”  He handed it to me and then I gave him some money for his tip.  “Thanks and keep up the good work.”   I winked at him and he smiled. I gave him 152 pounds tip. That was about $100.00 American money.  Ben and I walked off arm and arm drinking our drinks.  We walked back to our room, and then went right to bed.  We slept the whole night through.  I was waken up by a knock on the door.  I went to the door and opened it and Lucas and Konrad were standing out front.  “Good Morning boys, please come in.  I closed the door behind them and then said “Would you guys like to take your showers here?”  They replied “Would that be okay?”  “Oh heavens yes, please go take your showers.”  I said.  Ben and I just laid in bed together snuggling.  The boys went in and showered together and then came out with their towels on.  They hopped into bed with us and asked “What’s the plans for the day?”  I told them I hadn’t decided yet.  “I was thinking about hitting the Goa Art & Culture show first.  Then Ben and I wanted to drop in on some very old friends who do not even know we are in town yet.  You boys are welcome to come along if you like or you could stay too, it’s up to you!”  I said.  “We want to be with you guys today it that’s okay.”  “Oh of course.”  Ben and I got out of bed and then hit the shower, together.   Once dressed we rented a car to get us around Goa.  After we picked up the car we parked it at the hotel and took public transportation to the Arts & Culture show.  After the show we came back to the hotel and picked up the car and then drove over to visit our old friends.  We pulled up to their house and parked the car.  I got out and Ben got out, then the boys got out.  I walked up to the door, and I could see someone looking out the window at us.  I rang the doorbell and a woman answered.  She had long black hair and dark brown skin.  She said, “Hello can I help you?”  I smiled and said “I hope so, is this the Malik residence?”  She said “Yes it is.”  I said, “Bill and Doug Parker from The United States.”  Kamana screamed then jumped over to hug me, then Ben.  She was shouting Narhari!Narhari!”  He came running to the door in a panic thinking something terrifying had happened to Kamana.  “What? What is going on?” She was jumping up and down, “This is Doug and Ben Parker from America!”  He froze in his tracks, then he reached out and shook both our hands and then he hugged us.  I introduced both of our Personal Assistants, “This is Lucas, and this is Konrad.”  They greeted them too and then invited us inside.  “Kamana was saying, Oh my God we haven’t seen you guys in over 20 years.”  I know I said .She made us dinner, and we sat and caught up with everything new and talked about some things old.  I said “I am here because I would like you two to come and stay with me for a few weeks.  I am interested in having you teach my whole group about what you do, and how it works.  Do you think that you could do that for me?”  Narhari said “Why don’t you guys teach them what you know?  We all learned at the same time.”  I said, “Well, because we’re papas and family or friends, and I think it would be best if they learned it from strangers.”  They both agreed so I set a date and told them I would transport them when the time came.  09192010

I said our good byes to our kind hosts and then we went back to the rental car place to drop off the car.  Once back in our hotel room, I went right to bed.  I began to dream about a good friend who was in trouble.  I wasn’t with car so I conjured up a huge woven basked that was the shape of an upside down giant Fadora hat.  It had wheels and it drove itself.  So it seemed, I mean I had some control over it with my mind but not much.  It took all I had to keep myself from being thrown out of it when it was taking turns.  We were moving so quickly.  By the time I pulled up to my friend he was sitting on the ground trying desperately to piece together this purple bike with this long extended front end.  I pulled up and he wasn’t looking at me.  I said, “Hey, can I give you a lift somewhere?  He said, “Hey, yeah sure.”  I leaned down and then said “Here take my hand I can lift you up.”  He took my hand and I pulled him up onto the basket car.  He fell on top of me and didn’t move.  He just sat there gazing into my eyes.  I was stuck being locked into his gaze and I couldn’t pull myself away.  He touched my knee and rubbed it softly.  I was instantly aroused.  He spoke “Have I ever told you that you have the most beautiful penis?” With that I woke up instantly, hard as a board.  Ben felt it and began touching it and stroking it.  We made love again at that moment, and became one.  I fell back asleep, and didn’t dream for the rest of the night.  00202010

The next day I was ready to go back home. We packed up our things and then I zapped us home.  One by one everyone else who we left in Goa was arriving home too.  I was happy to see the children and got them dressed and ready for school.  Sonia was making breakfast and welcomed us home.  We shared coffee and I told her about our little vacation.  She said that the children were such a delight and that they really missed Ben and I.  I asked Skipper if when he picked the children up from school could he stop off at the ice cream shop and buy them all ice creams.  I handed him some money.  He said “Oh of course it would be my pleasure.” I told Sonia it was Pizza and movie night not to worry about dinner.  After breakfast I went to my green house and watered all the plants.  I was a little surprised to see that we had two pot plants growing.  I asked Colton about it when I saw him and he said “That was Jaspers doing not mine.”  I called Jasper and asked him what he thought he was doing?  He said “It’s for you and Ben, I have my own here at the Bayou Estate.”  “ I guess there wasn’t any harm in it, I’ll see you when I see you.”  then I hung up.  09202010

The wedding was less than two weeks away, so I made sure that Lucas covered all the basis and nothing was over looked.  I needed this wedding to go with out a hitch.  Sonia and Skipper were very happy together.  They loved their jobs, the children, our family and friends, and especially the estate.  I told them I was taking care of everything and all they had to do was show up.  They were both so appreciative.  I said it’s all a part of the perks of working for me as well as being a pair of my good friends.  I went in for my tuxedo fitting today, then finalized all the flower arrangements, cakes delivery, and the catering plans. I also made sure the Limo company was aware of where I was sending them.  I was sending them on a two week all expense paid round trip to Saint Martin in the Caribbean.  They had at their disposal parasailing, laser sailing, jet skis, kayaking, windsurfing, fishing, boat trips, snorkeling, diving, hobie-cat sailing, kite-boarding, skydiving, horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, running, tennis, golf, bowling, and boating. The islands 12 casinos are all on the Dutch side and offer gaming in the European mode.   I wasn’t going to tell them where they were going.  They would have to figure that out at the airport.  09202010

The pizza boy came to the door so I tipped him and Lucas with the help of Konrad helped me carry in all of them.  We set them on the counter. Sonia served salad with the pizzas and health shakes for those who wanted them.  After dinner Ben and I cleaned up and we all met in the home theater room to watch a movie.  I had a friend who works at the local theater bring over a first run movie that they were paying at the local theaters.  I surprised the kids and they were so happy.  After the movie I helped put the children to bed and then I went to bed.  Ben came in later, and I was already asleep.  I started to dream again, about the friend who I was picking up.  He and I were now sitting on a dock together, with our feet in the water, and he said “You left so quickly last time when we saw each other.  Was it something I said?”  I laughed and then said, “It was a little random and it literally shocked me right out of the dream.”  He turned to me then said, “I’m sorry I just really have deep feelings for you and that was the first thing that came out of my mouth. I was just as surprised to hear me say it to you as I was saying it, trust me!”  We both laughed it off.  He said “I wanted to say thank you and you are a good friend, but it didn’t come out that way.  We were both laughing in hysterics now.  I was laughing while talking, “Oh I see, I’m so glad you weren’t trying to tell me something BAD!”  We were laughing so hard that we were falling into one another.  This went on for more than ten minutes.  “Ouch my stomach hurts, stop it!”  He said.  Then I said, “I thought you had a bad case of Turrets Syndrome.”  We laughed until he lost his balance and fell into the lake, and he pulled me in with him.  Once I got back onto the dock I pulled him back up and he sat next to me.  He rested his head on my shoulder while we both looked out over the lake.  09202010

This dream continued, where we hung out all day long, and then night fell and we walked back to the log cabin where he was staying.  He said, “Could I offer you something to drink or eat?”  I said, “Sure that would be nice.”  We ate some cheese and crackers, with grapes, and other fresh fruits.  He served us some really nice dessert wine.  We sat on the floor in front of the fire place, then he turned to me and said, “Do you know what one of my favorite things in the World is to do?”  I smiled and said, “I have no idea, what?”   He said “There is nothing greater to me than sitting naked in front of a blazing fire place while you eat ice cream from a bowl.  Would you care to join me?”  I laughed and then said OK. He stoked the fire first and really got it going. We jumped up and went to the freezer, where he had such a variety of ice cream.  I got black cherry ice cream and he got rocky road.  We stripped down to nothing and sat on the large pillows that were stored between the coffee table.  I ate my ice cream while I felt the heat blazing out of the fire place.  We were laughing and acting like two little boys doing something bad, knowing if we got caught there would be trouble.  09202010

“Wow!  That was amazing”  I said.  He said “Yes it is, and I so happy I’m not the only person on the planet who thinks so!”  We shared a blazing fire, sitting in front of it naked, while we also enjoyed some ice cream.  After that it went from night to day, he wanted to show me something else.  He waited until the temperature outside got to about 90 degrees.  He took me to the kitchen and then he got two cucumbers out of the refrigerator.  He pulled out the cutting board, a fork and the potato peelers.  He handed me a cutting board, then the potato peeler, after that the cucumber.  He picked up his cucumber, and then the potato peeler, then he said do what I do.  I watched him carefully, he took the cucumber and rested the bottom of it on the cutting board.  He peeled off all the outer skin.  Once it was complete, he took the fork and ran it up towards his face from the bottom of the cucumber to the end, then he turned it and kept doing it all the way around.  The thing was that the kitchen was hot from the temperature being in the 90’s outside.  The spray from the cucumber would fly into your face and it was a cold misty feeling that really was so refreshing.  09202010

I woke up out of the dream, and went to the shower. Then I got dressed, and headed to the children’s rooms to see how they were doing.  They were just waking up, so I helped them get dressed and then walked them to the kitchen. In the kitchen we sat down at the little kitchen table and ate cereal.  Ben got up and made us coffee.   He handed me a large mug, then he kissed me good morning and went off to his art studio.  I saw the children off to school, then I called the school to talk to the counselor about the children and their school work and behaviors.  He reported all good news and I couldn’t be more proud of my little children.  I wanted to chill today and not do anything, so that’s exactly what I did.  Anything that needed to be done, I let Lucas take care of it.  Ben told me that was the whole point of him hiring me a Personal Assistant.    I know, I have a difficult time letting go.  It’s part of my problem.  I went to the bedroom and got into my swim trunks.  I chose to blow up a raft and just lay in the pool on it.  I fell asleep and began dreaming again.  This time my friend was in the pool with me floating on his own raft.  I was clothed he was not.  I said, hey what are you doing you silly man this isn’t a clothing optional pool.”  He laughed and said, “The hell it isn’t.”  09202010

I fell asleep in the raft, then my friend woke me up and said, “Hey what do you feel like doing now?”  I said, “I don’t know, do you have any suggestions?”  He  replied “Um, yeah lets go, follow me.” He was putting on his clothes while we were walking.  As we were leaving the estate I knew we were no longer around the house, because nothing looked the same the more we walked away.  We came up to this barn out in the middle of nowhere.  Outside were two pair of skates.  The old four wheeled kind.  We put them on and skated into the barn.  There was a roller rink there so we just skated around as fast as we could.  The stereo came on with the song Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll by Vaughan Mason & Crew.  We were dance skating and laughing and acting like little children on the roller rink.  It was such a fun time.  I woke up out of the dream and looked at the clock.  It was 6:00 am.  I got up, used the bathroom and put on my robe.  I went to the kitchen and started the pot of coffee.  Ben met me in the kitchen, the house was very quite.  He kissed me good morning and then asked me if I slept good.  I said “Yes, how about you?”  He said “Good, I have to head to San Francisco for an art exhibit today.  Do you want to come along?”  I nodded and then sat down at the counter.  09222010

I finished my coffee, then went to the bedroom bathroom to shower. I got out and then dressed.  I went to my office and Lucas met me there.  “Hey, I’m going to hang with Ben today, so you take care of your to do list and then take the rest of the day off, the same goes for Konrad.  Do you guys need some cash?”  “Naw we’re good, thanks  have a good day.  I will check in later, when you get home.”  I mentioned to Ben on the way down to San Francisco how I thought it would be fun to convert the dance studio into a roller rink when it’s not being used as a dance studio.  He thought that sounded like fun, So while we were in the city we bought 50 pair of roller skates.  The four precision wheeled ones and we had Kevin build Cubbies to put them in against the very far wall.  There were very nice decorative doors on them so they weren’t an eye sore.  Each person we knew had their own cubby.  We picked up some of those guiding poles that the retractable rope comes out of and then we could connect those to form a center circle to keep people out of the center of the dance floor.  They were only allowed to skate around the outside of the taped off areas. 

“Okay who here knows how to roller skate?”  We were sitting in the dining room eating dinner.  All the kids raised their hands except Julian and Albert.  I told them, “Oh good I can teach you, starting tomorrow right after school. Thank you Sonia for dinner it was delicious.  Do you and Skipper roller skate? “  She said “Oh it’s my pleasure, yes but I haven’t been on skates in probably 20 years.  “Your Dad and I set up the dance studio as a roller rink.  So as a family we can go in there and roller skate around.  There are 50 pairs of skates so you could even invite friends if you’d like.” The children were so excited and happy.  They thanked me and then after we watched a movie together, we put them to bed and I went to bed too.  09232010

I fell fast asleep and my naked buddy showed up in my dream.  Only this time he was wearing clothes.  I was dreaming that he and I were hanging out at my childhood home laying on the floor together and watching television.  He was really not his usual self, more on the quiet side.  He did however allow his hands to explore my body when we covered up under a blanket.  That was more like him.  Maybe he was being shy around my family.  Mom was making dinner, that Dad caught off the deck.  Donna was hanging out with David.  Timothy was playing with his tows in his room and Luis was reading a book on a hammock in the front yard.  After one show ended he said, I really have to be going.  I said, “where do you have to be?” He said “I don’t know good point” then he sat back down and I laid across his lap.  He really was acting a bit distant, not like any of the other times that we were together in any of my dreams. I said “Is there something wrong? Are you okay?”  He said “Yeah but I really should get going”.  So I stood up and walked him out and then I said goodbye.  I didn’t dream about anything after that for the rest of the night.  09232010

Once awake I didn’t get out of bed. I just laid there and I didn’t move.  I was thinking about  the children and were they really happy.  I decided to ask them myself today.  I knew the answer for Toni and Troy, they were happy being with family.  Sure they miss their Mommy and Daddy, but they also understand the line of work they are in takes them away for months at a time, and it’s not fair to them. I had already checked in Alex and Rene and they told me that their only concerns were that they didn’t ever want to become invisible to the family and Ben and I.  I reassured them that nobody in this circle of friends and family would ever allow that to happen. The children who I needed to worry about was Josef, Zita, Theodora, Kasper,  Julian, and Albert.  I call Mart and Baltazar three times a week and we talk for hours.  I’m pretty sure they are doing well and they are happy. I got up showered and then got dresses.  I went into the kitchen to start the coffee.  What I decided to do was take each on of my children to breakfast just me and them and then drop them off to school.  I started with Albert and Julian and we went to I.H.O.P. in Novato, CA.  They loved that place, we sat down and they ordered the fruitiest pancakes on the menu with hot cocoa.  “Hey boys, is everything going good at school for you?”  “Yeah we love it.” Albert said. “How about home, are you boys happy?”  “Oh yeah I am.”  Albert said.  “What about you Julian? Are you happy at home?”  He just nodded.  We finished breakfast and I walked them to class.  I spoke to the teacher and she said they were really doing well and she enjoyed them in class.  That made me feel great

I ran into the other children getting off the shuttle and I hugged them and kissed them and said “Have a nice day, I love you.”  They said bye and went to class.  I arrived home in about 20 minutes, and then searched the property for Ben.  He was ready and wanted to take me with him to San Francisco.  Lucas and Konrad were coming too.  We got to the art studio and were there for a few hours and then we came back home.  I ordered Chinese take out for dinner and picked it up after everyone was home and settled in.  It was an informal dinner night, everyone did what ever they wanted and I ate in the game room while I worked on my puzzle.  Theodora came in with her dinner and sat with me while I was working on the puzzle.  I asked her “Hey, are you happy living here?” She looked up and said, “You’re kidding right?” I smiled, “No, I just wanted to find out if any of my children are happy here of not.  I want all of you to be happy and that means more to me than anything right now.  She said “All of us are thankful and grateful for the opportunity to get out of the orphanage, but more than that, have great parents like you and Dad. She stood up and kissed me and then sat back down , working on the puzzle and eating.  09232010

Ben came in and helped out with the puzzle.  Theodora was teasing him because he was thinking so many pieces looked alike.  Albert and Rene came in and also sat down to help.  Toni and Troy were playing with Julian and Albert, with air hockey.  Kasper was chatting online with friends on the internet in my office. I got up and made a few calls in the office, and then I asked Kasper if he wanted to watch a movie with me.  He said yes so we went to the back living room, and put in a movie.  I made us some popcorn and snacks, then we sat down and enjoyed a movie together.   One person at a time came in and sat down to watch the movie.  Ben came in and sat right next to me.  The movie finished and I hugged and kissed the children good night and then Sonia put them to bed.  Ben and I walked to bed and then we used the bathroom and climbed into bed.  He asked “Are you okay? Are you Happy?”  I laughed and said, “If you are happy and our children are happy then I am happy.”   He gently kissed me and we fell asleep. 09232010

The dream I found myself in was out on a deserted beach Island with a few palm trees that had a couple coconuts on them.  My naked friend swam up from out of the ocean and walked across the beach to me.  He sat down next to me and then said “Are you fulfilled in your life?”  I laughed then answered with a question,  “Okay, who sent you?”   He said “You answer my question first and then I will answer yours.” “Alright, I think I am happy and that my life is fulfilled yes. Why wouldn’t it be?  I have wonderful children, a man who I share my life with that absolutely adores me, and I never have to need for anything, ever.”  He smirked, then said “Are you sure about that?”  I was getting irritated and asked “What in the hell are you getting at?!”  He said “Oh, I don’t know, I suppose I don’t really know what it is to be happy and content.”  I turned to him and held both of his hands.  I said “Ssshh, close your eyes” as I shut mine.  He was cold, and trembling.  I reached into my inner self and found the bright light that was really warm, secure, comfortable, and mostly happy, and I shared it with him.  His body began to feel warm and calm.  I could sense the light of love flowing through my hands and into his, then traveling up his arms, to his shoulders, then filling his chest, down to his waist, thighs, legs, knees, feet and toes.    I opened my eyes and I could literally see a bright shining glow that surrounded his whole body.  “Okay now open your eyes.”  He opened his eyes and saw that I was glowing.  He said “Am I?”  I interrupted, “Yes, exactly like me.”  This feeling is amazing.  I thought I had experienced everything that there was and now”  he stopped talking and just marveled in the warmth.  I said “That feeling that you are experiencing is the feeling of true unadulterated love, and happiness. There’s nothing on the earth or in the heavens that is more magnificent than this.”  I kept the love flowing from me to him.   After a long while I began to pull back on the energy transfer until it was completely gone.  I looked at my naked friend, then smiled.  He smiled back at me and I took my hands then I placed them each on his face and I kissed his head.  He said “Thank you.”  He stood up walked down the beach, until he faded out of my sight.   09232010

I sat there on the beach, and just reflected about my life.  Although I had received a new power, I still wasn’t really sure what its potential was.  I closed my eyes and I meditated about myself.  This was something that I rarely or never did.  I imagined the island being bigger, and when I opened my eyes it was.  Then I imagined it had a house built on it A French Colonial house with four bedrooms and four bathrooms and a huge kitchen, dining room, great room, wet bar, and meditation room.  It also had a dock that went out  to the ocean.  I opened my eyes and there they were.  I imagined the driveways paved in cobblestone and a road leading away from the house.  I imagined the Island becoming even bigger.  The road led to a small village with a bakery, a few restaurants, a general store, a pub, a gas station, and a marina. I imagined that every person who worked in town had their own home somewhere on the Island.  I began to imagine the Island lush with plants and trees, vegetables and fruits.  The Island began to get bigger and then I imagined a small airport and runway on it.  As I opened my eyes, I could clearly see that this tiny Island that I was on is now a good sized Island with a small town, and it’s people living on it.  I got up and walked to the market, and then just checked out each shop.  I walked into the deli and bought a sandwich, and a soda, with chips and I walked back to the house.  I was pretty impressed with the house.  It was perfect from top to bottom.  I sat down in the chase lounge and fell asleep.  I woke up to naked guy tapping on my knee.  “Oh hey, how are you?”  He said, “I’m good. I wanted to thank you for what you did for me earlier, and also the Island is looking pretty amazing.”  I smiled, “Do you think people will notice a naked man wondering around on the Island?”  He said, “Only you can see me naked, it’s your fantasy.  Everyone else sees me clothed.”  I said “Oh well that’s good to know!”  09232010

I woke up and was just so tired.  I felt like I ran a marathon or was it a triathlon.  Ben rolled over on me and said “Hey, good morning.”  Then he kissed me.  “I just turned a perfectly good secluded island into a tourist trap resort.  Should I feel guilty?”  Ben laughed as he got out of bed then said, “That’s why I love you, you’re so creative.”  I said, “I don’t know about that, I think it might have been best if I had left things the way they were.”  He replied, “The good news it that it’s only a dream”.  I got up and we took a shower together.  We got out dried off and then got dressed.  I went right to the children to make sure they had everything they needed to start off their day in a good way.  Julian and Albert were the last ones out of bed.  “Hey little men. You ready for a fun day at school today?”  “Yeah”  they replied.  I helped get them dressed and showed them to the kitchen where Sonia took over.  I asked Kasper if he wanted to go out to breakfast with me and then I would take him to school.  “Yes, Papa I would love that!”  I took him to a little café in town and he ordered Biscuits and gravy a side of hash browns and sausage.  I ordered their eggs Benedict.  “So is everything good for you at home and school Kasper?”  “Yeah, my teacher is great.  I was hoping to have my friends over more from school, because we always have so much fun together.”  I smiled “Anytime you want to invite them over you just do that, and if they need a ride then you could ask Ben, Me or Skipper, okay?”  “Okay thanks Dad.”  I could tell he was happy.  It would be nice to have a few new faces around the estate once in a while anyway.  I suddenly was missing Matthew, and Timothy.  After breakfast we stopped off at their place to say hi, and then I dropped Kasper off at school. 09242010

I had asked Matthew and Timothy to lunch and they accepted.  I went back to the house and asked Ben if he wanted to join us for lunch.  He said yes.  I also invited Lucas and Konrad.  After lunch I paid for each of us to get 90 minute massages at our local spa.  I felt so great after that.  “Thanks for that boss” Lucas said.  We went back to the estate and I bumped into Jeremiah out at the pool.  “Hey brother, what’s up?” I asked him.  He smiled then said, “I was just thinking about this naked guy who keeps showing up in my dreams.”  he continued to describe my naked friend in my dreams.  I said, “He’s been in my dreams for years, and I’ve never known his name.”  Jeremiah said, “Well I ran into him down town at the local coffee shop. He looked just as surprised to see me as I was to see him.”  I said quickly, “Really?  Where and what time, I would like to meet him.”  He said “I will take you there tomorrow morning for coffee.”  I was in a daze for the rest of the day.  This was a guy who I had been dreaming about for so many years, yet he was such a mystery.  Perhaps now I would finally be able to put a name with the face.  09242010

I helped Sonia in the kitchen for dinner.  Kasper asked me if three of his friends could come over after school tomorrow to go swimming.  I said “oh yeah, sure”.  We sat down and ate as we were eating I couldn’t get my mind off the possibility of meeting my naked friend in my dreams in person.  It made me sort of spacey, and Ben noticed then asked “are you okay?”  “Huh?  Oh yeah, I’m fine, just lots on my mind is all.”  I finished eating and cleaned up the kitchen and the dining room.  I gave Sonia the rest of the night off.  Ben helped me and we poured ourselves a glass of wine and sat outside to look at the stars.  “I think there’s something bothering you.  What ever it is you can talk to me.”  Ben said.  “Oh I know, I have had this friend in my dreams for years.  He’s who I call the naked guy.  We never introduced ourselves but he knows my name.  Today, Jeremiah told me this guy has recently been visiting him in his dreams.  He said he ran into a guy who looks exactly like him at his coffee shop this morning.  He asked me if I wanted to join him tomorrow to see him.  I said yes, but I think it is going to be very weird to meet him in person.  Don’t you think it’s strange?”  Ben said, “It’s not that strange considering you two have the abilities that you have, no.  Also, maybe he’s supposed to be in your life for a reason.  You won’t know until you find out.  So I think you should go, and be cordial and see where it leads you.”  I kissed him and said, “What would I do with out you?”   “He said, “With or with out me, you would be fine.”  09242010

I went to bed after all that wine and slept soundly for a few hours.  Then I began to dream about being on my Island.  I was sitting out on the front porch of the house in a swing, and naked guy came walking up and then asked, “Hey there, may I join you?”  I waved him on and he sat beside me.  I looked at him from toe to head, and then said “What brings you by?”  “Well, I have a confession, I have been visiting your brother and he and I have become good friends like you and I.  I hope you don’t get mad.”  I said, Now why would I get mad? I can share my friends with him. Now I have something to confess to you.  He saw you today in a local coffee shop and we’re going to look for you there in the morning.” He looked like he saw a ghost, then said “I don’t know if that’s a good idea”  I asked “Why not? I already know everything there is to know about you after all these years.”  “You think you do, but there are a few things you don’t know. I’m not sure it’s a good idea that you know right now.”  I smirked, “Oh right the naked friend who is so sure of himself, I see, you‘re not so sure anymore.”   He responded, “I just think if you two find out about me, you might not want to be my friend anymore, in dreamland or reality.”  I said “Well, why don’t you let us be the judge of that.”  We just sat there swinging and never said a word.  09242010

I woke up and Ben was up, showered and in his art studio.  Lucas came in wearing his pajamas and sat on the bed up against me.  “Hey, what’s on the agenda today?”  I sat up and told him about my named friend in my dreams, and what Jeremiah said, and saw.  He said “Hhhmm, now that’s very interesting.  So are you going to meet him?”  I said, “I think so, do you want to come too?”  He smiled, “I wouldn’t miss it for the World.”  He hadn’t showered yet and he brought down his clothes and laid out mine.  We both shared the shower, toweled off then got dressed.  We met with Jeremiah out at the car, and then got in and drove away.  I parked the car got out and walked up to the coffee shop.  Jeremiah held open the door for me and Lucas.  I walked in first and then stopped dead in my tracks.  There he was turned around at the counter, looking right at me.  He was fully clothed, and glowing all over.  “Hello” he said and extended his hand.  “Hi” I said and shook his hand.  He then turned to Jeremiah and shook his hand and greeted him and then he shook Lucas’ hand and then said “I’m Christopher.” I realized suddenly just how much his name fit his appearance.  Lucas said “Hello, I’m Lucas.”  They smiled and shook hands.  I said “Please allow me to get your coffee.”  So we all ordered and sat together at the table.  “So Christopher, I feel like I have known you for years.  Can you explain how that’s possible?”  He smiled then said, “I come from a group of people who have these unusual abilities, as I am sure you two do too. Our families have history.  We all started at the beginning as a group that lived together, and survived together, until one day an evil force separated us and one wasn’t able to locate the other.   Then over time, one of us completely forgot about then other.  That is that you guys forgot about us, while we never stopped looking.”  I said, “Let me guess,  was her name Myra Rayana?”  “Yes it is” he replied “She was an evil woman and felt that she should break our families apart.  Then if she did our powers wouldn’t be as strong.  She didn’t know that no matter what happens to us or where we are our powers will always be intertwined.”  “My husband Ben destroyed her a while ago.  She also tried to split up me and my twins by kidnapping Jeremiah when we were babies and then cursing him.  He found me and I reversed the curse.”  Jeremiah smiled then said, “Am I so glad about that!”  Lucas had taken out pen and a pad and was writing down everything that was being said.  “I also visited her sister and told her if she tried anything we would do the same thing to her.  I decided before I left to rob her of her active powers, rendering her harmless. You see, the thing is now after all these years I have a very tight group working for me, that is compiled of family and friends.  This is a team of  people who work together to defeat wicked people like Myra.  One of our new additions all though she can get a virus and be sick like everyone else, has the ability to bend matter at will, with her mind so, she’s one of our most valuable assets.”  He said “You’re talking about Anya?  She’s my cousin.Our fathers are brothers.   Her added powers are from her mother’s side of the family.”  “Hhhhmm so then you have been to see her and my brother in the Bayou?”  He said “No, I haven’t let her know I was around.”  “Okay well I have to ask, why are you visiting us in our dreams, also, why move here where we live?” I was thinking about asking about why he was always naked in my dreams too but I didn’t.  He said “Our families are bonded by spirit along with our powers.  On can not exist with out the other.  I moved here to keep mine well tuned and sharp.  I also wanted to see what you guys were like. You know that expression, curiosity killed the cat.  You see I knew about you but you never knew about me.  If you had you would have tried to find me.”  I asked “Does Anya know anything about this?” He said “No , we kept it from her.” 09242010

As many questions as I had I also realized that there was plenty of time to get the answers out of him either in real or dreams.  I changed the subject and asked him where he was living, how did he like the area?  He said he was living with a local friend, and then I said “I have a place at my estate if he would like to come live with us?”  He said “I love this area and hope to never leave it.”  We all got up and into my car and headed back to the estate.  I gave him the grand tour, even though he had already been introduced to it in my dreams.  It was surreal for him to see it in person.   I stopped at the guest house and that’s were I had him stay.  He really loved it then I said, “Feel free to visit me in my dreams, you could even visit naked, but here, you have to wear clothes outside these doors. I have minors and girls on the property.  He started laughing and then he said “I don’t see that being a problem for me.” I handed him the keys.  Then I asked “Do you have a car?”  He said, “Not yet” I said “let’s go buy you one.”  We went to the dealership and I allowed him to pick out a car.  He purchased the 2011 Aston Martin DB9 Volante Convertible for  $204,715, Black with black leather interior.   He followed me back home and parked it in the garage next to my Mercedes.  09242010

Ben checked it out and decided to go trade his Jeep in for a 2011 Hummer H3T Blue with ebony leather interior.  He pulled up and Matthew and Timothy were in the driveway shooting hoops.  He had a grin from ear to ear.  “Wow, Ben this is nice!”  I came outside to inspect it and I gave him my blessing.  He parked it into the garage, and then came inside.   “That cost us $41.733 but it’s worth every cent.”  I agreed, “it’s more masculine that your Jeep was.” I said “It’s only money.”   We all sat down for lunch and then waited for the children to get home.  I got a call from Baltazar, he was telling me about school and they were due for a break soon.  I told him about the wedding plans and how we were gearing up for them on the weekend.  “You two can come home and stay in the guest rooms.”  I hung up and then called Lucas into my office to go over all the arrangements for the coming wedding.  “There is a rental company arriving tomorrow to set up the tent, and tables and chairs with all the decorations, there is a cake being delivered by noon.  We have just about everything we need.  The only thing is that we never set up the rehearsal dinner, for Friday.”  I said “Yes, I have that taken care of.”  He said “Then we’re all set and ready to go.”   09242010

The house seemed quiet and calm for about an hour.  Then all the men began showing up at the door.  They were caring in booze, and cigars, and hats, and other things.  I suddenly realized we were hosting a bachelor party for Skipper.  Ben had planned this for weeks.  He took all the men out to the Garage and showed off his Hummer.  Afterwards the pizzas were delivered and they moved the party to the dance studio.  Ben had put the skating rink ropes and poles away and set up card tables with chairs.  He hit the music and then began pouring drinks.  We ate pizza, and drank, played poker. Then all the sudden a a woman walked in.  She was dressed up like Little Bo Peep and she had with her a sheep.   The music changed and she began to strip dance for Skipper.  The sheep huddled in the corner.  Skipper seemed to get really red in the face, and nervous.  I guessed that he hadn’t had enough to drink yet so I made him a new one and handed it to her to give to him.  She sat on his lap and handed it to him while she gave him a lap dance.  She kissed him and hugged him and played with his chest.    He got hot and bothered and then she finished her dance and I paid her then she grabbed her sheep and left.  We all regrouped in the house for the rest of the night of drinking and bowling.  Skipper passed out in the chair, so I snapped my fingers and he was in bed where he belonged.  We all bowled well into the early morning.  Once in bed I fell fast asleep.  I was at my beach and Christopher walked up to me.  He was still naked and I just shook my head and laughed.  “Do you do that to try and turn me on or what?”  He was smiling ear to ear, “Actually yeah, I want to see if I can tempt you.”  I smiled back and said, “I’m very easily tempted, but I never really truly stray away.”    He snapped his fingers and he was dressed. “Hey I’m not complaining, you happen to have a rocking body for your age.  I’m very humbled and admirable.”  He said thank you and sat beside me.  “The place is lovely, and seriously, thank you for taking me in.”  I turned to him and said, “Hey, don’t think I’m not going to put you to work. Once we figure out what you do, I may need your help in the future.”   We shared the swing and just talked about Christopher’s family and how they knew my family.

“My name is Christopher Manners.  I come from a long line of French Manners who were living in the same small village as your Gram.  In fact we still have the family cottage there, sometimes I go there just to get away from it all. My Gram and your Gram were the best of friends.  Before that it was their Fathers, and before that it was their Mothers, it continues back to about 200 generations when it all began.    The family lived in the Vezere valley and painted on the cave walls of Lascaux.  The stories there were about them hunting and trying to survive against the elements of  Mother nature.  Long before they learned a dialect, or how to write they were communicating in their dreams.  This was the beginning of our bloodline tapping into the surrounding magic, and over time mastering it as well as harnessing it to accomplish their needs and wishes.   They were able to learn things faster than most other tribes.  Generation after generation they were born smarter and wiser.  The elders were passing down their knowledge of magic father to son and daughters.  The practice became built into our bones, our skin, our blood and our brains.  In history one generation was almost devastated by an evil family and that was when the ability to heal became prevalent. Since then one person out of each generation was gifted the power and ability to heal upon touch.  You are the only person with that ability since your Grandmother’s father passed away.  Like you, I have the ability to heal upon touch.  Our bloodlines are separate and have been for centuries.  Now I hear that my cousin is living with your brother.  This is the first time that our blood lines might cross, and if they do the powers will combine with the children and then we will have to see what happens then.  It could turn out that all the children have equal abilities.”  I said, “I teach people the craft all the time, who do not have special abilities or gifts.  They can master the magic and use it as equally well as I or anyone in my family can.  Take a look at Matthew for instance.”  He replied, “A small part of your new power is the ability to transfer it to people who would otherwise just be common and ordinary.  Nobody in documented history of our families and their bloodlines has had that ability until you.”  I didn’t really believe that whole heartedly because I was able to teach Jasper and  Brigitte things in the past, spells that they were able to do.  He then continued “ Our family fought together side by side in many of the battles in history where some magic had to be used to gain power or control of our homeland.  There is one person, who has passed who’s only job is to document everything that happens to our family.  He knows everything, and after I tell you his name you will have the ability to call him up in any dream and ask him anything and he has to answer you truthfully.  His name is Belarus.  He writes down everything word for word.  I woke up from the dream and I out my robe on and went to the kitchen to get some water.  While I was there, Jeremiah came in and sad down at the counter.  “Hey, what are you doing up? Can’t sleep?”  I asked.  He said, “No, I have been having these odd dreams. You?”  I sat down beside him, after I grabbed two cans of beer and cracked one open for me and then one for him.  I slid his to him in front of us.  He said “Cheers.”  He hit the cans and then drank.  I said, “I was dreaming about a long conversation that I was having  with Christopher.  He was explaining that our families have a history and there also is someone documenting everything that has ever happened. “I know, Belarus.” Jeremiah said. “So Christopher told you too?”  He said “Yes, and I have already spoke to Belarus.  He’s been visiting me in my dreams for the past few days. He’s explained our family history and how we got involved with magic.  It’s all very fascinating.  He also informed me that you and I are more alike in powers than Donna is.”  I was already sort of aware of that but I didn’t respond to it.  I sipped my beer and just took it all in. 

I talked to Jeremiah about how I felt he and I needed to spend more time together.  I wanted us to be close, and also share our abilities and practice together.  He felt the same as I did.  I told him that I was very happy that he was back in our lives.  “You know I love Donna, and she is our twin, but I don’t feel as connected to her as I do you.  She directs all that attention and energy towards David and her career.”  Jeremiah said “Yeah, I sort of got that vibe after I met them.  That’s okay she should be following her dreams and sharing them with the love of her live, right?”  I nodded, finished my beer, and then asked if he wanted another while I got up to get me one.  “Yes please.”  I got two more and gave him his and cracked mine open and sipped it as I sat back down. “You know Doug, I have spent so much time away from the family and tortured with having to live with that curse, that all I want to do is spend time with family and friends.”  I put my hand on his shoulder and said, “I completely understand that. You have my full support.  Everything I have is yours,  I can share.  All I want is for you to be happy.  That’s really all I want for everyone that I know and love.  The folks who know me, know that is all I want too.”    He finished his beer then stood up and threw the cans in the recycle bin then walked over and gave me a big long hug and kisses on my cheeks, then he said “Good Night Brother, see you in the morning.”  I said good night and went back to bed.  09252010

I woke back up and felt a little groggy so I put on my robe and when I got to the kitchen Sonia was making espressos and lattes.  “I could go for an espresso first then a latte please.”  “Coming right up.”  The doorbell rang and so I answered it.  It was the set up crew for the wedding.  I invited them in and Lucas was all ready to take charge for me so he saw them out to the back and reminded them what our plans were.  I drank my latte, and then got into the shower.  Lucas came in and was talking to me while I was in the shower, just to confirm what we had already gone over a few days ago.  He handed me my towel and helped me dry off.  I got dressed and we met back outside to oversee the wedding preparations. Kevin and his crew were hanging lights all around the property as well as decorating the dance studio for the wedding party. Matthew & Timothy came over and offered any help they could.  I was having the food catered by the Bistro, so Nathan and Stephen were handling all of that for me.  I wanted to get the children up and dressed, so that Sonia didn’t have to.  I asked Ben to relieve her and send her back to her apartment to get ready.  Skipper stayed the night at Jeremiah’s place and he was getting ready there.  The children and whole family arrived by 11 am.  The wedding was at 3pm. Mama was trying to keep everyone moving and motivated.   All of Mama’s children arrived and they also were helping the crew set up the tables and chairs.  Jennifer and Jocelyn were helping with the table settings, decorations, candles, party favors, etc. I was amazed at how everyone was chipping in to make this very special day for Sonia and Skipper happen with out a hitch.  The brides maids were all getting ready in Sonia’s apartment with her.  Jasper, Luigi and Luis all helped Conrad put out all my organically grown flowers and pots that I made to match her wedding theme.  The property was being transformed into a heavenly garden on earth.
The pastor arrived and Jasper took him into the bar and offered him some wine.  The tent and tables were set up.  The microphone and speakers installed.  The food court buffet all ready to go.  The dance hall reception was in order.  I went down the list and checked everything off.  Julian and Albert were the ring bearers.  Theodora was the flower girl.  Ben and I got into our tuxedos.  Jocelyn got all the children dressed in their Sunday’s best.  The doorbell rang and the Harp was delivered, “Right this way please.”  I showed them were they were going to set up to play.  The doorbell rang again and the Doves arrived in cages, so the trainer set them up out back as well. Everyone was seated, and we all got into our places and then the harp music began. Sonia’s brides maids walked down and then the kids, and then Sonia.  She was absolutely stunning.  Her face was glowing and she seemed genuinely happy.  Skipper was a little nervous.  They ceremony began and then the Pastor pronounced them husband and wife.  Right as they kissed he announced them.  They took a bow, and the doves were released.  The photographer took all the necessary pictures while Matthew and Timothy had everyone meet in the tent.  After the pictures we all met in the tent.  Ben and I wanted to propose a toast.  I said “As you both already know, we are sending you on an all expense paid Honeymoon to St. Martin, but that’s not all.  Ben and I gave this much thought and we decided to take this one step further.  So Sonia, and Skipper I would like to present you the deed to your new home.”  I walked over and handed the deed to Sonia.  They both were crying uncontrollably.  I hugged them and kissed them as they thanked me.  Ben took the microphone then said, “Ben, and Sonia, you are great friends, and the best employee’s we ever could have asked for.  Your hard work does not go un noticed nor does it go un rewarded. So with that said I would like to present to you the deed of ownership to your brand new business and fleet of Limos.  This business has already been established and has a great customer client base.  It’s called Windheim Limos, named after you.”   Skipper couldn’t believe this.  Sonia was just flabbergasted.  Ben handed Skipper the dead and then we hugged and kissed them.  I grabbed the microphone then said “So you have your basis and foundation for a secure and happy life together. Once you start building the family, keep Ben and I in mind for the Godfather position.”  Everyone clapped and then we sat and ate.  The day was filled with good food, good company and great fun dancing in the studio.  We saw the loving couple out  to the Limo and off they went on their honeymoon.  Ben and I cleaned up while Jeremiah and Conrad entertained the guests.  09252010

The next day we had a moving crew come and move Sonia and Skipper personal belongings into their new house.  I hired Vinny to decorate and  furnish the place prior to it.  It wasn’t a big house but it was cozy and cute.  I had Lucas on replacing Skipper and Sonia, he had hired a twin couple named Jimmy and Jacky.  They were a little younger but their references and resumes were impeccable.  The apartment was redesigned with two bedrooms each decorated in his and hers décor.  I introduced them to the children and they absolutely loved them.  Ben and I spent the evening getting to know them and found that they both seemed grounded, comfortable, and pleasantly friendly.   The crew came and took away all the rentals.  We had so much food left over from the wedding that we didn’t need to cook or anything.  “So, the apartment will be ready for you two to move in tomorrow.  Here’s the keys, Jimmy the shuttle is parked out front, these are the keys.  The kids need to be taken to school before 8:00 am and picked up by 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, as well as stopping by the Brick Estate and picking up Theodora & Zeta.”  “Okay we will see you tomorrow. Good night.”  I saw them out and then I came back in and just fell on the couch in the back living room.  Ben picked up my feet and set them on his lap to massage them.  We watched a movie and then went to bed. 09252010

He carried me to our bedroom, undressed me and then put me into bed.  We made passionate love together, and then I fell fast asleep.  I began dreaming about that island that I completely commercialized.  It was very bothersome to me.  I appeared on it suddenly and then I made another one right beside it with nothing on it like the one I was sitting on originally.  I paddled a boat from one to the other and just sat on it under the coconut tree.  I was thinking about life, and love and how I missed out on so much time with Jeremiah.  He still didn’t have all the family memories that I did.  I woke up out of my dream and it was about 5am.  I put on my robe and went to the kitchen to start some coffee.  Jeremiah came downstairs, in his robe and said, “I think I know how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking.  I’m not exactly sure how, but I do know that you and I should spend some more time together.  I looked at him and didn’t say anything.  I thought to him “We should go to Grams cabin in France, and then I could share with you the memories that I have of her, kind of the same way I did with you when I took you to the Bayou Delight estate where I grew up.”  He nodded. We had coffee together, and then he let Conrad know we were leaving.  Ben came in and I told him we were leaving for about a week.  He kissed me and said, “I will hold down the fort.”  We showered and got dressed and said our goodbyes and then I snapped my fingers and we were suddenly at Grams French cottage.  09272010

I went through her photo albums with Jeremiah.  I explained to him everything I knew.  We sat on the floor and I held his hands, and I transferred all my childhood memories to him, about Mom and Dad, and Gram and Grand and our childhood friends, neighbors, and siblings.  He took it all in, and then when I was finished he said, “Wow, I would have loved to have been a part of that.”  I said “You sort of are now.” He and I walked to the general store and bought stuff for dinner.  I introduced him to everyone who I knew and who knew me in town.  I also shared those memories with him.  They were very curious about where he’s been all this time.  I explained, he was kidnapped, as a baby and we finally, recently found him.  He was taking in everything so well, with out a whole lot of emotions or even regret.  I really enjoyed hanging out with him too.  We never really needed to talk because we knew what one another was thinking or going to say.  I cooked us a nice dinner and we sat in front of the fire place and ate while witting on the floor.  I found Grams deck of cards so after dinner he and I played Gin rummy.  I had turned the queen bed into two doubles, with separate night stands and lamps.   We opened up a bottle of Cognac, and had a few drinks together.  I took it outside and we checked out the starts before going to bed. 09272010

In the morning I made us fresh French pressed coffee and French toast.  We ate and then I had a car delivered.  We were going to explore the countryside of France where Gram grew up.  We drove through Montpellier and then around the Languedoc Roussillon area.  We visited the wineries in Bordeaux.  Then the The 'Sud de France' marque  to sample other products, some of which include cheeses, olive oils and fresh home made pies.  It was a nice day, we even drove out to the coast and looked at the Mediterranean Sea from the beach.  I explained that the climates where we were in California was similar to the one we were in that very moment.  The climate in the Bayou wasn’t exactly the same, but also had some similarities.  We drove back to the cottage before it got dark.   I stopped at a local pub to have a few drinks and also dinner.  “Ah Bonjour Monsieur Parker ”  The chef came out to say hi,  “ Bonjour Frederick this is mon frère Jeremiah Parker, Nous sommes des jambeaux.” We kissed each other on the cheeks.  “Ah  cela est magnifique” he shook his hand and then kissed both his cheeks and said “si très agréable pour vous rencontrer.”  Jeremiah said “It’s very nice to meet you too, thank you.”  Then Frederick said “S'il vous plaît apprécier votre repas.” and returned into the kitchen.  09272010


We both  ordered the ratatouille, over egg noodles. Then for dessert we had Blueberry Clafouti.  I said “This is almost as good as Grams! Oh my God!”  We finished dinner and then shared a small glass of port before we headed back to the cottage.  I went to the kitchen and said my good byes to Frederick and thanked him for a fantastic meal.  “Nous restons deux semaines donc nous retournerons.”  He said “Very Good, my Dear French / American friend.”  We kissed and hugged and then we left.  I wanted to go to the local cinema it’s a tiny ten row theater that’s been there since before I was born.  I checked the paper to see what was playing and I read the movie premise to him In the case of ''La Chevre'' - the story of an accident-prone accountant (Pierre Richard) who teames up with a tough detective (Mr. Depardieu) to find an equally accident-prone young woman. I parked the car back at the cottage and we walked into town to the Cinema.  Once inside I ordered the candy, drinks and popcorn and then we went inside to sit down.  The movie began and the lights went down. After the  movie we went to the pub again, this time we ordered us a bottle of wine at a table outside.  I ordered the Gratineed onion soup and se dégonfler et le saucisson cassoulet.  Jeremiah ordered Le canard fumé dans la sauce de prune also Café Calva for both  of us.  I sent a Café Calva into Frederick from us too.  09272010

I asked the waiter to place another chair at our table.  I told Jeremiah, that I was going to invite a friend and he was going to have to allow me to show him something after my friend arrived.  I snapped my fingers and Lucas appeared.  The waiter walked up and set another Café Calva in front of Lucas.  I held Lucas hand then I held Jeremiah’s hand.  I transferred all the memories of that terrible night when Jeremiah dumped Lucas for Conrad.  I spoke to Jeremiah, and told him everything was better now and that I took care of it. Jeremiah pulled his hand away from mine and stood up quickly from the table causing his chair to fall back and hit the floor.  A waiter came buy and stood the chair back up behind him.  Jeremiah began to cry.  He covered and his face in his hands.  Lucas stood up and took him in his arms and held him.  The waiter, waitress, chef, and bartender, all stood and watched as I waved them on and signaled that everything was okay.  They both were crying now.  I told Jeremiah and Lucas, telepathically “You are bind together forever as best friends and nothing will ever break that bond!”  I cleared my throat and then they separated and sat back down.  “Thank you for coming Lucas.  How is everything at the Estate going?”  He knew I was ready for business as usual.  “Everything is good, and all is well.”  I said “Have you eaten?”  He replied “Yes, I have.”  Then I said “Please join us for dessert, and stay the night.” He nodded, and sipped his coffee.  I made it very clear this was not a romantic reunion for the two of them it was closure, and then the beginning of a perfect friendship. 09272010

Once back at the cottage, I poured us some Cognac, we sipped it until our glasses were empty and then we went to bed.  I got out of my clothes and climbed into bed, Lucas slept with me.  Jeremiah was restless and having nightmares.  I meditated until I joined him in his dreams.  He was reliving what I showed him about Lucas.  I sat down beside him in the dream and I put my arm around him.  I whispered to him, “You didn’t know, and it’s really not anyone’s fault.”  He said, “It makes me feel like I only used him, when I was just going with my feelings at the time.”  I said, “Look, that’s the best we can do in life brother, is to go with our feelings.  You should never ever be ashamed of following your heart, no matter where it takes you or how you get there.”  He cried on my shoulder and I cried with him.  We hugged until the dream faded away deep into the thick of night. 09272010

Dreams were gone for the remainder of the night.  Lucas snuggled up to me as usual, but I didn’t mind.  I loved him as much as I loved myself.  I woke up and he was out of bed and making coffee and breakfast for us.  Jeremiah woke up and then sat up in bed.  He turned and looked at me and then he said, “I love you so much brother.  I don’t know how I ever survived what I did with out you.”  I responded out loud,  “you did it because deep down you knew there was an answer and better for you. I’m just grateful you’re here now.”  He got out of bed and sat next to me and grabbed my face and gently kissed my forehead.  He pulled away and looked at me deeply in my eyes and said again telepathically “I love you!”  I spoke out loud “I love you too!”    We showered then got dressed.  The table was all set for four.  I asked, “Lucas are we having company for breakfast?”  He smiled, then Jeremiah said, “I zapped Konrad over this morning after I asked Ben if he could break away for a few days.”  Konrad came in from the garden where he had picked some beautiful wild flowers for the table.  The two young men kissed then we seated ourselves.  I said, “Well Lucas, if you’re staying two more nights I suppose you guys should use the guest room off on the other end of the stairway” he nodded and smiled.  Breakfast was delicious, pouched eggs, light wheat toast, and fresh fruit salad.  We ate, then Jeremiah said “If you don’t mind Doug, I would like to plan the day for us today.  Would that be alright do you mind?”  I said, “Oh of course not.  You are the tour guide today.  Konrad pulled out of his pocket a folded piece of paper and handed it to Jeremiah.    He opened it and read it to himself.  I poured everyone more coffee. 09272010

I laughed then said, are all you guys in cahoots with each other?  They laughed, and then thought they were keeping me in the dark.  I knew if I wanted to know all I had to do was read their minds.  I decided to play along and not.  We waited for Lucas to get ready then Jeremiah said, “please indulge me, everyone hold hands.”  I held Jeremiah’s and Lucas’ hand, and Konrad held Lucas’ other hand and Jeremiah said “Babushka!”  and we appeared in Paris France.  I couldn’t stop laughing, and when Jeremiah asked what was so funny all I could say was “Babushka!”  We visited and toured:

Tour Eiffel
Arc de Triomphe Paris
Centre Pompidou
Cathédrale de Notre-Dame
Hôtel des Invalides/Napoleo…
 Musée du Louvre
Musée d'Orsay
Cimetière du Père-Lachaise

We stopped at Angelinas for tea and chocolate, it was rumored that it was the best in the World.  I have been all over the World and it is the best yes.  We had lunch at Café de la Paix.  Jeremiah paid for everything, it was nice to have someone else pick up the tab, for a change.  I ordered the L’Agneau, lasagne de légumes, citronnelle fraîche. Half-saddle of lamb, vegetable lasagna, fresh lemongrass. Lucas ordered Le Rouget Barbet, condiments poivrade et sauge ananas. Red mullet, pepper condiments with pineapple sage.  Konrad ordered Filet de boeuf grillé. Grilled beef fillet.  Jeremiah ordered Le Homard verveine, crémeux de petits pois au ginger. Lobster cooked in lemon verbena, cream of pea soup with ginger.  Everything was perfect, and I was eating more than I could talk.  Jeremiah ordered two bottles of Henriot Brut “Blanc Souverain”.   For the night life we took the boys out clubbing.  Jeremiah sat at the bar and watched the boys have a great time dancing.  We got home before 1:00 am and I said my good nights and put myself to bed.  09272010

I did not dream tonight.  I slept long hard and sound. Matthew and Timothy appeared in the middle of the night and they snuck into bed with Jeremiah and I.  Matthew climbed into bed with me and snuggled up to me.  Timothy climbed into bed with Jeremiah and snuggled up with him.  I woke up and was a little surprised, that Lucas would be in bed with me and not in bed with Konrad.  I turned on the light and looked and saw it was Matthew.  I looked over at Jeremiah and saw Timmy in bed with him.  He woke up and said, “Timmy, what are you doing here?”  He said, “Sssshhh go back to sleep we can talk in the morning.”  I turned off the light and Matthew, snuggled right up to me more and said, “Hi Boss.”  I fell back to sleep.  The morning sunshine came through the window and hit my face and I woke up.  I sat up in bed, with Matthew hugging my waist.  “Timothy, what’s going on?”  He sat up in bed then said, “What can’t we come visit you, we miss you and Jeremiah.”  “Oh, of course you can.”  Matthew got up and cooked everyone scrambled eggs, friend potatoes, sausage, toast, and Mimosas.   I sat outside in the garden to eat.  Jeremiah got up and kissed everyone good morning.  He slapped Timothy on top of his head, and called him a blanked hog.  While we were sitting outside eating breakfast a small whirlwind came from outside the yard and then across the garden and spun out of control right beside Jeremiah.  Flower pedals, leaves and cut grass were all connecting together, and suddenly they took the shape of Gram. She looked at everyone there, then she said “My lovely Grandsons.  I am delighted you are here.  I hope you take a moment while you are visiting to see your Aunt .”  I was shocked because nobody ever told me we had an Aunt here.  “Gram, what Aunt?”  She said, “Ask your mother for her address….You go see her before it’s too late!~”  then the wind funnel went up into the air and returned to where it came from.  09272010

I was getting a little frustrated with these late in life secrets that were popping out all over the place.  Jeremiah could sense I was aggravated.  Timothy asked “Is this new news to us?”  I nodded yes.  I went inside and called Mom.  She kept me on the phone all morning.  I got off and transferred the information telepathically to everyone because I was irritated and I was done discussing it.  I went out of the cottage and went for a walk into town.  Matthew followed me and refused to leave me alone.  We went into town and shopped for fresh bread , pastries, locally grown organic vegetables and cheese.  I also stopped and picked up some wine, beer, and gin, and olives.  I was going to have me a few Martinis with stuffed blue cheese olives, three to be exact.  Matthew picked up snacks like chips, dip, crackers, and soda.  We walked back and Matthew said, “have you ever thought of buying a bigger place here in France and bringing the whole family for visits?”  I said, “NO that thought has never crossed my mind.  I kind of like to keep this country and its memories for my Gram.”  “I totally understand, but culturally speaking, I think it would be beneficial for your children to get the taste of their home land and ancestral heritage.”  I asked, “Have you mentioned this to Bill?”  He said “Oh no, only you.”  I said, “Okay let’s keep it that way and note taken. I will think about it. While I’m thinking about it why don’t you do some research on properties for sale here.  Something big enough to accommodate everyone.”  He reached into his pocket and pulled out the information, and handed it to me.  I said, “You are too much.” 09272010

Just as soon as I stepped into the cottage, Timothy and Jeremiah met me at the door.  They both said, “we have company and she’s sitting out back in the garden.  Matthew removed the bags from my hands and I was escorted outside.  I saw this older woman sitting at the outdoor bistro table on the patio.  Her hair was long, curly and silver.  Her eyes were deep blue, and her skin looked like pink cotton candy.  I walked up to her and said “Hello, I’m Doug Parker. Agnes Bertrand’s Son.”   I extended my hand and then she shook it.  She said “Bonjour, my name is Angelina Bertrand and Agnes is my older sister.”   I asked her “May I?”  I pointed to the empty chair, she said “Please, this is your cottage.”  I said “It’s the family cottage, not just mine. So I understand you met my brothers?”  She said “Oh yes, it’s my pleasure to meet them as well.”  I said “I’m sorry I mean to sound rude or anything, but why haven’t any of us heard about you ever before now?”   She touched my hand that was holding onto my Martini glass stem and she said “Your Mother and I stopped talking 40 years ago.  She basically said that I was dead to her.  Over some stupid man who she doesn’t even talk to anymore.”  I asked her if she minded, and I said “I can learn everything about it if you’re willing to show me.”  He closed her eyes, and forced all her memories onto me.  I didn’t even have a chance to meditate on them.  It startled me and then I said, “Wait just a minute, you shouldn’t just do that with out giving someone any warning first!”  She said, “I’m so sorry.”  I send the information on telepathically to Timothy and Jeremiah.  They got chairs and sat beside Aunt Angelina. She said, “I have an estate only fifteen minutes from here.  It’s a very large estate, and I’m all alone in it besides my servants.  I was hoping that with you being my family that I would be able to invite you over and we could get to know one another better.  I said “Sure how about tomorrow?  We could make a day of it and then have dinner, see how it goes.”  She stood up so happily, shook all our hands and kissed our cheeks and then said “I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow.”  She handed Matthew the address.  I stopped her before she saw herself out and said, “I have a large family and they will be joining us.”  She asked “How many?”  I said twenty.  She nodded and then went out the front door.09272010

I got on the phone and called Bill I asked him to bring the family but give Jack and Jill the day off.  I hung up and called Donna and David and invited them too.  We chopped up some vegetables, and steamed them with butter and garlic.  We sliced up fresh French bread and cheese.   Jeremiah lit the BBQ and we grilled up some fresh caught fish with dill and other herbs.  All the food was delicious.  We talked and laughed and then we went for a walk along the wonderful starlit country road.  I made everyone a night cap once we returned to the cottage.  Jeremiah and I went outside to the garden to drink ours.  It was very difficult for me to imagine how important family is to us and how close we are, when mom’s siblings don’t get along and they refuse to talk for years.  Jeremiah and I still needed to be together, to make up for lost time.  I said “Is meeting with Aunt Angelina going to be a problem for you?”  He shook his head no.  Timothy came outside and sat with us.  “Man you guys, what’s next? I mean first Jeremiah and now Aunt Angelina?  Let’s promise one another that no matter when in this lifetime we will always be brothers and love one another no matter what!”  I put my Martini glass in the air and said  “here here.”   They clinked their  with mine. We finished our drinks and then went to bed.  09272010

I began dreaming about my Mom’s family.  In this dream I was in the cottage garden, alone, and just zoning out on the flowers.  Gram sneezed and I said “Vous bénir” with out thinking then I realized Gram was there.  “Hey Gram, Please help me to understand why Mom and Angelina aren’t loving siblings? I mean you’re the one in my life who has always taught me about the importance of family.  We’re going to see her today after I wake up.  This woman is going to meet my family Gram, and I think of her as a complete stranger.”  Gram stopped trimming the flowers and turned to me and said, “ The problem with my girls is that they are both stubborn just like your Grand. It really makes me angry but I can’t force them together.  All I can do is make sure that you and your family get to know your Aunt before it’s too late.”   I stood up and hugged my Gram “I know Gram, and I love you all the more for that.” I kissed her cheek and she disappeared, and my dream faded into the darkness.   I did not dream anything else after that.  The morning sun beat on my face and it woke me up.  09272010

I got up and showered then I got dressed.  One person at a time got up and joined me in the kitchen for coffee.  I said “Good Morning.”  I was in a good mood, but a little unnerved about  what could transpire today.    Ben and the children called and asked me when they should meet me.  I told them the address and said, meet me there at 11:00 am.   We had a small bite to eat and once everyone was showered and dressed, we all met in the garden.  We held hands and then I said “Babushka!”  In an instant we were standing in the driveway of a Country Estate of 35 hectares with two Historic Chateaux 6456 square feet, 42 bedroom luxurious “Chateaux Bertrand”.  This place made my Marin Estate look like Gram’s country cottage.  I said “From now on all weddings in the Family have to be done here!”  Ben and the children showed up and in a short minute Donna and David too.  Ben walked up to the door and knocked on it.  It was the size of King Kong.  It slowly opened and this little man in a waiters outfit said, “Good day right this way.”   All the family walked in singe file and just looked around Chateaux in amazement.  We were directed to a large room, it looked like some sort of banquet room.  Four very long tables in a line, and each table sat about 20 people.  Aunt Angelina showed up and said “Welcome to my home. Please be relaxed and comfortable, my home is your home.”  I kissed her cheeks and introduced her to Bill.  Then one person at a time we introduced her to our family.  She had the servants, escort the children to play rooms, and the pool area, and the tennis courts and basket ball courts.  She had us follow her into a large sitting room that was half the size of my estate.  We sat down and had some tea served to us.  Aunt Angelina was asking us all questions and trying to get as much information about each one if us kids as she could.  The cooks were cooking all day and serving food to everyone on the estate with waiter servants.  The bartenders were making sure everyone had drinks, and refills as needed.  There were even three estate program directors to keep Aunts guests entertained.  A few hours passed and a man came in and asked if anyone would be interested in the grounds tour?  Ben, Matthew, Timothy, Jeremiah, Lucas, Konrad and I all went with him to tour the estate.  There were libraries, marble bathrooms, saunas, sitting rooms, artist auditoriums, antique displayed rooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, meditation rooms, sewing rooms, everything and anything you could think of, this place had its own room for it. I whispered to Ben, “I would get lost in this house every day of my life if I lived here.”  He nodded and laughed to himself.   “I wonder if it’s haunted?”  he shrugged his shoulders and we followed the tour guide closely. 09272010

After the tour, Aunt Angelina had everyone sit down at the formal dining table where she had everything set up perfectly, and precise.  I sat beside her on one end and Jeremiah sat beside her on the other.  She stood and thanked us for coming.  She said “ I would like to make a toast. To the descendants and family of the Bertrand’s.  This is just as much yours as it is mine!  Come often, stay, play, enjoy, and be happy.”  “Cheers” the group of us said and we drank.  Dinner was unbelievable. It was something like a ten course meal, that was followed by tea, coffee, or hot cocoa. She asked us all to stay the night.  This was my way of finding out if the estate was haunted or not, we all humbly accepted the offer.  Her butlers showed us to our rooms.  Once settled in there was a knock on the door. I answered it and it was her waiter staff, bringing us night caps and finger snacks.  Bill and I sat down and shared a drink and some foods.  I said “Well, what did you think?”  He smiled and said, “as nice as this place is it’s not really my cup of tea.  There’s too much, too much everything!”  I agreed, and then I said “It’s nice for vacation, and weddings.”  He nodded.  The bed was huge, it was two of what we called California Kings.  Once I climbed in it I felt like I was laying on a cloud.  Ben and I fell fast asleep.  I didn’t even dream.  09282010

When we got up there was hot coffee, fresh pastries, and tea waiting for us on the little table next to the window.  I grabbed a robe then put it on and took my coffee, pastry and went outside to the balcony.  Ours overlooked the back acreage where there were green rolling fields with trees of many varieties.  The birds were chirping and singing a natural song for me.  Ben came out to join me.  “Good Morning Honey”  he kissed me and then sat down.  “These pastries are delicious.”  I said “I know I can’t just eat one.”  The temperature outside for 7:00 am was about 56 degrees.  Ben and I were reading the local paper together, and someone knocked on our door.  I went to open it and it was Matthew and Timothy.  “Hey isn’t this place amazing?”  Timothy asked.  “Yes, I think so.”  They came in and helped themselves to some coffee and pastries and then joined us out on the balcony.  The door opened and in walked Konrad and Lucas.  They already had coffee and pastries in hand and they came out to the terrace.  “You know if you want to go fox hunting they will saddle up the horses and get the hounds ready.”  The boys were shocked that I suggested that knowing how much I loved dogs.  “There’s so much to do here, so you boys should take it in while you have the chance.”  I looked at Ben, “that means you too, what do you want to do today?”  In no time there was a knock on the door.  I went to answer it and it was a tall, brown haired, green eyed man about my age standing in the doorway.  ‘Hey Cuz, can I come in?”  I opened the door and allowed him to step in.  “I’m sorry, have we met?”  He said “No, I’m Angelina’s son Brian Bertrand, your cousin.”  I took him out to the balcony and introduced him to everyone.  He sad down, and I got him some coffee.  “I was wondering if you guys would like to cruise the Canal Du Midi with me this afternoon?”  Before anyone could respond I said yes.  He said good I will meet you out in the driveway at 12:00 pm.  He saw himself out, so I got my clothes ready and headed to the bathrooms.  The men’s bathroom was completely done in Marble and so beautiful.  I showered, shaved got dressed and then went back to my room.  Ben was ready, and everyone else had left.  We met Brian out in the parking lot where a car pulled up and took us to his boat.  We joined David and Donna there, along with Timothy, and Matthew.  Jeremiah and Colin pulled up in another car after we arrived, so we all got into the boat and it began to take us up the canal.

By the time we arrived to Toulouse everyone was hungry.  I asked Brian if he wouldn’t mind docking while we went into town to get something to eat.  Ben and I separated from the group and had lunch together.  After that we went back to the boat and asked Brian what he has planned for the remaining of the day?  He said “I was thinking about just heading back after everyone has toured the city. Would you like me to be your tour guide?”  “I said, Only if you want to.”  We all left the boat and went ashore.  We visited:

  • Basilique St-Sernin

  • Musée des Augustins

  • Cathédrale St-Etienne Toulo…

  • La Cité de Espace

  • Fondation Bemberg

  • Eglise des Jacobins

  • Basilique Notre-Dame La Dau…

  • Le Capitole

Once we left the city to head home we traveled back South and were back at the Chateaux Bertrand by dark.  My aunt came asked if we were having dinner?  I said, we all are staying for dinner, then I think everyone is heading home before it gets too late.  Aunt Angelina had her cooks make us Chicken Pot Pie for dinner. It was the best pot pie I had ever eaten.  We stayed for a night cap, said our long good bye’s  and then I sent everyone home except for me and Jeremiah.  We returned back to Gram’s cottage.    Jeremiah was very thrilled to meet more family.  He went on and on about our aunt and cousin. I was thrilled only I wasn’t showing it as much.  “I just get so upset thinking that you, and they haven’t been in my life up until now.  It’s so frustrating!” He hugged me and kissed me then he said “All that matters is how we have time now.”  We went to bed, it had been a very long and emotionally draining day.  09282010

Just as fast as I went to bed, it was morning again.  I got up, then showered, and prepared us breakfast. I made us some fried potatoes, eggs over easy with toast.  I got our coffee ready and then Jeremiah came into the kitchen and sat down to eat.  I just ate in peace and quite.   We didn’t talk at all.  I ate, cleaned up and then I picked up a good book on Gram’s shelf and went outside to the Garden to read.  Jeremiah came out and sat beside me with another one of Gram’s good books.  We read all morning well into the late afternoon.  There was a knock on the door so I got up to answer it, and it was Brian.  “Hey what’s up?”  “Hi may I come in?”  I opened the door, “Of course you can.”  “Mom sent me over to give you guys some cheese and wine.  I was hoping that we could hang out this afternoon.”  “Oh wow, this is great! Yes, come in, we’re just out in the Garden reading.”    We got out the horse shoes and played for a few hours.  I called the local pizza parlor and had them deliver pizza to us for lunch.  “So, Brian, how was it growing up with Gram living so close and you living in that amazing Châteaux?”  He smiled then said, “I loved Gram dearly.  She helped me focus and kept me out of trouble.  I also learned how to manage the craft, and master my gift.”  I was curious so I asked “What is your gift?”  He said,  “I can touch something and it will shrink, and I can touch it again and it will grow.”  He pulled out a gold coin from his pocked and flipped it in the air.  The coin went from the size of a dime to the size of a personal pan pizza.  When it came back down, he caught in and set it on the table and said to Jeremiah, “It’s yours keep it.” We ate our pizza and I decided to break down and go out and but the cottage a flat screen tv and dvd player.  The three of us drove into the city and picked up everything we needed to hook them up in the living room.  We also shared the wine and cheese, that my aunt sent over.  After the movie, we all went to bed. 09282010

Upon waking I could smell food cooking.  I out on my robe and went out to the kitchen and found Brian making crepes.  “Good Morning Cousin.”  He smiled as he poured me some fresh pressed coffee.  “Good Morning, did you sleep good?”  He said “Sava!”  Jeremiah came in and asked if we could get a computer and internet hook up in the cabin.  I snapped my fingers, and then we had a lat top with Wifi.   He looked up the price per pound for gold and figured out that the large gold disc that he had weighing 25 pounds was worth $407,759.25.  I said, “That’s not surprising.”  Brian pulled out two more gold coins from his pocked one at a time he flipped them up into the air and they went from small to large just like the first one.  He handed them to Jeremiah, then said “There now you have one million dollars worth of gold.”  I smiled and ate the breakfast that Brian put in front of me.  We ate breakfast and then we all showered and then Brian said while we got dressed, “There are much more important and invaluable things in life, such as quality time spent with your loved ones, and family.”  I nodded. 09302010

I needed to get back home to my family so I said my goodbyes, and left Jeremiah with Brian.  Before I left Jeremiah said “I would like to live here, could you please forward my things when you get home?”  I snapped my fingers and all his things were in Grams cottage.  We all hugged and kissed, and I said “Babushka!” and I was home, in the foyer.  Ben came in and greeted me with a kiss then said “Welcome home.”  We unpacked my luggage and Lucas came in and we met in my office for an updated meeting.  He let me know how the children were doing and how Jacky and Jimmy were doing.  I asked him how he and Konrad were doing, and he said things with them couldn’t be better.  “Oh good that’s what I like to hear.”  The telephone rang and it was Brian, “Hey, I have some bad news. Mom passed away in her sleep last night.  I’m going to have the service this Saturday.  We’re going to put her to rest in the family cemetery.  Her attorney called me and told me that her will states that everything goes to you and I.  Could you please come back, and help me get through this?”  I said “Oh of course.”  I hung up the phone and called Mom.  She was very emotional and couldn’t talk.  I got off the phone with her and went straight to Bill to tell him what happened.  He was truly saddened.  We all were. I began to realize that Gram must have known and that’s why she was in such a rush to push us together.  I said to Bill, “I have to go now, please meet me there with all the family on Saturday, or Friday night.  I grabbed Lucas, then said “Babushka!”  We were back at the Châteaux front door.  09302010

The butler opened the door and greeted us, then showed us to our room.  I was pretty sad, and felt terrible that we hadn’t got to know one another better.  I called Donna and told her the news, they said they would meet us there on Saturday.  I also called Luis and he said they would be there on Saturday too.  “Could you please have Jasper come?  I’m going to need my best friends with me through this.”  They agreed, then I hung up the phone and called Nathan and Stephan.  “Hey can you guys be packed and ready to come to France by Saturday?”  They said yes, and so I said thanks, and hung up the phone.  I sat on the best and just took a deep breath.  Lucas, sat beside me and hugged me while I rested my head into his shoulder.  Mom and Dad showed up at the door in no time.  The butler showed them to their room.  I was informed that they were there and went to meet with them.  “Mom, are you okay?”  She began crying uncontrollably, she ran over to me and just hugged me tight.  I said, “I know what happened and she told me that she still loved you very much and missed you before she passed away, just last weekend.”  Mom began to wail in my arms.  “sssshhh, ssshhhh, everything is okay. She made peace in her heart about it all, and so should you.”  Mom pulled away and then said, “I never got to say I’m sorry or even goodbye.”  I  said, “I know but she can see you and hear you now, so she knows.”  09302010

The meeting with the attorney was only a few hours away.  Everyone got ready and we met in the study.  John Benton was his name.  He was the estate and family attorney in France, and his father before him and his fathers father before him.  He sat down and said, “Thank you all for meeting me today.  I am truly sorry and saddened to meet you under these circumstances.  Angelina was a dear friend of mine my whole life.  She will be missed.  Now, I understand that Agnes Bertrand-Parker, you have waved your rights to any family owned properties or monies that would be inherently your birthright, and so the next of kin to Angelina is Brian Bertrand.  She has stated in her Will that she wants everything to be divided in half between Brain Joseph Bertrand and Douglas Raymond Parker.  She has stated also that there is a small cottage given to her by Gram that she wants to go specifically to Agnes Bertrand-Parker, along with a trust fund of 30 million francs.   The remaining funds and assets of 30 Billion dollars, will be divided in half and put in separate accounts for Brian and Doug.”  I wasn’t surprised that we were talking about that much money after seeing the Chateaux Bertrand. He continued “Now there is a few family businesses that need to be addressed.  First being Bertrand Logistics Inc.  and all its belongings, this company is being willed to Brain only.  As for the other company called Bertrand Designs Inc.  this company will be shared ownership between  Brian and Doug.  She also owned a home in San Francisco, California.  This home is being willed to you Doug.  Its address is  1345 Lyon Street, San Francisco CA 94115.  This property is owned and paid for and the estate has paid the property taxes in advance for the next 100 years.   The apartment in Paris, that also goes to you Doug.  He slid pictures with a detailed description of the apartment on an index card:

In a very beautiful freestone building 1930, a magnificent 375sqm apartment with a garden. It consists of: On the ground floor (75sqm): - A private entrance hall trough the garden - A large study - A bedroom with a bathroom - A 20sqm service room On the 1st floor (150sqm with 4m ceiling height): - A very beautiful eat-in kitchen - A spacious rotunda living room - A laundry On the 2nd floor: -A Master bedroom with its bathroom and walk-in closet - 2 children bedrooms - A possibility of t he 5th bedroom Parking place in the building, caretaker. This apartment is located in a very secure area of embassies. It benefits from nice volumes et sunny exposure.

This apartment is market valued at $ 10,115,997.”  I began to imagine how nice it would be for Baltazar and Marta to complete their art education living there in Paris. The attorney continued, The corporate jets, cars, and boats all are split 50/50 ownership between Brian and Doug.”   I was thinking to myself, this is a giant empire, and how was I going to handle managing my share of it?  “Now, that covers just about everything are there any questions?” Nobody answered and then the attorney handed all of us his business cards, and said “Please call if you do think of anything. Good day.”  He left the study and saw himself out.  Brian was crying so I walked over and hugged him.  I said, “I am here for you if you need anything.”  Mom walked over and said, “Hi I’m your aunt Agnes, and I’m so sorry for your loss.”  He hugged and kissed her and they both held one another and cried.   09302010

A bright light shined in from the window, and a sound of wind came in through it.  Before the servant could shut it, Gram suddenly appeared with Aunt Angelina.  They were both dressed in white satin gowns and their hair was pulled up in buns on top of their heads.  There were little white flowers in their hair.  They smelled like jasmine.  The whole room was instantly filled with the smell of jasmine.  Gram said “Hello Agnes!”  Mom dropped to her knees and put her face in her hands and just wept.  Gram walked over then placed her hand on her shoulder.  Angelina walked over and placed her hand on the other shoulder.  “Please don’t cry my dear, as you can see, we’re both okay.”  Mom looked up then said to Angelina, “Please forgive me.”  Angelina smiled and said, I did so many years ago, and I never stopped loving you.”  Gram and Angelina’s transparent forms turned into flesh and bones and they hugged and kissed Mom, then me and then Brian, and then they vanished the same way they came in.  Mom stopped crying and felt so much better that she got to see Angelina one last time.  We all stayed at the Châteaux, and I invited everyone to stay while we grieved together.  The estate was decorated in Orchids, and Lilies, and Roses, of all colors.  The cooks worked around the clock preparing foods for the guests, and planning for the funeral services.   I walked the gardens with Ben and he and I sat on a park bench facing the Châteaux.  “When are the children arriving?” I asked.  He said, “the say after tomorrow.”  We had a lot going on in the States, but I was growing so fond of France.  “What would you think about living here permanently?”  Ben smiled then said, “You know, it doesn’t matter where we live as long as we’re together.”  He brushed the hair away from my forehead and then gave me a good long romantic kiss. 093012010

“I have a better idea. Lets live in California while the children are in school and come here to live on their Summer Vacations.  That way we could also be here for Baltazar and Marta when they transfer to the French Art Academy.”  I nodded, and then we continued to walk the Garden.  Jeremiah came up to us and he was crying, and so I hugged and kissed him, then I said “The good thing is you got to meet her.”  he said, “Yeah, Mom signed over the cottage ownership to me. Is that okay with you?”  I said, “Oh of course, it’s still in the family. That’s all that matters.”  We all continued our walk through the garden holding hands with one another.  Suddenly, this black cloud of smoke appeared with a loud thunderous roar, and as it cleared there was a dark and evil witch standing before us.  Jeremiah threw a energy ball at her and she deflected it then said “you once were cursed to look like a troll I return you to that ugly form, and nothing can help you, or reverse this spell, this garden you will stay and never adorn!”  In a split instant the witch was transformed into the ugly little troll.  She screamed and ran off to hide.  Jeremiah said, “What happened?  It looks like her spell backfired ”  I smiled then said, “It’s my protection spell I placed on you immediately after I turned you back into your true form.  If anyone tries to curse you it is deflected off you and onto them.  Do you remember hearing that childhood rhyme called “I’m rubber you’re glue? Well, it sort of works like that.”  We continued to walk the garden.  09302010

I was inside the library and I looking over all the books that were there.  I came across a book that was about midway up the shelf that looked like it was half way pushed out of its place.  So I grabbed it and tried to pull it out and it appeared to be stuck.  I pushed on it thinking it would come out and then the whole shelf rotated half way open.  I walked behind it into a dark arched tunnel.  The shelf closed behind me and as I walked the torches on the wall lit.  I followed it to the end and it opened up to a huge secret basement room.  It was filled with herbs, and potions, and books.  Also laying around were items and articles, that I did not touch.  There was a book that just said “Bertrand” on the cover.  I opened it and it was a written story of everything and everyone in my family past to present.  I sat in the chair and I began to read everything in it.  I spent hours reading it and getting lost in the stories.  I noticed a telecom so I pressed the button and said “Hello?”  A servant with a scratchy voice answered “Yes, how may I help you Sir?”  I replied, “Please bring me some tea.”  He arrived in only moments with Tea, sugar, and milk.  “Is there anything else Sir?”  I said, “Yes who are you?”  He said, “I am the servant of the chambers, my name is Bernard.”  I said, “Thank you Bernard.” He bowed and then left.  09302010

I continued to read, and then I got a telepathic message from Jeremiah.  “Hey bro, where are you?”  I responded, “I’m in a basement room via the Library.”  He went to the library and then asked, “Where?  I don’t see any other door.”  I said, “follow the books to the one that is sitting half way out and push it in.” He did and then he walked the hall until he found me. “What is this place?”  I said “I don’t know, but it’s filled with magical things, and books.”  I showed him the book cover and then what was inside that I was reading.  He looked around, and I pushed the intercom again and said “Bernard, please bring me another cup for tea.”  He arrived with more tea, lemons, sugar and a cup. “Here you go Sir.”  I said “I am Doug Parker - Bertrand and this is my twin brother Jeremiah Parker - Bertrand.”  He said “How do you do?”   He bowed then asked, “Will that be all Sirs?”  I waved my hand, “Yes thank you, Bernard.”  He left the same way he came in.  Jeremiah put lemon and sugar in his tea, and grabbed another book and sat down beside me reading.  He said “This book holds all the secrets to Telepathy and Astro Projection.”  He read the whole book, and then began another.  I was just continuing to read about the family history and magic.
In only a few minutes Brain entered the room.  “Hey cousins, what are you doing?’ I said, “Just reading.” He said, “I was going to show you this room, but I guess you found it on your own.  Have you met Bernard?”  I nodded and continued to read.  He grabbed a book and then Bernard entered with a cup, more tea and some honey.  “Thank you so much Bernard, that will be all.”  He left as we all three sat and read.  The time went by so quickly and then I realized I was hungry.  I got up and excused myself and walked the Châteaux looking for Ben.  I found him in the kitchen he was sampling the foods that the cooks were preparing.  “Hey honey, how are you?” he asked.  I said, “I’m hungry for lunch.”  The cooks sat me down at a small bistro table inside the kitchen with Ben and they served us Caesar chicken salad.  After that it was Reuben sandwiches, with wide cut fries.  After we ate, I asked Ben if he wanted to play a little tennis?  We went to our rooms and our tennis outfits were laying across the bed, with some tennis balls and racquets.  We changed and then walked outside and to the tennis courts.  Nathan and Stephan were already on the courts, playing one another.  “Oh hi guy!”  “Hi back”  they replied. 09302010

We played a hard game of tennis.  The four of us, after that we all hit the showers, that were nearby.  When we got out there were clean towels and a change of clothes laid out for each of us on a couch just outside the showers.  We got dressed and then I went to the great room to watch a little television.  Ben joined me and we sat there snuggling on this enormous couch, that looked like it was made for ten couples.  Matthew and Timothy came in “Hi guys, how’s it going?”  I replied, “Hi boys” then kissed them.  They sat on the couch with us and we all selected a movie to watch.  The servants came in with fresh popcorn, sodas, candy and snacks.  Another one came in with fresh baked beget with cheese and wine.  We shared a glass of wine, and nibbled on the snacks.  Nathan and Stephan came in to join us, they sat at the far end of the couch.  After the movie, Jeremiah and Brain walked in.  Brian said, “We’re having cioppino for dinner.”  Luigi and Jasper came in to greet us.  I stood up and hugged Jasper first.  We hugged tightly and for a long time. Then I went to Luigi and hugged him and kissed his cheeks.  “How are you doing my brother?” I smiled then said, “I’m doing okay, thank you.”  Jasper broke open a jug of moonshine, and then ordered the staff all into the great room.  Lucas and Konrad entered, with Colin and then Jasper said, “Please everyone form a circle.”  So we did and he passed the jug to me and said, take a swig and after say one word that best describes our late Angelina.  I took a swig and then said Endearing” I passed the jug to Ben  he drank then said “Bright” then handed the jug to Matthew he sipped then said “Beautiful” handing the jug to Timothy who swigged and said “Wonderful” passing to Lucas he drank then said “Friendly” then passing to Konrad who chugged and then said “Fantastic” and he passed the jug to Nathan, he drank and said “Powerful” he handed the jug to Stephan, and he took a swig and then said “Pretty.”  He handed the jug to Jeremiah “Generous” then he passed it to Colin and he drank then said “Intuitive”  then he passed the jug onto Brian who chugged a gigantic drink then said “Loving”  then he gave the jug to Luigi, and he drank then said “Friendly”  and he returned the jug to Jasper who took a long hard drink then released the jug from his lips and said “Family!” and wiped his mouth with his arm. 

I cleared my throat and then said, “There isn’t a person in this room whom I wouldn’t risk my life for.  I love each and everyone of you deeply, dearly and unconditionally.  I need you all to understand, what’s mine is shared with you.  My hut is your hut, my apartment is yours.  My cottage is your cottage, my house is your house, my estate is yours, and my Châteaux yours to enjoy.  Please make yourselves at home, and thank you all for coming.”  Brain said “Although I don’t know all of you, I trust my cousin, and his friends are my friends.  I hope to get to know you as well as he has, salute.”  We passed the jug around one more time and then we left the room, and went our separate ways.  Ben and I went to the secret room.  Bernard came in and asked “is everything okay Sir?”  “Hi Bernard, this is my husband Benjamin.  Could we please have some wine, and a variety of cheese please, oh with grapes?”  “Of course, Sir” he left, then returned with a tray and on it was everything we asked for.  “Anything else Sir?”  “No thank you that will be all.”  Ben poured himself and I a glass of wine, and we sat down and opened up a few books to read.  Matthew and Timothy went into the library and were reading books from inside there.  Jeremiah came in, “Hi boys.”  They said hi and watched what he was doing.  He grabbed the book that was sticking half way out and  pushed it.  The panel slid open and he walked inside.  Timothy said “What the hall?” they got up quickly and followed him inside.  They walked looking around at everything.  “Hey Bro, what is this place?”  I said “Hi boys, this is the room where all the family secrets are stored.  Help yourselves and look around, but don’t mess with anything that is locked shut!  It’s locked for a reason.”  09302010

Luigi and Anya arrived and they were holding hands while walking the garden.  They sat on a bench inside the garden and the little troll ran up to them, and startled them.  “Hey please help me someone has turned me into this little troll, and I used to be a beautiful, lovely person.”  Anya looked the troll over from head to toe, and then she said, “I get the feeling you brought this upon yourself.”  The troll circled them on the bench and said, “Oh no my dear, I couldn’t do this to myself.  My power isn’t that great.  Please will you help me?”  Anya looked at Luigi and then he said, “If we do this for you, in return what could you do for us?”  The troll walked up in front of them both and sniffed them long and hard, then said “If you do this for me, I will forever be at your service, when you call me I will appear and anything you ask, you will receive!”  Anya said, “No, you are a thorn in my side!”  She closed her eyes, and then imagined the troll as a tiny little pebble on the ground.  In seconds, the troll turned into a small pebble on the pathway.  They got up and kicked it into the bushes, and continued walking though the garden hand in hand. At that moment a black cloud came and another witch appeared, she grabbed the pebble out of the brush and vanished. 09302010

Brian was feeling alone, although the whole family and our friends were visiting.  During the time he spent with me he was asking about the children, “Are all of the children happy where they are?”  I said “Oh of course they are.”  I began to think about why he was asking.  “I’ll tell you what, they are coming on Friday to attend the service.  Come Sunday I will ask all of them if any of them would like to stay with you and we will let them decide, okay?”  His face lit up and he was so happy.  “Thank you Cuz, that would be fantastic.  I promise I would take really good care of them and give them everything they needed.”  I put my arm around him as we walked through the halls, “I believe you will.”  We got back into the dining room where the cooks were setting the table for dinner.  I called Jacky and asked her to ask the children if they wanted to come a few days early.  She said “Yes, they were very excited and ready. I said, “okay give me ten minutes and I will be there to bring you all over, but meet me in the conference room.” I arrived and everyone was there, Baltazar, Marta, Josef, Zita, Theodora, Kasper, Julian, Albert, Rene, Alex, Toni and Troy.  Also Jacky and Jimmy.  I said, “is everyone ready? “  They said, “Yes.”  “BABUSHKA!” We were in France at the Châteaux Bertrand.  I sat everyone down in the great room and I said “Each and everyone of you has the opportunity to live here on a full time basis.  Those of you still in school will be home schooled by the finest tutors in all of France.  Now, my question is, who wants to live here?”  Kasper, Theodora, Toni, Troy, Alex and Rene all raised their hands.  I said, “Okay, it’s done.” I snapped my fingers and all their things were placed in each of their own rooms.  The servants showed them  to their rooms.  The others were shown to their rooms as well.  I asked Marta, Baltazar and Ben to come with me.  We teleported to the Paris, France apartment and on the counter were four newly made apartment keys.  I took one and handed the others to them.  “This is your new home.  I had Lucas, transfer you to the local Artistic Academy here in Paris.  There is a servant, maid and housekeeper who will report to work every day.  If you need anything you just ask them.  We transported all your things and they are in your rooms.  Please check the place out and stay here for a few days, and I will be back on Friday night to pick you up.”  We kissed and said good bye and then went back to the Châteaux Bertrand.  09302010

I want to round up the other kids, and talk to them.  Julian and Albert were outside playing hide and go seek in the garden.  “Hi boys can you come with me please.”  They followed me back into the house.  I found  Zita and Josef in the great room watching television.  I turned off the tv and said “I’m sorry this will only take a minute. Josef your sister Theodora is moving here so her apartment is free, so you want it?”  He smiled ear to ear, “YES!”  So the only children left living with me at the Marin Estate is going to be Julian and Albert.  Boys, I will allow you to take full control of the two rooms, and we can call Vinny over to help you decorate them any way you wish.  They were both pretty excited.  I said “That’s it, thanks I will see you at dinner.”  We all left and I went to look for Brain.  I found him in the kitchen, he was supervising the cooks.  “Hey” I said.  He said “Hey.”  Then I continued, “Toni and Troy are the twins, they are Donna my twins children, ages 8.  Then there is Alex and Rene they are biological siblings, and I adopted them, both are 8.  Last there is Theodora who is 13 and Kasper who is 11.  Those two want to be chefs when they grow up.  Perhaps they could spend their spare time helping out in the kitchen?  He was so excited to have the children staying with him.  I said “We will be living here in the summer months when all the children are on their school break.”  he smiled then said “That’s never a problem.”  We went to the patio where we shared a bottle of wine, and light conversation until dinner was ready. 09302010

Ben came out and sat with us.  I poured him a glass of wine, and we all cheers.  “I think having the children here will help them really build character, and realize their dreams and aspirations.”  Ben said.  “I think having just Albert and Julian at the house will give them more time with us.”  Ben nodded.  We outside and the cooks came to let us know dinner was ready.  Everyone met in the dining room, and I said a toast. “Here’s to an amazing lovely woman, my aunt, who is in good hands now with Gram!”  Mom stood up and said “I loved her, and I know she’s in a good place.”  We all sat down and ate a tremendously good meal.  Then everyone went to bed early.  The next day our breakfast was served to us in bed.  Ben was amazed, and tickled, “This is so great!”  They served eggs Benedict and coffee, with fruit salad.  After breakfast we showered and got dressed.  I decided to go check on Baltazar and Marta.  I grabbed Lucas and we went.  I arrived and they were in the kitchen eating a late breakfast.  The servant came in and poured us both a Mimosa.  “Thank you.” I said, and then I asked the kids, “How did you sleep?”  They said “So heavenly , I love this city!”  “Good, now there’s an account set up at the local bank for the two of you.  Here’s your Visa and master Cards.  These are prepaid in francs or pounds, so keep that in mind if you buy anything.  Nothing will be in dollars.   Go shopping, have fun, travel, and get inspired, okay?”  I hugged and kissed them then we went back to the Châteaux.  9/30/2010

I asked Ben to go with me to check out the Bertrand’s Design Inc. so Lucas, Konrad and I all went to the business and were given a tour of the facilities.   I was overwhelmed by the size of the establishment and what they produced.  After the tour I thanked the other corporate officers and then we came home.  I was telling Jasper that the business was responsible for making shoes, pants, hats, socks, jackets, sweaters, scarf’s, hoodies, sweats, pajamas, gloves, and all the uniforms you could imagine. “There is even a costume department that designs and manufactures everything you can imagine under the sun. It’s fricken huge!”  “Wow, I guess you didn’t have any idea that your family was so wealthy did you?”  “No not at all.”  The help came out and handed us some champagne flutes on a silver platter.  Ben met with us on the balcony just outside our bedroom.  Jasper said “I miss you guys.”  “I miss you too Jasper.”  then he said, “In all my life I have never seen anything so incredibly expensive and lush as these grounds.  It leaves me breathless.”  I said thank you and kissed him.  Nathan and Stephan knocked on the door, and Ben went to answer it.  He showed them to the balcony, and then the servants came offering us more champagne flutes.  I smiled and then asked “You’re not serving this to the children are you?”  They laughed and said “Yes Sir, it’s okay?” In a strong French accent.  I said, okay only Theodora, Zita, Josef, Marta, and Baltazar. The others absolutely not! Please let all the others know, thank you!”  The servers left and Ben said, “My goodness, the smaller children looped would be a tragedy.”  09302010

Jasper said, “I have ten jugs of hooch in my room if anyone wants some.”  “I want some after the service on Saturday so save me a jug.”  I said.  Ben said, “Me too.”   A server came out to the balcony and set a tray down with chocolate covered bananas, kiwi, strawberries.  As well as white chocolate covered raisons and blueberries, and almonds.  Jasper said “I could really get used to this kind of living.”  Stephan and Nathan nodded, while sampling each one.  Ben asked me if it was okay to turn one of the extra rooms into an art studio. I said “I can’t see why not. Just give the servants and housekeeping a list of your needs, and they will take care of everything for you.”  Brian met with us and I asked him.  “Is there an artist studio on the estate?”  He said, “Oh yes, allow me to show you.”  Ben got up and they left to see the artist studio. Lucas came in and took Ben’s seat.  The server came back and everyone grabbed another flute of champagne.  Luis and Anya came out to the balcony and told me about the garden troll, and what happened.  I said “That’s because a witch appeared and tried to curse Jeremiah again.  My protection spell caused her spell to backfire on her.  Apparently she was trying to get you guys to help her.  I’m really not sure anyone can help her. The spell I cast is permanent.”   I was wondering where Jeremiah was, so I got up and excused myself from our company.  I searched the estate then ended up in the secret room, where he was reading the family history book.  “Everything okay brother?”  He nodded yes and continued to read.  I sat down beside him and Bernard came in with new flutes of Champagne.  09302010

I grabbed a spell book and began reading each one.  I saw one that was called “How to conjure a lost friend”  I said, “Listen to this, I have a friend he’s in the past, I need him now, find him at last, the day is long the nights are short, bring him here, through the door contort.”  In an instant a beam of light shined through a small gap between the book cases, and then a man appeared standing right before us.  He was dressed like Robin hood.  Someone right out of the renaissance time.  I said “Um, who are you?”  Jeremiah stood up and dropped the book he was reading on the floor. He was looking bewildered and spooked like he saw a ghost.  “Jeremiah, who’s this?”  They embraced, and then just hugged for a very long time.  “I can’t believe you’re here.  I thought you were killed by the Witch!”  The stranger said, “No, she had kept me prisoner in her dark cold dungeon, where her servants kept me alive.”  he said Doug, this is my best friend out in the woods named Michael Lester.  “Pleased to meet you Sir.”  He shook my hand, and I could smell the odor of his manhood, so I reluctantly covered my nostrils with my index finger while I shook his hand.  I snapped my fingers, and his whole appearance became modern and he was clean shaven, hair clean cut, and looking extremely handsome.  “That’s much better.”  He shook my hand harder and more and said “Thank you so much.”   “Jeremiah, please take him to the kitchen and let the cooks know I said he can eat what ever he wants.”  They left together, and I continued to read the spell book.  09302010

In the kitchen Jeremiah and Michael were sitting on the counter top eating some home made spaghetti, with fresh garlic bread.  Michael said, “What happened to you, you look so different?”  Jeremiah said, “I found my brother who reversed the curse.”  “Wow, that’s great. I love this new look.  So handsome.” The servers came in and offered each a flute of champagne.  They took one and thanked them.  After they finished eating they walked the estate and grounds to see what was there.  I started to think, if Michael was still in a dungeon, who was keeping him there and why?  I suddenly left the seat I was in and ended up in that dungeon.  I whispered, “Ben, come to me!”  Ben showed up right beside me.  He said “What are we doing here?”  “SSSsssh, I will explain later.”  I blew up the lock on the cage, and grabbed Ben’s hand and walked out of it.  We carefully scoped out the place.  Then three little men came in dressed in purple hooded robes, and they tried to hit us with wooden stumps.  I threw up my hands and said, “Bazudute!” They flew into the cage and it locked itself.  Ben said “Bazudute?”  I laughed and said, “it’s the first thing I could think of, that came to mind.”  I walked up to the cage then asked “Who are you working for?”  They refused to answer.  I turned them into statues, and then displayed them in our garden.   I said to Ben, from now on , anyone who threatens us, this is what I am going to do to them.  Display them in our garden!”  09302010

I searched the property for Michael and Jeremiah.  I found them sitting on Jeremiah’s bedroom balcony.  “Hey guys, would you mind if I talk to you for a bit?”  They both shook their heads, no.  “Michael, somehow I went to the dungeon where you were being held captive, and I ran into three little men in hooded purple capes.  They refused to tell me who they were working for, so I turned them into statues, and they’re being displayed in the garden outside.  Do you remember anything else that might lead us to the persons responsible for your captivity?”  He shook his head no.  “Okay, I got up and then said “Please make yourself at home and stay as long as you need to.  If you need anything please feel free to ask.”  Jeremiah jumped up then said, “Common, lets go sit in the sauna, and Jacuzzi.  They ran out of the room, and I shut the door.  I had asked one of the servants to make room in one of the empty rooms for a puzzle table with chairs surrounding it.  The head server came to me and let me know that my puzzle room was ready.  I went in there to think deeply to myself while I worked on the puzzle.  The children came in and sat down and helped me put the puzzle together too.  09302010

One of the servants came in and told me I had a guest at the door.  I was escorted to the front door where in the foyer stood  Christopher.  He said “I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear aunt.  My family too is mourning her passing.”  He came in and hugged me and kissed me. “Thank you, and please come in.”  We walked to my bedroom balcony and then a server came to offer us both glasses of red wine.  “I have been missing you friend, are you well?”  I said “Yes, I am.  I missed you too.  I have been meaning to call you but it’s been crazy busy here.”  I said “I understand.  My family will be at the memorial on Saturday too.”  A server came with the dice game Yahtzee and so we played  until dinner was ready.  Christopher and I decided to go have a sauna and a Jacuzzi before dinner, so we went into the sauna first.  It was about ten times larger then the one I had at the Marin Estate.  20 minutes passed, and we went to the Jacuzzi, and Michael and Jeremiah were sitting in there.  “Hi guys, Michael this is my friend Christopher, Christopher this is Michael.”  We all sat and the servers came in and served us all more red wine.  After 20 minutes, we got out, showered, and our new cleaned clothes were laid out for dinner. We got dressed and met with everyone else in the dining room.  I was so relaxed and feeling good.  Brian made sure everyone was accommodated, and the servers and cooks began bringing out first soup and salad.  After that it was pasta and fresh garlic bread.  For dessert  we had chocolate muse. 09302010

We all went to bed not that long after dinner.  Being in France, the days seemed longer and the nights seemed shorter than America.  Ben and I went to bed, and in the middle of the night Jasper came in drunker than a skunk and took off all his clothes, and climbed into bed right in between us.  His body heat was so hot, that he woke me up spooning me.  I pushed him away and towards Ben, and then got up and opened up all the windows in the room, then climbed back into bed.  Before I knew it, Jasper was back spooning me and I fell asleep with him like that.  I woke up again, but this time Lucas was in his robe, and climbing into bed with us, in front of me.  “Lucas? What are you doing?”  He said, “I can’t sleep so I thought if I climbed into bed with you then I could fall asleep.  “Okay just try not to disturb me.”  I fell fast asleep again.  I woke up with Jaspers arm over my head and face and his hand on my chest.  I was straddling Lucas’ leg.  I just laid still with my eyes open, and then I decided to move Jaspers arm off of me with out waking him up.  He rolled over and laid flat on his stomach.  I pushed up my leg and wiggled it into Lucas’ junk to try to wake him up.  He woke up and smiled then said “Are you getting up?”   I said “I dunno, did you get enough sleep?”  He said “I think so but if not I could always take a nap later.”  We got up and took a shower together.  Then got dressed and headed to the kitchen for coffee.  I wanted a special espresso or late. “Hi cooks, and Chefs, could someone please get me a special latte?”  The head chef said “Yes, two special Lattes coming right up.  What could we get your for breakfast?”  I said, Biscuits and gravy with sausage.”  Lucas said “Biscotti, please.”  We walked out to the bistro table just outside on the patio.  The sun was up